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I had spent most of my adult life living out on my own. At 39 years old, and never married, I had an exceptionally good job that afforded me with about anything I wanted. I had a nice house, a good dependable truck, to get me around, an old hot rod, that my late father helped me to build, and a small off-road camper, to hit those secluded camping areas in the mountains. Yes, I was really enjoying life without anything or anyone to tie me down.

That was until my parent’s house burned down, and my father dying because of it. He and mom only had an old, outdated insurance policy that barely covered enough for his funeral and to have what was left of the house razed and the property cleaned off. So, being their only child, it was my duty to provide for my mother and have her come live with me.

The house that I lived in, provided more than enough room for mom and me, with four bedrooms, three of which had its own attached bathroom and the fourth bedroom had been turned into my home office, where I worked out of, most of the time.

Now at 58, mom had always kept herself in great shape, being an avid walker and regular yoga class attendee, so she really had no health issues other than the emotional pitfall she went through after losing my dad, but she managed to recover quickly, thanks in most part to her best friend, Miriam. Miriam. who was just a year younger than mom, was also a widow, losing her husband in a car accident, about a year before she met mom.

The two of them had met at yoga class and now, were inseparable as they did everything together, from shopping, their aforementioned yoga classes, dinners, and now taking tennis lessons at the local country club.

I had grown to really appreciate Miriam being around a good bit. She really made my mom happy and, something that I had not thought of until recently, was an incredibly attractive woman for her age. Her dark wavy shoulder length hair, streaked with silver, framed her smooth skinned face, that just had a few wrinkles here and there.

I wondered if she had had plastic surgery, but mom said that she had not, or at least Miriam had never mentioned it. I had seen her in a two-piece bathing suit on several occasions, recently, as her and mom liked to use my hot tub out on the back patio.

Miriam was tall and thin, around 5’8″, smallish breasts that still had some firmness to them, clearly evident in the halter type dresses that she had a fondness for wearing in the summer months. She and her late husband never had children, so her tummy remained as flat as ever, with some nice muscle tone to it, but her most pleasing feature, to me, was her sexy long legs.

I had complimented her on several occasions, about how attractive she was, in the most respectful way possible, so not to make her think I was perving on her or anything like that, well as I said, until recently. Now the thought of seeing her naked, was really beginning to creep in and fill those naughty places in my head.

Miriam would smile and say stuff like, “Oh, you are just the sweetest man, Stephen. Be careful now, a lonely old woman my age could easily fall for your charming ways.” Then she would giggle and tell mom how I was being a flirt. I wondered if she felt that way or was just being nice.

Now, I had been with many women in my life, coming close to getting serious with a few of them, only to be let down in some manner, whether it was them cheating on me or just wanting to rush things along too quickly. I had come to the realization, that I was going to be a bachelor for the rest of my life.


It was near the end of July, and Miriam had been out of town for about a week, for the funeral service of one of her cousins. Mom asked me if I would make some tenderloin on the grill for a little welcome back dinner, on Friday, in honor of Miriam’s return, and of course I said yes.

Friday came and mom came out, dressed in a tennis polo and matching shorts, into the kitchen, where I was drinking a cup of coffee and checking morning emails. She smiled her usual morning joyfulness, went over, and poured herself a cup of coffee in her carry out thermos and said, “Good morning, Stephen. Miriam will be here shortly to pick me up for tennis lessons. You don’t mind that she comes back here to shower and spend the day, do you?”

I looked at her and shook my head, saying, “Why on earth would I mind her showering here? She is practically family now and I honestly don’t know why she still knocks on the door? Besides, it will give me chance to see her in her sexy tennis outfit.”

Mom’s mouth opened in mocked shock, then said with a grin, “Now you just better behave yourself, or you might give that poor woman a heart condition.”

Then I said under my breath, but loud enough that she heard it, “I’d like to give her something alright.”

“Stephen! Stop being bad,” she laughed, playfully smacked me on the shoulder then added, “I never knew you were the type to swoon over older women.”

“Mom, kaçak iddaa you and Miriam are NOT old. I may have thought like that when I was a teenager, but not now. Women my age are not my type anymore. They are either married with a ton of kids, or divorced, looking like they belong in a barnyard.”

“Oh my gosh, Stephen, I didn’t think you were shallow person.”

“I’m not being shallow, besides have you seen a lot of the women my age around here? Tell me I’m wrong, because you know I have never fussed about any of my girlfriends having some extra padding on them, but come on, so many of the single or divorced women are morbidly obese. I’m not into having to separate layers of fat, just to find her naughty bits.”

Mom rolled her eyes and shook her head, looked at her phone, then said with a laugh, “Okay, I can see this conversation is going south. All right, sweetie, Miriam’s here, so I’ll see you later.”

Mom leaned down to where I was sitting and gave me a kiss on the cheek and finished, “Cougar chaser.”

I about spit out the coffee I had just drank in shock at where she could have heard that, and said after her, “Mom! Now who’s being bad?”

She let out a giggle and headed out the side door.

No, not a cougar chaser, but hot for Miriam.

About three hours later, mom and Miriam came in the door, just as I was dozing off in the lazy boy after a two-hour conference call. I looked at them with sleepy eyes, as they came in chattering like two hens.

Mom said as soon as she walked in the door, “I am hitting the shower. Miriam, you can use the bathroom in the spare bedroom if you like and there are towels in the hallway linen closet.”

Miriam smiled and nodded, waving mom off to her room, then as mom disappeared behind her door, Miriam said with a smile, “Hi Stephen, sorry for waking you up. Your mom and I had fun today, however, it did get rather warm after a couple of hours, so I am going to go shower now, too.”

I nodded, still in a little bit of a fog, then what she said came more into focus along with the outfit she was wearing. Just as I had envisioned, there she stood in her cute little pleated tennis skirt that just came down to her mid-thighs, and matching sleeveless top. Miriam continued to smile at me as I looked at her and just like that, her nipples got hard and began to poke out through her top.

I smiled and said, “Wow, you look stunning, Miriam, I bet the tennis instructor was having trouble concentrating today.”

She blushed a little as her smile grew wider, then said, “No, he didn’t pay attention to me like that, but you sure just made my day, you sweet talker you.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said with a grin, “No sweet talking involved, just being honest and real with you.”

She continued to smile and said, “Thanks, sweetie, you are such a nice man.”

I said to her with all sincerity, “You’re welcome, Miriam and I’m glad your back, mom and I missed you.”

Miriam picked up her bag, near the door where she had dropped when they came in, bending over just slightly giving me a wonderful view of the bottom of spanks covered ass. She then stood up, still grinning at me, then walked past me and headed into my room.

You could tell that mom really missed Miriam, as the two of them talked non-stop throughout dinner, only pausing long enough to take a few bites and swallow it down with some cabernet.

As the evening grew later, the three of us moved the after-dinner conversation and wine outside to the back patio. I could tell that mom and Miriam were getting a bit tipsy, they were starting to slur their words and giggling a lot. I tried getting a word in here and there but resolved to just sit there and laugh with them, pretending I knew what they were talking about.

Mom got to the point that she was thoroughly intoxicated, stood up and announced to the entire neighborhood that she was drunk and going to bed. Miriam and I helped her into the house, although it was more me, because Miriam was not in much better shape, as her and mom laughed all the way down the hall, staggering and nearly causing me to fall with the two of them.

I poured mom into bed, took off her flip flops and tossed a blanket over her as she went right to sleep. Miriam was standing there at the doorway, using the frame to hold herself up. I looked at her and smiled, then shook my head as her eyes went crossed.

“Okay, Miriam, let’s get you to bed now,”

She giggled and raised her eyebrows as she spoke, “I was beginning to think you’d never offer.”

My mind immediately went south, but knowing the condition she was in, I quickly put it to the back of my mind as I put my arm under hers and helped her into the spare bedroom. Miriam managed to stand there by herself for a moment while I quickly turned down the blankets for her, but just as I turned around, she had dropped her shorts, and pulled off her top, leaving her standing there in nothing but a pair of white panties.

Dear God, kaçak bahis she looked incredible! Just as I had thought, her smallish breasts barely had any sag to them at all as my eyes traveled her entire body. The panties she was wearing were just your basic cottons but were thin enough that I could clearly see her thin patch of dark pubic hair behind them.

I was completely mesmerized by her beautiful body. A body that women half her age wished they had. Then Miriam giggled again and threw herself against me. I did not know if she just fell from being intoxicated or what, but when her arms came around me and she kissed me on the mouth, I knew it was not a drunken stagger.

Oh, her kiss was incredible, and my body instantly reacted as I returned her kiss, pulling her nearly naked body against me even tighter, the bulge in my shorts, now firmly pressed against her mound. Miriam let out a soft moan into our kissing and I felt her hand travel down between us to rub my throbbing erection through the material keeping it in check for now.

Miriam pulled back and said in a whimper, “Stephen, I want you. Please make love to me. It’s been so long since a man has looked at me the way you do.”

The reality of our situation then came flooding back, and I said, “Miriam, you have had a lot to drink, and I wouldn’t want us to regret anything in the morning.”

She shook her head as if she were about to cry and said, “No, I’m fully aware. I mean, yes, I have had a lot of wine tonight, but I have felt this way for a while now. Maybe the wine has just given me the courage to tell you how I feel.”

I nodded and said with a smile, “You are amazing, Miriam.”

I leaned in and kissed her again, going deeper and more enthusiastic with it. I reached down and unbuttoned my shorts, letting them fall right there between us. I had no underwear on, and my hard cock sprang right into Miriam’s waiting hand as she wrapped her fingers around me in a firm grip, gasping into my mouth while our tongues danced the tango.

Miriam then pulled back from me, her eyes half closed and a grin on her face. She hooked her thumbs through the sides of her panties and pushed them down to her ankles, then kicked them off her feet. When she straightened back up, she took me by the hand and led me closer to the bed, where she climbed in and pulled me in with her.

I pulled the sheet over us, and Miriam moved closer, facing me on her side, put her left hand to the side of my face to touch me as she looked into my eyes before moving in to meet my lips with her once more. We enjoyed another long slow lingering kiss, while exploring each other’s bodies with our hands.

Her skin was like the finest silk, so soft and supple as I moved my fingers up along her sides. When I reached her breasts, Miriam let out a soft coo as my fingers gently touched and fondled them. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles, as my thumb circled around them and over them.

Miriam then put her leg over me, reached down between us to taking hold of my extremely hard member and guiding it to the soft folds of her pussy. I felt the tip of it rest against her as she released her hold, then reached her hand to my shoulder to pull me closer.

She whispered, “I want you inside me.”

I moved with her, sliding my body over and on top of her, and in between those long legs of hers. I reached down, taking my cock in hand and gently rubbed the head up and down her soaking wet slit, feeling her opening as I moved around it, coating it with her juices and the copious amount of precum flowing from me, then pushed inside.

Miriam let out a groan, as her soft liquid velvet heat begin to envelope my flesh, slowly wrapping around me as I sank into her. I had to hold back the desire to just go deep and hard into her, remembering that she was not a young woman, and I did not want to hurt her most delicate parts.

She raised her legs, wrapped them around me, put her heals on the back of my thighs then pressed down with her legs, pulling me completely inside her as my balls came to rest against her ass.

Miriam moaned loudly under me, then mewed out, “Stephen, you don’t know how long I have wanted you!”

I began a slow withdrawal, sliding my cock all the way out until just the tip was still inside her, then pushed all the way back in and grinding my pubic bone against her. Miriam’s pussy was like molten heat around me and I could feel her inner walls contracting around me, massaging my prick as I slow fucked her.

Her eyes were half opened as I looked into them and said to her, “Probably about as long as I have wanted you, Miriam.”

She smiled and nodded as her breathing became more intense and erratic. Each time I pushed into her, she would grunt and grind back against me, the two of us getting into perfect sync as if we had been having sex together for all our adult lives. Maybe she had thought about it as much as I had been.

I hunched over and took one of her taught nipples into my mouth illegal bahis as I caressed her breast around it, then moved over to the other, taking my time, swirling my tongue around it as I suckled on her, while she ran her fingers through my hair, mewing and moaning in ecstasy.

Miriam’s breathing became very jagged, and her body began to spasm under me as the sounds of our passionate love making filled the room. I could feel her muscles tightening inside then all at once, her entire body went stiff and she stopped breathing for a moment, then cried out as she went into convulsions, her powerful orgasm completely taking over her.

As Miriam’s body shook, I continued working my prick in her, feeling my pleasure wave beginning to rise from deep inside. I had fantasized about fucking her so many times in the past and now that I was actually experiencing her, I felt like a young man having sex for the first time, as my pace quickened, thrusting into her with abandonment.

Miriam wrapped her arms around me tighter and squeaked out, “Yes, baby, fill me with your juice! GOD, YOU FEEL SO GOOD!”

I shoved my cock all the way inside her pussy one more time, grinding hard against her, as streams of cum began spewing into her hot receptive womb. I grunted with each pulse, my body spasming against her, sending Miriam into another climax right along with me.

My God, she was incredible! In all my past experiences with women, I cannot ever remember feeling such a passion or intensity during sex. It reminded me of how couples making love in the movies. The thought made me laugh a little while Miriam and I were just getting our breathing under control as propped myself up on my elbows.

Miriam smiled through her bedroom eyes and asked, “What’s got you giggling my sweet man?”

“You,” I said, as I saw the question in her eyes, and finished, “Making love with you just reminded of some of the greatest love scenes in romantic movies.”

“Oh my gosh, Stephen, you truly are a wonderful romantic soul, you know that?”

I leaned down and softly kissed Miriam’s sweet lips, then said, “You just bring out the best in me.”

Miriam giggled and we shared another lingering kiss, after I moved off her to the side, pulling her over to face me. I could not help but feel an intense wave of emotion come over me as we broke from our kiss and looked into each other’s eyes.

Miriam smiled and put her hand to the side of my face, then asked sheepishly, “Sweetie, I think I am about to leak all over the bed, could you grab me a few of those tissues from the stand?”

I smiled and quickly reached back, pulling several tissues from the box, and instead of just handing them to her, I moved my hand down between us. Miriam parted her legs, looking into my face as if she were shocked at my actions, and I placed the tissues against her pussy to soak up our combined juices.

She giggled again and said, “Okay, now I know that you really ARE the perfect gentleman.”

I shrugged with a grin and leaned in to kiss her again. Making love to her was the absolute best and kissing her soft lips was like the icing on the cake. I just wanted to keep sampling that icing all night long, as it grew back into a long deep kiss, her whimpers of enjoyment filling every inch of my mind, body, and soul.

It was not long before the two of us got heated up again and this time Miriam moved on top of me, taking my erection in her hand, guiding it to her sweet pussy and impaling herself on me. We made love again, so wonderfully, moving together in perfect harmony, enjoying each other as if we had never experienced this kind of sexual bliss before in our lives.

Finally, we collapsed in a heap, our bodies intertwined as if one. We laid there afterwards for what seemed like hours, chatting, and caressing each other until the two of us finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I reached out to her, but the place beside me was empty. For a moment, I thought it had been a dream but as I shook off the fog, I saw that I was still in the guest room bed and the blankets and sheets were crumpled next to me as proof that Miriam had indeed been there.

I rolled out of bed and put my shorts on, then headed out into the hallway. I could hear talking and then the smell of cooking hit me. Oh joy! Other than great sex, the smell of food had to be up there as one of the great joys in life, especially the smell of BACON!

I came into the kitchen to find mom and Miriam standing there by the stove, Miriam tending to the bacon, frying up in a skillet and mom, scrambling eggs on the griddle.

“Good morning, my two most lovely ladies,” I said happily, feeling like a king in the castle.

They stopped talking and turned to face me. Miriam had a shy smile on her face and began to blush while mom gave me a half grin with one eye half closed. She mouthed the words out of site from Miriam, “I want to talk to you,” as she gave me the stink eye.

Uh oh, I could be in trouble. Oh well, it would not be the first time.

Mom said, “Have a seat, Stephen, Miriam and I are just about finished with the eggs and bacon. There is toast already made. Do you want some jam for it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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