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There was a group of us, three women and two men, and we were going hiking in the mountains. There was me, I’m Bob, Carl, Josie, Mary and Angelique, the last being known as Ange. Carl and Ange were currently going steady while the other two girls and I were footloose and fancy free. We were young, our average age being around nineteen, fit, and ripe for a little mischief if anything presented itself.

We set off, full of vim and vigour, slowly finding out that steep hills and summer heat has a way of draining that vim and vigour, turning it into a plaintiff cry of, “Who’s idea was this, anyway.” Ange was not too impressed when I pointed out that it had actually been hers.

Still, for all the work, it was a fun afternoon, although I wouldn’t have objected if someone turned down the sun’s thermostat a notch or two. About the middle of the afternoon we reached a fork in the trail. The fork we wanted went right, climbing up to the lookout point. The fork to the left led sidewards to a creek that ran down the mountain, a picnic area and a pool. The creek had been slightly dammed at that point to allow the pool.

Before heading up the trail we went left and settled down near the pool for a quick break and a snack. We’d just finished and were about to go on our way when Josie had a bright idea.

“It’s too hot,” she announced. “What we really need is to go in for a quick dip.”

“No bathers,” pointed out the ever practical Mary.

“So? We can skinny dip,” came the reply.

“Ah, Josie, in case you missed it, Carl and Bob are with us,” Ange carefully explained.

“And?” asked Josie, a circling hand indicating that perhaps Ange had more to tell us.

“We can’t go skinny dipping with them here,” said an exasperated Ange.

“Why not?”

“Yes, why not,” asked Carl. He saw Ange’s face and changed his tune. “Ah, naturally you can’t. Just not done,” he said hastily.

“Well I’m going in,” said Josie. “How about you, Mary?”

“I’m in,” said Mary, giggling.

“Sorry,” said Ange. “We’re not staying. We’re going on up to the lookout. Come on, let’s go.”

“It’s too hot,” said Josie, turning mulish. “I’m going to have a swim. I’ll catch up to you. Are you coming in Mary?”

Anything Josie would do, Mary would do. She agreed without hesitation.

“Well, we’re not waiting,” snapped Ange. “Come on Carl.”

Carl looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I shrugged.

“You’d better go with Ange,” I told him. “Someone needs to stay here and keep an eye on these idiots.”

Carl sniggered and nodded, then turned and headed out, speaking softly to Ange, soothing her ruffled feathers. Josie and Mary looked at me, Josie amused, Mary wary.

“So you’ll be watching us while we swim nude, uh?” said Josie.

“Sort of,” I agreed. “I’ll just sit over yonder in the shade so that you have a male escort available, if required. I won’t even perv on you. Much.”

“Well, go and sit,” Josie told me. “We’re going in.”

I went and sat under my chosen tree, leaning comfortably against it. The two girls quickly disrobed, ostentatiously keeping their backs to me.

“Ah, Josie,” I called as the girls went wading into the pool.

She turned her head to look back at me.

“Nice tush,” I said, and she giggled.

I kept one eye on the girls (naturally) as they played in the water, the other eye checking the trail so that I could warn them of unexpected visitors. I was wearing sunglasses and, leaning back against the tree the way I was, I could understand the girls thinking I’d nodded off.

When they came out of the water they took one glance in my direction, apparently decided I was asleep, and came waltzing out giving me a couple of very nice full frontals. They really had excellent figures. They didn’t bother getting dressed straight away, sitting down on the grass so that the sun could dry them.

As well as deciding I was asleep (or blind) the girls also seemed to assume that I was deaf. Or maybe they just didn’t realise how well their voices carried in the still of the mountain air.

“Is he gay?” Josie asked Mary.

“I don’t think so,” replied Mary. “What makes you think he might be?”

“Apart from the fact that he’s just sitting over there, totally ignoring two lovely young ladies capering about in the altogether? No reason I guess.”

“Did you want him slavering around the pool trying to get an eyeful?” asked Mary, giggling. “He did admire your bottom, you know.”

“Yeees, but that might have just been him trying to be polite. He didn’t appear to have a stiffy when I looked back at him and those things do tend to be noticeable.”

True. If I stood up now she’d notice all right.

More giggling from Mary.

“Are you a virgin still,” Josie asked.

“Really, Josie,” said a scandalised Mary. “What sort of question is that?”

“A pretty standard one,” said Josie. “I’m not, I know Ange isn’t but I couldn’t be sure about you. If I had to guess I’d say no.”

“Well, really,” grumbled Mary. “It’s not the sort of thing you should be wondering will trent izle about.”

“I know, and you haven’t answered my question. You’re not a virgin, are you, you slut, you.”

“OK. So maybe I’m not quite a virgin, but I’ll bet I’m not as experienced as you.”

Some giggling from Josie, this time.

“Truth to tell, you wouldn’t need to be very experienced to be more experienced than me. Ange, on the other hand, probably has had more experience than both of us combined.”

“Cat. You’re assuming that she and Carl get busy on a regular basis.”

“I don’t know about Carl, but Ange certainly does,” Josie quipped.

My, my. Cats and gossip. The things you learn by staying silent. Did Carl know that Ange might be playing him false? Would Carl care? Probably not would be the answer to both questions in my opinion.

“Anyway, what does my virginity or lack thereof, have to do with you wondering if Bob is gay?”

“Oh, I was just wondering what would happen if we teased him a bit. I mean, how far would we have to go to have him get an erection?”

“If he’s not gay, just stand in front of him the way we are. His cock would snap erect so fast when he saw us that it would probably knock him over.”

More giggling from both girls.

“The trouble is, what do we do if he decided to jump us?” asked Mary.

“With both of us here? He wouldn’t. He’d probably turn away to hide his masculine display.”

“If he doesn’t turn away, we can hand him a hanky,” giggled Mary.

“What for,” asked Josie, sounding rather suspicious. I was feeling rather suspicious myself.

“He’ll say the same thing. What’s that for? We can tell him he can use it for a flag, seeing he already has a flagpole.”

Hilarious. More giggling from both girls.

“So, do we stir him up a little before we get dressed?” asked Mary.

“Why not? Let’s be devils. He’s a good sport. He won’t tell anyone.”

“What if he is gay? Would we be embarrassing him?”

“No. He’d just fail to notice us. Come on. Let’s wake him up.”

“What makes you think I’m asleep?” I asked, getting to my feet and sauntering towards them. “I said that I’d stay here and keep an eye out for you. I couldn’t really do that if I was asleep, now could I?”

There were a couple of embarrassed squeaks from the girls. Instead of standing naked to see if they could get a rise out of me they were trying to shield their charms from my gaze.

“Ah, I thought you were going to stand up and show me your all?” I said softly. “By the way, Mary, you have a very pretty tush as well.”

I smiled at the girls and they squirmed a little, apparently not liking my smile. Odd. I always thought I had a nice one.

I slowly unzipped and their eyes opened wide. I didn’t bring my erection out into the light, but their imaginations were running riot, seeing the bulge in my trousers.

“Hopefully you will have noticed that I do react to nubile female bodies in the appropriate non-gay manner,” I said, watching their eyes flick from my crotch, to my face, back to my crotch, and then at each other, both of them blushing.

“I heard both of you lamenting your lack of experience, sexual education wise, and it seemed to me that, as a friend, I should do my bit to help you gain that experience.”

I shut up and let them consider my statement. They looked at me, looked at each other, back to me and, being of one mind, they both shook their heads at the same time, which was roughly what I had expected.

“We are not having sex with you,” said Josie, speaking carefully. Her tone was saying thank you but, without wishing to insult you, no thank you.

“Oddly enough, I thought that would be your reaction and if I was seriously intending to have sex with you I’d be most upset and dejected by your callous dismissal of my masculine charms.”

I sighed, trying to look upset and dejected by their callous dismissal of my masculine charms. The giggling tended to tell me that I wasn’t succeeding too well.

“Well, if you weren’t offering to have sex with us, what were you offering?” asked Mary, being practical again.

“I just thought you might like to try out a few positions to see what they’re like. You know, take the position I nominate for a quick in and out and see if you like it. You, yourself, might even think up a few positions to try.”

“Just what do you mean by a quick in and out?” demanded Josie.

Now I did move my erection into the light for them to see and admire.

“I mean that I will slide this into you so you can see how it feels in that position. Just once in and then I withdraw.”

Both girls were blushing and looking elsewhere, but also managing to keep an eye on me.

“What the hell makes you think we’d agree to anything like that,” demanded Josie.

“Because you’d feel that you were chickening out after your brave words about teasing me if you don’t try at least one position. If you agree, Mary will follow along. So, are you chicken or not?”

“How do fate the winx saga izle we know you’ll take it straight back out?” asked Mary.

“You’ll have to trust me,” I said, smiling. “Would I lie to you?”

“Where sex is concerned, yes,” snapped Josie.

I laughed. They had me there.

“There’re two of you. If I start getting frisky the second one can hit me over the head with their drink bottle. So are you game? We’ll just try one position and see how it goes.”

The girls looked at each other, wanting to say no but not wanting to look as though they were chickening out. Pride has a lot of sins to its name. I reached out and took Josie’s arm.

“Why not get down on all fours, head down, bum up? I’ll just demonstrate puppy dog fashion.”

Josie found herself kneeling despite her wishes. I settled down behind her. She was looking over her shoulder, ready to shout stop at the least excuse.

“I’m just going to rub you a little first,” I said quietly.

Suiting actions to words I started gently massaging her mound, making sure that her juices were flowing even while her nerve was drying up. After a few moments, deciding that she was as ready as she was ever going to be I moved closer to her.

“Now just relax and tell us how it feels,” I told her, my cock already pressing against her.

Before she could formulate a protest I was pushing steadily home. She gasped and started gabbling.

“I don’t think you should be doing this. Stop, please.”

“I said I’d only do an in and out,” I said, continuing to push that last little bit home. “I’m about to take it out, but how does it feel.”

“Different. Now take it out.”

I was already withdrawing, laughing at her. I turned to look at Mary with an eyebrow raised, patting the ground next to Josie. Mary looked slightly stunned but, like I said, if Josie did something she’d follow. She got down on all fours in the same position as Josie.

I didn’t have to prepare her. It was blatantly obvious that she was already wet. Maybe not fully aroused, but wet. I lined up and pushed briskly home while Mary gave a small squeal that continued until my groin slapped against her.

I didn’t give her a chance to protest, pulling out again very swiftly.

“Nothing to say?” I asked, both girls having rolled over to sit on their bottoms, apparently uncomfortable to have them sticking up in the air.

“Um, interesting,” muttered Josie, blushing.

“Interesting?” I exclaimed. “Damned by faint praise. How the mighty are fallen. Are you curious enough to try another position? One a little more interesting?”

“Um, depends. What is it?” Josie was being uncommonly cautious, but she wasn’t refusing outright.

“Well, I don’t know the official name for it, but unofficially it’s known as the babysitter rape position.”

“What? What sort of position is that?”

“It works like this. Daddy comes home from his night out. The babysitter is sitting on the couch, half asleep. He takes her ankles like this,” I grabbed Josie’s ankles, “and lifts them high and wide like this.” I lifted her ankles high, forcing her to fall back onto her back, her legs splayed and her ankles were next to her ears. She found herself staring at her own pussy.

“As you can see, in this position you’re helpless. Daddy just has to line up his erection like this and the babysitter is a gone goose.”

I followed this little homily up by pressing down, my cock sliding smoothly in. Before she could say anything Josie was once more nailed. Actually, I think she was too shocked to say anything. I was pulling out before she found her voice, and even then all she could do was mutter under her breath.

I turned to Mary, laughing at her. She sat there frozen, watching as I took hold of her ankles. She gasped as I lifted them, but didn’t say anything, just watching as I slid slowly into her. She was breathing hard, and continued to breathe hard, even though I pulled out again without delay.

“Men don’t really jump the babysitter that way, do they?” asked Mary.

“I can’t be sure. Why don’t you ask some of your babysitting friends? You might be surprised at what happens to some of them.”

“So how did it feel to be in a position where you might be raped?” I asked.

“Scary, but exciting,” said Mary. “I could just imagine that sort of thing happening.”

“Uh-huh. Now let’s try something different.” I jumped to my feet, chousing the girls to theirs. I indicated the picnic table.

“I want you to lean back against the table,” I told Josie. “Legs nicely parted, leaning back against your hands. You should be able to see straight down the length of your body.”

I won’t say Josie jumped to do as she was told but she did it, her curiosity starting to win her over. Plus she was aroused. Having me charge in and out a couple of times was enough to get her worked up. Ditto for Mary. I came and stood before her.

“Now watch,” I murmured, brushing my cock against her lips. After a few moments with love izle of brushing I pressed lightly forward. Josie was looking down at herself, watching me take her. I eased in slowly, a lot slower than the previous times. Josie was breathing heavily as she kept watch, seeing (and feeling) me slowly sinking home. When I pulled out almost as soon as I hit home she looked quite disappointed.

I repeated that little stunt with Mary and, whether they knew it or not, both girls were ready for some proper action.

I sat on the end of the bench.

“Your turn, Josie. This time I want you to straddle me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that. Legs either side of me and sit yourself down on me. Do you have a problem with that?”

She swallowed and shook her head. She came over to me, legs either side of me and slowly lowered herself. I could feel my cock pressing against her lips and she paused for second, then slowly sank down onto me, taking me deep within her. Then she just sat like that, full of cock and feeling pleased with herself.

My hands closed firmly around Josie’s waist.

“You can start bouncing now,” I murmured.

“What? The deal was in and out,” she protested.

“True. I said I’d put it in and then take it out. You made no such promise, and you came down on me this time.”

“That is pure sophistry,” protested Mary.

“Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t,” I said, “but it’s an excellent excuse for Josie to start bouncing.”

Josie apparently thought so as well. She slid smoothly up my pole and then dropped down onto it again. She made a little sound of appreciation and started bouncing happily. I had no objection, pushing firmly up to meet her each time she came sliding down.

I glanced over at Mary, who was looking slightly annoyed.

“Just remember,” I told her. “I expect you to follow where Josie leads. After she finishes it’s your turn.”

Leaving Mary to think that over I turned my attention back to Josie. She had very nice breasts and they were bouncing about right in front of me. I promptly grabbed, massaging them, adding to Josie’s excitement. And mine. I like girl’s breasts. They feel delightful.

Josie was building up speed. She was way over-excited, wanting it all at once. She bounced and jiggled, mouthing exultant little cries, absolutely determined to get her climax, working towards it with every bounce in her body. Personally, I was quite happy to delay my own climax. After all, I had to satisfy Mary after this. Still, I kept driving forcefully home, helping Josie along. (I’m thoughtful that way.)

Josie finally climaxed with a squeak of satisfaction, clutching tightly to me while spasms of pleasure rolled over her. She just sagged loosely onto my lap, content.

I wasn’t. I wanted my fun. I lifted Josie off my lap and sat her on the seat. Mary was watching me, eyes big and round. I saw them flick down to where my erection was still standing dominant.

“Now strictly speaking, by the terms of our agreement, I should let you get on me the same way Josie did, but I’m not going to.”

“Ah, you’re not?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m going to have you lean you forward over the table and take you from behind. My hands are going to be around you, holding your breasts and my cock is going to come plunging into you hard and fast. And instead of taking it out again, I’m going to show you just what it can do. Now turn around and bend over the table.”

Mary did, leaning over the table, bracing herself with her hands. I moved up behind her, positioning my cock so it was just pressing against her, not quite hard enough to enter. I slid my arms around her, capturing her breasts.

“Ready or not,” I murmured, and drove forcefully into her, sheathing myself in her in one full-bodied thrust.

Mary gave a gasp but was well and truly ready for me, pushing back to meet me as soon as I started my second stroke. We quickly established a satisfactory rhythm, a rhythm that had me moving hard and fast, driving happily into Mary while she was just as happy to receive me. I banged her hard, with Mary pushing urgently back to meet me, wanting me to come deeper, faster.

“What do you think you’re doing?” came a scandalised comment from Josie.

I took a second to glance at her. She seemed genuinely shocked that I was taking Mary.

“You do need more experience,” I told her. “It’s called screwing. Mary was in need and I’m helping her out.”

Josie seemed even more scandalised at the comment.

“You can’t do that,” she protested. “You just had sex with me.”

“True,” I agreed, “and if Mary wasn’t here I’d be having sex with you again right now. As she is, I thought it only fair to share.”

That little side conversation didn’t slow me down at all. I drilled Mary, enjoying every moment of contact, her passage hot and tight and doing wonderful things to my cock. I picked up the pace a little, an action eagerly accepted by Mary.

It didn’t take all that long and I was finally ready to go. Hoping Mary was in a similar state I picked up the pace yet again, hammering home with everything I had, ready and willing to blow my load.

We climaxed almost as one, and a great relief it was to me. Mary finished up relaxing against the table while I relaxed on her. However, fully aware that we were theoretically in a public place, I disengaged and zipped up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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