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Something about this cove she had always loved was its privacy. There was a mystical quality about the whole area, so serene and so peaceful. The sky was deepening shades of blue and black with not a cloud in to spoil the view of the stars. The moon, full and brilliant in its silver radiance, climbed slowly higher. The sand was still warm from the sun, the chill that night brings not yet seeped into the cover. The breaking waves rhythmically crashed at the water’s edge, caressing the sand as a lover would as it pulled back. She chuckled then, at the craziness of her idea, spreading her towel on the sand and kneeling on it to smooth it.

“Moon bathing,” Val chuckled, “ah well, to heck with it.”

Her honeyed laugh tickled the air, mingling with the waves and the distant call of gulls. Pulling off her denim trousers and linen shirt, she fashioned them into a pillow and placed them at the head of the towel. A quick adjust to her one-piece swim suit, she settled on the towel and looked up into the sky. Val was aware of the presence before she saw it. Raising her upper body and head off the towel, she looked around with knotted brows. Eyes opening wide and mouth dropping open, she was unable to do anything but stare as the figure moved towards her.

“Oh Etimesgut Escort my..” she breathed, her eyes taking in the man that approached her.

He walked like he owned the place, a slow lazy stride which was more of a prowl than a walk. His arms swaying a little, fingertips brushing against his thighs and his eyes defiantly on her. Before she could blink or even draw another breath, he was kneeling beside her. His gaze sweeping over her body with a hungered glint, which further took her breath away and raised goose bumps on her skin.

“Now that costume is no good.” The man raised his hand over Val’s body and spayed his fingers, skimming them over her middle.

There was no mistaking the feeling that her one-piece had suddenly become two. The cool air, the heat from his hand and the feeling of the skin-tight fabric peeling back. Val’s breathing was a little ragged. She looked up into the man’s face, at his smug and satisfied smirk and when she met his eyes, she lost herself. It was as if every shade of blue in existence swirled in his eyes. She licked her parted lips purely on a reflex and watched silver sparks flash in his eyes. He groaned, his face dipped towards her and his mouth captured hers in little more than a heartbeat. Escort Etimesgut Tongue dragging along her bottom lip before sliding into her mouth to caress her tongue and teeth. His mouth plundered hers, promising heat and passion. A solid warmth down her right side informed Val that he was now lying at her side, one hand caressing the now bare skin of her belly while the other threaded itself in her hair. The kiss slow and unhurried, the touches slow and sensual. It was Val’s turn to moan as the heat pooled within her, arousal triggering wetness at her core and sending shivers of pleasure through her whole body. The man broke the kiss and lent back, his smug smirk now a full-on grin.

“Defiantly better,” the sound of his voice heavy and seductive.

Val’s chest was heaving and her heart pounding. Seriously worried that she wouldn’t be able to speak let alone move, she let her eyes feast on the man at her side. This action made desire dance further within her which in turn made her moan once more. Partially wanting him to stop touching her but mostly wanting him to touch her more, she was torn between the fire raging through her and the more sensible response of fleeing.

This man was prime alpha-male and his body language showed Etimesgut Escort Bayan he knew it. Val had read that description in various books but never really understood it until now. His hair was raven black, in a shaggy kind of cut that made it look bed-tussled, just skimming his jaw. The bottom half of his face covered in more hair, the same raven black. His nose looked to have been broken sometime in the past and had set a little crooked but it was his eyes that held his power. His body, oh man his body. There were muscles without it being too much, just enough to sculpt and define him. His chest peppered with yet more of that gorgeous raven hair that tapered all the way down to his… Val’s eyes opened wider and her mouth fell open. How in the world had she not noticed him removing his pants! He stood very proudly and happily at nine inches and must be all of two inches broad. Her hand snaked to his manhood of its own mind and touched him, a hiss brushed Val’s forehead yet her hand went on to close around the rod and stroke it tentatively. Heated velvet covered pure steel. Her thumb brushed its tip, spreading a tiny bead of liquid over his skin.

“Lass,” the low growl rumbled from within his chest. “No more o’that yet. I’ve more to give you before dawn.”

Val’s turn to smirk as she continued to stroke, noticing his hips twitch as if fighting the urge to push against her. She gasped as in a swift movement, his hand took hers and pinned it above her head at the same time as his mouth once more devoured hers.

(to be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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