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You slowly awake from our alarm clock as the morning dawns. What you don’t realize is that I have been laying and thinking of your body and the love that I have for you during the past predawn hours. I have gently stroked your derriere numerous times and felt the plumb protrusion of its shape and have thought how well its aged along with the rest of your marvelous body that women half your age would be proud of.

The thoughts have created an erection that has found its way to the upper crease of your butt cheeks and leaked my personal lubrication precariously on your inner thighs and ass. As you awaken, I slowly and carefully remove your thong panties which have provided a barrier of my desire to penetrate deep within your soft, wet and warm vagina. As you sense my firm erection you smile in the morning’s dimly lit room and rotate your hips to accept my erection. You raise your right leg as I lay on my left side and gently push my cock into your warmth. You quietly moan to signal your delight. I push deep within you and feel the warmth of your body as I pull you tight to gain fulfillment of the love we feel for each other. But, this morning is different, I do not want to simply penetrate you, reach our climaxes and then go about our day. No….., today….., I want you to long for more penetration and have tantalizing thoughts throughout the day. The goal…., an unbelievable orgasm that awaits us. So I kiss you delicately and remove my cock from your warm vagina and whisper, “More later”.

What you did not realize, when you disrobed and joined me in our bed last night without removing your panties is that it simply made me want you more. My desire to overpower and take you as I wanted was overcome by a game of cat and mouse. The ability to seduce you slowly throughout the night and then tomorrow while pushing you towards an orgasm became an erotic dance which began as you slept and early in the day upon awakening.

Keeping you moist and enticed throughout the day became my longing. Throughout the day, you will notice subtle touches that are meant to arouse you and hold you in limited suspension of sexual tandoğan escort stimulation.

Early in the day, you may or may not have noticed the gentle whir of my shaver as it delicately removed the excess hair from around my semi-hard erection. The thought of you continued to arouse me as a shaved myself clean. Intention……., to make a clean place for your tongue to gently caress my testicles, shaft and head that longs for your throat to relinquish what I have held for you all night and all day. The years have not been kind, and to your fortune, my ejaculations are timid and non pulsing creating a calm and soothing environment from which you can enjoy my climax without fear of repulsiveness.

As you take your midday shower, you continue to think of the climax that awaits you later. “How will it end” you think, “will it be the best ever”? You stand between the two very hot shower heads as they stream warmth over your body. The warmth drives you deeper into thought as you remove the rear shower head from its holder. You gently turn the setting to provide pulsing water as you lift your left beautifully shaped leg and place your foot atop the seat in the shower. You shiver as you aim the stream of pulsating warm water at your clitoris and feel its pulsations further liven your sexual mood and spirit. You lean your head back and groan as the pulsating stimulation is soon over powering. Your body continues to shudder as it creates waves of sensations that run through your body. You pull it away suddenly as your realize my hard erection will not be here to finish the job of extreme penetration which you so desperately need following the orgasm that has been building all day. You finish your shower by prepping your body, as I too have done, for the intercourse, love and play that await. You shave your excess hair away leaving not even a bit of pubic hair because you know it will further stimulate me for our coming together that will be like none other.

The gentle touching by me continues to placate you throughout the day as you notice how I have dressed to initiate your sexual stimulation tunalı escort even further.

Night falls and you need to shower to remove the excess vaginal secretions which have come due to the day long tantalization and unfulfilled stimulations that continues to fill and drive your expectations. As you enter the bathroom you notice the warmth of the room and how tranquil it seems, at last, you are close to relief. You enter the shower and again use both shower heads to warm you body. Laughingly, you pull the shower head once more and begin stimulation as you think about my large erection entering your mouth and then your vagina for a final thrust. Shuddering, you notice Bunny (your vibrator which I purchased for you years ago whose ears resonate at the perfect frequency to stimulate your clitoris into massive and convulsive stimulation) was placed by me to further stimulate your desire to have me inside of you.

Bunny vibrates on your button and triples your excitement as you notice the door of the shower opening behind you as I enter. You immediately see my clean shaven erection as you look over your shoulder and then turn your back to me to expose your throbbing vagina lips which are engorged with blood from your stimulation and excitement. I gently reach around your body from behind and caress your breast as I pull you close to me without penetration. “Not yet”, I explain. You spin to your knees and encapsulate my head deep within your soft, moist and warm mouth. I groan with delight as your tongue works its 19 years of knowledge and stimulates me into a throbbing erection that is longing for penetration. I grow ever harder in your mouth and you long to taste my gentle release.

I slide your body up to connect our mouths together and gently stroke you button with my middle finger as you firmly grasp my hard cock and stroke it with excitement. After minutes that melt into eternity of passion and want…..I turn you around and thrust my now pounding cock deep inside of you… You grasp the seat in the shower with both hands and brace yourself for thrusting as I grasp your hips türbanlı escort and rotate them downward to position your G spot in the path of my penetrating cock. My erection finds it as you shudder intensely as our pounding bodies are fully engaged together in the excitement of the moment. I retract my cock before you or I can come.

You sit down on the shower seat and I kneel to lavishly begin licking your button with total excitement. It’s more than you can stand and you push my face firmly against your crotch as I stick my tongue inside your vagina to taste your sweet juice as I sense your pleasant and sweet aroma. I cup your thighs to pull you ever closer and feel as though I want to climb inside you to explore the sensation even further.

We break apart and I stand as you grasp my cock once more and begin sucking it with desire. I long to come in your mouth but hold the urge to relieve myself of the days built up urge.

We retreat to the tub of warm water that awaits us and you quickly dip your lovely body into its depths. I lay down beside you and our mouths connect once more in a wave of lust, love and excitement. You sit up and roll over to accept me from behind. The penetration is deep and exciting! Once again, you grab Bunny, which you retreated with from the shower, and it begins to work its magic on your button. You quiver and shudder as you are now at full explosive level.

I withdraw from you and you move to the side of the tub where I begin to lick your savory juices that are flowing out from within. Again, I notice its sweet taste and excitedly lick you more. You plunge Bunny into your mouth as you long to suck my cock. I stand and once again provide you with your needs and penetrate your mouth until nearly gagging you, but you do not care and shove my cock deeper. It is the deepest you have ever taken my cock into your mouth and you are wrapped up in the moment of excitement as I yell out with exacerbation.

Now we are both at a full sexual rage and it can go on no longer. We quickly move to the bed where you immediately lay on your back and accept me inside. We both thrust and grind each other for minutes as we build even further……. Then it happens, we both climax and a wave of sexual build-up is released together. We hold each other as laughter erupts from the encounter that lasted all day and started the night before, just because of those thong panties!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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