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My voice echoed through the empty house as I allowed my keys to clatter to the counter and my book bag slid off my shoulder and onto the floor.

“Anyone here?”

I called out again before noticing the bright yellow post-it note on the kitchen counter.

Jamie – Your father and I have gone to visit your grandfather. We’ll be back in two days. Your sister is staying at Liz’s house. There’s some money in the office for food. We’ll see you soon! -Mom

…So they were gone…and I had the house all to myself for the weekend. No work, I was on spring break from college, so no school, and no family members to bother me. I had been waiting for an opportunity like this for months. I picked up the phone, dialed my boyfriend’s number, and waited as the phone rang once…twice…


“Hey! Were we going to hang out tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. What did you want to do?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve got some things I have to do before I can go out. Do you want to just come by in an hour or so and we can figure it out then?”

“Sounds good, I’ll see you in an hour!”

A sly smile formed on my lips. He would never see it coming. I made my way upstairs and began to prepare for what would be a weekend to remember. A quick shower left me newly shaven and feeling fresh. I towel dried my hair, massaged some lotion over my now smooth legs, and proceeded to my room to decide upon the perfect outfit for the evening’s activities. After twenty minutes of deliberation, I settled on my short black skirt and a nearly transparent loose fitting purple dress shirt. I slipped on my thigh-high fishnet stockings and pulled on my knee-high “hooker style” boots. As I checked myself in the mirror I was pleased to see that my lacy black bra was clearly visible through the fabric of my shirt. It wouldn’t take kuşadası escort him long to figure out that I was wearing the matching thong I had bought specifically for his enjoyment when I was in France. My thoughts were interrupted when, just as I sprayed myself with a dash of perfume, the doorbell rang.

As I opened the door and he looked me over it was apparent that he appreciated my outfit by the smile on his face, and the growing bulge in his pants. “Planning on going somewhere fancy tonight?”

He asked with a gleam in his eye.

“You don’t usually wear a skirt.”

Smiling coyly, I took him by the hand, and without a word led him slowly inside. My fingers traced lightly up his arm and over his shoulders as I shut the front door. Then, leaning in, I brushed my lips across his ear.

“My parents are out of town for the weekend, and Carla’s at a friend’s. I thought we could take advantage of the situation.”

I started to kiss slowly down the back of his neck as my hands found their way down his chest, over his abs, and to the erection now aching to be set free from the constraint of his khakis. A slight moan escaped his lips as I began to stroke him through the tightening fabric of his pants.

“Shall we move this to the bedroom?”

I whispered, licking slowly up his neck.

“Mmm…oh, god, yes”

We ran quickly upstairs, and the instant we entered my room he whirled around and kissed me hungrily, his hands finding their way up the backs of my thighs and under my skirt. His fingers lingered for a moment, tracing over the lacy tops of my fishnets before his hands spread across my backside and pulled me tightly to him, our hips grinding together. I leaned forward, forcing him onto the bed as, breathing heavily, I pulled my lips away from his. I raised myself up, placing my weight on my left elbow as I began unbuttoning his shirt with my right hand, kissing the skin of his chest as it became exposed. When I reached the final button, I slid the shirt over his arms and let it fall in a heap on the floor. When I turned back and began to undo his belt buckle he stopped me, pulled me back up toward him, and rolled over on top of me, kissing me lightly as he undid my shirt and gently dropped it on the floor by his own before turning his attention back toward me. Then he leaned down and slowly and deliberately licked from the top of my skirt, between my breasts, up under my chin and to my lips and plunged his tongue into my mouth here it snaked around mine in an intricate dance that was interrupted by my gasp as he pinched suddenly on my hardened nipples with fingers that had been exploring their way across my chest moments before.

“I can see you’re wearing the France bra… I’m thinking an inspection is in order to make sure you match.”

Giving him a wink, I stood up and turned away from him before slowly bending at the waist and unzipping my boots that I threw recklessly into the corner before unzipping my skirt and repeating the same motion, pulling it down slowly and lifted each leg, teasing him with the sight of my fishnet clad legs and smooth round ass framed by the slender straps of my lacy black thong. As I reached to roll down my stockings he stopped me.

“Leave them on. I like the way they look.”

Keeping my hand in his, he pulled me back onto the bed and into another passionate embrace. Not wanting to be alone in my liberation from clothing, I slid down toward his waist, undid the belt buckle and his zipper before sliding his pants and boxers off and onto the pile on the floor.

Now free from the confines of his khaki pants, his erection grew to its full size as I leaned forward and slowly licked from the base to the tip before lowering my mouth over as much of the shaft as I could fit in my mouth. Grasping the base with one hand, I began a slow, rhythmic, pumping as I slid my mouth slowly upward before plunging back down. Faster and faster the same pattern, broken only by the occasional slow teasing lick, continued. Sucking gently, my tongue danced around him, finding the places that drew him closer to the edge. He grasped my free hand, struggling to hang on, moments before he lost control. Opening his mouth in a silent scream, his back arched slightly as he reached his climax. Streams of his warm cum pored into my mouth from his pulsating penis. I waited for his orgasm to subside, swallowed, and licked the length once more, gently kissing the tip before looking up and smiling at him.

The look I was met with was one of intense desire, and it seemed as though half a second later I was on my back with him pulling aside the dampened crotch of my panties before leaning in and beginning to slowly lick circles around my swollen clitoris. As his pace and intensity began to increase I lost touch with reality. Each flick of his tongue sent waves of pleasure crashing over me, building toward the pinnacle of my pleasure. My eagerness grew rapidly as I began to tense in anticipation of my climax. In an instant I was hurdled to its peak and the sensations rushing throughout my body grew as he continued to skillfully maneuver his tongue, intensifying and extending the length of my orgasm.

My breathing returned to normal and my pulse slowed. He moved up next to me and enveloped me in his strong comforting embrace. As I reveled in the euphoria of the warmth of his skin against mine I felt his revived erection pressed against my thigh. I kissed him and whispered as I began to stroke him slowly…

“That’s just the beginning…why don’t you call your roommates and tell them you won’t be coming home tonight?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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