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Colin was praying for another gentle gust from the fitful noon-time breeze. Preferably soon. He was sitting on a low rock wall eating his lunch from a paper plate, and twenty feet directly in front of him, at eye level, was the world’s most beautiful set of calves.

They belonged to a stunning woman, for the moment preoccupied with her own food, and she was swinging them gently back and forth, pulse-rate. He had chosen this seat with care, and in the five minutes he’d been there, little puffs of wind had given him cock-hardening glimpses of the upper surfaces of her thighs. Back to high-school voyeurism.

He’d noticed her in the crowd milling about the coffee, before starting his all-morning lecture — mid-height, corn-silk blond with long hair pulled into a bun, a classic high-cheekboned Nordic face but with a slightly Grecian profile. Bolt upright yet lithe. Indefinite age, probably between twenty-five and thirty two, outside limits. Beautiful figure, stunning skin, piercing blue eyes set off perfectly by a soft-flowing plain blue silk dress that ended just above her knees, utterly without any bumps suggestive of underwear. The cloth lay on her body like a coat of paint, wherever gravity and curves conspired. It didn’t cling at all, but flowed nonstop as she moved.

Even from far across the room her calves stood out in the crowd, especially against the blue — no hose, just the most gorgeous skin texture and color he had ever seen. They almost literally glowed from within. She was “Mary”, from the local university — he got those data from a quick glance at her name tag as they chatted briefly amidst the coffeepot melee, made good eye contact, mutual magnetism clear but fully suppressed. She had asked the one good question from the audience during his presentation, in a strong voice, pleasant, a hint of non-native English accent in it but not something he could readily identify.

His wish was answered — today the Gods were on his side. Another gust lifted the hem of her dress several inches and his cock brittled. How was he going to return to the lectern? The hem settled. Then she shifted her weight, slowly and gently raised her right leg, crossed her knees. He almost Cami Halısı gulped as the drape of cloth let him see first inner thighs, then the long smooth underside of the upper leg.

And then she abruptly raised her eyes to catch his. It was utterly unexpected, and she nailed him squarely. A tiny fractional smile played around her lips. Caught, like a little boy with his hand in the cookie jar! Damn. He was trying so hard to be discreet, too. He felt his face and chest burning with a brilliant flush of embarrassment.

She grinned at him across the little gulf, crooked a finger at him and said quietly “You blush beautifully! That’s very nice. Come on over here, Doctor! We shouldn’t be alone in such a crowd.”

He stood and moved towards her as if pulled by a string. She uncrossed her legs as he walked, but the angle was wrong and he didn’t dare lose her gaze. Teasing? She looked up at him, the tip of her tongue caught momentarily between perfectly white teeth, then asked “So. Are you enjoying the view, Doctor?” He flushed again, and she giggled. “Yes, indeed! You have a truly wonderful blush!”

Colin tried for a gambit, failed, decided this was a very unusual sort of person before him, and finally asked “Permission to speak freely?”

She nodded.

“Very well… I’m enjoying the view immensely. You, Madam, have the most incredibly beautiful calves. Probably the best combination of color and texture of skin, and muscle tone, that I’ve ever seen. In my life. And I am a student of such things, believe me. They are incredibly erotic. Gorgeous.” Then, reddening again, he finished. “I didn’t mean to be rude, you know, with my staring. Sorry if I embarrassed you in any way.”

She shrugged, reached out and patted his hand. Her fingertips slid down slowly between his own, excruciatingly sensual, before drifting away. She said “No offense meant or taken. I’m flattered! Thank you for the compliment.” Then, a moment later, “So, Doctor, you insisted at the start of your lecture that the only stupid question was the one left unanswered. Does that apply off-stage as well?”

He nodded, wondering.

She smiled at him — an incredible Cami Halıları smile. “I’m curious. May I ask then if it is only my calves that appeal to you? Don’t misunderstand, I’m happy that they do so, but … are you perhaps one of those fetishists one always hears about, the men who specialize in one body part?”

Colin managed to grin back at her this time and shook his head. “No. I specialize in complete, integrated packages. I like what I see here — all of it.”

She watched him as he considered what might be the next step. Finally, he asked “Do you mind if I pose my own question, so as not to leave it unasked and violate my own rule?”

She shook her head and said quietly “Of course not, Doctor — we seem to be friends, and as you say, it’s your own rule and you surely shouldn’t break it yourself. You may proceed. Please.”

He looked down at the top of her knees, then back up to catch her gaze again. “Well… I was just wondering whether the rest of this beautiful body of yours shares all the characteristics of your wonderful calves. Color, texture, smoothness… if so, it could certainly make for one of the most intensely erotic packages I’ve ever encountered.”

She tilted her head at him, smiled brilliantly again and said “That’s a very personal question. I’ll have to think about how to answer it. And I will answer it, Doctor, an interesting conversation perhaps. We do seem to find one another interesting and attractive, don’t we? But right now, they are about to call us back into session, I think, and you have to go back on-stage. I hope you are not leaving immediately after the day’s work!?”

A very long, very pregnant pause. Then she said, “Have you any plans for dinner?’

He wasn’t leaving until the morning, and hadn’t dinner plans.

He told her so.

“She stood up, touched him on the shoulder and said “Good! I’m a better cook than you will find in most restaurants around here, and I should love to fix a dinner for us. If you wish, that is. I do not want to be pushy or to interfere with any prearranged plans. After all, you are the honored guest speaker and there might be heavy demands on your time. But if you are free — did you drive?”

He had come by local bus, didn’t have a rental.

“Good! I will just stay afterwards until you are finished, then we can leave together in my car. You won’t mind stopping together at a grocery store first, for ingredients?”

He didn’t mind.

The afternoon session passed as slowly as any time Colin had ever endured. Post-lecture greetings and discussions were finally over, and Mary appeared as if by magic, tucked her arm into his, clearly not concerned with anyone noticing. Her breast pressed against him, solid and warm. He was reasonably sure she had worn at least a wisp of a bra during the day, but if so it clearly had disappeared since then.

Twenty minutes in the store provided the ingredients she needed. Ten more minutes, and the door of her apartment clicked shut behind them. In the kitchen they set down the groceries, and Mary retrieved a bottle of wine from the refrigerator, assigned Colin the task of opening and pouring.

She grinned at him, said “I’ll be right back!” and disappeared through a doorway, out of sight.

He managed the wine.

Mary reappeared. Things about her had changed subtly. Her hair was now free, almost waist-length and draped forward over one shoulder. The dress fitted differently somehow.

She picked up the wine glasses, handed him one, and said “Very nice lecture, Doctor!” Then she smiled at him again and said “Perhaps an appetizer before we get into fixing dinner? Would you?”

He nodded.

“Good. I was hoping you’d be interested. I hope you’ll like it.”

She set her glass on the counter, slowly turned her back to him. The long zipper was open from top to bottom, nape to cleft. The blue silk outlined a long, slender vee of spine and muscles. As Colin stared, she shrugged gently and the entire top collapsed forward off her shoulders and down over her arms to hang momentarily about her waist.

She wriggled – one of those magical female shimmies that utterly confound men – and the silk pooled at her feet.

There were no underwear lines on her skin.

Colin hadn’t moved yet. He was utterly stunned. This was the most beautiful backside he had ever seen, bar none.

She looked back over her shoulder and whispered “I hope this will do as your appetizer. At any rate, I think you can get the answer to that question of yours now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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