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II: Lexi

The place was so familiar Lexi felt like she had never left. The conference table dominating the center of the room surrounded on each edge by the four uncomfortable chairs. The rectangular window with its token blinds that were hardly worth turning closed they offered so little privacy. The outlets and the wide whiteboard across from the window still the only disruption to the walls’ monochromatic monotony. Everything was as bleak as she remembered.

She was once again in this space, this tiny aquarium of a study room. She turned her head each direction as if trying to find what was missing. Though it appeared the same, something about the room was different and she couldn’t recall what it was. But it was something important. Something that made this place memorable, the reason it still felt so special after so long.

As she turned towards the wall bearing the whiteboard again her green eyes lit up with surprise. Across the board’s gleaming surface were drawn the words “hot date right?” in graffiti style block letters. Before her eyes the board went white only to be covered with “you look really nice.” Lexi’s left hand reached up and gently rubbed the side of her neck. Her skin was warm to the touch and she knew a red flush had crept down her throat.

Suddenly the words collapsed into a mass of blackness upon the stark white board. It shuddered into a rhythmic undulating swirl then expanded into a picture; a scene appearing as if from an expanding camera aperture.

“Oh my,” Lexi said in a breathy whisper. Upon the canvas of the board she saw herself bent forward over a table; the same table not two feet away from her. She was naked but not displayed like some cheap centerfold. She appeared to be in the midst of, well if her face could be believed, the most seductive moment of her life.

Both of her hands were spread out, palms down, on the table top supporting her upper body. The lower edge of the board ran just below the bottom-most curve of her bare cheeks. From the cleft of her rear, her back arched with ecstasy though no hand appeared to be touching her. As though whatever she was thinking at that moment had just ignited an orgasmic flash within her. Her torso was half turned to look over her shoulder at the viewer. The swell of her left breast peeked through the space between her side and her arm displaying only the tiniest glimpse of nipple.

A band of dark hair ran down the side of her face like black ribbon draped across moonstone. A part of Lexi’s mind seemed to recognize two things about the drawing and tried to alert her to what it claimed to be “the facts.” You could never look like that, you just aren’t that…wanton. Besides, nobody could ever draw like that with a dry erase marker. You’re clearly dreaming.

“I don’t care,” she said aloud. Then she blinked and realized how true that statement was. She didn’t care, she wanted to enjoy this. “Please show me more.”

A moment passed with only a subtle glimmer dancing in the eyes of the drawing. Lexi wasn’t even sure she had really seen it but a fluttery breath later the picture became another whirling mass of blackness before exploding into another tableau.

“Oh holy fuck,” she blurted. Her knees became loose and wobbly. Lexi fell softly backwards against the wall next to the doorway; the hand that had touched her neck now covered the O of her stunned mouth.

Again her nude body dominated the spectacle of the board. This time she was on her back upon the table top. Her lower half was out of view, this perspective focusing solely on her chest and face.

Her head was thrown back, the lips of her mouth pulled away from her teeth into an ecstatic smile. The angle of her chin drew her breasts up and forward, the round masses of flesh seemingly perfect. Swollen yet soft; supple yet firm; they looked like ripe, juicy fruits. Her nipples were obscured in the picture by two different hands, though she could feel her own standing out in eager excitement within her bra and blouse.

It suddenly occurred to Lexi that if anyone were to walk inside the study room she would look like lust made flesh. The tips of her breasts pushed against the fabric of her clothes in hungry need. Her face flushed with hot desire. And as she moved her legs to keep her knees from giving our completely she realized something more, she was wet. Not just wet but doused. Lexi’s right hand shot downwards to the edge of her skirt and slipped underneath. After a moment trembling in anticipation, Lexi’s fingertips brushed against the sopping slickness between her thighs.

A wordless gasp burst from her mouth as she felt how thoroughly soaking wet she was. She pulled her hand out from beneath of her skirt, her eyes widening at its glossy coating. Immediately she recognized her hand as one of the two in the drawing before her. Her gaze rose from her glistening hand to the picture once again.

That same hand clutched her right breast its fingers encircling the soft, supple breast. Small bulbs of skin and flesh were shaped cevizli escort by the tight grasp. On the left was another hand, this one at the end of a leanly muscled forearm. It gripped her left breast with equal ferocity. Lexi looked intently at each detailed swell of tit that seemed to push from between all the fingers. Her eyes trailed up the fingers to the wrist, entranced by the delicate masculinity. The hand exuded fine strength and an intriguing amount of precision. That’s a hand that knows its business, knows just how to touch you, just how to fuck you, just how to feel you.

Lexi sagged against the wall, somehow both taught and limp with excitement. I want to feel that hand, I want it here. She touched the base of her throat, just above her the upper limits of her breasts. Here. She palmed her left breast and with its mass firmly in her hand gave a generous squeeze. Twisting her fingertips as she pulled away, Lexi’s thumb and forefinger twirled into a passing pinch of her nipple through her clothes. Both her breasts responded in aching need. The freshly tweaked tit longed for further attention while the other seemed to throb with injustice. I need it here. She let both her hands slide down the smooth skin of her inner thighs and then back up. Each one pushing up the fabric of her skirt until the underside of her lips were exposed to the open air.

Her gentle folds were blushing, swollen and carried a sheen of passion. Lexi’s eyes returned to the board and saw that the image had already changed. It was now a sidelong depiction of two faces locked in a kiss.

She was on bottom, still on her back, still on the table. But now only inches from her closed eyes was his head, his face, his mouth. His lips were upon hers with a dominating push. Once again her head was thrown back but to a lesser degree than in the earlier picture. Her eyes looked upwards over her own forehead and were half-closed. The position caused her jaw to jut out presenting her mouth to him like an all too willing sacrifice. It’s like I can’t pull away, maybe I don’t want to…oh—oh my God.

Lexi spied the tips of white fingers poking up from the curls of her hair like pale branches piercing billowing black clouds.

He’s holding me. He’s holding my head in place, so he can…so he can do that to me.

Lexi’s breath was shallow and her pulse was pounding through her body like a drum beat. There was no doubt as to who had her pinned. It was Art. The line of his jaw and nose were the same, though they seemed slightly more chiseled than she remembered. Perhaps, in this moment of complete control, his body appeared more masculine. He was the pinnacle of domination not because he was forcing her but simply because he had her right where they both wanted her to be. That moment was ecstasy. It was a sort of sexual fusion. It was utter release.

Then the image returned to the initial portrait of Lexi bent over the table and looking back. Then to the shot of her on her back. Then back into the climactic kiss. It shuffled itself at an increasing pace. Lexi’s breath and heart rate climbed along with the speed of the frantic slideshow. Her hands traveled up and down her body; sometimes gripping, sometimes rubbing, other times making only the barest brush against the more sensitive spots. One hand would knead the underside of her breast while the other stroked the back of her neck. She would swap them or send one darting underneath her skirt once more for another press against the slippery mound that so eagerly desired more.

As the pictures rose to a flashing crescendo, Lexi suddenly felt hands grip her wrists tightly and a voice whisper in her ear, “Close your eyes.” Obeying immediately, she shut her eyes tightly, not out of fear but simply because she had been waiting for this. Waiting for him appear and take control and finally do all the things he’d seemed to promise within those pictures. He slowly but strongly raised her hands until they were above her head. With one, long-fingered hand he held her wrists against the wall, one crossed on top of the other. He leaned in close to her, his breath filling her nose and the heat and sheer presence of him so close to her that her body’s front seemed to boil.

She felt the front of her skirt lift up and knew that her thighs must be glistening. She felt drenched, leaking like a sieve, as if at one touch her body would collapse upon itself as pleasure drained out of her. Without even meaning to, Lexi lifted her face towards where she felt his to be, her lips open and reaching for some part of him.

“Keep your eyes closed,” his voice commanded in a short but inarguable tone, “Not. Yet.” She could only give a small moan in answer and felt her thighs mash against one another involuntarily. I can’t take much more of this…no, no fuck this. I can’t take any more of this.

As she felt the very tip of a finger slide inside the wet, hot, center of her sex she opened her eyes. Round circles of blue-gray filled her vision as she felt a chain reaction erenköy escort of pleasure start rolling through her. The sensation began somewhere below her breasts and then rocked downward through her body pinging off the nerves of her pussy like an echoing scream. Lexi couldn’t stop flinching as the orgasm rebounded within her. She wanted to keep looking into Art’s eyes, try to see herself reflected in the gleam over his lake-water eyes. But she couldn’t. Her eyelids seemed to fold in upon themselves and as the pleasure continued to well inside she realized her eyes weren’t going to open.

She woke up. Loud noise and streaming sunlight caused her to sit up into absolute confusion. A song she half-recognized was blaring from her left side. She wasn’t against a hard wall but sitting up in a soft bed. A bed that felt damp and sticky.

“Jesus, ok, ok,” she said pleading with the source of the noise. Her throat felt raw as if from hours of hard breathing.

Lexi reached her hand towards the phone that was cranking out music and saw a number she didn’t recognize. From the area code her brain deduced it was some place in the city but that was all. Still half-asleep, still half-drunk from her sex dream, Lexi answered the call even though a part of her mind said that now was not a time to be on the phone.

“Mmm, hello?” Lexi straightened into a stretch that pulled her lower back muscles tight and caused her breasts to brush against her night shirt making the skin of her nipples shiver, still easily excitable from the night’s mental entertainment.

“Ms. Monaco? Lexi Monaco,” a voice asked quickly.

It sounded oddly familiar. Somehow it rang with memories of years before and still felt like it had just left her ears a moment ago. But that’s impossible, unless…

“This, um,” she gathered herself, taking in one deep breath before saying, “this is Lexi Monaco.”

“Ha, I, I thought so. It’s me—Art.”


The address he had given her was downtown and while she recognized the bookstore’s name, Matheson’s, Lexi had never visited this location.

“Could you meet me,” Art had asked her, “I really need to talk to you about some things.”

Before she could even think on it properly she had agreed. He had had to go suddenly so he repeated the address, thanked her profusely, and then hung up. The abruptness of his call was strange but it certainly seemed as if he would have stayed on the line if he could have. Once the realization that she was about to meet with Art set in Lexi had gone into a frantic rush of getting ready.

In her shower she had decided it had been just over two years since they had seen each other. She had no idea what he’d been doing since they had parted ways but it was probably more exciting than her job. Working at a bank was nice, stable, and comfortable but it was also bureaucratic, tedious, and maddeningly boring.

Lexi had dressed in a violet sundress and plum colored sandals. Her deep mahogany hair was lazily curled and her skin glowed tan again since it was deep spring. The soft skin above her green eyes was awash with sparkling purple makeup the color of a waning sunset.

As she drove into the city, she thought about how she had found the drawings in Art’s notebooks and immediately ran away. Those three pictures, the same three from her dream, had surprised her like a bucket of cold water to the face. They were so intensely sexual that Lexi hadn’t been able to think of anything besides escape. Afterwards she had gone through a strange cycle of emotions; outrage, embarrassment, confusion. It wasn’t until she started having the dreams about them that she realized a part of her truly liked the pictures and how they made her look and how they made her feel. They made her feel sexier than anything else in the world. Despite only seeing the actual images once, and then only briefly, two years had done nothing to fade them.

She felt guilty about how it had ended so suddenly but had had no idea how to find Art to explain. Since that day she had thought of them (and him) sporadically but had never completely forgotten about them. They had had a very brief moment but the chemistry had been there and a serious amount had obviously been sexual. And now he’d called her up and asked to meet with her at a downtown bookstore. She wondered if it would have a small side room with a large window. She hoped it would.

Lexi parked feeling small flutters begin in her stomach and climb upwards. As she looked upon the front of the bookstore she felt her nipples stiffen. Calm down girl, he’s just going to be sitting in there with a coffee wanting to talk. He couldn’t be here for you like that…could he?

As she approached the large store front she noticed some decorations near the entrance. Turquoise balloons bobbed amongst inflated lightning bolts of acid green to either side of the main doorway. Beneath the Matheson’s white lettered sign a banner bearing a similarly green colored arc of lightning proclaimed “She’s esenyurt escort finally here!!!!” Arching an eyebrow, Lexi could only wonder who was worth four exclamation points. I guess Ms. Special will be inside; hopefully it’s not a big deal.

Once she stepped inside the bookstore’s cool interior, her ears were bombarded with the cheer and chants of an either very drunk or very pleased crowd. Stacks of various books dominated her initial survey of the bookstore. Like in most modern chain stores, tiled walkways divided up the sales floor into sections and created small streets strewn with specialty tables and aisle displays. Lexi turned slowly until she saw the café tucked into a corner of the store. She headed towards it wondering if her chest would cease its creeping blush.

The café was mostly deserted once she saw upon reaching the first tables. A sign the shape of an arrow pointing towards a back corner of the store read “She’s finally here!!!! Report to the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section to see what it’s all about!” Lexi looked around hoping Art was running late or perhaps was sitting somewhere she had overlooked.

Sighing, Lexi said addressing the sign “Fuck it; let’s see what you’re talking about.” She turned and began to walk slowly down the tiles. The noise grew in clamor but not clarity and she could only hear a cacophonic buzz without any specific details. The one thing she couldn’t help but notice was how excited and upbeat the crowd must be. The anticipation resonated off the book stacks like a toe-curling vibration.

Lexi neared where the noise seemed to coming from and glimpsed another banner. This one mostly purple and turquoise streaks with more bright green bolts zapping their way from end to end. She got her first look at the crowd or at least a few members of it. Three young men were standing at a corner of book shelves. A tall, gangly one pushed up very round spectacles that goggled over his eyes. He leaned down to put a pale hand on the shoulder of the shortest of the three, a small man with an overgrown brown beard. They seemed to be having a dispute, judging from the short one’s angry gestures and the taller man’s placating hand on the shoulder gesture. The third figure, easily the widest of the three sported a long blonde ponytail, he interjected between the two for a moment then stopped when he saw her. Ponytail’s taller friend seemed to forget the discussion as well upon glancing over at Lexi. Only the short, bearded man continued to argue until the tall one gripped his head in one hand and physically rotated it to look in Lexi’s direction.

“By the power of Greyskull…” the bearded one said his jaw literally dropping open.

“Have you ever seen such good cosplay?” Ponytail said in voice hushed too poorly to be a true whisper.

“She’s not a cosplayer, she has no costume!” Tall goggles said with a snort.

“She has to be! She looks just like her, excuse me uh, ma’am?” The short one said tugging his beard nervously.

Lexi stepped back and leaned into her heels. The last few statements had struck her as supremely strange and greatly raised her suspicions.

“This way, quick before more people see us.” A voice hissed as a smooth hand slipped around her wrist and pulled her down an aisle of books.

Lexi turned but saw only the back of whoever this fourth man was.

“Holy mother of crap! That was Lander; c’mon we can get to the front of the autograph line!” Crowed a voice from behind her.

Lexi turned over her shoulder to see the trio of oddballs suddenly hasten to pursue them. She suddenly felt the pull of her guide take a sharp turn to the right and she returned her attention to him. As she looked forward she caught a glimpse of his face and realized it was Art.

Art had her hand and was apparently running away from this threesome of geeks. In one moment she realized it was not at all what she had expected but she didn’t care one god damn bit. With a careless smile and laugh she started moving her legs not just to keep up with Art but to follow his lead. He turned back and seemed to return her wild smile as he realized her change in pace.

“Almost there,” he said his teeth gleaming white and handsomely from his curved smile, “I’ll explain in the room.”

At the mention of this room, Lexi’s legs went to jelly for a moment and she nearly brought them both crashing down into a display of buy-one-get-one paperbacks. She couldn’t believe there was a room, just like their little place in the library. Lexi, focus! There will be no dream-sex if you roll an ankle on the way.

A moment or two of concentrated light jogging, Art led them to a door marked “Private” on the front. He opened it with a key from his pocket and pulled her inside. Upon their entrance, he let go of her hand causing her to spin slightly as she slowed her momentum. As she whirled, she hear Art say “A few of them saw me—can you herd them back to the crowd, I need a minute.”

“Of course, sir. Not much time though…try to hurry.” A voice said with a bit of an ironic twist in the last words. Lexi saw a broad-backed man in a tight black t-shirt with the word “security” in white block letters step into the doorway. Beyond him, further down the aisle leading to the door, she saw the three men begin to slow their chase, and then the door swung shut.

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