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It has been more than a week since I had been to bed with my man, Henri. I was beyond horny, and ready to resort to having a woman over for the night. I had no idea, before I was introduced to black cock, that I would crave it as I have done for the past 7 years. When I met Henri last year, I had no idea that I would become so addicted to his lovemaking, and be so desirous of having him in a bed. The better that man fucked me, the more I wanted him.

He and I had gone out of town for a weekend, and spent two nights in a motel. He had warned me that after that weekend, I would be changed forever, even though I felt that he had taken total possession of my body in the months that we had been in bed with each other. Until that weekend, I had been wanting of his lovemaking, of his large cock; but since that weekend I found myself also craving the hard fucking that I knew he could deliver. In that motel weekend, he had fucked me very hard, and seemingly not caring whether I got off on him or not. I had cum a lot, and quite hard, and he knew it, but his fucking went right through that, just pounding my well fucked ass into the mattress.

On Monday Henry called, and told me that April had called him, He said that she would like to come over early on Wednesday and go home Thursday night or Friday morning. He added: “She asked if you would be there. She said that she likes that white tongue of yours.”

I told him that I would be there, and asked him to let me know when she was on her way, and that when she calls back, to let her know that I wanted to see her too. I asked him: “What did Althea think of your description of her? Did she like what we did for here in the motel.”

He laughed, saying: “Althea said that if she had known that we would find something like her, that she might have come along instead of spending time with her family. She wants to meet her too. Clean yourself out and bring your bowl.”

I spent some time Tuesday, cleaning up and cleaning out, shaving the places that I shave, and thinking about the party that was to come. I reminisced about how my parties, years ago, were all about seeing how many bottles we could empty, but now were much more enjoyable, seeing how many holes could be filled and how many times we would each get off. I noticed, as I shaved my crotch area that the Spade shaped hair patch above my cock was beginning to look good.

Late that evening, after she got out of work, April called me. In our conversation she said: “I really want to see you guys again. I liked spending time with both of you before, and liked the new experience of being with the two of you at the same time.”

I assured her that I loved being with her as well, and was looking forward to the next day. I told her that we wouldn’t spend all of our time in bed, but I was looking forward to tasting her sweet juices again. I told her that we would be hitting the pool and enjoying the outdoors on the pool deck.

She laughed and said: “Henri said that we would be in the pool, and that I could wear my bikini or not. It has been awhile since I have been skinny dipping. I hope that I am not embarrassed.”

I assured her with: “Baby, embarrassed? About what? You have a body to be proud of. It is almost wrong for you to cover it with clothing. Wear your bikini or not, but please, be proud of you body, and show it to us. There isn’t enough good light to properly enjoy it in the bedroom. We want you to enjoy your date with the three of us.”

I added: “Being your first party at their house, you will be their guest of honor, and they know how to treat their guests well. Sleep well tonight, you will need it to get you through the party. We love to have fun, and with you here, it will be fun for sure. I will see you at their place tomorrow, April baby.”

Henri called me at 9 on Wednesday morning, saying that April would be there around 11 AM. I told him that I would get there at that time too.

I gave myself another rinse, dressed, and got my little bag, and headed out, stopping at Publix to pickup a couple of six packs of O’Doul’s Amber, and pulled into his subdivision with April right behind me in her blue Neon.

When we parked in their driveway and got out to go inside, she came to me and I took her in my arms, giving her a hug as she offered her lips to me for a kiss.

I said: “Dang, woman, I have been thinking about your kisses, and hoped to be able to have more. You just showed me that I was missing the good stuff. Now you have got me horny all over again. Let’s get inside.”

I rang the bell, and Althea answered, wearing a sarong, and as we stepped inside, she gave me a peck on the cheek and took April’s hand, and kissed her on the nose, saying: “Damn, Henri said that you were well packed, but he underestimated. No wonder he and Eddie wanted to party with you. You are good looking girl, and everything is in the right place. Come on in, and I will show you were you can put your bag. We are going to go to the pool for awhile and you can wear your bikini or not. I won’t be wearing one, and I don’t think the guys will ankara escort have anything on either. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

As they walked off, April looked at me, longingly, and with a headshake beckoned me to follow. Althea led her to their bedroom, and said that she could get ready for the pool in here, then turned to leave saying: “I have a dish in the oven that I need to check. I will see you when you come out.”

When she had gone, April said: “I have never been naked around people that I have just met. Will they be upset if I wear my bikini?”

I suggested: “Baby, I have been thinking about that. Why don’t you put it on, and when we get into the pool, I would like to make out with you, I need some more of your hot kisses, and as you become comfortable, I would love to untie it and get you naked with us. Just let it go, let it flow, and you will see that the only difference here, from the motel is that Althea is here with us. She is a sweetheart, and will make you feel welcome too. I will go out and let you change. And, it might appear that we are two couples, Henri and Althea, and you and I, but really it is four people who like each other.”

Going to the living room, I took off my clothes and went to the pool deck to find Henri. He was at the grill, naked but wearing an apron, and turning some brats, as I walked up.

As he turned to me, we kissed and I reached under the apron to feel his cock. I said: “Baby, I want that in my throat today. I haven’t tasted you like I forever.”

Althea walked up to us and said that she would wear her sarong until April was more comfortable with us. I asked: “Will Penny be here today, baby?”

She smiled and nipped my ear with her teeth and said: “You bet, honey, but I don’t want to scare April. Let’s let her adapt to us.”

I told her that I had told April to wear her bikini if she felt shy, and that I would take it off when she was more comfortable. I added: “Don’t rape the poor girl, Althea. You are gonna like what you see.”

I picked up a towel and tied it around me, thinking that it might ease things a bit with April if she saw that each of us had something on.

In just a few minutes she came out to the pool deck, looking awesome. Her white bikini against her chocolate skin was nothing less than tempting. I had seen her nude, but this was just as sexy, and made me know that I would love to put her on my arm and take her anywhere.

When she got on the pool deck, Henri met her and grabbed her up in a big hug, giving her a good, hard, kiss, and I could tell that they were fencing with their tongues. He was so good at making someone feel comfortable.

Althea said to April: “Girl, we have Ice Water, Tea, non-alcohol beer, and lots of wine. What would you like to drink?”

“I would like a glass of wine to shake off the road, then later Imight drink something else.” She answered.

While Althea was getting the wine, April said to me: “She is beautiful, and so bubbly. I like her already.”

I felt better, seeing that April was not uneasy with us. When she had her glass of wine, I took her hand and walked her around the pool.

As we walked, I said: “Baby, you are special to me. I want as much of you as we are comfortable with, today, tonight, and in the future. Anytime that you want to see me, just let me know and we will work it out. But I want you to know that I want you too, both in the bed, and also as a social thing. I would love to have you over to my place sometime so I could take you out to dinner, and properly date you. It isn’t all about jumping in a bed and working up a sweat. You are a lady, with class, and great looks as well.”

She said: “I would like that, and I have to say, that no one ever made me feel as good with their face between my legs as you did. You are one pussy eating white boy, baby.”

We had circled the pool, and Henri said that the brats would be good for awhile and that we should get a swim before we eat.

I agreed, leading April to the pool steps as I took off my towel. Henri pulled his apron off, as Althea came out of the house removing her sarong. I noticed that April caught her breath when she saw Althea naked, and hoped it was a sign that she would be comfortable. We walked into the pool to a depth just over our waists, and I reached out to cup Althea’s breasts.

I said: “Damn Henri, how can you stand to have these in the same room as you, in your bed at night? I would never get to sleep.”

As I looked toward Henri, he had April pulled close to him, cupping her ass, pulling her against his stiffening cock. He said: “I never will get used to that. Every time I see them, I feel it deep inside. Every time I kiss them, my tongue gets hard. But this lady has some nice looking ones too, even if she does have them covered.”

Keeping my left hand on one of Althea’s tits. I reached my right hand to cup April’s,. through the bra top, saying: “I agree with that. I loved sucking these nipples.”

Althea moved a little closer and said: “April, ankara escort bayan you are packing some beautiful girls. Anytime that you want to, you can let them loose. We won’t bite them.” Adding: “Hard.”

April turned from Henri to me, putting her arms around me neck, and kissing me as she pressed her belly to my crotch. She didn’t mind when I held her hips and found the ties on each side.

I toyed with them and asked, quietly: “Now?”

She nipped my ear and whispered: “Yes, now.”

I untied the bottoms and pulled them away from her, and tossed them to the pool deck. Althea said: ” I will untie the top for you April.” And moved behind her, untying the bottom string, and then the top string.

I noticed that as she pulled the top away that she cupped one breast in her hand, and that April not only didn’t mind, but pushed back putting her back against Althea’s breasts.

Henri moved to her front, holding her ass as Althea had her hands on both breasts. He looked into her eyes and asked: “Comfortable, baby?”

She could only moan: “M’mmmmm.”

The party had begun.

I was behind Althea, and put my hand to her crotch, feeling her hair, and working a finger into her folds, seeking that clit that I had loved to suck.

She rebuked me, saying: “Not yet, Eddie baby, I need to be able to stand. When you touch me there, it makes me want to lay down.”

When I saw April lay her head back, on Althea’s chest and turn her face to her, I knew that she was going to enjoy the day. While Henri, held her lower body to him, Althea was massaging, fondling, squeezing April’s tits, and bent her face to her.

April moaned, and pulled Althea’s head to bring their lips together, as they began a long, sweet kiss. I could see that Henri’s cock was now hard, and pressing against April’s belly. My cock was hard, and I was feeling so erotic, touching Althea’s tits while April was pressing back against them I knew that we were in for a good time today.

Henri released April, saying: “Y’all have fun, I have to pull the meat off the grill.” As he moved away, I took his position, but dropped to my knees, taking a breath, and going underwater to suck on a clitoris.

Out of breath, I came to the surface to hear April say: “Oh my god, this is so good. Althea, you are my first. I have never been kissed by a girl before, and didn’t know what I had missed.”

Althea said: “Let’s eat, grab a buzz and take this to the bedroom. April baby, you are so hot. I want to please you. We are going to have a good time together.”

We went onto the pool deck and sat at the patio table as Althea set it, and Henri filled my bowl with some of his “good stuff”. Passing the bowl, each of us took a toke before eating.

I asked April if I could get her some more wine and she replied: “No baby, I want to be able to remember all this. I will take a non-alcoholic beer.”

We ate, reminiscing about the previous date with April, joking and telling Althea of the good time we had. As we talked, and ate, I could see one of April’s hands, under the glass table top, as she fondled Henri’s cock. I put one hand on Althea’s pussy, and got back to working her clitoris, making her squirm as she tried to eat.

Henri said: “Althea, when we get into the bedroom, you will have to see how Eddie eats this pussy. He had April standing on her head in the bed, all worked up when he ate her at the motel.”

April replied: “The night after you guys left, I was thinking about his tongue and that sucking that he did on me, and I cum and even squirted. It was good.”

Henri’s Brats and Althea’s baked beans made for a good meal. I was full first and went into the bathroom with my bag and got a douche bottle and rinsed myself clean, wanting to be able to give Henri a clean ride when he would be ready to fuck me.

Coming out of the bathroom, I saw the others walking into the house with Althea taking a toke, and handing the bowl to April. When she had hers, she handed the bowl to me, smiling and saying: “You guys are great. I am glad that I came over.”

I took her hand, leading her to the bedroom and saying: “Baby, I need some of your sweet pie for dessert. Lay down and let me eat.”

She laid in the middle of the bed with her head on a pillow and spread her legs as she pulled her knees up in that classic invitation. Laying between her legs, I licked first one thigh and then the other, just brushing across her labia as my tongue passed.

More than she could take, she said: “Don’t be teasing me, white boy, eat that thing.” I toyed with her some more, lifting the lips apart with my fingers as I looked at the beauty of this brown vagina. And then kissed her pussy and pushed my tongue in, tasting her moisture. She was quite wet, and began moving as I kissed her.

As I ate her I considered my good fortune, being an “older” guy, and having April, Althea, Henri and more to satisfy and be satisfied by. April wasn’t even half my age, yet she found reason to entwine my hair in her fingers as escort ankara she pulled my face to her beautiful, sweet, wet pussy. She was feeling good, having my face buried in her crotch. I was feeling great being there. I owed this beauty the best I could offer, and was on my way to give it to her.

As I did my best to bring pleasure to April, Althea was on the edge of the bed and feeling one of her breasts, kissing the other one. Henri came into the room, and lay beside April and took over her breasts as Althea got up and went into the bathroom.

When she came back into0 the room, I could see that Althea had put her Penny inside her and had the straps in place. She lay on the bed, and kissed

April, who did nothing to resist, and even put one hand on Althea’s head, holding their lips together. She had been rolling her ass around, making me work harder to keep my face in her crotch, and now began bucking into my face. I could tell that she was cumming, and I bent to the task at hand, licking deeper, harder, and then sucked on her engorged clitoris, making her squirt as her orgasm peaked.

Althea said, passionately: “Baby, you want some cock, don’t you?” And pushed gently at my shoulders, letting me know to move back.

April, reduced to moaning, said: “Gawd yes, I need someone to fill me up.”

Althea moved between her legs with the lube in one hand. I took it from her and squeezed some onto my hand, and jacked her eight inch chocolate dildo around, getting it lubed, then wiped my hand on April’s pussy lips, wetting them as well. Althea moved over April, and lowered her crotch to her, pushing inside as I guided the dildo to her.

April, a bit surprised, looked up at Althea, realizing who was going to screw her, and said: “That feels so good. Please, this is my first time, please be easy on me, baby.”

Putting her hands on Althea’s hips, April took her inside, and as she found how she would be stroked, she began to help. She pulled Althea deeper into her, and then laid her lower legs over Althea’s in a classic missionary position of submission as she had her tits pressed by those of her lover.

I have always loved to see two women bringing pleasure to each other, but had never seen to beautiful, black, ladies touching from nose to toe. With Penny inserted first into Althea’s pussy, then pressed into April’s they were truly joined in a lover’s connection. They began kissing and making love with them most erotic moves imaginable. I reached over for Henri’s cock, and he pulled at my shoulder bringing me over to him.

As the girls began to fuck, using slow, steady moves, I got into a position that I could both watch them and bring Henri’s cock to my mouth. He held my head as I worked on his shaft, wetting it, working it into my mouth, taking him deeper. The coupling beside us had me wanting to give pleasure, and had my lover’s cock throbbing hard. This was going very well for all of us.

I could hear April’s breathing get rapid and shallow as she went into another orgasm. Her movements made Althea’s pussy feel the inserted cock move, and then Althea reached to her waist and turned on the vibrator that made both cocks stimulate them. April spoke first, saying: “Oh gawd, that is too much. I have never felt so goooood. Althea baby, I love this. Fuck me!”

Hearing that Althea stopped making love, moved higher on April’s body, raised off her chest and began doing some serious fucking, giving her the full length of the eight inch dildo. She fucked her like she needed it, crashing their pelvis’ together with each stroke.

April was moving under her, rolling, rotating, humping up, taking the hammering and enjoying it. She said, breathlessly: “Turn that fucking thing off, I can’t take anymore of that. Just fuck me. Oh shit, I can’t stop cumming long enough to enjoy you baby. Turn it off.”

Henri’s cock stiffened and trembled, and I knew he was on his way to an ejaculation. I put my hand around it, to keep it out of my throat, and worked on the head of it until I tasted the first of his cum, hitting my mouth. I jacked him and sucked, and took his load. I worked it around in my mouth with my tongue and then swallowed it, and pushed my head down onto that beautiful shaft, taking all of his length into my mouth and throat, holding him there until I began to gag, then lifted my face off his crotch, just sucking the head.

I knew that he would stay hard, and picked up the Astrolube that I had laid on the bed, and put some on his cock and, as I got on my hands and knees, said to Henri: “Take it baby, take it hard. I need you to pound me with this.”

As he got behind me, I lowered my head and chest to the bed, leaving my ass up for him. He slapped me, hard, twice on each cheek and then pushed his cock into his ass pussy and began to give me what I had asked for. Having just cum, I knew that whatever he gave me would last for awhile, and I wanted all that he had for me.

As he stroked, I looked sideways at April’s face as she was getting Althea’s hard strokes. She looked ready to pass out from the pleasure, smiling weakly to me. Henri was putting his hardest moves on me, and I was taking him easily, rolling my ass to feel his cock all through it. The four of us were feeling our partners, and enjoying the scene beside us. My best memory of swinging (with white partners), didn’t come close to this. We were fucking, and doing it well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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