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A young woman’s journey into submission.


Author’s Note

Risk Versus Reward is a prequel to Girl Friday and focuses on the story of Karin, the ‘H.R. Lady’ who provided Charlotte’s rather unique interview experience when she was hired. You do not need to read Girl Friday to understand what’s going on in Risk Versus Reward. But if you enjoy this story, Girl Friday should most definitely be on your reading list.

When we last left our heroine in chapter 1, Karin had just entered The Academy and was getting her first glimpse into the way things are structured there. She and her new friend Desi had enjoyed a gourmet dinner while naked and tied together at the wrists.

I hope you enjoy Karin’s continuing story.


* * * *

Chapter 2: Two by Two (or Three)

There was more than one toast that evening. I actually lost count after a while, but the champagne kept flowing as long as the speeches were being made and glasses were being hoisted. I wonder now if that might have been part of the plan so as to ease us into our sleeping arrangement for the night. That too was different. As usual there were the dual flat-panel monitors in all their animated glory, silently beckoning us to make our choice for the evening. And as always the message was rather unambiguous.

In one scene a lone woman with the usual glum expression shuffled off to find her place among a rack of narrow bunk beds stacked three high. The other scene however showed a pair of girls, hand in hand, practically skipping off to what looked like five-star luxury accommodations. I swear there was even a faint glow around the doorway they traipsed through. It reminded me a little of Noah and the ark, except I don’t remember any mention of the animals being of the same sex. That thought got me giggling — just a little at first, but then I was practically in hysterics — probably due to the champagne.

“What’s got you going?” Desi asked.

“This video thing,” I said, pointing to the monitors. “First it’s lesbian Hogwarts at dinner, now it’s a sapphic Noah’s Ark. I mean look at it. Two by two.”

“Yeah.” Desi leaned up against me. It was closer than she needed to be. I mean it wasn’t a cramped space or anything, there was nothing cramped about this place at all. I figured it was either the champagne working its magic, or the fact that we had spent our evening joined at the wrist quite literally. So when Desi laced her fingers in with mine and leaned her head on my shoulder I didn’t pull away.

“Hey guys.” A very lovely dark-skinned woman had come over to stand on the other side of Desi. “Hey, you mind if I join in? My dinner partner ditched me, and I don’t want to sleep in some crumby Demetevler Escort old bunk bed. Hell, if I wanted to do that I could’ve joined the army, right?”

I let my gaze wander over her from head to toe. It was getting to be kind of a habit now, and this young woman certainly wasn’t hard to look at.

“My name’s Jordan,” she said and thrust her hand out.

That got me started giggling all over again. Not that Jordan was being funny, it’s just the absurdity of it all. Here we were, three strangers standing around in our birthday suits, still pretty buzzed from all those toasts and Jordan wants to shake hands.

“I’m sorry,” I said, not wanting her to think that my outburst was in anyway a reflection on her. “I’m sorry, it’s just that the whole situation’s a little bizarre don’t you think? But yeah, if it’s OK with Desi here, I have no problem with it.”

Desi didn’t say a thing, she just reached out with her other arm and pulled Jordan in until she was mashed up against her other side. I took that as a pretty strong yes, as did Jordan.

“Thanks guys,” Jordan said, and together we walked under the monitor displaying the two-by-two animation and into our luxury accommodations for the night.

The first thing I noticed was that the animation wasn’t exactly to scale — either that or I just didn’t pay very close attention — but the bed was huge, and there was just one of them. It was every bit as luxurious as the promises made by the monitor outside, but it appeared to be the size of four or six king-sized mattresses at least. And it was round. That almost got me giggling again, I mean it looked like one of those harem scenes from some bad movie on late night cable TV. If it had been heart-shaped I’d have been on the floor.

As it was I was still pretty goofy about the whole thing and probably would have burst out anyway if Desi hadn’t chosen that very moment to slip her hand behind my neck and mash her lips against mine. That sobered me up real quick and I stumbled backward a bit. Even though I had almost kissed her at dinner, it still shocked me a bit that she was so forward about it. But while I stood there in a momentary stupor I watched her do the same with Jordan. Seeing the two of them in a tender embrace made Desi’s affection seem, well, almost normal.

“Now we’re all properly introduced,” she said. “Honestly Jordan, a handshake? While we’re all standing here without a stitch on our bodies? Don’t you think that maybe some of the old rules of etiquette got left in lobby with our clothes. Personally, I’m going to embrace it.”

I was just mulling over the idea of embracing it myself when Desi plopped herself on the edge of the bed and pulled Jordan Otele gelen escort and me by the hands until we had no choice but to tumble in after her. There were several other couplets and triplets already settling in to find a comfortable place. It was a huge bed as I mentioned, so it wasn’t a dog pile and you didn’t have to be pressed up against anybody else unless of course you wanted to be. Jordan and I ended up being two slices of bread in a Desi sandwich that night.

The kissing continued — we weren’t exactly shy about it anymore — and after a while we all got a pretty serious case of wandering hands. And we talked a little too, it wasn’t all fooling around.

It turns out that Jordan knew all about this place from some kind of internet thing. She knew it was an all-girl school and kind of put the pieces together on some of the other stuff. She’s a smart cookie, that Jordan. She said she hailed from Gary, Indiana and was queer as a two-dollar bill — her words, not mine — she seemed quite proud of it. She was also quite adamant about demonstrating to us that we were all pink on the inside. I have to say I enjoyed that demonstration quite a bit.

I don’t know if it was the champagne or just the uniqueness of our situation, or maybe your entrance applications had to show a certain flexibility in attitude before they let you in here, but Desi and Jordan and I were definitely not the only ones going at it. I could hear the swishing of sheets and soft moans from all around that evening, and if I had to guess I’d say we weren’t the only triplet that night. And good things certainly come in threes.

Even after a long day and falling asleep from sheer exhaustion, I still found myself dreaming of Desi and Jordan. Except it wasn’t really a dream. I opened my eyes to find Jordan camped out between my thighs. She just grinned and got back to work while I shuddered in near constant ecstasy. That was when I realized that while I was snoozing, Desi had snuck around behind me so that she could cradle my head in her lap. She held my breasts in her hands and gently rolled and tugged my nipples as I squirmed under Jordan’s probing tongue. The gooseflesh I had experienced at dinner was nothing compared to this.

“She’s good isn’t she?” Desi said. “She did me while you were sleeping, but we decided you wouldn’t mind being woken up.”

“Ohh,” I moaned. What I meant to say was, Hell no, I don’t mind a bit! but I had lost my power of speech under the expert ministrations of our newly found friend, the one who was proud to say she was queer as a two-dollar bill. I thought about that phrase and wondered about its origins — for about three seconds. That was all the time I had to think Balgat Escort before Jordan went after my clit and caused a fog of sapphic lust to settle over my frontal lobe and leave me with all the faculties of a babbling idiot.

I’m really going to owe that girl in the morning.

While all this tonguing and babbling was going on between Jordan and me, Desi was grinning and enjoying the show. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t passive about the whole thing, but she certainly seemed to get a kick out of watching me come apart. Every so often she would pinch one of my nipples or stick her finger in in my mouth for me to suck on with wanton abandon, and I swear I would see her smile get wider the more I squirmed.

Desi had definitely gone all in, Jordan was already there from the start by the way she described it, and I was quickly catching up. The feelings bubbling and percolating in my core were threatening to burst through at any moment. I’d never had an orgasm by a woman before — hell, I’d never had any guys who could do it for me either — but damn if I wasn’t teetering on the edge right at this very moment.

Desi was stroking my hair, pulling loose strands out of my face, and Jordan was stroking my … Well, let’s just say Jordan was stroking my ego as well as my libido. I had never been lavished with such attention in my life and it was intoxicating. I started to get a little lightheaded and a flush feeling came over me. If Desi hadn’t been cradling my head it probably would have lolled off to the side, but as it was I wound up staring straight into her eyes as the tremors started building. Higher and higher the longer those two worked on me. I was so close.

“I think you’re ready,” Desi said. “Just let go.”

I don’t know if that was some kind of Jedi mind trick she pulled over on me, but it worked. I let go. Oh, did I ever. I shuddered so hard I was afraid I might come apart. But Desi had my cheeks cupped in her hands and Jordan had reached up to lace her fingers with mine — the fingers that weren’t busy filling me and rubbing and pressing in just the right spot. Time seemed to stop as my entire body went rigid and my mind centered in on one thing and one thing only — the pleasure. Oh my goodness, the pleasure was indescribable as these two friends I had just met less than twelve hours ago worked together to send me careening over the edge.

“Ohh, thank you,” I managed to heave. “You’re both beautiful people, you know that?”

“I’m sure you say that to all the girls,” Jordan teased as she rested her head on my thigh.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Promise me we can do that again sometime.”

I must have had the biggest, stupidest shit-eating grin on my face after that. And when I looked down at Jordan she looked pretty proud of herself for putting it there. Another little shudder coursed through me — an aftershock I suppose — and Jordan squeezed my hand in hers while Desi stroked my cheek.

“Bed buddies?” Desi said.

“Bed buddies,” Jordan agreed. “Karin? What do you think?”

“Mmm,” was all I could manage, but I think they understood.

* * * *

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