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This is my first story, any feedback would be appreciated.


Jim sat at the bar talking on the phone with his girlfriend. She tended to call him a lot; she often felt insecure and needed to be reassured by Jim every once in a while. Jim had begun to get tired of her needy behaviour. He tried not to let her know, but he couldn’t control himself from desiring other women anymore.

He resumed sipping his beer after he hung up. They had got into a heated argument about him not spending enough time with her. All he felt was resentment, she behaved quite childishly. All she seemed to like was shopping and bitching about her friends. He’d gotten sick of it and gone to have a drink instead of meeting her at a party as she had planned. His irritation began to lessen from the buzz. He resigned himself to taking in more of the alcohol to dull his senses.

He didn’t notice at first, but a girl was staring at him from across the bar. He thought he was imagining things, but her gaze never shifted. He began to notice how drop-dead gorgeous she was. She had an athletic build. She was young like him. He was quite handsome himself, but it was still strange to get such attention from her. She wore a revealing black top with a cut, through which her ample bosom was visible. It didn’t do much to hide her flat midriff either. His eyes were drawn to her long legs that emerged from a very short pink miniskirt that had ridden even further up her thigh, to give him a good view of her black lace panties.

At that moment she stood up and walked toward him. He was mesmerized by the way her blonde locks swayed in the air. She stopped near him and took the seat next to his, all the while continuing to make eye contact. A whiff of her perfume made his nostrils flare; her natural scent must have intermingled with it to create such a tantalizing aroma. As he came back to his senses he saw her full lips move as she spoke to him.

“Are you here alone?” she asked with a casual tone. “Yeah I am, and sorry for staring. I’d blame it on the beer, but you look spectacular.”

“Oh, I don’t mind, I came here looking for fun, I’m glad I grabbed your attention. I enjoy the eyes of handsome men.” She leaned in as she said the last sentence. “I’m Valerie by the way.”

“Jim,” he said with a smile. She put a hand to his cheek, “You’re not going to ignore my advances are you?” She brought her face even closer, “Let’s go someplace I can bostancı escort jump your bones.” He saw her lick her lips seductively as she said this, it delayed his reaction. The view of her moist cleavage didn’t help matters.

“I… I have a girlfriend,” he managed to say. She moved her face closer. “I don’t care, I want you.” There was a thirst in her voice. The heat emanating from her proximity seemed to demolish his inhibitions. At that point all he could think of was, tasting every square inch of her body. He felt her hand on his lap, edging its way to his manhood, as if to claim her prize. He was warm putty in her hands now.

He found himself walking out of the bar, led by her hand, eyes transfixed on her behind, as it swayed from side to side. They got into her blue BMW. As she drove he began to get sober again. It wasn’t too long a drive. They arrived at her apartment, not too far from where he lived he realized. She led him to the bedroom of her plush apartment. He lay on her bed as she went to the attached bathroom. He felt his phone vibrate, and looked at the screen after fishing it out of his pocket.

It was his girlfriend. He didn’t feel the slightest of guilt; he even answered the call. “I’m at a friend’s place.”

“Yeah, there are some girls here… but none of them are as hot as you.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t cheat on you.” Valerie was out of the bathroom. She got on the bed and crawled like a minx towards him. She displayed no reaction to the conversation. She climbed over him and nuzzled her breasts against his face after which she leaned back on her elbows, giving him time to stare at her concave abdomen and revel in the beauty of her pose.

“Hey, I gotta go, we’re getting ready to go out… I love you too, alright, bye,” he said into the phone and hung up.

“Girlfriend?” she asked with a grin. “Unfortunately,” he replied. She put her hands on his shoulder and sat erect. It gave him a clear view of her tits, stretching the fabric of her top. “I know you want a little bite of this,” she said a hint of playfulness in her tone. “You want to stick your cock in me don’t you?” she continued slowly in a sultry voice as she ran her finger up his chest.

“You make it hard to say no,” he stated, laying his hands on her hips.

She wriggled forward on his lap. She was incredibly wet; she had left a dark patch on his jeans. She bent down her head and kissed him. ümraniye escort bayan He opened his mouth to receive her tongue. The sensation of her lips was so good. Their tongues entwined and played together. All the while they were breathing deeply through their nostrils. She felt around his chest with her palm as she kissed him.

He let his hands descend to her lower back as he slid them over her skin. He felt the waistline of her skirt and went lower, caressing her but through the fabric. He squeezed as he kissed her stomach. She moaned into the air stretching her neck back. He continued to kiss the flesh of her abdomen.

He slid her miniskirt up slightly and exposed more of her but cheeks. He began to fondle them with both hands. He noticed she wasn’t wearing her panties anymore. As his palm moved around, he felt her thigh which now had a trail of wetness extending from her cunt. She was extremely turned on. “You’re going to have to lick it clean she whispered,” clutching his hair as if to demand it. She again leaned back on her arms lowering her head to face him. She gyrated her hips slowly to tease him.

“Still thinking about your girlfriend?” she asked with a mischievous grin. She seemed to enjoy playing with his emotions. This was a game to her. He smiled. She repositioned herself on his legs, sliding her hands near his zip, beginning to unbutton his pants.

“Have you eaten her?” she asked without seeming like she cared.

It caught him off guard. “I offered, but she didn’t want me to,” he replied.

“Aww, how ungrateful of her.” I would never say no to being probed by an experienced tongue.”

“Are you experienced?” she added, again with that catlike mischief in her eyes.

She fished out his long member as she said it. “I’ll find out myself,” she said, before he could reply and squeezed his cock suddenly. “My my, are we well endowed.” He let out a breath as she stroked it from bottom to top.

She grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled. He lifted himself slightly to help her. “What would your girlfriend say if I gave you a little kiss on your cock?”

“I don’t think she’d mind,” he said as she pulled his pants lower. “I don’t give a shit if she minds anyway,” she said and grasped his cock again. She whipped her hair to one side and bent down low. She had positioned herself so her head was right above his erect cock.

She licked the tip slowly and spread kartal escort her saliva all over it; she even looked up seductively as she did it. Her blue eyes sparkling like sapphire. He closed his eyes to take in the feeling. He felt her mouth engulf the tip, the warmth combined with the sensation of her probing tongue made him roll his eyes back in pure ecstasy. She released the head with a pop, followed by a slurping noise. He felt her fondle his balls and then, without warning, she took the entire length of his shaft into her throat, her lips circling the base.

He almost blew his load. She stayed that way for a moment. She wanted to feel his cock throb in his mouth. Then she began to release it, slowly, ever so slowly, a coat of saliva trailing her lips. She then licked all the way from the base to the tip, only to take in his cock again. Her head began to bob up and down without pause, sucking and slurping as her hand massaged the parts exposed. He couldn’t believe how good she was at this. He was unable to control himself.

Just then she took it all in again, the sensation of her compressing throat sent him over the edge. He emptied his load deep into her welcoming throat as she continued to swallow and suck him with a hunger, milking him of every drop. When he regained his senses, she was looking at him as she licked her lips clean. “Your turn,” she said as she lifted herself up and sat on his face.

She pressed her cunt against his lips. He didn’t want to disappoint her. He pushed is tongue into her moist pussy. The taste was new to him. The scent was driving him crazy; he inhaled it deep into his lungs, savouring it. He probed with his tongue and licked and sucked without care. She began to pull his hair and push in his head when he licked the right places. “Deeper,” she cooed as she began to rock back and forth, fucking his face as she moaned.

They fell into a rhythm, her cunt getting wetter and wetter. Her juices were flowing freely as she continued to grind her pussy into his face. While he lapped it up, she began to rub her clit with a finger, parting the lips of her cunt further, revealing its moist wet folds. He buried his tongue in as deep as possible. Before long, she had a violent orgasm; her whole body shook as he swallowed the flowing nectar.

His entire face was now covered by her juices. “Clean me,” she said in a flat tone. He didn’t have the strength to lift her off him. He ran his tongue over the entire surface, lapping up her cum. He was exhausted. She slowly got off him and lay to the side panting.

His phone began to ring again, but he didn’t care. He turned to his side and kissed her passionately, both of them savouring her taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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