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Lover. Mistress. Adulteress. It’s what I am now, although I hate two of those words and all the other ones I won’t even mention here. I broke my marriage vows nearly a year ago, as my lover broke his. We weren’t bad people and we weren’t in bad marriages. It’s just that there was something seriously lacking in both our sex lives with our spouses and although we’d each tried for years to deal with the issues within the sanctioned bonds of our marriages our respective spouses had shown no interest in changing. We’d both wearied of the chase, as it were, and had begun to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

We’d found each other through the internet, the pick-up joint of the new millenium. I had posted my profile on a site for married women looking for an outside fling – I never was one to beat around the bush – and he had found me within the first month. We’d corresponded for six months via email, exchanging photographs and learning as much as we could about each other before finally setting a date to meet about half way between our homes. That first time had been intense. We had both managed to get away overnight, which we had agreed would be more comfortable. I arrived at the hotel first and was wet with anticipation long before he ever got there. From the time he walked through the door of the room to the time I was impaled on his impressive cock was under ten minutes and we’d fucked and sucked each other as many times as we could in the twenty hours or so we were together. In between we had managed a few showers, three meals and a lot of talking about ourselves, our marriages and our childhoods, filling in the blanks leftover from our correspondence.

The four plus hour distance between us was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it kept us from being stupid and just getting together any old time, which is a sure formula for getting caught. A curse because we both had huge sexual appetites and demanding schedules which made arranging a meeting hours from home extremely difficult. Since that first time we’d manage to meet twice more before today, once at a convention I was attending when he was able to get away and join me, once nearer my house on some trumped-up trip of his. This time we were meeting dangerously close to his home. We had discovered, as the saying goes, that beggars can’t be choosers and we had to take the opportunities presented. My work had taken me to the city nearest his house and I had emailed and asked if there was any place we could be alone for a few hours on Saturday before I had to head home. My business had actually concluded on Friday, but my husband didn’t know that. My lover replied that it might mean taking a friend into his confidence but he was sure Escort Ankara he could work something out.


I waited, as agreed, in the restaurant parking lot for him to pick me up. As I climb into the blue club van he’d rented for the day and drop my bag on the floor in front of the seat I ask where we were going.

“A friend’s house, they’re away for the weekend,” he answers.

“Happy to see me?” I ask, eyeing the obvious bulge in his pants. He just grins.

The van is warm and I wriggle out of my winter coat. Beneath it I am wearing a black button-down shirt, a long black jersey skirt and my favorite sexy black boots with the metal toe and heel pieces.

“I hope it’s not far,” I say, “I’m horny as hell.”

“About twenty minutes, if you can stand to wait that long,” he replies, his sly grin returning.

I’m in a mood to play. As he concentrates on guiding the van onto the highway he notices me moving around in the seat of the van. I reach over and drop something in his lap. As soon as he gets the van up to speed with traffic he picks the object up. It’s my panties, and they’re soaking wet. I reach a hand under my skirt and slide a finger inside my cunt, then pull it out and run it over his lips.

“Lick it off,” I whisper, my voice husky with desire. He does, with as much concentration as he can spare from the road. He glances at me briefly and seeing my smile he understands that this is a game. He nods for me to continue. I trust that he’ll recognize what to do from our email fantasy exchange, which is how we keep from going crazy during the long months when we can’t get together.

I reach to the seat controls and push the back of the seat down as far as it will go. I lie back and move my right hand under my skirt, stroking my sex slowly. My eyes are closed and I am breathing heavily. After about five minutes I look up at him. “Nope, can’t wait” I say and reach for my bag. From inside it I retrieve the vibrator he bought me as a gift for our first rendezvous, twist it on and hike up my skirt so he can watch as I slide it easily all the way inside my hot wetness. The van rides fairly high off the road but I pray no big rig is pulling along side us, as exposed as I am. I’m too aroused to want to stop, though, and with one hand controlling the movement of the vibrator and two fingers of the other hand circling my clit I come hard after less than a minute.

“Bitch,” he says, as I catch my breath and make myself more presentable. I retrieve my panties from his lap, intentionally brushing the hardness beneath his fly, and use the dry part to clean off the vibrator before stuffing both back in my bag.

“I’m Ankara Escort not a bitch, I’m a tease,” I reply in a saucy tone.

“You’re both,” he responds.

“You can take your time getting there now,” I say, with an innocent smile.

Finally, we arrive at the house. He unlocks the door and holds it for me. I head for the living room and start to explore it, ignoring him. After a minute he comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and fondles my breasts roughly through my shirt. I am braless, which I know turns him on. I feel his hard cock press against my ass. Suddenly, he grabs both my arms and draws them behind my back. Holding both my wrists in one of his big hands he guides me to the end of a large sofa, bends me over the arm and lifts my skirt. He slaps my bare ass hard and I cry out in surprise. He slaps it again, and a third time, then a fourth each time eliciting a small cry from me. I hear the rasp of his zipper as he frees his cock. He rubs it between my legs lubricating it with my own juices and slams it into my cunt. He pumps into me hard, forcing my hips into the arm of the couch. Very soon I hear him groan and I feel his cock spurt inside me. When he is done, he slides out of me and pulls me off the sofa. He spins me around and releases my wrists. Now he wraps his fingers in my hair and forces me to my knees in front of his deflating cock.

“Clean it off with your tongue, bitch,” he commands.

I get to work, starting at the base and licking our combined juices from him with my warm tongue. Before I am done he is stiff again. The guy has the recovery time of a teenager, which is one of the things I love about him. With his fingers still in my hair he has one hand free. He uses it to guide the tip of his cock to my lips. Tilting my head back so I look into his eyes, he says “Suck it. Take it all the way to the back of your throat.” I resist. He pulls my hair and jams the head of his cock against my teeth. I open my mouth and take it in all the way to my throat. I feel his balls against my chin. I suck and slide my tongue along the shaft, then slide him most of the way back out so I can breathe. He thrusts back in slowly, controlling speed and depth with the hand in my hair, until he can’t take it any more. He comes in my mouth and I try to take it all but a little escapes out the corner of my lips. When I’ve swallowed the rest, he scoops the drip from my face with his finger and feeds it to me before releasing my hair. I look up at him and we both start to giggle as he helps me to my feet.

“That was the best yet,” he says, kissing me passionately.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I reply, kissing him back and mussing his hair.

We Ankara Escort Bayan reek of sex and I’m surprised he still has energy to stand. He suggests a shower and we head upstairs to the master suite. In the bathroom we find a huge custom tiled shower and a pile of thick towels. There’s a note on top of them from his friend. “Enjoy, you lucky dog.” it reads. We both grin, then strip. He turns on the water and we step in as soon at it is hot. The shower has jets at several heights and from a number of locations and we play with them a while trying to figure out what feels best. We soap each other up and down then he washes my hair, massaging my scalp with firm, gentle fingers.

Afterward we towel off and climb into the king size bed. I feel the warmth of arousal return to my groin but he looks like he’s ready for a nap. “Not fair,” I complain. “You’ve come twice and you haven’t gotten me off yet.”

“Well if you hadn’t given me that little display in the van it might have gone differently for you,” is his reply. “I need to rest a while before I’m ready to go again.”

I reach over the edge of the bed and retrieve the vibrator from my bag. “Fine,” I say, handing it to him. The least he can do is get me warmed up.

For the next half hour he teases me with the vibrator, alternating between my clit and my cunt and taking me to the brink of orgasm several times without allowing me over the edge. Finally I beg him to let me come. He pulls the vibrator out of my cunt and rolls onto me. I feel his cock stiff and ready against my dripping pussy and I gasp. He rests just the head of it against my lips and I spread my legs wider for better access. He presses into me with agonizing slowness. It feels so incredibly good after the silicone toy, warmer, harder and alive. A low moan starts deep in my throat as he strokes back out of me with equal slowness. “Faster,” I pant, “fuck me harder.” He does. It takes just a few more strokes and I am bucking under him and crying out in relief and ecstasy. He stops, still inside me, and waits for me to catch my breath.

“Tell me when to start again,” He says, readjusting his weight.

After a little while, I whisper “Now.” He starts thrusting again slowly. It takes a few minutes but I feel another climax starting to build inside me. I can feel his excitement growing as well, his cock swelling and thickening a bit more, the increased urgency of his thrusts. He wants me to come again first, so he slows a little to improve his control. My hips are meeting his with thrusts of my own now and soon I cry out as the wave overtakes me. He isn’t far behind and in another minute his sweet cock is once again filling me with his hot fluid.

Six hours later, both of us spent but happy, he drops me back at my car. As I start for home, he heads back to his friend’s house to finish the laundry and write him a thank-you note. Each time we have met it has made us hungrier for the next time. This is no exception.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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