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For the reading pleasure of Adults. © Prahaar 2002. All rights reserved.

This is a true story with the names changed. Thank you for your comments, feedback and suggestions. They have motivated me to continue. I welcome more. Keep ‘em coming.

Aunt Anjali groaned and I became completely still and removed my invading fingers. She exclaimed, ‘It is so hot today!’ and opened the other two buttons of her blouse as if to let in some more air. My uncle continued his snoring.

Was she awake? Was this an invitation?

Did it matter? I had my left hand lying ‘innocently’ on her breasts. She had a naked leg on my burgeoning penis and my left hand was trapped somewhere between her thighs, touching soft naked skin! At the age of 18, with no prior sexual experience of any kind, this was a lot! By this time, I was thinking with my erect cock.

After a moment or two, she started breathing rhythmically again.

I moved my hand and very gently, inch by agonizing inch moved the left flap of her blouse aside. A large naked boob with a dark brown aureole, 2 inches in diameter and a very large erect teat were unveiled. I stared at it in fascination. I knew that babies sucked milk from here. I wanted to lick it but did not want to get caught by taking a precipitate step.

Aunt Anjali now moved even closer. The leg on my cock moved a little more and her entire body was now touching mine. My right hand was placed between her thighs. I moved it up carefully only to find a fold of her petticoat blocking the way to the treasure between her legs. Ankara bayan escort But my palm could feel it! Something soft lay there!

With that avenue temporarily blocked, I came back to looking at the boob which was now no more than a couple of inches from my lips. My aunt moved her left hand slowly and started scratching herself on the nipple! Her fingers touched my nose several times. The nipple erected itself still more and was now nearly half an inch long. The hand moved to the back of my head and I was engulfed in a loose embrace! The nipple was now touching my lips. I could not hold back any longer and I opened my mouth and closed it on that fat, juicy teat! I licked and sucked it quietly but energetically, but my aunt seemed not to notice. My first boob suck! What a treat! With 4 other people on the bed with us, I was licking and sucking my aunt’s nipple!

After a few moments, my aunt removed her hand from behind my head and slowly moved it to my belly where she placed it on my erect cock, shaping it but not really doing anything. To do so, she had to move her leg back and a larger gap formed between her thighs. I could now maneuver my hand. I moved aside her clothes and placed my palm on the naked thigh above them. A shudder passed through my body as I touched her there. Inching my palm ahead, I came to some hair. I was surprised. I did not know that women had hair there though I should have guessed that they did, since I had a healthy bush around my genitals. I moved my hand around and touched a very soft pair of thick, protruding lips Escort bayan Ankara which felt wet. Was this what lay between women’s legs?

You see, even at 18, I was quite innocent of sex and all matters sexual, and it was these recent dalliances with my aunt that had awakened these desires in me. I had not seen any pictures or photographs. Up until now, I was just not too interested. I did have the occasional wet dream and an erection if I saw a hot scene on TV or in a film but I felt ashamed and wanted it to go away.

I started patting the area of her genitals. They were a mess of wet hills and wetter valleys with sparse vegetation in the form of hair. I folded my fingers and using only the index finger started gently feeling around and exploring this large twat. I located two sets of thick, heavy, smooth lips and a hole which seemed to be the source of all the liquids.

The finger seemed to get sucked in of its own and my aunt started an up and down movement on it. Can you imagine this big-bottomed woman taking your finger into her hole and then thrashing on it? Her pelvic thrusts were so strong that I thought that my small hand would break! She placed her hand near mine and made me thrust into her affair with two and then three fingers.

Having accomplished this, her hand held her boob and she touched her nipple to my lips. I started sucking the proffered teat. She pressed her nipple to my lip and started pulling it in and out fast in time with her pelvic thrusts. Her grip on my cock tightened. SHE WAS AWAKE! I was excited and Bayan escort Ankara even though I did not fully understand what was happening, my instincts had taken over.

I started sucking the nipple and sucked the whole aureole into my mouth. I had so much boob in my mouth that my teeth were scraping the smooth skin. My finger was pistoning into and out of her cunt. She was leaking liquid and all my fingers and even my palm was wet with them. Her musk was in the air and although we had lost all sense of time and place as well as the presence of the others on the bed with us, we were fortunate that they were sleeping the sleep of the dead.

Her hand now pulled my pajama strings and lowering the pajama, she held my erect and fast growing 8-inch cock in her soft palm. She gripped it fiercely and started an exciting up and down movement. Her pelvic thrusts reached a crescendo and in a couple of minutes, I felt a strong release, as if a dam had burst inside me and my cock started losing its erection. Her hand was wet with the copious streams of thick liquid that shot out of my cock and also fell on her thighs and our clothes. She herself shuddered violently and her fierce thrusting stopped. She gently extricated her nipple from my mouth.

To the best of my knowledge, she had not opened her eyes throughout this entire episode.

I feel asleep and woke up very late next morning to find every one gone. My cousins were playing, my uncle had left for work and my aunt was cooking in the kitchen. My pajama strings had been tied and there was no sign of my semen anywhere.

Please continue to send me your feedback if you want this true story to continue…

All constructive criticism and comments welcomed.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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