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Promises Fulfilled Creatively

“Babe I haven’t felt that good in weeks,” you tell me, as we fall into bed. Kissing passionately, you rock into me again, hard, thrusting your hips against my hardness. It doesn’t take you long to know what you need. More.

“Hun, again, please, finger me,” you pant huskily into my ear, knowing I won’t say no when you ask like that. Flipping us over I lay you down on one side of the bed, kneeling beside you and kissing you deeply again. I reach down and slide my fingers deep into you, your wet center putting up no resistance. You feel the familiar pattern develop, and your body falls into its sweet rhythm. Each rock of your hips is matched with a stroke against your g spot, and a kiss placed somewhere else on your chest, stomach, neck, or face.

“Fuck,” you moan, and reach behind your back to unhook your bralette. I take it and place it gingerly on the other side of the bed, momentarily admiring how you make anything you put on look stunning. I kiss your chest again, making contact with skin that has been aching for attention all day. Sucking your nipple into my mouth, I stroke your clit a few times with my thumb in between fingering strokes. Your hands finally move from your sides and guide my lips up to yours for a kiss filled with need for more.

“Please,” you kiss me, and rock your hips into my hand harder with a matching lick between my lips. “Don’t make me beg babe, god,” you whisper, hoping I’ll play nice. I hesitate for a moment, making you whimper at your approaching slightly coy request. Before you can let the words out, I let my lips part from yours, slowly, making you raise your head to slow my pulling away. Kiss by kiss I make my way down your neck, grazing over the mark I made earlier with a gentle bite. You squirm at the slight pain and try to push me down to where you need me.

My tongue slips out of my mouth when I get to your stomach, teasingly taking lick-kisses up your side, sliding my fingers in and out of you at the same speed as you need. Each stroke making you moan a little under your breath now, as you try to build at just the right speed to last. Hearing your sweet breaths and moans, I finally kiss down and lay between your legs, fingers curling a little more to hit your g spot. “Once I start, I’m not stopping until I can’t hold on anymore,” I warn you, and let my tongue trace over your hood and where your usually bushy skin is so sensitively smooth.

“Fuck, baby, make me cum, I need you, please,” you cry into our room, and my tongue finally licks you in time with my fingers. Three strokes in you lose yourself and your thighs clamp around my head. My tongue flicks over your clit back and forth relentlessly, faster and harder than it had this afternoon. My fingers stroke inside you in perfect sync, sending you into a cascading fall of clenching, thrashing release. You Escort Kızılay almost break free of my hold, but I twist to my side and hold myself lips locked to your clit. Your sweet body has nowhere to go but up.

Minutes of licking, fingering pleasure racks through your body and with all the strength you have left you somehow push me away. Not taking any chances you pull yourself up and push me back, kissing me so hard I almost wince in pain. Letting your weight relax on me you let our kiss knot your insides until you finally fall into me. “God, I love you,” you admit, like you have so many times before. “I love you too hun, that looked like it felt incredible,” I kiss back on your lips. “It was, gosh I need a second,” you whisper, laying down on my chest to rest for a bit.

15 minutes later, you stir awake, humming in pleasure at the dream you must have had. I feel you stir and stroke your back gently, waking you with my skin on yours. You take a few long minutes to wake up, noticing the sun has gone down and the room is mostly dark. Turning slowly, you see me stir to stretch from the slightly uncomfortable position my neck had settled into. Letting me sit up, you force yourself to get up and get us some water, not wanting the night to be over just yet.

When you return, you see me laying down again, wearing just my shirt and your underwear in the darkness of the room. You chuckle and little and cuddle into my chest like you were this morning, stopping for a moment on the way. “Hun, they really do look so good on you, how do you feel in them?” You question innocently, running your hand over my chest slowly and down to my thighs. “They’re so soft I can’t imagine how nice you feel wearing things like this all the time,” I half say and half whisper, hardening yet again today for you.

“I think I’ve gotten used to them,” you say, “but seeing how different you feel in them has been quite the reminder of how lucky a girl I am.” Slowly, your fingers playfully dance over my hips, across the front and lightly stroke my balls over the material, making me sigh and flex under your touch. “So soft, so sexy” you whisper absentmindedly, and start to slowly stroke up and down my shaft. Your whispers are milking my psyche, and you know all the sweet little buttons you’re pressing as your lips nibble my ear. My cock has been aching for your touch since your insufferable tease this afternoon. Your fingers conform to my shaft under the material, and your palm feels the soaking desperation you’ve left me in.

My breathing starts to quicken a little, and you take it as a sign to back off just a touch, your fingers slipping lower to touch me the same way I touched you this morning. Your cheeks flush as you remember how wet you were this morning and feel the slightly stiff material you soaked under your fingertips between my legs. Kızılay Escort “My poor man, when was the last time you went over hun?” you ask teasingly, knowing but wanting to play with me a little. “A week today, gosh this was a fun way to celebrate,” I chuckle and squirm under you, feeling my wetness climb up my shaft and drip out of me as I throb under your fingers.

Feeling me building a little quickly, you stop your fingers stroking and hook your thumb into the waistband, pulling them down. Raising my hips, I help you slide them off my legs and feel you lay them on my shaft again. Your hand fiddles with them gently in the darkness, until I hear your voice in my ear again. “Well I did tell you these are all you’re feeling today,” you pause, waiting for me to relax a touch before wrapping your hand around my shaft, the silky panties between our skin. I let out a long moan and arch my back up off the bed, my arm wrapping around your back and my legs stretching out in pleasure.

Each stroke feels so teasing and slow, but the silky-smooth material has me moaning and whimpering for you. You kiss my cheek and my neck while you play with me, watching me move and make my sounds for you after I’ve given you so much pleasure today. The sight of me has you almost satisfied, and you sit up to quickly pull off my shirt and push my back down to cuddle me close and resume stroking. Feeling me build closer you start kissing my neck again, and slowly wiggle your way to that your lips are against my chest, kissing in time with your strokes.

After a full day of having my buttons pressed, it doesn’t take long for me to build and start asking you if I can go over. You let your silent kisses serve their purpose, a lack of permission, and continue to stroke me, mercifully slowing to let me enjoy the sensations you’re causing. I leak and throb endlessly as you hand rotates again, so your fingers are once again stroking my balls and your palm is trapping my shaft against me. Each stroke brings me closer and closer until my back arches again, almost pushing you off of me, and your hand swiftly pulls away.

I throb, groan, beg you sweetly, right at the edge of my release. And just as loving as always, you softly press my torso back down onto the bed, forcing me to relax and endure it for you. “No, my love, not yet,” you half moan at the sight, and lightly pull your underwear off my shaft, making me twitch again. The move brings me back to the edge and you see another opportunity to tease me. Seeing me like this, you can’t help but put me through my paces, and lightly drag the soft material against my thighs and between my legs.

The long moan I let out doesn’t even register in my mind, as the tease makes me forget everything but what you’re doing to me. Each light stroke of them dragging over my skin makes me flex, drip, and fight Kızılay Escort Bayan back the need to ask you for more. You slowly drag them up my shaft, watching me arch again, holding onto the edge, a steady stream of wetness leaking from the tip of my cock now. Continuing up, you let the soaking wet spots tease the sensitive skin of my stomach and place them on my chest. The parallel from this morning doesn’t escape me and I smile to myself, turning my head to kiss you deeply.

“Babe, you’re driving me insane,” I moan into your lips and tighten my grip around you once again. Your back appreciates the pressure and possession of my hand and fingers, and your hand reaches behind you to get today’s pair we brought in from the dining table earlier. “Good, because you made me feel so amazing today, I think it’s only fair I do the same to you.”

Sexily, you press your freshly soaked pair to my nose, and I moan so desperately for you, inhaling your perfect scent yet again today. Leaving them there to tantalize me, you drag your earlier pair back down my chest to my throbbing hardness, and lightly pull them down my shaft to my thighs and back up again to my stomach. Each cycle bringing me to the edge and back again, over and over, as I moan, whimper, and occasionally beg. “No hun, not yet,”, you remind me each time, and continue to torture me lovingly, kissing my neck in between and making sure I enjoy every moment.

Finally, you see me reaching my breaking point. My body is shaking, my stomach covered in wetness, and my shaft so hard you can see my veins. I’m fighting so hard for you and it makes your thighs clench to see that I can experience so much pleasure under your touch. Your man, that you love to tease. Slowing your light dragging strokes, you let the underwear go, leaving it covering my hardness so lightly, making me whimper in desperation. “I think that’s about all you can take babe, you’re so sexy like this I think we should wait another week.”

The groan I let out makes your heart pound, and I give in, so lost from your playing with me I don’t even fight it. I cling to the edge as long as I can, some part of me hoping you’ll change your mind and take me into your hand again and another knowing that you won’t. Slowly I feel myself calm down and relax my tense muscles, and you hand gently pulls your panties off my nose. You pull yourself close to my side, arm reaching over me and leg tangling with mine, making sure to not touch my shaft. Keeping your panties in your hand, you cuddle into me and start to feel me fall asleep.

Stirring softly in the night, I stroke your back, look down and see the pair I was wearing still resting on my shaft. I leave them there, smiling to myself at how perfect the day was. Pulling the blanket over us, I feel you shift a little in my arms, noticing my waking. You sleepily lift your hand to my face and press your pair to my nose, whispering “go back to sleep baby, it’s not morning yet.” And I helplessly inhale your scent again, chuckling and moving your arm back to my chest so I have some chance to fall back asleep before I start throbbing again in the night for my love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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