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It was six months after my eighteenth birthday when I went to an adult bookstore for the first time; I’d wanted to go after I turned eighteen, but had always been too nervous. Being shy and a bit of a loner all through high school — even though I’d had a girlfriend — I’d yet to have sex, and since I was getting bored with just my hand to get me off, the chance of seeing some real porn was a thought that really turned me on.

After parking in an area behind the bookstore and getting out of my car, I found my heart pounding with anticipation, but I was also scared to go inside, so I stood looking at the backdoor to the building — there was a large sign on the door that read “Must be 18 to enter. We check ID.” — trying to get up the nerve

Finally I pushed the door open and walked inside. There were racks of magazines against the walls — the covers showed women on their knees sucking cock or on their hands and knees getting fucked by a big dick. As I walked further into the store — with my head down — I saw the guy behind the counter look up.

“Hey, buddy.” I was hoping he wasn’t talking to me, “Hey, man.” I looked up and saw that he was looking right at me as he spoke.

“Yeah.” My voice was weak and my mouth dry.

“You have ID?” He asked.

I knew I didn’t look eighteen — people made comments all the time implying I was really young looking — I even had someone tell me a few months earlier that I looked like I was fifteen. My ex-girlfriend would always tell me that I’d appreciate my young looks when I got older, but it was moments like this that made me wish I was bigger and older looking now.

I pulled out my wallet as I approached the counter — too nervous to say anything else — and took out my license and handed it to the guy behind the counter. He looked at the license and then back at me.

“Ok man,” he said as he handed me back my license, “gay magazines are over there in the far corner and you can buy tokens from me if you want to jack off to some gay porn in one of our fine video booths.” He smiled as he said it.

“I’m…I’m…not gay.” I couldn’t believe how nervous I was.

“Just fucking with ya man,” he laughed, “but you look really young, so” he leaned over the counter and whispered, “be careful, these guys in here,” he pointed to the other guys in the store, “will eat a young looking dude like you alive. But otherwise, have fun.” He laughed again as I walked away from the counter.

The bookstore was full of older guys, but I didn’t really understand what he was talking about when he said, “…eat a young looking dude like you alive.” So I just walk around looking at different magazines keeping an eye on the other guys in the store.

It was as I walked around the store that I came across the gay section in the back — just as the guy at the counter had said — with shelves arranged in such a way that it was more of a private section all to itself. As I walked by looking at the straight magazines, I looked over and could make out covers with guys on their knees sucking other guys or on their hands and knees getting fucked; like the straight magazines, but with two guys.

I kept glancing over to the gay section and found myself wanting to look at the magazines — I knew I was just curious, as I’d never found myself attracted to guys — and looked around and saw that the guy at the counter was selling something to a customer, so I walked into the gay area.

My heart was beating hard — I almost felt like I was doing something wrong — when I saw a magazine called “Younger Male for Older Male” and had to pick it up and take a look at it. The cover had a young guy — about my age — on his knees in front of an older guy — looked to be my dad’s age — and the older guy was holding his head with both hands as the young guy was sucking his dick.

My cock grew immediately — which was really confusing — and with my heart racing in my chest, I opened the magazine. Pictorials followed with the same young guy sucking the same older guy and then I turned to a page that showed several pictures of the older guy cumming as the younger guy — still on his knees — had his mouth open.

As I stood there trying to understand why this was turning me on, I realized that another guy entered the area and I froze with the magazine in my hand. The other guy browsed at some of the magazines and then moved behind me, I assumed to get past to where some other magazines and books were on the shelves to my right — the shelves were spaced very close together and there wasn’t a lot of room for two customers in the area –and as the guy moved past me, he touched my ass.

At first I figured he didn’t have enough room to get past, but even then he kept his hand on my ass; even rubbing it gently. Not knowing exactly what to do, I stood there hoping he would stop, but then he moved his hand around to the front and was rubbing giresun escort my hard dick through my pants. I moved a little to my left, but he followed and kept his hand on my dick, then leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I’d love to see you in a similar position,” he pointed to the magazine in my hand, “on your knees with my dick in your mouth.” I felt my heart pounding in my chest as he spoke.

I wanted to run but felt trapped — by my now throbbing dick in my pants, my own shyness and the fact that I was standing there holding a gay magazine — and I didn’t feel in control of the situation.

“Oh…” Was all I could manage to say.

“Follow me to the video booths in the back,” he was still whispering in my ear, “and let me feed you something nasty.” He laughed after he said it.

“I don’t know,” I said as he still rubbed my dick (this is insane, why won’t he leave me alone), “I don’t think I can.”

“You say no, but what is your cock saying?” He was breathing heavy in my ear as he spoke and although I didn’t want to do this, I did kind of like the attention of his hand.

Then he stopped rubbing my cock (Oh fuck, don’t stop) and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle and I could see the word RUSH printed on it as he took the cap off. Then he reached over and put it in front of my nose.

“Inhale deep, you’ll love it.” His words scared me, but something made me do it anyway.

At first it was just a bad smell, but then I felt it overwhelm me and my heart was racing and I couldn’t stop staring at the pictures in the magazine that was still in my hand. The older guy was cumming on the younger guys face and it was really enticing to me as the effects of the RUSH continued to take over my thoughts and emotions. I wanted that cock to be cumming on me and I couldn’t control myself as I reached over with my right hand and started to rub between his legs.

His dick was hard and felt big through his pants (what the fuck am I doing) still I couldn’t understand the way it was all making me feel; excited and scared. Then he reached down and undid his zipper and pulled out his really big dick — if I had to guess, I’d say at least 8 to 9 inches — I was so sure that someone was going to come into the area and see us — but I couldn’t help myself; (what the FUCK am I doing) I was stroking his dick. It was big and fat — my cock wasn’t anywhere near his size — and he grabbed my hand and guided me to his balls; they felt warm and soft in my hand.

“Yeah, you’re going to love my cock in your mouth, so…” He stuck his tongue in my ear as he spoke and then breathed heavy sending chills through my body, “…follow me to the back.”

He zipped up his pants and walked out of the area and I felt his hand rub against my ass as he left. Still feeling the effects of the Rush — and the thoughts of what I was about to do — I followed him to the back of the store where there was a doorway leading to the video booths. (You don’t know how to do this, what the fuck are you thinking) as we walked down the hallway, I wondered if I should tell him I’d never done this before (fuck, what the hell am I doing).

We turned a corner and there were rooms on both sides of another hallway we entered — there were also three older guys standing in the hallway — and the guy I was following entered one of the booths. I paused realizing all these guys were watching me — did they want me on my knees in front of them– (turn around and get the fuck out of here) and I couldn’t believe what I was contemplating.

As I stood there — realizing how insane this situation was and about to turn and run out — I caught a glimpse of the guy I had been following standing in the booth with the door open. The room was dark — there was a small glow coming from the video machine on the wall — and he had his pants and underwear down to his ankles; that isn’t what made my heart really pound, it was the size of his dick. His hands were on his hips as he stood there waiting for me (god his cock is so long and fat) with his dick pointing straight out (you don’t really want to do this, do you). One of the guys out in the hallway walked up to where I was standing and let out a little laugh.

“Don’t stop now,” the guy stood next to me in the hallway as he spoke, both of us looking at the guy standing in the booth with his dick exposed, “you might never get another chance at a dick that big.” He laughed again, “But I’d love to see you try to wrestle it.” He laughed harder at that.

I was thinking I can’t do this (you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into) and yet I was walking into the room; It wasn’t me that walked in, it was like I was controlled by his cock and the pictures from that magazine that were now burning in my brain (you’re going to regret this) and I walked in and stood in front of him, looked down at giresun escort bayan his hard dick and started to stroke it slowly.

“Leave the door open,” It was the same guy out in the hallway, “we want to watch too.”

He didn’t response to the comment as I continued stroking him and marveled that I couldn’t even fit my hand completely around his shaft.

“On your knees.” he pushed my shoulders down as he spoke and I obeyed.

The door of the booth was still open, and I could hear the guys behind me making comments about how young I looked and how they might be next; I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock as I stroked it up and down (you’re fucked now, these guys wouldn’t let you leave even if you wanted to) and some precum dribbled out of his pee-slit (there’s no way you can get that cock in your mouth) and I stuck out my tongue and licked it off his dick.

I could hear him inhale some of the Rush he’d given me earlier and I looked up at him with a look that must have implied I wanted more, because he leaned forward and put the bottle to my right nostril; I covered the left one with my finger as I inhaled deep. His dick looked beautiful as the Rush enhanced my senses; I opened my mouth — wanting it all — wanting to know what it was like to taste his meat.

“Oh my god, he’s sucking that big cock,” It was a different voice this time — a voice I seemed to recognize — but it was way back in my mind and I couldn’t place it.

My jaws were stretched wide as I tried hard to fit his dick in my mouth (there are people watching you suck this guys cock) and he grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me toward him, allowing more of his dick to slide in — there were “oh’s” and “ahs” coming from the men standing behind me — I reached up and placed my hands on his hips to steady myself and rose up on my knees to be on the same level as his cock; while he fed it to me.

I let out low moans — without even realizing it at first — as my mouth filled with his hard dick and moved my head back and forth on it and let him fuck my mouth; a little at first — just letting the tip push in and then back out — then he pushed in with more force and I was sucking hard on that fat dick in my mouth — licking his pee-slit — (he’s going to cum in your mouth you know) and the thought of his cum scared and excited me at the same time, but I really hoped — especially since it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect — that I could just pull his dick out of my mouth and jack him off .

As I sucked on his dickhead, I could hear him moaning and was worried that he was close, so I tried to pull off before he came in my mouth, but his grip on my head was too strong and he started pumping his dick back into my mouth harder and with more force. I struggled to get off, but he held me there pumping his hips at my face and my jaws hurt from all the cock I was now being forced to accept.

(What the fuck was I thinking? I’ve got his cock in my mouth and he’s going to cum) and then I felt something warm and wet hitting the side of my face as he continued to ram his cock in my face (oh fuck, what the hell is that) and It took me until I heard the guy jacking off hard next to me, to realize it was one of the guys watching and he was shooting his cum on my face (what the fuck).

“Uhh…uhhh…” was the only sound I made as his big dick fucked my face and inched further into my mouth, “Uhh..uhhh…uhh.”

Cum was still landing on my face — across my nose and into my eyes and hair — before the guy behind me stopped shooting cum and I could hear him zip up his pants (you know there are more guys jacking off while they watch you sucking this guy) and I could hear the other guys make dirty comments like,”Suck that cock, bitch.” and “Shoot some cum in his mouth. ” (Yep, you can’t stop it now).

He stopped fucking my mouth and held my head tight on the tip of his dick before he shot his first load of cum (fuck) and I swallowed it just as another load of cum filled my mouth.

“I think he just caught a nut in that kid’s mouth.” It was that familiar voice but I still couldn’t place it.

He took his dick out of my mouth with one hand and held my head with the other.

“Keep your mouth open.” He breathed heavy and the tone of his voice was harsh and scared me.

(Why couldn’t he do this in the first place) I kept my mouth open as he jacked his dick inches from my lips — Cum splashed onto my face and in my mouth — he slowed down his strokes as he finished cumming and rubbed the tip of his dick on my tongue — a little more cum oozed out and into my mouth — finished he pushed me off and I fell onto my ass, but I braced myself with both of my hands and was sitting looking up at him as he pulled up his pants and put his dick away.

“My turn.” It was one of the guys behind me..

(Are you ready for another escort giresun dick) he stood over my face from behind me and grabbed my shoulders to hold me up as his dick went into my mouth. His balls covered my eyes and nose as he fucked into my mouth from behind — thank god his dick was not as big as the one I just sucked — and immediately shot his cum.

I found it hard to swallow him in this position, but tried — cum came out the side of my mouth — I choked a little as he rammed his cum spewing dick into my mouth. I was breathing hard out of my nose trying not to choke on all the cum flowing out of him and he just kept fucking my face; cum was all over my face, spilling out of my mouth and down my throat.

He grunted as he shot a last small amount of cum and pulled out, but there was another guy standing in front of me jacking his cock hard (fuck, how many more) and he pulled me up to my knees and grabbed my head with his left as he jacked his cock with his right. He didn’t have to tell me to keep my mouth open and the first shoot of cum was across my lips and into one eye. Then he grabbed my head with both hands and his dick was in my mouth. I was now numb to the experience as he shot another load and filled my mouth with cum. I was swallowing cum, cum was coming out of my mouth and dribbling down my chin and still he shot load after load into my mouth before he was finished. After he pulled his now limp dick out of my mouth, I gasped for air and wiped cum off out of my eyes (there’s still another guy that wants his turn with you).

The next guy pushed the last guy out of the way as he positioned himself in front of me and I reached out and grabbed his balls as he pushed his dick into my mouth. Slowly I rubbed and massaged his balls with him pumping in and out (he’s moaning) and then I felt his balls tense up followed by his cum flowing out. He let out grunts as he came and I was fascinated by the feel of his balls; big, round and spongy like the guy’s balls I felt earlier in the bookstore and the weird thing was that I didn’t want this to stop; I wanted him to keep his cock in my mouth as I rubbed his balls. I wanted him to keep shooting his cum in my mouth as I held his balls in my hand (please don’t stop).

“Fuck, that’s it man, eat my cum.” It was the voice I recognized earlier and finally I realized it was the guy that checked my ID at the counter when I came in.

Cum was spilling out of my mouth as he grunted and groaned and held my head on his cock (his knees just buckled) and his whole body jerked. I could tell that he was trying to keep steady on his feet, but he jerked so widely his cock came out of my mouth and a spray of cum flew into the air and across my face. I frantically tried to grab his dick with one hand as I held his balls with the other; another shot of cum spewed out of his cock and onto my face before his cock was back in my mouth.

(Fuck, he’s shooting cum everywhere) he grunted loud and shot two loads one after the other — it was too much cum — I swallowed as much as I could, but it flowed out of my mouth. The just like that he wasn’t cumming and I stroked his dick trying to milk out the last little bit of cum — it dribbled out of his pee-slit and into my mouth — and I swallowed what was left before he pulled out

His face was flushed and he looked down into my eyes as I looked up at him; he actually rubbed my cum soaked face with both of his hands as he caught his breath.

“Oh, man,” he finally said, “and you said you weren’t gay.”

I was still on my knees looking up at him (what the hell did I just do) finding it hard to believe this had happened and watching his now limp dick still spilling some cum out of the tip.

“I’m…I’m not.” I’m sure my words were not that convincing with cum dripping off of my face, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Yeah,” he laughed as he pulled up his pants, “that was not a first time blow job. You have to suck a lot of cock to be that good.”

As he said those words, I felt shame for what I’d done and also a little proud that he liked the blow job. He left the room as I gathered myself and tried to wipe cum off my face, but returned a minute later with a towel.

“Here you go, man,” he said as he handed me the towel, “are you ok?”

I shook my head yes as I wiped cum off and handed him back the towel.

“You know, “I said straighting myself out, “Only the first guy ask me, the other guys, you included, took advantage of the situation.”

“It got a little out of hand, but it was really exciting to see such a young guy sucking cock like that.” He said as he took the towel from me, “I wouldn’t have usually forced myself on someone, but you have to admit you were willing to suck everyone, right.”

I was sure he was just worried that if I complained he could get in trouble since he worked in the bookstore and took part, but I just gave him a little look and started walking out.

“Hey, take a couple of magazines on the house if you want to.” He yelled after me.

Later that night I was naked in my bed reading the only magazine I’d taken — on the house — and it was titled “Younger Male for Older Male.” I read it as I stoked my hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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