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Prison Island


Karl kept moving in and out of him so gently that it felt like fucking dying in the most pleasant way possible. After the rough deepthroat from earlier, the fucker had cooled down, but now, he had a different way of torturing him. Francesco could tell his eyes were rolling his head, as Karl continued to fuck him with ample moves. He didn’t stop at that, either. From time to time, he leaned over to kiss him, exploring his mouth with his tongue, and stopping just when Francesco thought the guy would come.

He, on the other hand, had a mess on his belly to attest for just how awesome that fuck was. It was so not like Karl who so far had seemed interested in nothing else but getting off, even if he got the other shooting his load in the meantime. Now, he was heading over his 4th climax, and Karl showed no sign that he intended to fill his ass with a warm serving of jizz which he pretty much wanted at this point.

“Karl,” he whispered. “What the fuck, dude? You can’t come or something?”

Karl didn’t reply but took his mouth and licked its insides with his tongue. Francesco hadn’t necessarily pegged the guy for a bad kisser, but he had hated him too much until now to notice things like that. Except for the spit fetish, of course, which was weird as fuck but didn’t bother him.

“My balls are all dried up,” he complained.

Karl was stroking his cock while fucking him a bit faster. He had the same focused look on his face now, and it was like he was trying to read Francesco’s face.

“Is it good? Has anyone fucked you like this?”

Francesco was well aware that he had conveniently left someone out of that counting of men who had put their dicks in him, but Karl was right. His short encounter with Morgan, as hot as hell as it had been, couldn’t live up to this sweet torture. Karl was trying to make a point.

“Sure thing it’s good,” he admitted. “But I might not be able to do a single thing once you let me be.”

“Are you cumming from the ass or because I jerk you off?”

“Both. C’mon, you fuck good, I told you.” Francesco was also starting to get a little worried that someone might come and find them like that. “Don’t you like my ass anymore? Why don’t you shoot already?”

Karl smiled, his cruel, strange smile this time. “Beg me.”


“Say you want my cum in you.”

“Fine,” Francesco said through his teeth. “I want your cum in me.”

“No, say it like you mean it.”

He keened softly as Karl rubbed the head of his cock against his pleasure spot over and over. “I fucking mean it, Karl. Just give me your jizz already. Fill me up and breed me like a bitch.”

Finally, his words seemed to have some effect on the fucker. Karl grunted and began fucking him faster. “Not like a bitch. Like you’re mine. Say it that çankaya escort you belong to me, Cesco.”

Admittance of ownership was a dangerous thing. Francesco hesitated, and Karl reduced the rhythm of his hips again. He could do little as he lay like that on his back and had no leverage to push his ass into Karl’s cock and give it a bit of help.

“I’m yours,” he said slowly, but without looking at the other.

“Look at me. Who owns you?”

Francesco looked into Karl’s eyes. He scowled. “You own me,” he said like the words were teeth being pulled out of his mouth.

“Don’t forget that.” Karl began speeding up. “You’re mine, you’re fucking mine… oh, fuck, I’m fucking shooting!”

Francesco closed his eyes. The game was getting dangerous, indeed. Why was Karl so obsessed with him anyway? His cock twitched in the fucker’s hand, triggering his last orgasm while Karl pumped his ass full of cum.

He couldn’t move a muscle when he was finally let go. He lay there, with a puddle of cum on his stomach and another between his legs as the excess of Karl’s jizz poured out of him. “I don’t think I can walk,” he mumbled. “I promised you we’d be regular and stuff. Do you really have to destroy me like this?”

Karl was already getting dressed. “You agreed. I didn’t say that your ass would have it easy.”

“Or my mouth,” Francesco said dryly.

Karl looked at him with hooded eyes. “You’ll take my cock as many times as I want.”

Francesco put out a hand. “I might have to protest to that. You’re a fucking beast.”

Karl smirked. “Mouse is a fine hunter. I don’t like the slut, but he knows his business. So you didn’t have to beg me to keep an eye on him.”

“I didn’t beg. I just offered you a deal,” Francesco said tersely.

Karl crouched by his side and caressed his cheek with the back of his knuckles. He seemed lost in thoughts for a moment. “Mouse would have come back okay even if you hadn’t offered your ass to me. I was more in danger than him when we fought that thing.”

“I never said that I thought the boar would do something to him,” Francesco shot back.

Realization finally dawned on Karl. He frowned. “Is this why you’re letting yourself fucked like a champ? So that I,” he pointed at him, “don’t do anything to him?”

Francesco nodded. “Don’t tell me you didn’t think about it. I love him, and for some reason, that grinds your gears. Yeah, enough for you to consider doing something to him.”

That appeared to throw Karl off balance for a moment. “I wouldn’t do that,” he said in a hurt voice.

“Huh? Why not? Ah, is it because he’s practically the only guy who’s putting some real food on the table every day?”

“No.” Karl set his jaw hard and grabbed Francesco by the hair, making him wince. “It’s because I’d never keçiören escort do something that could hurt you like that, you asshole.”

Francesco grimaced some more to hide the effect of those words on him. “Well, you’re hurting my scalp right now, so whatever you say, it’s not true.”

Karl let go but pushed his head away at the same time. “You love him. That’s fine. But it’s over when we fly out of here. Do you hear me?”

Francesco swallowed hard. How was he going to get this obsessed fucker to agree to fly Mouse out of there, too, when that moment came? “What if I say ‘no’? What if I don’t want to be with you once we’re done with this?”

Karl’s face twisted. “You just said I own you. Are you taking it back?”

“Will you hurt Mouse, then? Tell me,” Francesco insisted, pretending not to hear Karl’s questions.

The fucker growled. He closed his fists and looked away. “No. I won’t touch a hair on his head. But you, when we’re out of here, I’ll fucking hunt you down. I have the means to find you, don’t worry.”

“And then, what?” Francesco set his chin high.

Karl grinned and gave him a long hard look. “Then I’ll take you with me and make you mine for real.”

Francesco groaned and covered his eyes. “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you going to keep me a hostage? There will be people searching for me, you know?”

Karl laughed. “Don’t make it so dark, Cesco. Once you see who I am, you’ll come on your knees to beg me to be my cock sleeve.”

“Why? Are you the president or something? Just for the sake of stupidity, even if you were –“

Karl stood, seemingly no longer in the mood to talk. “No, I’m not the fucking president. I’m too young.”

“Yeah, that’s totally the reason.”

“But,” Karl hovered, “I can give you anything you want, and you’re going to see that.”

“Oh, fuck off, already. I’m a simple guy. I don’t want many things. And I have who I want.”

“Mouse? That fucking prostitute?”

“Yeah, that fucking prostitute. I don’t need anyone else.”

Karl seemed to ponder for a moment. “He sucked my cock while we were away. He gave me like a dozen blowjobs if not more.”

“I know. He told me.”

“He did?”

“Yeah, and said something about how you were watching him not to get injured like a mother hawk.” Francesco blinked lazily. “You wanted my ass that badly.”

“And?” Karl snorted. He brushed his hands over his jeans to remove any blades of grass stuck to them. “Don’t tell me you just realized that. Fuck your sweetheart while you still can, Cesco. I’ll make you mine forever, no matter what.”

With those ominous words, the fucker started walking, leaving a stunned Francesco behind.


On rare days, Mouse didn’t have to go out hunting, and Francesco was thankful etimesgut escort for the break from getting hammered by Karl like there was no tomorrow. At least one good thing came of that, and it was that he could now deepthroat his boyfriend like a pro. Karl had made sure he had no longer any discernable gag reflex. He wasn’t complaining or anything. Mouse was appreciative of it, too, especially since Francesco felt like he couldn’t go a day without having a cock in his mouth and sucking it dry.

What was that thing they were saying about prison correcting bad behavior or something? It surely didn’t work in his case. He was turning into a complete slut and also a manipulative bastard, as he was trying to work his angle with Karl as much as he could between the fuckings.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t made that much of a progress. He had yet to figure out how to ask for such an important thing without having Karl hurl a blatant ‘no’ back at him. Especially since the fucker had confessed that he wanted to have Francesco even after their return to civilization, he felt quite stuck. Of course, the moron was talking out of his ass, and Francesco was sure he would be forgotten the moment Karl stepped into that chopper, but it didn’t make things any easier.

With each passing day, he was getting more and more into a foul mood. Mouse had sensed it and tried to cheer him up, then got mad at him, even openly accusing him that he was thinking of how it would be when their time together was up. Francesco was too torn on the inside to comfort him and tell him it wasn’t true. Since he knew the truth about what awaited Mouse once they left, he couldn’t help but worry.

Mouse would survive on his own, but what kind of life would that be? And the faceless monsters on the island were still there, and Mouse needed to sleep some time, right? The thought of those beasts grabbing his boyfriend and doing unspeakable things to him kept Francesco up at night, or worse, plagued him with nightmares.

So, he wanted to stop thinking of anything when he could be with Mouse like that, in the middle of the day. Those were the days when Karl gave them more to do than usual, to keep them apart, but they still managed to steal moments together.

He smiled as he felt Mouse closer. When Karl was coming, he was filled with apprehension. When Mouse was around, he relaxed. He turned to find his boyfriend walking over to him from the shrubbery with a hand hidden behind his back.

“What do you have there?” he asked playfully. Mouse often spoiled him with extra treats, like nuts and forest fruits that weren’t always easy to find.

“Something awesome.” Mouse’s eyes glinted and he appeared to be filled with excitement.

Francesco had a feeling it couldn’t be about nuts and wild strawberries. His stomach sank when Mouse removed his hand from the back.


And then it lurched back up. There was something he could finally do to save Mouse. Francesco grabbed the shotgun from his boyfriend’s hand and grabbed his arm with the other. “Where the hell did you find this?”


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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