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Steven has just had one of those days from hell that all men seem to have once in a while. On his drive home, his mind keeps going over how his boss could not seem to get off his ass or how the meeting was such a disaster. Wishing that it would just all go away and that he could just forget this day ever existed, but knowing that once he get home, he will have part two to look forward to.

The wife will undoubtedly meet him at the front door and immediately start in on him about what the kids have done wrong today and how her mother has upset her and her best friend said something that really set her off. He was not looking forward to any of that. Thinking of how nice it would be just to be able to go somewhere just to unwind a little before he had to go face all that, Steven decided to stop in at the hotel bar for a couple of quick drinks during Happy Hour.

Steven pulled into the parking lot and saw that it is not very crowded which was a relief. That should make it just a little more peaceful and give him the time he needed to unwind. He walked in, the lights were always too bright in here he thought to himself, but what the hell, at least there was not some blaring jukebox playing some whining, crying my eyes out country song. Walking over to the bar to order his favorite drink, bourbon on the rocks, he saw this stunning woman sitting alone, sipping on the same drink. For a brief moment, he fantasized that the straw she was sucking so tenderly on was his cock, and when she ran her tongue across it, and he could feel his cock throbbing.

Sitting down one seat away from her, Steven wanted to get a closer look at her. Laughing to himself about how glad he was now that the lights were not so dim after all, he got a good look at her. Her long blonde curls cascaded over her shoulders, to the small of her back, making him think about what he would give to be able to run his fingers through that mane. His eyes studied her profile; her blouse clinging tightly to her breasts left him without a doubt that her breasts were quite large. Her arms looked so soft and silky that he felt he had to resist the urge to reach over and caress them. She sat there, knowing that Steven was staring at her and crossed her legs as she turned to him smiling.

Looking at him, and mocking a whisper, she grinned, “You don’t have to sit so far away. After all, I have not had the pleasure of biting anyone in over a week.” Not taking his focus of her enchanting blue eyes, Steven moved one stool closer to her.

It is just then that the bartender asked again, “Well are you going to tell me what you are drinking or shall I just guess?” Steven suddenly became aware of the fact that he had been talking to him, while all the time in his mind he was undressing her. “Well?” He asked.

“What are you having?” Steven asked her.

She smiled; leisurely slipping the straw from her lips, her tongue licking it, and said, “Jim Beam on the rocks.”

“Bartender, I will have one of those too,” Steven replied. “And, if the lady would like another one, it would be my pleasure.”

She smiled and nodded her head at the bartender, then brushed her beautiful blonde curls from her face and tucked them behind her ear, “Thank you,” she said.

The bartender handed Steven his drink and placed hers in front or him so he could hand it the beautiful lady himself. He then began the casual polite small talk. She was talking but he had no idea what she was really saying, he could not stop watching her delicious lips as she sipped her drink. His mind kept fantasizing about how he would just love to be able to run his fingers through her velvety soft hair while kissing those delectable lips, then whisking her off to her room. Stripping her clothes from her exquisite body and then just have wild animalistic sex with her, no emotions or feelings, just good hot steamy fucking and sucking for a couple of hours then showering off and going home, never seeing her again.

The small talk continued and so did the images of toying with her, touching and tasting her. Steven’s cock was growing more erect each time she crossed her legs or licked her straw or brushed her hair aside. Slowly the casual conversation began to turn a bit more racy, talking about how all he really needed after that day from hell was to just go home and get laid by the wife.

She laughed, “well then why don’t you just do that?’

Smiling and rolling his eyes, Steven said, “Oh please, the last time we had sex because I wanted it, was the night we got married.” “She always has some reason why she just is not in the mood, and I just get sick and tired of hearing it, so I just let it go. The woman won’t even consider oral sex, she just looks disgusted and says that since I am not Bill and she is not Monica, that it just won’t ever happen.”

Realizing that he did not even know her name, he held his hand out, smiled, and said, “Hello, the name is Steven and I am a sexaholic who was put on the wagon Kurtköy Escort without my consent.”

“So nice to meet you Steven, the name is Kymberley, and I have been known to help a few jump from that wagon without even so much as a scratch.”

Wow, that was not what he expected to hear. Now he had a chance, he thought to himself, the smile widened from ear to ear. “Just how do you accomplish that My Dear?” Steven asked.

With a very naughty smile, she whispered, “Just by helping myself to a little glass of bourbon and a couple of cubes of ice.” “Oh and one other thing,” she grinned.

“And that one other thing would be?” Steven whispered.

“Taking the addict to my room so we can work on it alone without any distractions,” Kymberley murmured.

With that last comment Steven quickly downed the shot and asked for another one, “and make it a double please.”

Kymberley moved closer to him, the scent of her perfume drifted past him as she flipped her hair back over her shoulder. Kymberley’s hand brushes against Steven’s leg as she reached to pull her skirt back down over her exposed thigh. Her touch sent shock waves through his body to his already semi hard cock, he has to have this one he thought.

She wanted him and he wanted her, this time, he was not going to pass this chance up he kept thinking in his mind. Steven knew that when this night was done, he would never have to see her again. When the next words he spoke come from his lips, he would have no way to turn back now.

“Well Kymberley, as I have already stated, I am a sexaholic and I need help. Will you be so kind as to help me off that wagon I was hijacked by so many years ago?” He asked her, shocked that the words even came out of his mouth.

She smiled, “Well Steven, I was beginning to think I was going to have to hand you the key to my room in hopes that you would just follow me up there. Of course I will, it will be my pleasure, and yours too.”

Steven tossed a couple of twenty dollar bills to the bartender, mumbled something about keeping the change, as she moved her legs around to his side of the bar stool and gently slipped off the stool. He got a great look at her this time. Thinking about how those legs sure go so well with the rest of the package, smiling, thinking of what those long sexy legs will feel like wrapped around his hips while he was thrusting his stiff cock deep into her wet pussy.

Kymberley walked to the elevator a few feet in front of him as he watched her hips sway from side to side. His cock throbbing in his pants aching to be released so he can ravage this goddess of a woman. Steven couldn’t believe his luck, this woman as fine as she is, wanted to have sex with him, a stranger she met in a bar. In his mind he started visioning the things he would do to her, the positions he would have her in, the taste of her sweet nectar, the feel of her firm tits in his hands, caressing them.

The elevator opened and he stepped off behind her, following just like a little puppy. Kymberley opened the door to her room and he smelled the sweetest aromas wafting from within it. The delicate smell of fresh roses and her perfume filled his senses. She laid her purse on the table and turned to him smiling. Reaching for her shoes, she slipped them off and kicked them under the table, lowering her voice to a soft whisper, asked him, “Will you give me your complete trust and do what ever I ask you to do?”

Looking at her standing there in front of him, so perfect from head to toe Steven couldn’t speak, he just nodded his head yes. Kymberley sauntered over to him, staring at his face. Her sapphire blue eyes looked deep into his, her soft hands reaching around the back of his neck, her long slender fingers running through his light brown hair, she leaned up to his ear and whispered softly as her breath teased him. Her tongue gently licking his ear lobe, then moving to his mouth and tasting his lips, nibbling on them as she sucked his bottom lip into her hot mouth while her teeth grazed gently across it, kissing him passionately then whispered, “Can we play now?”

Steven felt his pulse quicken. Without warning, his cock began to throb against the zipper of his pants; aching to be freed so it could feel her delicate fingers caressing every inch of it. Shivers ran down the back of his neck and through to his fingertips, he wrapped his arms tightly around her and pulled her body close to his, pressing his erection against her tender pelvis and kissed her hungrily. His strong hands out of control as they groped at her madly.

Kymberley broke off the kiss slowly, tenderly sucking at his lip and then stepped back away from Steven. With a flash of a wickedly delicious smile, she once again questioned him. “Steven in order to play this game, I have to have your complete trust. So will you give it to me?” Kymberley breaks off the kiss slowly, tenderly sucking at your lip and then steps back away from you. Kurtköy Escort Bayan With a flash of a wickedly delicious smile, she once again questions you. “Steven in order to play this game, I have to have your complete trust. So will you give it to me?”

Again without hesitation, Steven agreed.

She walked over to the table in the corner and pulled a chair out away from it. Kymberley placed the chair in the center of the room in front of the long full mirror on the wall. She smiled and walked over to Steven and took his hands in hers then lead him to the chair. It had brown leather cushions on the seat and the back and arms that extended out and to the frame of the seat. The legs of the chair are very sturdy and connected from the front to the back.

Kymberley walked in front of him and stood between him and the mirror on the wall. Steven looked into the mirror and marveled at how perfect her ass and legs looked in that wine colored leather miniskirt. The shimmering white silk blouse clung to her back and shoulders, giving away just enough over her breasts as to not hold them back. He glanced down past her curvy hips and to her firm ass, then followed the skirt with his steel gray eyes to where it met her legs, thinking about those legs; wondering it they were as creamy and smooth as her arms were.

Kymberley placed her finger to her lips, asking without having to say a word that he did not speak. Steven nodded and watched her. She raised her hands to his tie and began to tug at the knot. When he tried to help her to loosen the tie, she grasped his fingers gently and moved them away. Smiling she looked into his eyes, “Steven, let me please you. All you have to do is enjoy this time. I will handle everything.”

Steven relaxed his shoulders as she unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time. Each time opening his shirt wider and placing delicate butterfly kisses on his chest. His nipples begin to respond to each kiss more than the kiss before. He was amazed that such a whisper of a touch could cause the tingling that his body was feeling taking over it in waves of lustful desire.

With his shirt opened and his chest exposed to her, Kymberley touched her tongue to her lips. She lightly brushed her lips over his nipple and her fingernails over the other nipple. Pulling his erect nipple into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it as she placed her hands under the fabric and pushed his shirt off his shoulders and then slid it off his arms, allowing it to fall to the floor. Kymberley licked a wet moist trail across his chest with her tongue and nibbled gently on his other nipple.

Steven stood before Kymberley amazed with her sensuality, wondering where she had been all those years ago when he was still single. Watching her in the mirror, Kymberley kneeled before him, still laying delicate kisses on his abdomen and licking his belly, flicking her tongue in and out of it as she reached for the buckle of his belt. She pulled the buckle open and then reached around behind him as she guided the belt through the loops of his pants then tossed it aside with the shirt. She raised each foot and took off his socks and shoes.

Kymberley looked up to Steven as he watched her every move. She smiled as she stared into his eyes while her hands grasped the button on his slacks. Gently Kymberley unbuttoned his slacks as she ran her fingernail over the zipper sending vibrations to his cock. She watched as he closed his eyes slowly and let a small moan escape his lips. Then taking the zipper in her fingers, she pulled it down slowly while blowing lightly across his stomach. Kymberley slid her hands inside the waist of his slacks and eased them over his ass, off his thighs and to the floor. She asked Steven to step out of them and when he did, she tossed them aside. Looking at his bulge inside his underwear, she kissed his cock lightly from out side the fabric causing him to shudder at her gentle kiss, then she removed them and smiled as his cock sprang forth.

Steven stood there in front of Kymberley. She gazed at his physique and smiled as she looked up to him. He was embarrassed for a moment when he thought about the fact that not since he had been married, had another woman seen him like this. Kymberley rose from her knees and pulled him to her, kissing him tenderly then slipping her tongue in his mouth tangling her tongue with his as she lowered him to the chair.

Steven watched her as she walked over to the stand beside her bed and removed four black silk scarves. He dick was so eager for her touch but he knew that this was her game and when she was ready, she would touch him. As she walked back to him with the scarves, his mind began to doubt his urges. For a brief moment he wondered what she intended to do to him and could he really trust this woman he did not know. As she stood in front of him again, those fears vanished from his thoughts as she kneeled in front of him again.

Kymberley Escort Kurtköy smiled at Steven. Then stoking his leg with her delicate hands she began to wrap the scarf around his ankle and secured to the foot of the chair. He pulse grew quicker, as she did the same thing to the other ankle. Kymberley raised herself off her heels and rested on her knees as she kissed him tenderly on the chest. She teased his chest hairs with her breath and then wrapping the scarf around his left wrist and then another to the right wrist leaving him bound to the arms and feet of the leather chair.

Kymberley stood up and looked at Steven, then turned and walked around the room lighting all the candles she had. She then turned off all the lights in the room and put a soft jazzy CD in the player. Soon the air in the room began to fill Steven’s nostrils with the scent of roses, as the candles burned brightly. Kymberley walked back over to Steven and leaned over to kiss him as his body yearned now for more than just her kiss.

Standing in front of the mirror and the candle light glowing and brightly made her so magnificent for him to gaze at. Kymberley ran her fingers up her sides and over her breasts. Swaying to the soft beat of the music, she pulled her blouse out of the band of her skirt. Gently easing it over her head and tossing onto the pile of clothes that she had already removed from Steven. Tenderly caressing her breasts through her blush colored silk bra and allowing Steven to see her nipples growing more erect as she teased them.

Kymberley then slid her fingers over her stomach and to her hips. She turned slowly as she reached behind her back to unzip her skirt. She watched herself in the mirror as she felt Steven’s gaze on her naked flesh. With a gentle wiggle of her hips, she slid the skirt off them, past her cheeks revealing her blush colored silk panties. Down her legs she pushed her skirt and then stepped out of it kicking it aside.

Kymberley turned to face Steven. She watched as his eyes moved from her eyes to her neck, then to her breasts and belly. He had never expected her to be as beautiful as she was. He was almost too intimidated by her beauty to continue on with this game. She could sense his fear and smiled at him.

“Steven, I told you that I was going to please you and see to it that this night is a night you will never forget.” Kymberley said.

She turned to the wet bar beside the mirror and opened the cabinet. Taking out a glass, she opened the brass ice bucket and removed four cubes of ice, dropping them one at a time into the glass. Then she reached for another glass and filled it with Jim Beam. Steven could not imagine what she intended to do with these two glasses. Prior to her pouring the bourbon in one and the ice in the other, he thought they were going to have another drink.

Steven watched Kymberley as she inhaled the smell of the bourbon and then took a small sip from the crystal glass. She walked towards him as she swirled the drink in her mouth. She swallowed it as his eyes watched her intently. She kneeled in front of him again and set the glasses on the floor by his feet. Reaching around behind her, she unfastened the hooks of her bra and removed it. Her breasts sprang free from it as his mouth dropped open.

He could not believe how exquisite her breasts were. “Can I ask what size you are Kymberley?”

She spoke with a low soft voice, “38EE, and before you ask the next question Steven, yes they are real.”

Kymberley took a cube of ice from the glass and lick the fluid from it as it melted slowly in her fingers. Allowing a few drops of water to drip over her lips and to fall onto her breasts, she lifted her right breast gently and traced the outline of her pink aureole with the ice. Her nipples perked as the freezing ice melted off of it. Sticking her tongue to the tip of her nipple, she licked the wetness from it. Kymberley rubbed the tip of her other nipple with the ice and again licked it softly with her tongue.

Smiling as she whispered, “Let’s see what I can do to satisfy that urge you have to get off that wagon Steven.”

She moved her body in between his thighs as she stroked and teased them with her nails. She looked up at him and smiled as she glanced back over his chest and then his abdomen and his legs all the way to his feet. With him tied to the chair, silk scarves binding his wrists and ankles to the chair, she reached for the shot of bourbon. Taking a sip and swirling it around her mouth, feeling it burn into her tongue and cheeks, she lowered her lips to his hard shaft. Kissing it softly, as her tongue licked the tip of his cock, she parted her lips, taking his throbbing head deep into her burning mouth, feeling her tongue caress his shaft as it slid deeper to her throat.

Steven sighed heavily and then released a soft hungry moan. Closing his eyes as he felt the fire from her mouth cover his cock. His breathing became a little more rapid as her fingernails teased his balls. Moving her tongue around his shaft as she sucked on his cock like a hungry kitten sucks milk from its mother’s nipple. Squeezing her lips tightly around his dick, sliding her lips up to the throbbing head and back to the base of where his shaft meets his cum filled balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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