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Aboard his flight now, sitting somewhat comfortably in his seat, he has the chance now to reflect back on his morning. He closes his eyes and in his mind retraces his steps back to when he first woke up. He had looked over at her, and a smile had crossed his face as he admired how peaceful and cute she looked in her sleep. She had been so good to him the night before. Taking care of all his needs and making sure he had been pleased very well. She was used to him hardly being around, and she did what she could to make the most of the time that they had together. She also knew that she was only one of his “stops” that he made in his traveling, and she was fine with that. She had her other lovers as well, so who was she to complain?

He reached his hand out slowly and moved a piece of hair out of her face. She stirred, but only a little. Her breathing continued on in a peaceful manner. He wished he could take her in his arms one more time before having to rise from bed, but alas, there was no time. His flight was set for take off in less than two hours, and he had to shower and make the drive to the airport.

In the shower, he thought of the previous night. Of how she had gone down on him so caring and lovingly. How his hands had found their way into her hair and had gently grabbed at her strands. Of how she had slowly lifted her head up and looked at him almost innocently, yet a hint of wickedness was in her eyes.

She had pulled back then, and turned around so that her beautiful ass was facing him. On all fours now, she turned her head back to look at him, and her face said it all, “Take me now. I want you, I need you!” Is what her face said. And who was he to deny her? He did what any sane man would do if given that opportunity. He got up on his knees, moved forward to her awaiting opening, and taking his cock in hand, he slid his head up and down her slit, teasing her, and then finally drove it home deep within her folds.

She let out a moan, and backed her ass into him as much as she could, wanting to feel every inch of him buried in her. He complied, and drove his member deep into her, loving the feel of her tightness surrounding him. It was almost too much, and he had to slow down for a minute and calm himself. Once the feeling had passed, he began to slowly thrust into her again. His body leaning forwards so that his chest was resting on her back. He wrapped one of his arms around her and held her tightly to him. His mouth finding her neck and shoulders, leaving little kisses and love bites here and there. He knew she loved this, that it drove her wild, and it didn’t take too long before she was moaning and crying his name out over and over and over and…

Her hand had reached down and found her clit. She began to rub it lightly at first. Just teasing it with her touch. She was moving back on him with increased speed, really starting to push back harder on him. He quickened his thrusts and tried to give it to Escort Bayan Gaziantep her has hard as she wanted. His arm tightening about her more, embracing her the way he knew she loved to be. Knowing that she wanted him as close to her as possible.

“I’m so close love! Please don’t stop! I want you! All of you! Make me yours!” She cried out to him.

Her fingers had begun to speed up and rub a bit harder on her clit, her moans growing and becoming more animalistic. He himself had begun to moan along with her, almost more like growls than moans. His own animalistic nature kicking in, taking over, as he felt himself getting closer as well.

She began to cry to him, “Yes! So….close….oh….god! Babes! Please don’t stop! I’m going to cum baby! Fuck my pussy! PLEASE!” She had cried out to him.

“Oh…godddd…!” He cried out as he felt her pussy clench tight against his cock and felt it begin to contract with her orgasm. He couldn’t hold out any longer. “I’m going to cum baby!” He said to her.

“FUCK!! YESSS!! Cum for me baby!! I’m cummmminnnnggg!” She cried.

That’s all it took for him. He felt the cum run up through his cock, and then it was exploding in her pussy. “Oh fuuucckkk! CUMMMINNNGGG!!” He moaned as he emptied inside of her while her pussy spasm, getting his cock wet with her own cum. He leaned forward, his chest pressed against her back, holding her tight as he continued to pump into her.

“Oh…Fuck…!” Back in the shower, he came to from his daydreaming about the night before, and began to pump his cum on the shower walls. His body shuddering from such an intense orgasm, the moans escaping from him over and over as the images of the night before ran through his mind.

After the last drops of cum had dripped from his cock and had run down the drain, he had opened his eyes back up and placed his hands on the shower wall, steadying himself as he caught his breath and got his heart rate back under control. Once he was breathing normally again, he washed up and stepped out of the shower to finish getting ready.

He tried his best to be quiet while getting ready, not wanting to wake her from her peaceful sleep. He did however kneel beside her and gently woke her to let her know that he was on his way. Her eyes flickered open, and she smiled up at him. Her arms went up and around his neck as he leaned down to hold her tightly to him. He pulled back a little so that he could kiss her, and she accepted his kiss and kissed him back more deeply.

He looked into her eyes then and said, “I already miss you. You know I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“I know.” She said with a smile, and then said, “Go, you’ll miss your flight.”

He had kissed her one more time and then was up and out the door. How did he get so lucky?

The question rang through his head again as he sat now in his seat on the plane, “How on earth DID I get so lucky?”

The visions kept running through his head, and he began to feel a stirring in his pants, and he came to realize that he was hard as a rock.

“Oh great. Stuck on a plane, and I’m turned on beyond belief! How the hell am I going to get this down?” He thought to himself.

He knew it was not going to go down easily, for the visions of the night before kept running through his head. What was he going to do about this?

Knowing his hardness was not going to go down, and knowing he had to do something about it; he finally got up and headed for the planes bathroom. He made his way down the isle, trying to hide the raging hard on that was pressing against his slacks. He made it to the bathroom without anyone noticing his “situation” and reached for the door handle. Locked. Damn. He stood there thinking about what he should do, whether he should just go back to his seat and try to make the throbbing go away, or just wait a moment or two.

A flight attendant passed him. “Is everything all right sir?” She asked him with a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

She was gorgeous, and he could not help but stare at her chest where her breasts were straining against her uniform. Oh god, he thought to himself, I have to get in that bathroom now!

“Oh! Umm…yes, everything is fine. Just waiting to get into the bathroom.” He answered her with an embarrassed smile.

“Ah. Ok. Well, if you need anything…” She said, as she looked him over. Did she notice the bulge in his pants he wondered? “Just let me know, and I’d be happy to…help.” She finished, and gave him a smile before walking on.

The door to the bathroom finally opened, and a middle aged woman walked out, only glancing at him briefly before moving on towards her seat. He went into the bathroom, shut the door quickly and locked it.

What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve been on planes so many times. Why is this happening to me now? He made sure the lid was down on the toilet, and then sat down, putting is face in his hands and trying to steady his breathing. He looked down then and saw the cause of all his problems, still hard as a rock and straining against his pants. What the hell, he thought. Might as well, I’m in here after all, and I’m sure it won’t take me long.

He undid his pants and pulled his cock out, slowly beginning to stroke it. He closed his eyes and remembered the night before again, but then the images changed. He saw the flight attendant before him, her breasts about to pop from her blouse, a smile on her face as she dropped to her knees before him. He began to say something, but she placed her finger over his lips and made a “shh” sound. Her hand wrapped around his cock as her face moved in towards him. He watched as his cock disappeared all the way into her mouth.

“Oh fuck…” His hand tightened around his cock and he began to stroke faster as the vision of the flight attendant sucking him continued to play in his mind. She grabbed his balls lightly in her hand and began to massage them in time with the stroking of her other hand on his shaft. Her mouth continued to take every inch of him, and the head of his cock hit the back of her throat.

He could feel the cum starting to make it’s way up his shaft, and he knew it wouldn’t be too long now before it would be exploding out of his slit.

He let out a loud moan, completely loosing himself in the moment. “Fuuuuck! Shit! Oh god! Oh god!” His cum erupted from him then, going all over his hand and exposed stomach. He continued to moan lightly and breath deeply as his cock twitched in his hand and the last drops ran down his shaft.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the mess he had made. “Oh shit! Damn!” He grabbed some toilet paper and began to clean up quickly and then he washed the remaining traces off of his hands. He checked himself in the mirror one last time, and convinced he looked presentable again, he opened the bathroom door.

There standing not too far from the bathroom was the flight attendant, smiling at him almost devilishly. She almost looked a little flustered, but he didn’t want to stare too much at her. He wanted to hurry and get back to his seat, so he gave her a polite nod and smile and then walked away from her.

Feeling better now that he had relieved himself and he was sitting back in his seat, he put his headphones on and tried to relax for the remainder of his flight.

Once they had finally touched down, he began to make his way towards the exit, and he came face to face with the attendant again. She held her hand out to him and he took it. Her eyes took on a mischievous look and a smile crossed her face as he felt the piece of paper slip into his hand. He had no time to say anything to her, as there were people right behind him that were trying to push their way towards the exit.

When he was standing alone in the airport lobby, he took the time to open the piece of paper up and read it. His eyes opened wide as he read what was on it. In a state of shock, he shook his head and wondered if he was reading the note correctly. He looked down at it again and reread what it said. It was short and to the point:

If you want the real thing, meet me at the airport hotel.

10pm sharp.

Room 512.


Could this be real? He shook his head again. She knew. That’s why she looked so flustered! She had been standing near the bathroom and must have heard him while he was jacking off in there. “Oh my god!” He thought. “She heard me cum!”

What the hell should he do? He was stuck here over night, that much was true, and he did have time to kill during the eve. Should he take her up on the offer or not? He’d be a crazy man not to. She was beautiful after all. He went to the bar and ordered a drink. Sitting there staring down at his drink, he contemplated what to do. He looked down at his watch. Nine p.m., an hour to go. It didn’t take too long before he finally made his decision though. He knew what he would do.

To Be Continued???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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