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It had been almost a year since I had met him on line and tonight we were meeting in person. We had shared so much about each other. We knew each others likes and dislikes it didn’t even seem like this was a first date. I asked him over to my house so we could be alone.

The knocking on the door instantly sent butterflies to my stomach. I went to the door and hesitated a bit before opening. Was I doing the right thing meeting him I asked myself. Would my dreams come true tonight or would my heart be broke? I pushed the doubts aside and open the door. There he stood holding flowers and wearing a nervous grin. Seeing him sent chills through out my body as they did when he would send me a pic. I invited him in with a kiss and hug. I took the flowers and placed them on the table. I had everything prepared and after fixing our drinks we sat down to a meal. We laughed together and stole glances every chance we could get. After eating I went to the sink to do the dishes so we could retire to the living room when done. I was standing there when I heard the music start playing, I smiled knowing we shared the same likes in music.

I could feel him staring across the room as I stood there but I didn’t turn and look. In a heartbeat I felt him standing behind me, his hands where on my arms massaging. As they balgat escort slid up and down my arms his fingers brushed against the side of my breast sending chills. I ached to turn around and kiss him but I was enjoying the attention I was receiving. His hands slid up to my neck and down to the small in my back. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I turned to him and melted in his arms. Kissing his neck so softly I ached for more. He lifted my chin and our lips met.

Our kisses becoming so passionate I could feel him pressing into me. With my fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt I lowered my lips to his chest kissing lower as each button was undone. Kissing my way back up to his lips I felt his hands on my blouse, slowly doing the same to me. Opening my blouse his eyes fell upon my lace bra. Slowly leaving kisses along the edge of my bra sending chills again and again. I ached for his mouth on me. Unhooking my bra from the front he slowly pushed it aside I watched as he slowly licked my nipple bringing it to attention while massaging the other. His tongue gently flicking it he moved to the other one teasing me more. My fingers in his hair guiding him to me. Feeling his lips slide down my belly my knees begin to shake.

Slowly undoing my batıkent escort jeans as I lean up against the sink I watch his every move. Unzipping my jeans and tugging them down slowly he looks up and smiles at me, I can see the desire in his eyes. His eyes drop to watch me step out of them. I look down as I step out and I catch his eye again. Our eyes are locked as he kisses up my leg. My breath quickens as his lips brush against my womanhood underneath my panties. Kissing me through them again and again I can feel the warm moisture from my body inviting his lips for more. Teasing me through my panties till I can’t stand it, he slowly slides them down leaving kisses as I am exposed to him.

Stepping out, I lean back against the sink and feel his lips against my womanhood. My hands on his head I guide him as he teases me with long slow licks. Becoming wetter I moan for his tongue. Feeling his hands slide up my inner thigh I shiver. His tongue reaching out and touching my clit as his fingers play I gasp. Feeling him slowly sucking as he fingers slide in , I can’t hold back, the pressure building, my body gives in and moan with pleasure as my body shakes with orgasm. His licking becoming slower and slower as he drinks my soul.

I pull him beşevler escort to his feet and guide him to the living room, his excitement apparent through his slacks. We dance in the middle of the room as my fingers dance against his pants. Rubbing him and kissing him I slowly undo his pants, unzip them and reach inside. Wrapping my fingers around him I hear his breath trembling. Slowly tugging them down over his hips I look as he as springs out of his pants. Pulling his pants and shorts down to his ankles I kneel. As he steps out of them I reach back up and wrap my fingers around him. Bringing him right to my lips I paint my lips with the drop of precum. Looking up into his eyes I see him watching. I keep my eyes locked with his as I slowly press into him letting him part my lips. He slides in with a moan as the head disappears. Sliding him back to the tip, my tongue teases, probing, opening him up some, I taste for more, closing my lips around him I suck. I can’t stand it, I want more and more. I stroke with my hand and mouth, feeling him so close to cumming I slip him out and whisper ” OH Ken, cum in my mouth, let me drink your soul”

Sliding to the back of my throat I feel him throbbing more and more. His fingers are in my hair guiding my mouth back and forth on him. Pulling me to him he is buries himself in my mouth, I feel him beginning to cum, swallowing him I suck for more, he moans with each jerk. I nurse him till he can’t stand it any longer. He pulls me to my feet and kisses me deep, sharing the love we made. The music plays on as he holds me tight. And I smile knowing this wasn’t a mistake, and yes, all my dreams came true tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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