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Big Tits

The phone rang shortly after I got back to my apartment. It broke my train of thought about the wild afternoon I had with Liz at the motel. It was Liz’s husband – Tim.

“Hey there Bob. I hate to ask you on short notice, but I’m a bundle of tense nerves after the trip. Liz suggested I call you and beg you to come over and help me out.” He paused for a moment and continued, “I could really use a massage.”

“I’d be glad to, Tim. Give me about an hour to clean up and change.”

I didn’t shower when leaving the motel. I wanted to keep the scent of Liz on me. When the phone rang, I had my hand under my shorts and while talking to Tim I was sniffing my fingers and licking my lips. My mind certainly wasn’t on Tim.

Out of the shower, I dressed as usual – no socks or underwear – a tee shirt, shorts and sandels. I realized I was really hungry and munched on a hastily thrown together balogna sandwich as I drove the short way to their place. I thought about Liz’s note in which she suggested Tim might want a blow-job from me. I sure was tempted in the past, but had not gone there yet. Maybe this was the night.

Tim answered the door wearing just a short, thin brown robe which he didn’t bother closing in the front. “Hey, Bob. Come on in.” Liz was nowhere in sight. He offered me a drink and in our short conversation, suggested I get naked like I did the night I massaged Liz when all three of us were in the nude and it turned into a fuckfest. “I liked the way your cock was massaging the cheeks of her ass while you were leaning over her and doing her shoulders. That was so hot. I must have been out of my mind when I said it was okay for you to fuck her after she asked for it. But what the heck, we both liked it.”

“Where is she?” I asked as I kicked of my sandels and dropped my shorts.

“She just stepped out for a minute and shouldn’t be gone long.”

He had a sheet and a couple of pillows laid out on the floor and a few towels at hand. I asked if we should wait for Liz. He suggested we start and he laid face down with his legs parted enough for me to kneel between them. I reached into the bag I brought and brought out a bottle of unscented oil and warmed the liquid with my hands before rubbing it lightly all over his back, shoulders, arms, legs and gaziosmanpaşa escort ass. I rubbed some on my now hard cock as well.

“Tonight, Tim, I’m going to concentrate on a sensual massage. You seem in the mood for it. Let’s see if you like my cock rubbing on you. It’s going to be quite different than what you are used to.”

“Go for it.” Tim usually came at the end of my massages. I didn’t actually grasp his cock during them, but the stroking of his inner thighs with my hands brushing his cock and balls was enough to do the trick, but tonight was going to be different. I purposely stayed away from the moves that would make him cum.

I worked his shoulders and upper back briefly. In the position I was in, my cock came in contact with the cheeks of ass frequently. When i moved to his lower back I turned around and straddled him, facing his feet. I kneaded the cheeks of his ass and reached down his legs, working all the way down to his ankles. My balls pressed against his back and my cock was crammed between his ass checks. I turned around again and caressed his back with my chest, the length of my cock pointing down and sliding along his ass crack. Tim’s cock was pointing down as well. My balls were rubbing his and his shaft as well. I couldn’t keep this up for long or we both would have cum.

“Let’s take a break. Tim.” I moved off him and covered him with towels to keep him warm. I got up, got a couple of cigarettes and an ashtray and sat by his side.

He half turned toward me and said, “It feels really great when you do what you did. The oil adds a lot and your cock rubbing against me is quite exciting. Makes me think about things I shouldn’t.”

“Same here, old buddy. I was about to cum so I had to back off. If I came, I would have lost a lot of energy and it would have been difficult to go on.”

“Well, take your time then.”

“What were you thinking that you shouldn’t …?”

Right then, Liz came in and blurted, “You guys done already?”

I smiled and said, “Naw – just taking a break.”

She went to the fridge and brought in a few beers and sat down next to us. She gave each of us a quick kiss. “Gee, you guys are all slimy.”

Tim propped up on gölbaşı escort one elbow and suggested, “Why don’t you get naked and get slimy too” He handed her the container of oil.

Liz didn’t hesitate. She lifted her top over her head and I got more excited at the sight of her small hard nipples coming into view. When her arms were stretched high over her head, her small breasts looked almost boyish. She managed to get out of her shorts and panties without getting up and I immediately noticed she had shaved her pussy totally since we were together just a few hours ago. I almost said something and then thought better of it. It might have given away something about what went on earlier that day in the motel.

Tim and I both gawked at the sight of her rubbing the oil all over herself. She tweaked her nipples as she covered them with the oil. Tim and I decided to help. He oiled her belly and down to her pussy and I covered her back and legs. She then decided Tim needed a little more oil and concentrated on his rigid cock and his balls. I waited for my turn, but it didn’t come.

She handed the oil to Tim and pointed towards my cock. He hesitated for a moment and then used both hands to lube both my cock and balls. I sensed he was getting more pleasure out of it than I was – and I was getting quite a bit.

Soon, the three of us had our hands all over each other and we became a writhing mass of flesh slipping and sliding against each other. With a couple of fingers in her, Tim enjoyed Liz’s first orgasm as she lunged against his hand; grabbed onto me, ground her nipples against mine and let out a stifled scream while kissing me.

We didn’t relax for a moment. Tim and I were grinding against each other and I let Liz guide my head towards his crotch. This is it, I thought. Tim was fully on his back and I kissed his balls and shaft. He anticipated my next move and guided the head of his cock against my lips. I took it in slowly, savoring the well defined head and just when I took all of it in, he exploded in my mouth, splashing his cum in my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth, swallowing what I could and the rest dribbled out onto Liz’s face as she licked his balls.

Tim got a little softer, but keçiören escort didn’t shrivel up as I continued sucking him. He just lay there on his back, enjoying every bit of it. Liz whispered a “Thank you” in my ear and proceeded to inch down toward my cock and took it fully in her mouth. She got me off in a heartbeat and then the three of us spent a lot of time trading kisses.

I was surprised when Tim kissed me. It wasn’t just a peck. He tasted his own cum in my mouth and then mine from Liz’s mouth. Our hands were all over each other and both Tim’s fingers and mine were inside Liz at the same time. We both greedily sucked each others fingers to add her taste to ours. I felt a finger probe my ass and I didn’t know (or care) whose it was. It easily penetrated me. Damn, it felt so good on top of everything else. I fumbled until I found Tim’s ass and did the same. When I saw both Liz’s hands, I knew it was Tim’s finger inside me.

“Is anybody going to fuck me?” Tim and I parted and I excused myself. I had to go to piss something fierce. When I got back, Tim was pumping away on Liz, missionary style. The sight of ass cheeks clenching and releasing as he thrust back and forth made my cock grow once again. I positioned myself behind him and placed the tip of my cock between those cheeks. His movements told me I wasn’t welcome there, at least, not at this time. I watched him reach a climax and as I hoped, he rolled off Liz. I don’t know if she came while he was in her, but when I took his place, it didn’t take long for her let out a scream as she pulled me deeper in her.

She relaxed totally and I moved in and out of her slowly, inching toward my own needed climax. When it came, I didn’t have much of a load left to shoot. I pulled out, put my face to her twice cum filled pussy and joyously lapped away. Tim wanted some of that too and we took turns licking her, pausing every now and then to share a kiss.

My cock and balls ached from all the action. We finally regained some composure and while Liz took a shower, Tim and I had a little talk.

“You really like fucking my wife, don’t you?”

I was at a loss for words and all I could do was nod.

“Did you like sucking my dick?” Once again, I nodded. “Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve and return the favor. But I’ve got a whole lot of thinking to do about this entire thing. As far as I know, you are the only other guy to ever fuck Liz and I hope we haven’t started something that’s going tp grow out of control.”

“Tim, I do like being with you and Liz. This is a whole new dimension and I don’t know where it’s going …”

“I don’t either, Bob.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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