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Big Tits

When Tracy calls to see if I want to go to the pub, I quickly get my coat. Always fun, we have a lot to catch up on. After two wines she disappears to the toilet, and I get up to go to the bar to order new drinks.

Suddenly I notice Ashley and I quickly turn around. I don’t think he saw me. I am shocked, I feel a tickle in my abdomen. It has been a long time since I saw him. The sex was certainly not the reason that we are no longer together. I pull at my skirt and think of an exciting adventure we had when I wore the same skirt.

I’m going to the bar; I need a new drink. With Ash around and in my head this is not an ideal situation for me. I order two dry white wines when I feel someone standing next to me. Add a beer, he says and smiles at me.

He seems to have no problem seeing me at all and laughs at my shock reaction. ‘Hi how are you’? He asks, looking at me from head to toe and staring at the skirt with his gaze.

He takes the beer and wine for Tracy and sits down at our table as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I feel the body heat of his leg against mine, and the itchy feeling in my lower abdomen is Antep Bayan Escort getting stronger.

He leans over to my ear and whispers, ‘are you wearing panties tonight’? And grabs my earlobe with his tongue. My cheeks turn a little red and instinctively I spread my legs a little.

Oh, this evening is far from over. When my girlfriend returns from the toilet, she sees who is sat with me. We laugh a bit together, but after her, wine Tracy says she is tired and going home and gives me a cheeky wink and nods her head knowingly.

At the end of the evening Ashley recommends we have a nightcap back at my home. I know what that means. My body screams that I have to do it, my head still sputters a little. Ash does not wait, he takes my hand and guides us out.

I live nearby. At home I open a bottle of wine and pour two glasses. Ash takes the two glasses from my hands and puts them on the table. He takes my hips and puts me in front of him. Don’t talk, he wants to investigate.

His hands disappear eagerly under my skirt and knead my buttocks.

He licks my stomach and bites softly now and then. I go with it; I sit on him and kiss him. His hands dropped to my thighs. My head is turned off and my body wins.

How I want this, I want him. I take off my shirt and bra; his eyes glare at my breast. As his hands continue to explore, I push my breasts into his face. He takes hold of my nipple and bites it gently. Then he stops, takes my hand, and takes me to the bedroom. He asks if everything is still in the same place and I nod at him.

He takes the shackles he gave as a present and ties my hands to the bed. Then he blindfolds me. I can only hear and feel it. He whispers in my ear that I can’t do anything now, I’m in his control. And starts kissing me, my ear, my neck, my nipples.

His hands caress my breasts as his mouth and tongue continue downwards.

Just as he is under my belly button, he stops for a moment and decides he can’t wait any longer. He spreads my legs and I hear him moan approvingly. I think he enjoys his view. Then I feel a tongue along my moist lips. I hear him whisper ‘I’ve missed your pussy and love the taste of my wetness’.

His tongue goes to my clit, gently at first, then faster. I want to feel fingers in me and move my hips impatiently. Ash understands the signal and slips two fingers inside. Only he can do this rhythm so well, that tongue, that movement in me with his fingers.

Increasingly faster and when my breathing becomes very fast and I squirm with pleasure, his tongue continues to beat the rhythm while his fingers slow down.

I can’t go on and let everything go, wow. Ash has become very horny, he lets me feel his hard cock with my mouth for a moment before he un-cuffs one arm and turns me around, gives a pat on my buttocks, and effortlessly penetrates me.

He pushes my hips into the bed while snarling at me. I feel wonderfully filled. I am still sensitive and have heard from the sopping sound that I am still very wet. I want to touch and kiss him, but I’m still half cuffed. I like a bit of dominance in bed. His hands grip my buttocks more and more tightly.

Then he turns me around again and slides his penis back into my pulsating wet pussy. And pushes hard a few more times, and then pulls it out violently and squirts his cum all over me. All his sperm is dripping off my face and breasts. He lies down on me, and we breathe out together. And I know this is just the start of a wonderful long night.

Summer Daze

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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