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Kochei, born Kochyeva Ilyavich Moskva let the sens rush over his skin. Yeah, he was a battle servant, a very good one, five assassinations to his name, and countless kills over that. In this place, though, he let the gold reflectors in his eyes shine and smiled down at the little human grinding against his crotch.

“You want?” He grabbed her jaw in his inhumanly strong hand.

“Yeah,” fear sweat, lust and cheap perfume would have any other servant cringing back in horror. Kochei smiled. He ran his thumb over her cheek and scented the terror rise from her as she realized this one wasn’t kidding.

“Here,” he slipped one razor sharp nail over her cheek and tasted the sweet tang of blood on the air. The hamir behind the bar yelped and vanished. He didn’t care. The heavy livemarble rocked beneath the woman’s weight as he pinned her against the bar. Fear overwhelmed everything but the blood, sharp and intoxicating.

“Not here.” That pissant so called battle master Mian tapped his shoulder. Kochei just looked at him, not even bothering to sneer, although he knew the fool could see his teeth anyways, as sharp and hard as the diamond they’d been made from.

“I’ll do what I please.” Kochei growled, letting the harmonics in his voice ring. Mian shrank back. “Go back to your coppers.” The least of the battle servants, and the only thing a near scrapped battle master could control. “If you can remember where you left em.” For any normal battle master never forgot, nor forgave. Mian was a fool. The scent of a frightened master was even more seductive than the woman he still held. Kochei opened his mouth further, letting it wash over him and rousing him even more.

Mian inhaled, flushed, then turned for the door. In the crush of people, he didn’t make it far. Kochei dropped the woman and grabbed Mian. Fragile, nearly human skin teased at his fingertips.

Trembling all over, Mian didn’t struggle. Kochei was disappointed. “You going to piss your pants like your pets?” He spoke in Mian’s ear, not that he needed to, even with the crashing distortion of the sens in the room. He knew Mian understood, even if he was stupid.

“They’re not pets.” Mian’s voice cracked. Kochei laughed. The little fool’s voice hadn’t even settled yet.

“What’re you doing here?” Kochei put his arms around Mian, as if they were dancing. In the press, it didn’t matter the only thing Kochei was doing was ramming his hard dick up against Mian’s ass.

“Anatoly sent me to find you.”

Kochei threw Mian to the floor. “Fuck you!”

“You almost did.” Mian came back up at him with almost the speed of a crippled slug. It was impressive, in a perverse sort of way.

“I fuck who I want.” He grabbed Mian’s arm and dragged him outside. “What does he want?” Kochei knew it couldn’t be that battle master Anatoly had any problems with Kochei’s fun.

“I’m just his messenger boy, since no battle servant would go into that pit.”

“Its fun.” Kochei smiled, still vibrating to the touch and sound of the sens. “Should try it some time.”

“I don’t think so.” Mian flicked his thumb against his teeth.

“I can take you right here.” Kochei slammed Mian against the wall.

“I’m underage.”

“Then how’d you get in there.” Kochei tipped his chin toward the recessed door.

“Because I said I was after you.” Mian snorted, his pale lashes fluttering like a girl’s, or a human’s.

“You’re twenty-two.” Kochei looked Mian up and down. “Can you even get it up?”

“You creature.” The word Mian used really meant created.

“I am.” Kochei didn’t know why he did nothing more to the little battle master. It wasn’t like Mian could do anything to Kochei. He was anyone’s meat at the labs. Often enough literally. “You think that’s an insult?”

Mian trembled all over. His big blue eyes were nearly black with terror. Kochei smiled and ran one fingernail up the crotch of his pants. “Old enough for some things, I see.” He slipped his finger along the length of Mian’s rock hard shaft. “Oh, you feel good.” Kochei crooned, as only a servant could do, as high and sweet as any little girl. “I know what Ilya was like, you little prick, and you don’t even come close.”

His eyes seemed to slip closed of their own accord as Kochei fondled him. A low chuckle rumbled in Kochei’s throat. “I don’t want to.” Mian’s eyes snapped open and he met Kochei’s gaze, as boldly as any whore, which he sure resembled at the moment.

“No, you wouldn’t.” Kochei felt the first stirring of respect for this little master. It took balls to stare down a battle servant with his hand on your dick. “What does he want?” Although Kochei was having fun too. He slipped the skin down Mian’s shaft and brushed the head of his cock.

“Stop that.” Mian growled.

Kochei laughed, amused as he hadn’t been in decades, not since Ilya’s preserved corpse had been shown to everyone in Russia as a zombie. Oh, Kochei knew quite well the price they’d all paid to be rid of the little baby fucker. “Why?” He smiled, then licked Mian’s lips open. The little prick sure didn’t resist the denizli escort instant their tongues met. As a matter of fact he moaned and slicked Kochei’s hand even more.

“Stop it.” Mian squirmed.

Kochei chuckled. “You don’t like an audience?” He glanced over at the humans who’d come out to watch the sex show. Not like they couldn’t have stayed in the bar. By this time half the whores’d be well on their way to rich.

“I’m underage.” Mian reminded him.

“So?” Kochei smiled, showing his teeth again. The humans whispered amongst themselves and shrank back. “Its all illegal or mandatory.”

“Your disobedience to Anatoly’s …”

“Damn you,” Kochei snarled and relented. Mian’s head cracked against the wall, but not hard enough to really hurt him. Oh, yeah, it’d have killed a human. But battle masters were harder to kill.

“Too late.” Mian picked himself up off the ground, jammed his dick back in his pants and tried to pull them back together. Kochei couldn’t help but wince at the rough handling. “Like you fucking care.”

Kochei’s ears buried themselves in his hair. He knew too well what it was like to be fucked against his will. Ilya’d done it to him, at six.

Mian tried to get his pulse to stop racing, or at least slow to something reasonable. He knew he was young. Why hadn’t he believed Kochyeva was insane? Well, not insane, yes insane. He shook his head, trying to think straight.

Kochei took off back for the University.

“Are you going to walk the whole way?” It was three in the morning.

“Why not?” Kochyeva flicked an ear back at him.

“Because you ruined my pants.” Mian tried to hold them up with one hand and keep up with Kochyeva at the same time. It wasn’t working well.

“Then take them off.” Kochyeva snorted, sounding like a cat who’d gotten some dust up their nose. The gold battle servant glanced back at him. “As you reminded me, we don’t fall under the law here.”

“Its cold out, Kochyeva.”

“Call me Kochei.” For the briefest instant, his ears came forward and Mian saw him glance down. “Not bad, either.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Mian snarled, sick of this servant’s attitude.

“Make me.”

“You sound like a child … or a battle servant.”

Kochyeva’s massive jaw clenched and his eyes blazed. If Mian’d been any less pissed off, he’d have never said any such thing.

“Some of us like children.” Kochyeva purred.

“Yeah, like old mad Ilya.”

“How the fuck do you know?” Again the slam back into the wall. Good thing all later battle masters had reinforced bones. Mian didn’t know how Anatoly survived. He’d been the first true battle master, not a modified human, like Ilya.

“I’m not stupid.” He looked Kochyeva up and down. Admittedly, he was damn good looking, even for a battle servant. Black hair, amber gold eyes, even under their metallic reflectors, and perfectly clear, pale skin, like all servants. No, he was not hard on the eyes. But then Mian was used to hominid beauty. Ilya’d never made an ugly servant, nor had any of his numerous successors.

“And you’re implying I am.” Kochyeva gave him the sort of smile a doting babushka would give her charge.

“I know it.” Mian held the servant’s gaze.

“What fucking game are you playing at?”

“Like you’re any different?”

“Yeah, I take what I want. You have a problem with that?”

“Only when it affects discipline.”

“I have no hand, I have no coppers, or even silvers.” Kochyeva’s amber eyes flashed gold again. “I work alone, battle master.” He turned the title into another insult.

“When you work, Kochyeva Ilyavich.”

“Shut the fuck up.” This time Kochyeva’s growl raised all the hair on Mian’s arms. “I don’t ever want to hear that name again.”

“You want the name of a child, Kochei?”

“Anything but Ilya’s.” Kochei’s eyes burned into his with a hatred deeper than any Mian had ever seen, except in the mirror.

“Then we’re agreed.” Mian rasped out of a throat gone dry with shock, and not a little bit of attraction. There were few things he found sexier than an aroused battle servant.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Kochei dropped him and headed back to the University.

“Ilya’s last poison is in Anatoly’s blood.” It was true.

“What?” Kochei howled, the sound echoing off the buildings.

“He has to die, Kochei.”

“I don’t kill battle masters.”

“You killed Lewis Smith.” Mian stared his own death in the face, in the form of Kochei’s fury. Kochei Ilyavich Moskva, the only battle servant to have ever killed a master, and his servants.

“I should kill you.” Kochei’s voice was as alien as a creature from beyond the stars in his rage.

“He can’t lead anymore.”

“Why not?”

“Because all he can do is fuck, like you, it seems.”

“You don’t even know how.”

“Show me.” Mian hadn’t meant to say that. He blinked.

“I don’t fuck little boys.”

“Then why did you split my pants open and fondle me in front of all those people.”

“They denizli escort bayan were humans.”

“So you were doing it to show them all how perverted we are.”

“How is it perverted for me to jack you off?”

“Because none of us can control ourselves with Anatoly playing the whore all the time.”

“He’s no whore.”

“No, then why did he fuck a horse in front of the school?”

“What?” Kochei stopped dead in his tracks. A knife as sharp as the winter wind had appeared in his hand. “You lie.”

“I do not.” Mian tipped his chin up, inviting the knife slash.

The fight went out of Kochei at last. He slumped, beaten. Tears pricked Mian’s eyes. He hadn’t meant to humble the proud servant, just get him to see what was going on. The knife disappeared. A stray breeze off the Moskva river played with Kochei’s fine hair, tumbling it into further disarray. Mian reached up and smoothed it back behind Kochei’s trembling ears.

Kochei’d know there’d been something wrong with master Anatoly. None of the early ones were perfect. Most were mad. Some were cruel. Many were simply idiots. He took a deep breath. Mian’s blue eyes held no pity, only patience. He’d have slapped the bitch otherwise.

“I want proof.” He knew the battle master, no matter how young, would hear the tremor in his voice.

Mian pulled out a flippy. Kochei accepted it, careful not to touch him and lit the front. There, in perfect sensefilm reproduction was his master, and the horse. He crushed it before he could think, plastic and glass shattering to bits. A sliver dug in, cutting to the bone, but he didn’t care. He flicked it out and the wound healed almost instantly. It gave him a moment to think.

“I believe you.” Kochei tried to summon the anger he knew he should feel. It didn’t come. “I won’t do it.”

“What’s he going to do next?”

“I don’t care.”

“He’s the most visible symbol of the whole master and servant program.”

“Do you think anyone cared about Ilya fucking four year olds in his little game room?”

“They were …” Mian glanced down at his hands. “Yeah.”

“They were servants, not human.”

“He never did it in public.” Mian’s face was white and pinched.

“That doesn’t make it right.” Kochei’s skin tightened at the memory.

“What difference does that make?” Mian’s nostrils flared.

“One hell of a lot.” Kochei closed his eyes against his own memory. Like so many others, he too was flawed.

“Servants don’t remember.” Mian shot back, hitting Kochei right in the balls.

“This one does.” Kochei felt his nails dig into his own flesh, drawing blood to trickled down between his fingers.

Mian’s mouth opened in an ‘o’ of surprise. Kochei nodded to him. “Fuck, I didn’t know.”

“Anatoly knows.” Kochei said. “He remembers too.”

Mian was stunned, to say the least. For an moment, he felt the far too familiar ache of pity. Kochei snarled at him, killing it instantly. A crooked smile came to his lips. “Thanks.”

“For?” Kochei snorted.

“You don’t want my pity.”

“I don’t want anything from you.” Kochei’s amber eyes blazed, the light from the overheads gleaming gold on his light amplifying reflectors.

Mian slipped back into one of the sheltered doorways, unused now from the paint that had been sealing it. Kochei followed him, his inherent curiosity at work. His smile grew. “Oh?” He asked as Kochei’s boots ground into the sand of the floor.

“Yeah.” Kochei’s voice trembled. Mian flicked open a light. I cast Kochei’s face into distorted shadows, costing him even the image of humanity. Mian let his pants fall to his ankles. Kochei’s hiss of in drawn breath could have been heard half a block away.

“Tell me that again.”

“You’re just a kid.” But he closed the distance between them.

“I’m old enough.” Mian’s gut trembled, just the tiniest bit.

“No,” Kochei turned from him. Muscles tensed and quivered beneath his skin like a stung toron.

“I thought you liked it on top.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Kochei was panting and even Mian could smell his scent turn rank.

“No,” Mian echoed Kochei’s earlier comment, with the perfect mockery only a battle master could make of one of their own servants.

“I haven’t bonded to you.”

“Not yet,” Mian purred.

“You’re a disgusting little fuck, you know that?” Kochei turned back to him, a his eyes crimson with reflected light. He really did look like a demon, and a very attractive one at that.

“Then why are you hard for me?” Mian stroked the front of Kochei’s pants. Kochei’s glorious eyes closed for a moment. when they reopened they were black with desire but for the gold flames of his reflectors. “You are.”

“I know it.” Kochei’s nostril’s flared, his mouth opened, and he tasted the air. The gesture, unique to battle servants nearly brought Mian to his knees with lust. Kochei’s eyes rolled up in his head, as he lost his battle with Mian’s will. “Stop it.” He growled at last, nearly unintelligible.

Mian escort denizli raised an eyebrow at him. He wouldn’t have thought any battle servant could have escaped his hold, much less at this late stage in the game. It was said human males were controllable through their dicks. Battle servants were supposed to be even more so, but Kochei’d thrown off Mian’s hold as if it were paper.

“Oh, not so easily.” Kochei’s voice rang across octaves and vibrated deep in Mian’s bones. “I have a century and more on you, Mian.”

“So?” Mian snorted. “So do my coppers.”

“They aren’t golds.”

“I can run right around Ekaterina.”

“She’s a bitch in heat after Anatoly.” Kochei flicked back a lock of hair with one ear.

“Better a bitch than a mare.”

Kochei snarled, the sound raising the hair on the back of Mian’s neck again. “How could he do that to us?”

“Out of control?” Mian stroked Kochei again. Kochei rubbed against him, but that was it, an automatic reaction. “Unlike you.”

“Unlike us.” Kochei inhaled deeply, closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again. All the lust, all the anger, everything was gone.

“What are you?” Mian’s fear grew. No battle servant should be able to regain control so easily from a battle master, even one as young as himself.

“I am Kochei.” He smiled, his sharp teeth showing plainly. “And I will not do it.”

“What?” Mian screamed, just as soon as he realized he hadn’t misheard.

“Anatoly does no harm in his pleasures.”

“How can you say that?” Mian felt his skin tighten over his bones again and sweat beaded on his brow.

“We’re animals ourselves.” Kochei’s low, rumbling chuckle only made the burn of anger in Mian’s chest grow. “I bet the police never even bothered to show up.”

“How do you know?” Mian covered his mouth. He hadn’t meant to let that slip.

“I know.” Kochei loomed over him again. “Just as I know you like taking it up the ass, little Mian.” Mian felt his eyes widen. “Never done it?” His smile broadened. A slow, lazy lick of his lips wetted them.

“Its none of your fucking business.” Mian tried to growl, and it came out as a squeak. “I’m not the problem here.”

“You are.” Kochei grabbed Mian’s jaw. “Ekaterina will take care of it. Its not your business.”

“Its all our business.” Mian’s heart pounded in his throat and temples.

“No, its not the business of little baby masters who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.” Kochei’s hand tightened down, bringing with it total darkness.

“This piece of shit tried to get me to kill you.” Kochei dumped the unconscious master at Anatoly’s feet. Mian stirred, but that was it.

“Why are you bothering me with this?” Anatoly raised a hand. “And clean up the language if you would.”

“What difference does it make?” Kochei rolled his eyes, but complied anyway. Master Anatoly, when he’d been merely Ilya’s latest toy, had rescued Kochei from the street where he’d run after having been repeatedly, brutally raped by Ilya. Anatoly had prayed Kochei would forget with his adolescence. Instead his memory sharpened to that as perfect as any battle master’s.

“I know you have more brains than the whores you fuck down by the river, Kochei.” Anatoly grinned at him, even as he idly fondled one of Ekatrina’s breasts. It was a bit startling, but Kochei was used to it. “So, why did you even bring him here?”

“He’s a master.” Kochei shrugged.

“He’s flawed.” Anatoly closed his eyes for a moment and the entire complex rang with Anatoly’s pain. Kochei and nearly a hundred other servants, all bonded to the great master, drank up the emotional energy as if it were the sweetest honey. It was what they lived on, he and his kind, just as a human child lived on the love and devotion of its parents.

“We all are.” Kochei was the first to regain his wits. Deep lines had appeared next to Anatoly’s mouth and eyes, as if he were aging, like a human. “Are you well?”

“Mian wasn’t the first to note my, degeneration, shall we call it.” He pulled Ekaterina further into his lap. Kochei arched his neck, reacting against his will to his master’s love play with his platinum. He’d shared Anatoly’s bed, any time his master asked for it, or would allow him.

“So you’re doing something about it?” Kochei blinked, a bit stunned at this admission.

“I am.” Ekaterina’s voice rang with finality. Kochei bowed his head, offering his neck in submission. “No, you did not know. We have taken notice. You are dismissed.”

“At your orders, Lieutenant.” Kochei backed toward the door.

“And take that with you.” Anatoly waved his hand at Mian, still passed out on the floor.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with him?”

“Language, Kochei,” Anatoly sighed, then inhaled deeply as Ekaterina stroked him. Some of the worst of the stresses left his face, but Kochei could tell he was not doing well. “Fuck him, for all I care, I just don’t want to see him for at least a week.”

Kochei grabbed Mian and tossed him over his shoulder. I was hard to salute with a hundred kilo battle master over one’s shoulder, but that’s what servant strength was for. Before he left, he came up with the perfect plan. Anatoly’s chuckle followed him all the way back to his suite.

Mian struggled to clear the fog from his head. It didn’t work very well. What’d happened to him?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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