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Here it is…the second chapter in this new series. This chapter will include some mild BDSM, M/f and M/f/f sexual situations. Due to my inability to acquire an editor, I will be submitting this as is. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors…I tried!


Throughout the evening, Sarah was very friendly with me. Perhaps even a little flirtatious, but I doubted that. She was in a committed relationship with Mariko and as Gabe had said, no one had ever seen her with a man. I assumed that she was just a lesbian who simply liked to tease men at times. That probably should have bothered me, but it didn’t. I liked them both and although I’d known them only a short time, I considered them both friends.

The three of us spent most of the evening drinking and having what I can only call a delightful conversation. Just before midnight I decided to head back to my room. As I stood, both girls hugged me tightly and I received a kiss on the cheek from both and then hand-in-hand they walked out the door just ahead of me.


June 30th rolled around and I was packing my things in anticipation of moving into my apartment when my cell phone rang. It was a manager of the apartment complex that I was going to move into. He told me that due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to rent the apartment to somebody else. I was to learn much later that he rented what was to be my apartment to a nephew as a family favor.

Naturally, I was more than a little disappointed…I was actually very angry. I cursed him soundly then hung up on him. It was very frustrating to know that I would have to begin my apartment search all over again.

Instead of remaining angry and doing something stupid, I decided to head over to Anything Goes and get myself good and properly drunk.

A very short time later, I arrived and ordered my first beer of the night. It was relatively early in the day, so Gabe was tending bar. I asked him. “Have you ever heard of Bärenjäger?” Bärenjäger is a very sweet and delicious drink imported from Germany and is made with honey. It tastes exactly like honey with the exception of the alcohol burn as it goes down. I’d been drinking the stuff for years.

“Sure…I keep a bottle in the freezer, so I can serve it nice and cold.”

“Well, give me a double…and be ready to keep them coming.” I settled in for a long night of drinking.

Approximately four or five beers, three, maybe four double shots and I don’t know how much time later, I was, as I put it, half in the bag. I wasn’t quite commode hugging drunk yet…but I could see that coming in the near future. I was drunk enough that I didn’t even notice that Sarah and Mariko had come in and sat down on either side of me.

“What are you celebrating?” Sarah asked.

“Nothing….” My speech was slurred, but only slightly so. “I’m drinking to get drunk to keep myself from kicking the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.”

Mariko looked at me and giggled. “Why Trip, don’t tell me you’re drunk.” She asked me innocently with a cute little grin. I could tell that Mariko was no stranger to sarcasm.

I looked at her with a lopsided grin. “Not as drunk as I’m going to be.”

“What happened?” Asked Sarah with a little concern in her voice. “Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“The apartment I was supposed to move into tomorrow is suddenly no longer available. The landlord screwed me over. I have to begin my search all over again.”

A dazzling smile suddenly spread across Sarah’s face. “So, I guess you’re looking for a place to stay.”


“Today just might be your lucky day. Mariko and I live in a large four-bedroom house and we’re looking to rent a room. Any chance you might be interested?”

I was surprised. The offer came from left field, so to speak. I barely knew these girls and yet, they were offering me a place to stay. “First, I’d have to see the place. Second, how much rent are you looking for?” I still wasn’t completely sure about this.

“As far as rent goes, we’re asking for $400 per month. That would give you a bedroom, your own bathroom and full kitchen privileges.” Sarah told me. And…you can see it whenever you like. How about tomorrow?”

I was drunk enough and desperate enough to say. “Then I’ll look at it tomorrow. What about furniture?”

“There is one of those rent-to-own furniture shops just a quarter-mile or so down the street from us. I’m sure you can find something there.”

Yet another three beers and two double shots later, I was well and truly drunk. I had vague memories of Sarah and Mariko walking me to my hotel room and tucking me into bed. Things were foggy and I wasn’t sure, but I seem to remember Sarah kissing me on the lips just before they left. I dunno…maybe I just dreamed it.

The next morning, I woke up…gratefully with no hangover. I showered, put on clean clothes and went to work. I processed a few order forms for parts. Thank the gods I was at least trabzon escort partially computer literate. Just as my lunch break came, my cell phone started ringing. I did not recognize the number, but answered it anyway. I heard Sarah’s voice.

“Hey, Trip. You still interested in looking at that room?”

“I don’t see any reason why not. What time?”

“What time do you get off of work?”

“Oh, I guess around 18:00, that’s 6 PM to you civilians.” I said with only a little sarcasm.

“Then Mariko and I will pick you up at your room at about 6:30, okay?”

“I’ll see you then.” I hit the end button to cut the connection and put my cell phone back in my pocket.

The afternoon went by at a snail’s pace. It’s funny, how when you’re looking forward to something, no matter how minor, time seems to drag by. I finished up at about seven or eight past 6:00 PM. And then drove straight home. No sooner than I got there, the girls drove up in what looked like a vintage ’65 Chevrolet Corvair convertible that almost appeared brand-new. I hadn’t seen one of those since Jesus was a Lance Corporal. [ Sorry JC ]

They smiled at me and Sarah said. “Ready to go?” I nodded and vaulted into the back seat. “Hey! Be careful with the upholstery!” She admonished but was still smiling.

Ten minutes later, we turned onto Saddle Mountain Circle, a large cul-de-sac on the west side of San Juan. The house was much larger than I had expected. There was a large front porch and a three car garage. Unlike many of the homes in southern California, this one was not stucco, but appeared to be brick. On the outside, the house appeared clean and the lawn was meticulously cared for. We went inside.

The inside of the house was even neater than the outside was. The furnishings were contemporary that had a slight European look about them. Sarah told me that she inherited the house from her grandparents, who received it from their ancestors, who immigrated to the US just before the Communists took power in what became the Soviet Union. Her ancestors were apparently apart of the Old Russian aristocracy and had fled the country with a lot of money and wealth.

“You’re of Russian descent?” I had asked her.

“My last name is Molekov.” She had told me.

Mariko disappeared into what I assumed was hers and Sarah’s bedroom. Sarah began give me a tour of the house. We started in the living room and from there went into the dining room and then the kitchen. The kitchen was his modern as any I had ever seen. Like something somebody would see in a millionaire house in the movies. The stove was easily the biggest I’ve ever seen with six burners and two ovens. Just above that was the largest microwave oven I’d ever seen as well. The refrigerator look to be a large commercial type side-by-side with the freezer. It had the typical water and ice dispenser.

After all that, she took me to what was to be my bedroom. It was easily half again as large as I’d expected. The bedroom has its own bathroom. I noticed that Sarah’s room was almost directly across the hallway from mine. I saw that Mariko was undressing. It didn’t seem to bother her at all that the door was wide open. I turned my attention back to the bedroom I will be occupying. The room was spotless, as if it had been readied just for me. She took me to another bedroom that had been converted into a pantry. All the walls were covered the shelves stacked high with canned and dry goods. There was also a large refrigerator/freezer completely stocked with food and beverages. Apparently, Sarah and Mariko believed in keeping things stocked up.

We left there and walked past Sarah and Mariko’s bedroom. Mariko was dressed in black lingerie that left almost nothing to the imagination. There was also a collar about her neck. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Sarah. She grinned and said. “Yeah, we’re into the lifestyle.” I had enough world experience that I knew exactly what she meant. I just remembered our conversation of the last night. With the eyebrow still raised, I looked at Sarah, my question unasked.

“We have what I like to refer to as an open door policy.” She said to me. ‘Unless you really do require privacy I prefer all doors stay open at all times. For example, if you had female company and wanted to indulge in sexual activities, then by all means, close the door.” She went on. “Other than that, I prefer the doors remain open. If that’s a problem, you better tell me now.”

“No problem…yet.” Sarah and I turned our attention to Mariko.

“I am ready when you are, Mistress.” Mariko said to Sarah. She gave me a smile that somehow managed to be submissive, timid and seductive all at the same time.

“Be patient Little One.” Sarah said to her roommate. To me, she asked. “Are you ready to discuss terms for you moving in here?” We left Mariko waiting and went to the dining room. Set at the table and looked at one another. “The deal is, $400 per month…that will include utilities. You have free use of escort trabzon the kitchen and the entire house accepting my bedroom and the spare room.”

“Can I write you a check or would you prefer cash?”

“Whatever is easiest for you.”

“I will bring you cash tomorrow before I hit the furniture store.” I now had a place to stay. I just had to furnish it.

Sarah excused herself for a moment and went to her room. She came out a moment later leading Mariko on a leash that she had attached to the collar. “C’mon Trip, We’ll take you back to your hotel. I was only mildly surprised that Sarah intended to bring Mariko who was all but naked. Mariko was smiling and seemed perfectly happy and willing to be displayed publicly as she was. Back at the hotel, I bid them both good night and went into my room.


The next morning, I woke slightly later than usual as I had previously arranged to have the day off. I went to the store I found the rented furniture I wanted to own…eventually. I arranged to get a king size bed with a big California style headboard that featured shelves, lights and even in AM/FM/XM radio. There was also a CD player. I also got a large chest of drawers, a couple of night tables, two lamps and a small desk with a chair to put my computer on. After that, I went to a local electronic store and purchased a large television…perhaps I may have gone a little overboard with that. I ended up with a 70 inch flat screen…complete with a sound bar and expensive home theater speaker set up. All that set me back more than $2000. I figured if I was gonna watch television, why not get the best I could afford? That would come in especially handy during football season, to watch my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

Later that day, everything had been moved in and set up. I gave Sarah $800 to cover first and last month’s rent. She gave me key to the house and we were all set. I spent the first night in my new room watching old movies on my gigantic TV. Sarah had Dish Network with every movie channel one could imagine including all of the porn channels. I would never be lacking for something to watch.

And so my life went on. I settled into a somewhat routine daily life. I continued at my new job the only complaint I might have had was the hours. I was essentially working 10 hours a day, four days a week. I had been used to a five day, eight hour routine. Except when we were deployed. On the bright side, I was generally off on Friday Saturdays and Sundays. I spent most weekends at Anything Goes. Usually I was with Sarah and Mariko. I had gotten to know both of them quite well and was happy to have their friendship. Occasionally, Sarah would again flirt with me, but I made sure not to take it too seriously. Tex on the other hand, seemingly was trying to get me into her bed every time she saw me. I wasn’t sure what to make of it and was actually starting to consider it.

Every now and then, I would hear from Carmen. She would call me with news of her situation. I was still slightly uncomfortable about her pregnancy, but she insisted all was well and she didn’t need anything from me. She would end every call by telling me she loved me. On two occasions, she came to the house and spent the night with me. We would have sex several times on both occasions. I was somewhat surprised that Carmen apparently knew Sarah and Mariko, but none of them would elaborate on how well and for how long.

And so my life went. I was almost happy for the first time since I was forced to retire from the Marine Corps.

Things with my job were also progressing well. I got the dollar an hour raise from Bob after only two weeks. He was apparently very pleased with my work.

One Thursday night just after closing time at the shop, there was only two of us left working closing up and doing some sweeping. Myself and a young man named Eric. Suddenly, without warning, we both heard the beeping of a smoke alarm. The beeping was somewhat muffled so Eric and I naturally assumed it was coming from and other building nearby. We were right! Next door there was a hardware store that had apparently caught fire. In the beginning there was mostly just smoke, but we could see some flames in the back.

Eric and I got the same ideal at the same time. With me in the front and him in the back we both grab garden hoses and began to spray down the side of our building in an effort to keep the fire from spreading. In a few short moments there was a muffled explosion and all the windows in the hardware store blew out. There was smoke everywhere. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed 911. We continued to spray water on the side of our own building until the fire department came and ran us off. Just after the fire department arrived, our boss showed up. He was both concerned about the fire and grateful at our quick thinking. There could be no doubt that we had likely have prevented the fire from spreading to our building.

After a remarkably short trabzon escort bayan time, the fire was put out. Electricity to the entire block was out. The fire marshal talked to the boss for some time after which he came over and spoke to us. With the fire next door, the power would be out at least until the following Monday. With the help of Eric and me, damage to our shop was minimal with the exception of some minor smoke damage. Bob the boss, decided to give us a four-day weekend with pay because of the money he perceived that we had saved him. So, I hopped into my car and drove back to the house.

I walked into the living room, turned on a reading lamp over the easy chair, sat down and began reading a book, Dead Until Dark. It was a fanciful story written by Charlaine Harris about vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and such. There were, I had heard 13 volumes and I had just started the first and was enjoying it immensely. There was even a television show based on the books.

I knew that Sarah and Mariko were home because her car was parked outside, but there was no sign of them so I assumed that they went to bed early. I mentally shrugged and went back to my reading. Roughly half an hour to forty-five minutes later I heard door open and a slender auburn haired shape walked quickly from the spare bedroom to the bathroom quickly. So quickly, the shape I assumed was Sarah almost appeared to be nude with the exceptions of high boots, but wasn’t quite sure. I was so engrossed in my book that I caught the image in the corner of my eye and she was gone before I actually looked. I returned to my reading to what was shaping up to be another vampire/mortal romance, like the Twilight series. I was curious about how different authors portray vampire strengths and weaknesses so differently.

I set the book down for a moment, went into the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and returned to the living room to get back to ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ and ‘Bill Compton’. Just before I set down, I looked to the hallway and saw Sarah standing there looking at me. She was wearing what looked like thigh high, high-heeled patent leather boots and a very tiny, and I mean tiny black bikini. You know the ones, described by comedians where the how to wash sticker was the largest piece of fabric there. She smiled mischievously at me and without warning pulled the two tiny triangles of fabric of her top, fully exposing her breasts to me. The bottom part of her bikini, was so tiny that I was sure that she had to be completely shaven. Any hair at all would most likely have been visible. She blew me a kiss, tucked her breasts away and started moving toward the spare bedroom. But then, she stopped, put her finger to her lips indicating that I should be quiet and beckoned for me to follow her. I set the book down and complied with her wish. Again, she gestured for me to be as silent as possible, never speaking a word. I followed her to the door and she opened it. My first thought was…very interesting.

The spare room, was not a bedroom at all, but an adult playroom with all the BDSM paraphernalia one could imagine. In the center of the room was a large St. Andrews Cross. It was currently horizontal but I could see that it could be easily moved into a vertical position as well. Strapped to the cross, was Mariko. Mariko was face up, totally nude except for a blindfold. Since moving in with the girls, I had occasion to my own chagrin, imagined them both completely naked. Mariko was far more beautiful than I had imagined. The cross that she lay upon was almost, but not quite chest high. Her long jet black hair was loose and hung almost to the floor. Her skin was pale, her breasts stuck up and were quite perky. Between her legs there was no hair. As far as I could tell, there was no hair on her below her neck…at all. Sarah walked over and stood right next to Mariko’s head and without so much as a ‘how do you do’ brutally slapped her both of her breasts! Mariko whimpered, but didn’t complain.

“Slave? Are you wondering what took me so long?”

“Yes my lovely mistress.” She said in a meek yet aroused whisper.

“I’ve brought in a friend to watch us play.” Sarah told her in a commanding voice.

“Mistress?” Mariko suddenly seemed fearful. Yet, there was something else there too…arousal? I didn’t know.

“I am going to let my friend watch me make you come.” Sarah bent down and kissed each one of her nipples. Then, she’d gently trailed her fingers down Mariko’s body until she grazed them tenderly along her wet slit. Mariko shivered and brought her hips up sharply to meet Sarah’s touch.

“Mistress, may I know who is here with us?”

Sarah gave her a stinging slap light on her pussy. “No! You may not!”


Sarah slapped Mariko’s pussy again harder than before. “Be silent, slut!”

Being called a slut by Sarah and the stinging from the slaps seemed to turn Mariko on even more than she obviously already was.

Sarah came around the cross, stood close to me and whispered in my ear softly enough that Mariko couldn’t possibly hear her. “When I grab her boobs, I want you to caress the insides of her thighs with the backs of your fingers.” She winked at me, gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and moved back to the head of the cross. I moved the foot of the cross and stood between Mariko’s widely spread legs.

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