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It’s Saturday afternoon during a wrestling tournament inside the university gym. Mrs. Keller (28 yrs.) is a hot divorcee (36-24-32) who teaches high school English. She walks in wearing a black leather skirt, jacket and a university t-shirt underneath. Her long brown hair reaches her buttocks. The gym bleachers are filled up with fans. So, she stands on the side-line.

Liam (20 yrs.) stands at 5’6″ who weighs 141 lbs. He steps onto the wrestling floor for his competitive match. His sandy-blonde hair sticks out of his head-gear.

Mrs. Keller says to herself, “Hey Liam. Mr. shorty, but still good-looking. I love your thigh muscles.”

Inside the gym locker room. Liam just got out of the shower and finishes wiping down his naked body. He lays the towel over the bench and sits down while shaking his wet hair. Victor is an assistant coach who walks up behind and hands Liam a “hotel” key-card.

Liam grabs it and asks, “What’s this?”

Victor answers, “A hotel key. Mrs. Keller told me to give it to you.”

“Mrs. Keller? Come on!” Liam laughs.

Victor laughs too, “She said you’ll remember her.”

Liam replies, “I don’t know any Mrs. Keller.”

“She’s a fine-looking woman with an incredible body. Go for it” Victor says. He pats Liam on the shoulder and walks away.

Liam shakes his head, Büyükesat Escort “Don’t tell that to my girlfriend.”

His eyes look down at the key-card in his hand. It finally dawns on him who Mrs. Keller is.

He says, “Damn, I remember now. She’s my former high school teacher. A few years back. The hot divorcee.”

Inside the hotel. Liam walks up the hallway wearing jeans and his university jacket. Hair “gel” pushes his blonde hair away from his handsome face. He turns off his iPhone and shoves it into his jacket pocket. His fingers then reach inside of his jeans pocket. He pulls out the hotel key-card.

Liam strides up the hallway searching for the hotel room.

The light lamp on the table shines over the couch. Mrs. Keller and Liam are both naked. She is laying on her back with both legs spread open. Her head is pushed against a pillow. He is on top of her kneeling in-between her legs. His right hand grips the edge of the couch. His left hand is placed on the upper left side.

Liam looks down at his 6-inch cock which is buried inside of her thick-brown-pussy. He thrusts into her cunt while his own light-blonde-crotch hits her heavy bush. Her tits jiggle after each thrust.

She responds, “Unnh.. Uhh.. Unnhh.. Liam.. Uh-Unnh.. Beşevler Escort Remember.. Me.?”

He answers, “Oh, yeah.. I do… Mrs. Keller.. I fucking do.!!”

He concentrates on his shaft pushing in and pulling out. She looks down at his muscular thighs.

Liam groans, “Fuckk.!! Your bush… So.. Fucking thick.!”

She replies, “Uhhh.. Liam.. I-I… Wanted you.. Unnhh.. In high school.”

He looks into her eyes but keeps on thrusting in her. He says, “Did you.? Fuckk.. I wanted… You too..!!”

His eyes look at her jiggling tits as he drops open his mouth. Her cunt is so hot.

He groans, “Fuckk.. Mrs. Keller… I’m almost there.. Fuckk.!!”

She says, “Okay.. Unnh.. Uh-Unnh.. Unnhh.!”

Liam thrusts inside of her a few more times. He pushes so deep that his cock disappears into her thick bush.

He explodes, “Uh-Uh-Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuhh.! Fu-Fucking.. Gawd.!!”

Her hand reaches up and wraps around his neck. She pulls him down and they kiss passionately.

15 minutes later. Liam lays back on the couch. His head pushes against the pillow. Both of his legs are spread apart. Mrs. Keller kneels in-between his legs. Her long hair is tied into a ponytail. Her right hand is wrapped around his shaft as her mouth covers Cebeci Escort his cock-tip. Her lips slide down his stiffness and back up again. Her mouth lifts off and she begins stroking him hard and tight.

Liam says, “Fuck yeah.. Mrs. Keller.. Fucking squeeze it.. Ohhh.. Ohh.. Fuckk.!!”

She continues to grasp tightly and stroke him, “Liam. I watched you in my class. I wet my panties under my desk.”

Her hand pushes down to his blonde crotch and her lips slide over his cock-tip. Her tongue begins licking in circles.

He replies, “You did..? Fuckk.. I made you wet.!”

She answers while still licking him, “Mmm. Mmmm.”

He says, “I-I got.. Fucking hard… W-When.. You wore no bra in class.”

She lifts off of his cock, “I did it for you.”

Her lips quickly slide over his cock-tip and continues down his full shaft. She gulps him down into her throat. Her lips touch his blonde crotch. Liam’s lower back lift’s off of the couch.

He screams, “Fuckk..! Mrs. Keller.. S-Swallow it.! Swallow my cock.!!”

She firmly holds him inside of her throat.

Liam explodes, “Fu-Fuckk.! Uuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuuhh.! Uuuhh-fuckk..!!”

Mrs. Keller controls her breathing and still holds his shaft inside of her throat. His cum slides easily down her throat.

Liam falls back onto the pillow, “Mrs. Keller.. My Gawd.. Mrs. Keller.!”

She pulls off of his cock and smiles, “We have all night Liam. I waited two years to get you into bed.”

He replies, “Fuckk.. Really?”

She keeps on smiling as she climbs off of the couch. Her tits jiggle as she strides over to the bed.

She whispers, “Whenever you’re ready. I’ll be on the bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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