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On a trip to Amsterdam my ex-husband and I did the whole sex and drugs thing for 4 days solid. On the third night, a Saturday, we went to a seedy-looking sex cinema (promising animals, watersports and young lesbians as I recall). We were going in there to try to get turned on even more I guess – see what was on in there then maybe go and drink some more before returning to the hotel, but it got more interesting than that.

There were 4 or 5 screens in this place (a few of which were just large rooms with dining chairs lined up) and we flitted between each of them looking for a cosy corner and a film that didn’t look too grim. There were several other women in the place – in couples of course – so I didn’t really feel uncomfortable. But we had been smoking pot, munching mushrooms, and, Jeez, it was all a bit of a daze.

On one of the higher floors – away from all the nipple clamps and candle wax – we found some quite alluring girl-on-girl action. I can’t recall much of it now but it was certainly the first thing I felt like actually watching. We sat at the end of the row, arms around each other, and watched and giggled for a while. Eventually there were a few kisses and hands wandering and a bit of making out. I was wearing a leather-ish skirt with black boots, and Steve’s hand was pushing up between my thighs, trying to gauge how wet I was.

I opened my legs, of course, and let him in, I was starting to get quite turned on and a few probing fingers were more than welcome. We were kissing nicely as his fingers ran along the outline of my pussy through my lace panties when someone sat next to me on the other side. We stopped in surprise, and Steve’s hand moved back down to just above my knee. It was a regular-looking middle-aged guy, he was obviously looking at me as well as the screen – I was dressed pretty good and was a bit of a fox back then, and maybe he wanted to see what me and Steve got up to.

Anyway, after a few minutes Steve whispered: “Why don’t put your hand on his crotch, start squeezing and rubbing a bit. I’m here to keep an eye on you…”

“OK,” I smiled and gave him a deep, wish-me-luck kiss before turning to the on-screen action. My left arm had just kind of been resting, at the elbow, on the arm of the chair, and I let my hand flop down into this guy’s lap. His surprise was obvious, and I smiled at him as he raised his eyebrows at me. He was already semi-hard at least and I stroked through the denim of his jeans quite lightly, the situation rather than the physical sensation bringing him fully erect.

Inevitably, he reached down and bağdatcaddesi escort unfastened his trousers, rooting his cock out from inside his boxer shorts and letting it stand proud in the open. I remember thinking it was quite a nice cock, a good size too, and I wrapped my left hand around it, squeezing gently. At this point Steve took my right hand and placed it on his own groin, just to show me how turned on he was getting. And that set me off on a mission in much the same way the taxi fuck had earlier that year.

I was still squeezing the guy’s cock rather than rubbing, but I could hear him moaning beneath his breath. I turned to him slightly, crossing my legs in the seat as I did so and managing to get my skirt riding up a bit to expose more of my thigh. I let go with my left and and reached over with my right – now he knew he was going to get a proper job. With a loose grip at first I started with long slow strokes up and down his cock, occasionally dragging my nails over the end. His eyes were flitting between his throbbing dick in the grip of this petite feminine hand and the brunette right next to him. He’d lost all interest in the lesbo action by now, obviously. His right hand wandered into my seat, trying to push up my skirt, but I moved it and whispered a no-nonsense “No”. At that point I was envisaging Steve lending a hand down there.

The Man was squirming in his seat as I began to speed up a little, thinking it wouldn’t take much to finish him. But, from behind, Steve whispered: “Suck him a little.” I was fairly wet and he knew this would make me even worse. And I knew how much this would turn him on. I removed my hand climbed into a kneeling position on my chair, making sure my ass was right in Steve’s face. My hands clambered over to the guy next door – whose eyes must have been popping out at this point – and my head slowly moved down towards his eagerly awaiting dick. I noticed across the aisle two guys were jerking furiously as they watched what they hoped would turn into a live sex show.

I took the cock with my right hand and began kissing it at first, then licking down the underside to the balls. It’s fair to say it wasn’t the sweetest smelling tool in the world but I was gagging for something to happen now. I nibbled and licked, breathed heavily over the end – did everything but take the whole thing in my mouth as I endeavoured to tease for a few minutes. My right hand worked the base, gradually taking a firmer grip, and I felt a hand rise up between my thighs and close around my pussy. It squeezed and I opened my legs beykoz escort to allow more room for manoeuvre.

The squeezing and gentle rubbing between my legs was making me moan a little. The time now seemed right to drown the cock in front of me inside my mouth, and I lowered on to it slowly, the hot wet enclosure making my new friend gasp out loud. I came back up, leaving as much of a saliva mess as I could, sucking hard on the end when I got back up there.

My skirt had been raised up around my waist, exposing my ass to anyone who might have been behind. But I wasn’t overly concerned – just eager to see what Steve would do. I felt a tongue licking along the edge of my panties, and a finger probing behind the layer of black lace between my legs, threatening to enter my wet hole. All the while I was jacking the other guy off with my mouth firmly sucking on the end of the cock. He had reached down under me to pull my top and bra up and was gently kneading my breasts.

Behind me a hand gently pushed my legs further apart, and I assisted by dropping my right leg off the chair, pushing my foot against the back of the row in front of us. A face immediately hungrily buried itself between my legs while two hands grasped my thighs. I took a minute to look up at the guys jacking off further along the room and then looked at my original victim, who was wide-eyed at my position. A hand behind me was trying pull my panties to one side and get a tongue inside me but the fumbling seemed unfamiliar and when I looked round it wasn’t Steve but another middle-aged guy. Steve was now in the row in front watching keenly.

I stood and exasperatedly pulled my knickers down, kicking them away with a flourish. I returned to the position I was in, my right hand returning to the cock I had been sucking, and two fingers immediately slid into me. I pushed back against them making it clear I wanted some action. There was no need to work my pussy – I was dripping wet – and after a few moments this guy behind me took them out to replace them with something more substantial. (I found out later Steve had told the guy he could fuck me.)

As my mouth returned to the pulsating cock in front of me, another one slid into my pussy from behind. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a nice surprise. I groaned as I felt him push right up to the hilt – he was a decent size – and one of his hands reached round to grope my tits. As he began fucking me so my strokes and sucks became more rhythmical and the guy in front was finding it hard to hold on. Perhaps the added frisson caused by me caddebostan escort being fucked tipped him over the edge, but it was only a little while into the sex that he started to cum.

As I felt the first drop of pre-cum in my mouth I moved away and leant over him so that his dick was shooting up towards my chest. I dunno why, at the time I just didn’t want it on my face. He was gripping the arm of the seat real hard and grunting with each shot, while they guy behind me was picking up some speed having seen one guy satisfied already. His hands were on my hips and as he thrust in he was pushing me up, lifting my knee off the chair. I was quietly groaning into the seat, ready for a big, big, orgasm. I looked up through my messed hair to see an audience of about 7 guys, all jacking themselves as they watched. I looked round to Steve and he was rubbing himself as he leant over the seat to my right.

The guy fucking me decided to give my ass a slap and Steve told him no – I hate men doing that – and I took the ensuing pause as an opportunity to move over to Steve. I ended up standing against the back of this seat in front – legs apart, mais oui – and kissing Steve passionately. The big guy got up behind me and re-entered. I turned and told him to fuck me and then went back to Steve, my hands fumbling down to his jeans so I could jack him off and kiss him while I was being nailed from behind.

“Are you gonna let him cum in you?” Steve asked breathlessly as my hand wanked him furiously.

“Don’t think I have much choice now,” I panted back.

I was being rutted quite hard and deep but had happily positioned my clit against the top of the seat so that every forward push was creating some delightful pressure. Soon the guy started pushing on my back, bending me over more as he neared his own climax. The strokes got slower and more pronounced and as I felt Steve shoot over my hand and the back of the seat that he was facing, I sort of half-came myself – that seems to happen to me when drugs have been involved – squealing in delight and clasping the throbbing dick inside me. The guy cried out, his hands dug into my side and I felt him shoot right into me – it felt like it was going right up into my body.

After he’d finished he leant over and whispered a “thank you” – which was nice. I sat down and waited for all the cum to drain out – I couldn’t see my knickers anywhere – feeling uncomfortable at all the prying eyes. Steve came back round to sit with me and we kissed and cuddled, looking forward to getting back to our room. As always he had plans, and he arranged to meet man no1 in a bar a little later. Not content with shooting his juice all over my tits and shirt, this guy was going to enjoy a fairly depraved night with me and Steve. There are some things I have still only done with that nice German man…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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