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Double Penetration

Jon eagerly boarded the train and found his assigned seat, dropping his carry-on in a vacant seat next to him. This was his first time on a train for such a long journey and he was excitedly looking forward to the experience. He didn’t quite know what to expect, but isn’t that the way of all adventures? The seats were comfortable and spacious, like Lay-Z-Boy recliners in a moving living room. So much more space and comfort than any airplane he had been on. He traded places with his carry-on to sit by the window so that he could watch the idyllic country slide by.

Jon was on his way back to California after a month-long visit with his aunt and uncle whom he loved dearly. He had driven cross-country with a friend but was now traveling alone since his friend planned on staying in the heartland and looking for work. He found himself eager to return home and rejoin with some of his friends from college. Jon had taken a semester off from the constant books and lectures but was now eagerly looking forward to the last half of his senior year and graduation.

There was a sudden scary lurch as his odyssey began. The car was nearly void of people and he was grateful for the alone time to take in this new experience. The small town and quaint houses soon vanished as he watched the pastoral farms with their herds of black and white cows, lakes and woodlands pass by the wonderful bay window next to him. It was relaxing after the hub-bub of the rail station and the hurried tears and goodbyes.

The train made several short stops before reaching the great train station at Chicago where he had to brave even larger crowds and more unfamiliar territory to change trains to the California Zephyr that would take him the rest of the way to the west coast and home. Each stop was in a small town where just a few people boarded and perhaps an equal number got off. Still, no one sat close to Jon and he was happy watching the passing scenery without company or interruption.

Chicago was a large city and it took time for the train to pass through the suburbs to Union Station where Jon had to detrain and find his way to the Amtrak Zephyr which would carry him the rest of the way to California. He was afraid that he might miss his train and be stuck in this unfamiliar large city. As luck would have it, he made his way without too much difficulty and boarded. He found his seat and settled in, thinking that he would have both seats to himself as he did on the first leg of his journey. He watched as other travelers boarded and made their way through the car to find their seats. An attractive dark-haired woman dressed in business attire made her way down the aisle and asked if the seat next to him was vacant. Jon politely said that it was and stood to allow the woman to store her belongings and sit next to the window. Her perfume caught Jon’s interest immediately. It was very fragrant but not overpowering. A floral scent that was wholly captivating to Jon in the close quarters.

“What is that perfume you’re wearing?” Jon asked. “It smells so good.”

“Thank you, it’s called Juicy Couture, I just bought it today. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do, it smells very exotic, especially on you. Intoxicating really.” Jon flashed his best smile.

She looked at Jon through those smoky dark eyes, reminiscent of another East Indian woman he had known in college. Her smile was bright and captivating and her black hair sparkled iridescently as it reflected the fading sunlight pouring through the window. She looked to be about thirty years old and struck Jon as a business owner or someone in a managerial position. The “little black dress” she wore rode up enticingly as she sat, exposing her thigh half way up her leg. He had to look away for a moment and take a deep breath to settle the erotic feelings that suddenly overcame him and allow her time to reposition her dress.

“So where are you headed?” Jon asked.

“I’m going back home to Omaha. I’ve been at a business convention in Chicago this week,” she said.

“Forgive me, Jon said. I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Jon and I’m sorry for my lack of manners.”

“My name is Preeti.”

“So you are Indian, I thought so.”

“Well, yes I am but I was born here so I’m really an American. My father is from India and my mother from the Omaha area. Do you know much about India?”

“Not anadolu yakası escort really, I just had a friend in college who was from India and you remind me of her. She was beautiful, very much like you, and a great friend.”

“You flatter me, Jon.”

“No, it’s true, you are beautiful. I love your dark eyes and your flawless skin.”

The conversation came easily as the miles wore on and Jon forgot about the passing scenery that he had been so interested in earlier. Darkness crept across the land and the dim cabin lights came on giving the illusion of a quiet lounge. The idea hit Jon that they should get a drink in the Club Car and he asked Preeti to join him. She agreed and they made their way through two of the train cars, staggering and laughing like two drunks as it pitched them side to side down the tracks.

After several drinks and more conversation, they returned to their seats and got comfortable once again. Preeti excused herself and went to the restroom while Jon watched the lights of a small town pass. He thought how great this was to have such a sweet and beautiful woman to pass the time with on his journey even if it was only for a few hours. He was surprised to see there were still so few people on the train, although now it was past any commute time and most were distance travelers like himself.

Preeti returned staggering her way down the aisle and Jon pointed and laughed when she came near.

“You walk like you’ve had one too many.”

“Well, maybe I have,” Preeti shot back with a smile.

She collapsed in the seat next to Jon and laid her head on his shoulder. He looked down at the top of her head and breathed in her exotic aroma. “Well, this is an unexpected pleasure,” he thought. He kissed her on top of the head which made her snuggle closer to him.

The drinks and friendly banter had worked its magic and she was relaxed and comfortable next to him. More than that she had actually been flirtatious in the Club car, rubbing her leg against Jon’s and touching his hand as they talked. The conductor came by offering blankets so Preeti accepted one and covered their laps with it. Accidentally brushing Jon’s bulge as she smoothed it out over his legs. Her large, dark eyes shot up at him and a quiet spark passed between them.

“Would you mind if I kissed you?”Jon said hesitantly.

Preeti turned her head toward him, her full lips slightly parted, closing her eyes, she invited Jon’s advance. Their lips touched and Jon put his hand to the side of her face tenderly. There was electricity in the kiss. Undoubtedly, helped along by the drinks, but each felt that unmistakable tingle of awakening passion.

“You have the softest lips I have every kissed.”

“Thank you, I was thinking the very same thing.” Preeti blushed.

Before anything more could happen Preeti said, “Jon, let’s go up to the vista dome and watch the stars and the lights of the towns and countryside.”

“I thought you had to have a special ticket for that,” Jon replied.

“Oh no, it is for anyone to use, let’s go!” Taking Jon’s hand Preeti led the way down the aisle to the stairway and laughingly pulled at his arm to hurry him up into the observation car.

“I didn’t know we could be up here. Wow! this is fantastic!” Jon exclaimed as Preeti put her finger to her lips to hush him. She nodded towards the front of the car. Another person was in the vista dome and he was several seats away in front of the couple, his head just visible above the seat back. They quietly took a seat and snuggled together under the blanket. Their warmth vaporized Preeti perfume and created an atmosphere of sultry sexuality under the cover. Movement wafted the fragrance into Jon’s nose, seducing his senses. Speaking in whispers as not to draw attention from the man, only heightened the sensuality of the mood.

They nestled together watching the occasional lights of farms and villages pass by. The stars too, were bright, helping the waning moon bathe the land with pale, ghostly light. Jon turned Preeti’s face to his and kissed her once again. She returned the kiss by parting her lips and let Jon lightly probe her mouth with his tongue. She felt their tongues meet giving her an immediate twinge between her legs. Their breath became atalar escort short and fast as the sexual tension built. Preeti’s hand moved to touch Jon’s bulge which was aching to be loosed from its confines. Lifting himself slightly in the seat and adjusting his legs allowed for his member to spring up and to the side, released from the binding cloth. A light moan came from Preeti as she felt his movement which triggered her own uncontrollable flexing down under. Her mind began to imagine Jon inside her as she felt the unmistakable warmth and dampness begin to seep from between her legs.

The man’s head had not moved from its position for quite some time, leading Jon to believe that he may be asleep in the seat several rows ahead of them. Jon comforted himself with that thought as he slid his uncontested hand up Preeti’s leg, pushing her dress higher. His fingers found the crease between her leg and her mound where the silky underwear bordered. She felt warm and inviting and he fought the urge to force his hand further. Instead, he lightly played his fingers along the smooth fabric seam bounding her leg and private parts.

Slowly, Jon felt her leg relax as she provided him with more room to explore. Her skin was smooth and soft and so warm to his touch. His fingers now slid easily beneath her panties and across her mound, tracing its shape until his fingers dropped lightly into her cleft. He lingered there, feeling her moistness and then, with slightly increasing pressure, he traced small circles just above her clit where a petite, closely cropped heart-shape of pubic hair remained. His middle finger snaked down to caress her slippery aroused clit, she moaned openly and he had to quietly shush her for fear of arousing the man sleeping just feet away. Tittering quietly Preeti nodded her head in agreement and wriggled her way lower in the seat. Preeti’s dress slithered its way to her waist. Jon took advantage of the new openness and gladly returned his attention to Preeti. She was reveling at his touch and he was only too happy to oblige her.

Preeti rubbed Jon’s bulge through his pants while Jon continued to gently massage her. After a final check on the man in the car with them, Preeti took Jon’s hand away and slid down the seat to kneel on the floor before him. She covered them both with the blanket and unfastened his trousers. Jon laid his head back and let Preeti do whatever she wanted. She pulled at his pants until his cock sprung from its cloth prison. Working her hand deftly, his new friend slid the skin back and forth along the engorged shaft. Jon was now the one in ecstasy. He lurched as Preeti’s warm mouth found him, then closed his eyes and took in the intense feeling she was evoking. He nearly came from the warmth and sensation of her mouth and tongue closing over him. Slowly, she began moving her mouth and hand expertly up and down his shaft. Squeezing his engorged member as she used her tongue to create delicate pressure all along his pulsing erection. Breathing through his teeth, Jon could scarcely hold back the sounds of pleasure welling up from inside him.

The young man’s eyes slowly opened to find the stranger in the car had awoken and was standing in the aisle looking down at the pair of lovers. Preeti was still under the blanket quietly ministering to Jon. With a smile and a wink the man quietly walked on, leaving the lovers to their reverie. How long the man had stood watching, Jon didn’t know, didn’t care. He was too wrapped up in the sexual delirium Preeti was creating with her eager mouth. She was oblivious to the encounter with the spectator as she worked at pleasuring Jon and herself.

Reluctantly, Jon lifted Preeti’s head from his lap pulling it up to his face and kissing her passionately, mumbling something about it being his turn. Trading places with the dark-haired beauty, he kissed her, reveling in the taste of her plump, wet lips before he inching down between her legs. Her dress, now fully around her waist, had worked its way up to her hips exposing a black thong that was partially wedged between her puffy lips. Preeti raised herself from the seat as Jon slid the flimsy fabric from between those inviting lips, down her legs to expose her well-groomed sex. Preeti kept herself cleanly shaven except for a small heart-shaped ataşehir escort patch of dark hair just above her slit. A sudden burst of that intoxicating perfume mixed with Preeti’s personal fragrance waft up to make Jon’s head spin with delight. The mixture was a powerful aphrodisiac to Jon.

With a quick look down the darkened aisle and below to the train car with it’s mostly sleeping passengers, Jon slipped to his knees before Preeti’s sexual alter. He took a moment to breathe in her aroma and visually praise her beautiful woman parts before he nuzzled his face between her thighs, breathing deep of her stimulating scent. He pushed her dress higher and played his lips back and forth across her lower stomach. Advancing slowly his lips lightly caressed the soft tuft of midnight black hair that pointed the way to his goal. Preeti breathed a noticeable sigh and rotated her hips to provide Jon easy access. His tongue now darted out to explore the sweet crevasse below. Preeti was wet and tasted honey-like. Jon felt like a bee inexorably drawn to her delicate and fragrant flower. His hands deftly slid under her thighs and lifted, allowing her legs to rest on his shoulders. Nipping at her growing clit with hungry lips, his tongue found its mark, sliding between dark lips to fondle the swollen button.

Preeti was now the one in ecstasy. She had several near orgasms while sucking Jon’s cock moments before they had exchanged positions. Now she was climbing that mountain once again. She found Jon to be very talented when it came to cunnilingus and she was delighted. Most men that Preeti had been with were not good at it or simply uninterested in the act. She would call their lazy halfhearted attempts an “Obligatory lick”. Jon was the first lover to make her swoon with his welcomed expertise. Preeti ran her fingers through his hair and directed his head closer reveling in this unexpected pleasure. Her clit was tingling and primed for release but she wanted to extend these delicious feelings for as long as she could. Several times she would have to push Jon’s head back just to keep from going over the tipping point and rocketing into a full-blown orgasm.

“Oh Jon, you’re going to make me come,” she whispered as she relieved the pressure of his tongue from her sex. Jon astutely obliged and kissed the inside of her thighs each, in turn, to allow Preeti to relax. When she was ready, she pulled her lover’s head back into position and started the climb again. The couple repeated this process until Preeti missed her own cue and exploded over the event horizon into a mind blowing orgasm. Her entire groin began convulsing making her legs move involuntarily as she forced Jon’s mouth tight against her. His sucking mouth pulling her clitoris into an erect mini penis as it throbbed rhythmically over and over. Jon held his position forcing her over the precipice several times before even he could wait no longer. He stood lowering his trousers and underwear. After checking the aisle one more time, he teased his swollen cock head against her sodden inner lips. Preeti would have none of that and grabbing Jon by the ass, forcing him into her impassioned passage. He slipped in easily due to the copious lubrication they had produced.

The lovers were rapturous as they wrestled their unleashed desires. Jon thrust into his Indian lover with vigor for several minutes bringing Preeti to another lesser orgasm. Preeti saw it on Jon’s face as he neared his own climax. She adroitly pulled and squeeze him with her pelvic muscles, her dark eyes fixed on his impassioned face as he finally convulsed into his own euphoric release. Wave after thrilling wave rolled through his body as each pulse of white hot semen flooded into the dark eye beauty smiling before him. Jon collapsed onto Preeti taking care not to put too much weight on her. They lay together for several minutes gathering their breath and reliving the emotions until Jon, still shaking, raised himself up to fall into the adjacent seat.

Spent from their lovemaking the couple, straightened their clothing, shared a long passionate kiss, turned and watched as the darkened countryside slid by, lost in their own thoughts. Jon wondered if he would ever see Preeti again. Preeti knew the answer but couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud. She had thoroughly enjoyed the lovemaking and longed for it to be a constant in her life. But, she was married and even though it was a near sexless marriage she felt she had no choice but to stay in it. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she realized that this would be the first and likely last time she would see Jon. After all, weren’t they just strangers on a train who found temporary intimacy in each other’s arms?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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