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Note from Slickman: This is my 50th story and I wanted it to be fun for both sexes. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

John could not remember how or when it first started. Neither could his brother Steve as they sat on the back deck overlooking the large lake where their family’s summer home was located. The two brothers have always competed on just about everything including sports, money, the biggest house, the sportiest car, and now the most beautiful wife. Steve had his choice of women at Penn State and had chosen the captain of the Nittany Lions dance team, Amy Brookdale. Her blonde hair and blue eyes caused many a sleepless night for those who watched her half-time performances. Beth was an all star athlete at the University of Delaware competing in field hockey and tennis.

“Your wife looks pretty good.” Steve commented as they watched Beth and Amy walk up the long path from the boat dock. “Yours is not too shabby either.” John laughed. He had a hard time not staring at Amy when they got together like this.

“Is she as good in bed as she looks?” Steve asked. Beth was completely opposite of his wife. She had long brown hair and a stocky but solid body. Her breasts were full and round and her thighs were muscular and tan.

“That’s kind of personal brother.” John laughed. “I’m sure you don’t go around telling everyone how hot Amy is in bed.”

“Yeah.” Steve sighed. “Things have not been so hot after Timmy was born.” Timmy is their one year old son who was staying with his in-laws.

“Really?” John grinned. “She just needs a real man to light the fires within.”

Steve laughed. “I don’t think you would have a chance with her.”

“Careful now. You know women have always found me hard to turn down.”

“Yeah right, I’m the one who can seduce just about any woman I put an effort into.” Steve laughed.

“We will be here for a week.” John said as he gulped down his beer. “I’ll bet I can get further with Amy than you can with Beth.”

“How much?” Steve asked.

“How about we go slowly and each day compare notes? The one who gets farther than the other one pays the other one $100 each day.”

“Do we take it all the way?” Steve asked.

John thought about it. “As much as I’m sure you and I would love it I think that might be too much and just might screw up our marriages and our friendship. Anything up to that is OK.” He held out his hand and Steve shook it.

“Honor system on reporting what actually happens right?” Steve asked. The two of them had always told the truth when bets were concerned.

“Oh yeah.” John said. ” And NO means NO.”

“Don’t worry you will have more NOs than me.” Steve laughed.

“More NOs?” Beth asked as she moved up onto the deck to sit on her husband’s lap.

John smiled. “We are talking business.”

“You two need to relax this week and forget about your jobs.” Amy grinned as she dumped down on Steve’s lap. Steve’s hand moved around her stomach to press up against her small but perfectly shaped breast. “I’m sure we will all get to relax this week?” He laughed. His hand was now cupping her whole tit.

John moved his hand up Beth’s leg but her hand quickly stopped him. She was not into public displays of affection especially sexual in nature. She looked away as Steve fondled Amy’s breast.

Amy pulled her husband’s hand down. “Stop. Is that all you can think of?” She could see it was bothering Beth.

“Yes when you have this cute ass on my lap.” His finger caressed her buttock causing her shorts to ride higher on her thigh.

John glanced up between Amy’s long thin legs to see her pink panties peeking out at him through the gap between her thigh and her shorts.

“Stop!” Amy cried as she jumped off of his lap. Beth and she looked down to see his huge bulge pushing out the front of his shorts.

“You guys need to cool off.” Beth said as she grabbed Amy’s hand and pulled her inside the house.

“See. You don’t have a chance.” Steve laughed at his brother.

“We’ll see.” John said. “We’ll see.”


Later that day Beth was sitting on the porch swing with her eyes closed when she felt someone sit next to her. She opened her eyes to see her brother-in-law. “Hi.”

“You looked so peaceful I had to come and join you.” He said as he moved next to her.

“It is so quiet here.” Beth said looking out over the still waters of the lake.

“You and I have not really gotten to know each other.” Steve said. “How about we ask each other questions to find out more?”

“What kind of questions?” Beth asked suspiciously.

“Whatever comes into our heads.”

“That could be dangerous.” She smiled. “OK you go first.”

“What are the favorite things you like to do?”

Beth thought about it. “Read……..movies……….and dance. My turn. What are the favorite things you like to do?

Steve grinned. istanbul escort “Movies too…….uh….fishing….uh…” He grinned. “Sex.”

“I wondered how long it would take you.” She giggled. “Your turn.”

“How many men have you made love to?”

“Getting personal now I see.” She grinned. She held out her left hand and started counting silently on her finger-tips. She counted the five fingers once and then again. She looked at Steve and answered, “ONE. Fooled you didn’t I?” She laughed as she thought of a question. “Same question.”

“Four.” He answered quickly. “They say five is a lucky number.”

Beth blushed when she heard his indirect proposition.

“My turn let’s see….what color is your underwear?” Steve asked.

Beth smacked him lightly on his arm. “You are so bad.” She knew the game had gone past good taste but it was exciting to be talking about personal things with another man. She blushed again. “Pink.” She could see his eyes moving down her body imagining how her pink undies looked. It was her turn and she didn’t know what to ask. So far she had asked the same questions that he had. “Same question.”

Steve grinned as he pushed down the top of his shorts showing her his red boxers. He pushed so low the top of his brown pubic hair was visible. Beth quickly looked away. “STEVE!”

“Sorry. I guess I should have just answered Red.” Steve wanted to get real personal. “Do you like oral sex?”

Beth turned and looked at him with opened eyes. “I think these questions have gotten a little bit too personal.” She said as she stood and walked into the house leaving him swinging alone.

Steve smiled. He had planted some seeds.


John looked out the window and saw his brother and Beth sitting on the swing. Amy was sitting on the sofa reading when he sat next to her with his sketch pad. John was a commercial artist for a living. Amy didn’t acknowledge him for a few minutes until she glanced at the picture he was working on. She almost dropped the book when she saw the nude sketch of a woman. No just any woman it was Beth.

“I didn’t know you did regular art as well.” She looked at the full breasts of Beth with two large hard nipples on top of them. Her stomach was mostly hidden from the poise but he had drawn a small top of her dark bush resting at the junction of her thighs. “You better not let Steve see that.”

“You are right about that.” John smiled. “Actually my true love is regular art especially the human body. “Why don’t you let me sketch you sometime?”

Amy grinned, “With or without my clothes?”

“Without…..but with…..if that was the only way.”

“I think it has to be “with”.” She smiled.

John placed the pad on the sofa between them. “I need a drink of soda. Would you like one?”

“Yes.” Amy answered as she picked up the pad. John was in the kitchen while she flipped the page and stared at another naked sketch of Beth. This time she was lying on her front with her bare hips on display. She looked so beautiful. She flipped the page and saw a side profile of Beth standing in front of a window. It highlighted the fullness of her breasts and the long hard nipples. Amy turned the next page and froze. It was a naked photo of a man sitting on a bench. His long but soft penis rested on top of his thigh. Her eyes moved up the body to see John’s face. It was a self-portrait. She looked again at his penis. It was almost as long at her husband’s hard-on and it was not even erect.

John peeked from the kitchen doorway as she turned the pages. He knew when she had gotten to his sketch when he heard her gasp and also noticed she stared at it for a long time. He coughed when he moved back into the room and saw her quickly close the pad and drop it like a hot potato on the sofa.

“Here you go.” John said smiling. Her face was bright red. He handed her the soda.

Amy grabbed the drink and almost finished it. “Thanks.” She said as she stood and walked up the stairs. John grinned. He had planted a seed.


Sex that night was the best either couple had experienced in quite a while. The brothers knew they had made an effect because the women were more passionate than they had been in a long time. John was surprised the most when Beth moved down to suck his hard-on into her small mouth because she had not performed oral sex on him for over two years. Since their bedrooms were next to each other they all could hear the moans and groans of passion as their bodies slapped against each other.

The women were still sleeping the next morning when John and Steve compared notes on the back porch. They were sipping their coffee watching the fog lift from the grove of trees in front of them. “Well how did you do?” Steve asked.

“You first.’ John said sipping his coffee.

“Slow of course.” Steve started. “I did find out she was wearing a pink bra and panties and that you have been the only man between her legs. And you?”

“She saw me naked.” John said grinning. kadıköy escort He knew he had his brother beat.

“No way.” Steve said. “What did you do flash her?”

“Actually I showed her some nude sketches I had done of Beth and I had forgotten a self-portrait I had done of myself in the same sketch pad.”

“Forgotten.” He laughed. “Well she didn’t really see you naked.” Steve said.

“From the sounds coming from your bedroom last night I think it had the same effect.” John laughed.

Steve knew he was right. “OK. You get day one. But I’m sure today will be mine.”

“Beth won’t fall for your line of bullshit.” John laughed.


Steve waited in his room until he heard the bedroom door open next to his. Amy had already gone down to eat breakfast and he knew Beth wouldn’t be far behind. He moved into the hallway and caught up to Beth before she got to the bathroom.

“Good morning.” He said as he moved up behind her. She turned and smiled. “Good morning.”

Steve’s eyes quickly moved down her nightgown which he could see between the opening in her robe. Her full mounds projected outward and he thought he could see the dark shadows of her nipples through the Winnie the Poo pattern. “Winnie the Poo is my favorite.”

Beth glanced down to see what he was looking at and quickly closed her robe. “Well you are not Christopher Robin.” She smiled as she turned and closed the bathroom door behind her. She was going to be a tough seduction Steve thought.

Steve turned quickly and entered Beth’s bedroom door. He looked around the bedroom and saw two suitcases. He opened up the top on the first one and saw Beth’s hairdryer, makeup case, and underwear. He picked up a pair of black thongs and tried to imagine them on her. The next suitcase was the one he was looking for. He knew it was John’s from the men’s items and clothing. He pulled down the elastic storage area under the lid and found what he was looking for. He quickly left and moved back to his bedroom.


John was still sitting on the back porch when Amy walked out carrying two cups of coffee. “Here is a fresh one.” She said smiling. John took it and watched as she pulled her long silky robe over her body and sat in the rocking chair next to him.

“Did you sleep good last night?” He asked.

“Ummm…yes.” She whispered. She always slept better after an evening of sex. “You too?”

“Not really.” John said. “I had something on my mind.”

“You are on vacation John. You shouldn’t be thinking about work.”

“It wasn’t work. It was you.”

Amy blushed. “Me?”

“Yes you. I want to sketch you.”

Her first reaction was no way but it wasn’t the words that came out of her mouth. “I’ll think about it.” She said as she stood and walked back into the house.

John smiled.


Steve saw Beth walking down towards the boat dock later and rushed out to meet her as she sat down on the end of the pier.

“Don’t jump.” He laughed as he sat down next to her. “I just wanted to apologize about yesterday. I went a little bit over.”

Beth didn’t say anything for a while and just looked down into the clear water. Finally she said “Yes”.

“Yes?” Steve repeated not knowing what she was saying.

“Yes to your last question.” She did not look at him.

Steve’s mind and heart raced. She liked oral sex and had now said she does. “Wow. OK I guess you have the next question.”

Beth had been thinking about what she would ask him next. It was so naughty talking to her brother-in-law this way. “If I would let you what would you like to do to me right now?” She still did not look at him.

“I’d like to kiss you.” Steve answered.

She turned and looked into his blue eyes. “That’s all?”

“Of course not.” He grinned. “But we are sitting on the dock in front of the whole world.”

Beth glanced back at the house and did not see either of their spouses. She had not kissed another man passionately for over eight years. She knew it was wrong but it was just a kiss. “Your question.” She directed at him.

He looked at her. “Will you kiss me?”

Beth closed her eyes and started lean towards him when they heard the front door of the house open up. She jerked back and looked behind her to see Amy walking down the pier.

“John and I are going into town. Do you two want to go?”

Beth started to say yes but Steve quickly answered for both of them. “No. We were planning on taking a hike up to Elk Ridge.” He looked at her and smiled.

“OK. We should be back by dinner time. I’ll grab some Chinese food on the way home. “

Amy ran back to the house and Beth and John waved at their spouses as the SUV drove down the long driveway.

“I guess we are going for a hike.” Beth smiled at her brother-in-law. She knew they had passed the point of harmless flirting but figured she could stop him if he tried something a little too aggressive. “I’ll go change into my boots.”


“I kağıthane escort can’t believe you like to shop.” Amy said as the SUV sped down the long narrow farm road. The nearest town with any shopping was a forty minute drive.

“I need to get some more art supplies and a few other items.” He grinned.

“I don’t like that smile.” She said. “Should I be worried?”

“Na. You know I’m completely harmless.” He laughed.

Amy smiled back and leaned back in her seat.


“I packed some sandwiches and drinks.” Beth said when Steve walked into the small kitchen. He glanced down at her hiking boots and realized how sexy she looked. “Nice.” He said looking from her feet up to her full breasts pushing out her tight tee shirt.

“Down boy.” She laughed. “You lead the way.”

Steve moved passed her and could smell the fresh perfume she was wearing. His prick jerked at the thought of her tabbing perfume onto her breasts for him.

They moved out through the grove of trees and followed a small brook up to its source which was Elk Ridge. After about an hour walk they stopped at the base of the small hill and looked up. “Ready for lunch?” Beth asked as she took the backpack off and opened the zipper.

Steve was sweating pretty heavily and was out of breath as they sat on a fallen log. He noticed Beth had barely broken a sweat. “You’re in pretty good shape.”

After a bite of her sandwich she looked at him. “You noticed.” She laughed. She had seen his eyes on her body all the way up the path. “So do you think you can make it to the top?”

Steve looked up the steep incline. “As long as you are in front of me I’ll have enough drive to get there.” After a ten minute rest stop the two moved up the small but steep hill. Steve was happy to be behind her now because her cute ass was only a few feet in front of his face. He could see she was wearing bikini panties as well as a sports bra. About half way up Beth stumbled on a loose rock and came crashing down on top of him. He grabbed her and they both fell back against a rock. “OUCH!” He cried when he felt the pain in his ankle.

“Oh God are you alright?” She asked as she looked down at him grabbing his ankle.

Steve felt the pain going away pretty quickly but decided to play it for all it was worth. “It feels pretty bad.” He said grimacing in pain. She moved down onto her knees in front of him.

“Let me see.” Beth had majored in Sports Medicine in college “Tell me when it hurts.” As soon as she touched his leg he moaned. She grinned as she looked down because she knew he was acting.

Steve’s eyes looked down her open blouse as she touched his ankle and foot. He could see the creamy tops of her breasts and once was awarded the view of her whole white bra covered mound when the shirt moved away.

“I think we should rest for a while until you feel better.” She said without smiling. She looked over to an area covered with pine needles. “Let’s go over there.”

Steve moved his arm over her shoulder and allowed her to help him limp to the soft ground. His hand was holding onto her upper arm which caused his wrist to rub against her soft breast. She didn’t let on that she knew he was touching her there.

“I brought a first aid kit.” Beth said as she supported him down to the ground and removed her backpack.

“Good. Why don’t we play doctor?” He grinned.

“I think we are a little old for that don’t you.” She smiled. She could see the bulge in his shorts getting bigger.

“You are not afraid are you?” He asked.

“Of you? Of course not.” She grinned.

“No of you. Maybe you are afraid to let you hair down a little?”

Beth thought about his words and realized he was right. She normally did not go far from her conservative world and rarely took chances or risks. “So how do we play doctor?” She grinned.

“Well you have to give me a complete physical to make sure every part of me is OK.” He grinned.

“Every part huh?” She giggled. So far this teasing was just harmless teasing and fun. “OK turn over and lie back.”

Steve did as she said and felt her fingers moving on the backs of his calves.

Beth marveled at the difference in the feel of Steve’s body versus John’s. John, like her, had the same type body in the sense that he worked out and had well defined muscles. Steve’s body was hard but did not have the bulk. His legs were not as hairy as her husbands she thought as her fingers moved up over the backs of knees to his thighs.

“How am I doing Doc?” He asked. His prick was now a raging hard-on in anticipation of what was to come.

“Except for the ankle I haven’t found a problem yet.” She whispered. The heat in her body was rapidly rising. Her fingers were now caressing and squeezing as they moved north to the bottom of his shorts. She grinned as she slipped her fingers under the material and felt him jerk slightly. It was just a tease as she pulled her fingers out and then up over the back of his shorts. She made it to the bottom of his buttocks and stopped. Once she made it past this point there was no turning back.

“Keep going Doc.” Steve groaned.

Beth left her protective bubble when her fingers moved lightly up over his ass. She pushed in to feel the firmness and slowly opened her hands to allow them to push down and gently squeeze his ass cheeks. “You have a nice ass you know that?” She giggled.

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