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Laura and I had been close friends for years. There was pretty much nothing we haven’t seen of each other and no topic that hadn’t been discussed. I have always been an extremely open person and I love to embarrass or shock the hell out of anyone that seems to retain innocence. Laura was one of my first victims. I corrupted her fragile mind within weeks of my knowing her and showed her that there is nothing that is forbidden in the realm of discussion. Beyond that all of my friends have always been quite free sexually. It was nothing for us to strip down and compare how our boobs felt to each other. It was always more interesting than sexual. With that being said, I can honestly say that it was Laura that managed to shock the hell out of me that night.

She had come to my side of the apartment and climbed in bed with me for a heart to heart. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of five months, Brad, and she needed comforted. I was trying to be as sympathetic as possible considering the fact that I openly hated Brad. I thought he was a womanizer and was too pig headed for his own good. Don’t get me wrong, he was hot with his dark blue eyes and 6’3 muscular frame, but he was a jerk none the less.

Laura and I were lying in bed with nothing more than panties. We were lying on our backs staring at the ceiling discussing where her relationship went wrong. I insisted it was the guy she chose, that will make it go wrong quickly. Just then there was a hard knock on our bedroom door, not our front door but our bedroom door. Before waiting for a response Brad burst through the door. He apparently had let himself into the apartment, but I didn’t know why he would let himself into my room. I found out later that he had came looking for me, not Laura. He had decided that he was going to make her jealous by sleeping with me. Only to his shock when he opened my door Laura and I both sprang up and showed brad everything we were good for, from the waist up at least. Needless to say, Brad was shocked. He planned to open the door to find me asleep, but he opened the door to four breasts staring him in the face.

Laura was a gorgeous girl. She has long black hair with a killer tan. She is pretty much the exact opposite etimesgut escort of me. I am extremely fair with long blond hair. Her boobs were a solid perky B cup, with deep, large nipples. My boobs were a size heavier with light pink areolas.

Brad was clearly shaken from his plan and stood at the door in utter silence for several seconds. Laura and I were equally as shocked and sat like statues waiting for someone to say something.

Brad quickly snapped out of his trance and resumed his original plan. He crossed the room in two strides and put both hands on either side of my face. He lost no time planting his lips firmly on mine. I started to scream, mostly in shock, but his mouth stifled most of my noise. Then my shrieks began to subside when his tongue penetrated deep into my mouth. I don’t know if it was the shock of the event, the fact that I was kissing my best friends boyfriend, or the fact that she was watching, but I quickly began to feel a deep tingling surging through my body. When I stopped struggling against the kiss he began to kiss me with more need. He held my head with one hand and ran his hand to cup my breast with his other. His fingers found my already hard nipple and began to pull and tease it to full potential.

Throughout the entire kiss I didn’t hear a single word from Laura. I knew that she was sitting inches from me watching the event and I felt guilty, but incredibly turned on at the same time. Brad seemed to completely ignore the fact that Laura was there. He came in to make her jealous, but seemed to be lost in his enjoyment. Knowing Brad I don’t imagine this was the first time he’d thought of throwing me down and ravaging me. He was probably using this as an excuse to fulfill his own needs.

Brad began to put pressure on me and against my better judgment I leaned back onto the bed and felt his weight on top of me. ‘How far was he going to take this?’ ‘How far was I going to let him take this?’ My mind was racing but the only thing I could listen to was the throbbing between my legs and the painful heat that began emerging.

I felt Brad’s shirt being pulled off and was utterly confused because his hands were now both roaming my breasts. etlik escort When I opened my eyes I saw Laura helping to undress her boyfriend. The shock was clear for Brad, too, because he stopped kissing me long enough to stare at her in confusion. She looked at us both in disbelief and shrugged her shoulders, ‘What, like I’m just going to watch.” I was extremely overwhelmed, but need was taking the controls of that point. Plus I had always been the one to set the kinky standard. I simply couldn’t be out done. If this was alright with Laura, I was all for it.

Brad continued to fondle my breasts while Laura began to unbuckle his pants. She worked quickly and awkwardly wiggled him out in no time. When Brad’s body returned to mine I could feel his hot cock pressing into me through our underwear. He was rock solid and ready to fuck me despite of the layer of clothes between us. He sat up long enough to slide his hand down my panties. His fingers quickly explored between my lips and considering I was soaking wet at this point, slid deep into my cunt in one swift motion. I almost came instantly. Laura finished taking off the last piece of Brad’s clothing, which set loose a rock solid, thick 8 inch dick. Laura returned to the front near me and said, ‘I don’t know what else to do.’ Brad in a less than gentle manor barked something about how she needed to find something to suck. I am quite sure that he wanted his manhood served by his little woman, but to the shock of us both Laura planted her lips on my left boob.

I was utterly taken back, but realized that Laura was good at what she was doing. She was Really good. Her tongue was in constant motion and she was sucking my nipple hard, but then would back up to a gently suck and lick motion. Brad looked ready to cum, but had never left my pussy. He was deeply doing a methodic figure eight motion. When Laura moved her lips to my other boob I came instantly. The constant pleasure from both areas was too much for me too bare. Brad felt me cumming all over his fingers and quickly bent down and began to tongue my clit. His tongue was exploring me and then he penetrated me with his tongue. He slowly lapped up the juices that were still flowing. Laura, wanting eve gelen escort some action of her own, straddled me. She scooted down far enough to line up our pussies, one on top of the other. She leaned down with her breasts touching mine and began to timidly kiss me. This was the first time I ever kissed my best friend.

Brad quickly figured out what Laura’s plan was and did exactly what she wanted. His tongue roamed from her pussy to mine; all the while his hands were constantly rubbing my clit. He must have sensed his opportunity, because he stood up and slid his dick into me. He was standing, my legs were draped off the bed and Laura was on her knees straddling me. Laura and I were continually kissing and fondling each other, while Brad began to pound into me. He was much bigger than I thought he would be. His dick was so hot and it seemed to fill me completely. He pounded into me with an urgency that quickly had me on the verge of cumming. However, right before I climaxed he stopped. Obviously this shocked me and I couldn’t figure out why he would stop until I realized that he was fucking Laura! He was taking turns between our lined up pussies. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with sharing, but when my orgasm is snatched from me I tend to get a bit irrational.

I yanked Laura off of Brad’s dick and pulled her to my face. I wanted to be fucked and I wasn’t mean enough to deny Laura, but she’d had Brad before. Laura, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind one bit. I began to loop my tongue in circles around her clit and I closed my lips on her and gently sucked. Laura was on the verge of a major orgasm and slurred out commands and moans I didn’t know existed. Brad didn’t lose a beat with fucking me. He pushed my legs up as far as they would go to open me up even further. I slid my tongue I Laura’s pussy and felt her cum on me. She instantly reacted by bucking up so my tongue couldn’t reach her. Realizing that this was probably how she reacted with every orgasm I grabbed her hips and forced her onto my face. I kept my tongue working while she orgasmed over and over. I finally slowed my tongue down as I felt my orgasm over take me. Brad shot a huge load with a loud moan deep inside of me only moments later.

We collapsed in a pile of sweaty goo. I’ve never been so exhausted and turned on in all my life. Brad came in trying to make her jealous and believe me it worked. After that night Laura and Brad didn’t get back together, but Laura and I give him a ring every once in a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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