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Chapter 1

Ivy and I met in college, we were both at a party in her dorm, she was a second-semester freshmen and I was in my junior year.

She was a willowy blond with grey eyes who was dressed in a thin white lacy blouse and a short skirt showing the long legs that I’ve admired ever since. I could see that she was bare under her top, her dark nipples did make themselves known, especially their hardness poking out so provocatively. It was obvious that she knew she was sexy and was comfortable with it.

In fact she was so comfortable with herself, we ended up in her bedroom where I stayed the night. We’ve been fucking ever since.

That was almost twenty years ago, I’m now forty, Ivy’s thirty-eight and our daughter, Jessa, is just turned eighteen and she’s as sexy as her mother with the same long, slender legs. Oh, and she’s just as confident in herself as her mother is, too.

In fact they both dress in a quite provocative fashion, especially in short skirts which show off their legs and when out together shopping and such are quite a sight to follow around the mall. They look good and they know it.

And, around the house, I was the only male, as you know, Ivy often went about in bra and panties, even to clean and dust and as Jessa grew up and as she began to develop, she, too, dressed the way her mother did.

There was one more similarity between mother and daughter, they were both teases. Neither one of them, getting out of the car, kept their knees together like my mom taught my two sisters, no, they just got out not really caring who saw what.

Also, there would be times when Jessa had finished her shower and would walk back to her bedroom naked. I saw her any number of times and after turned eighteen, it seemed to become more frequent, like she intended it.

If Jessa wasn’t naked, then she was close to it, sometimes in just panties as she went to the laundry room to get her clean clothes or to the kitchen to get a soda or cookies.

Did I notice?

Are you kidding? A male would have to be dead not to notice Jessa in any state of undress. She was gorgeous and she knew it.

Every time she would parade through the room, if I was there, she’s say something to announce her arrival like, “Don’t look, Daddy, I’m almost naked.” Now tell me she didn’t know what she was doing or that she didn’t want me to look.

If Ivy was in the room, she’s smile at me knowingly.

Then she began doing something new. She’d take a shower then come out to the den or the kitchen, wherever I might be, a towel wrapped around her and plop down to sit on my lap.

Not subtle in the least, especially moving just enough sitting there on me to get the blood pumping into my lap. She’d put her arms around my neck, leaving the towel on its own, and kiss me asking me, “How’s my favorite daddy?”

It wasn’t long until the kisses were pressed tightly on my lips.

If Ivy and I were watching television or a movie, she’d just sit there in my lap, squirming just enough to keep me rising.

One night I’d just mowed the grass after supper when it was a bit cooler and came in all sweaty and went off to have a shower. I came back out in a robe and joined Ivy who was watching a movie, it was one of our favorites that we watched from time to time, Animal Crackers, with the Marx Brothers.

In came Jessa, towel-wrapped and plonked herself down on my lap and did her “How’s my favorite daddy?” routine complete with a kiss hard on the lips. Then she began grinding her butt down on my lap with results that had to certainly be her intention.

I looked over at Ivy who was smiling while Jessa’s butt kept moving over me.

I realized that my robe had opened a bit and my erection, now wanting to make itself known as erections do, was now rubbing right on her bare pussy as I felt the movement become more moist and slippery, no doubt due to lubrication seeping from us both.

She spread her legs open and put her hand down to rub the top of my cock as I looked over at Ivy who was smiling at us. That was pretty incredible, I thought. There was no doubt what was happening.

Jessa moved a bit to take the head of my cock and rub it on her clit with her hand, pressing firmly against her wet opening.

“Mmm, oh, yes, omigod, yes,” she cried out, obviously having an orgasm which tipped me over the edge as well. My cum was spurting up all over her pubic mound and her hand. There was certainly no hiding this from Ivy, she was right in the room. I looked back over and, yes, she was still smiling.

Jessa kissed me one more time then got up, gaziemir escort saying, “I think I need to go clean up some,” holding up her drippy hand and left the room.

“That must have been fun, Greg,” Ivy said. I was still wondering why she was so calm about all this.

“Well, I have to be honest, yeah, it was that. Not sure what brought it on, but, yeah, it was fun.”

“She loves you, hon. I don’t think it’s all that uncommon,” she said and the conversation soon dropped and we watched the rest of the movie.

Ivy had us begin wearing our robes around the house in the evening and the next night, Jessa came back into the den again and did the same thing, getting into my lap with a towel wrapped around her and wiggling her butt as she asked me, “How’s my favorite daddy?” and kissing me full on the lips.

Out the corner of my eye I saw Ivy get up and come over and when Jessa pulled back from my lips, Ivy kissed me, sliding her hand down my robe to rub my chest, then kissed Jessa and pulled off her towel.

As Jessa’s legs opened and my cock rose between them, Ivy’s hand slid down over my cock to push it up against my daughter’s clit and rubbing me against her. Then she began pressing the head between Jessa’s labia until the tip was inside.

“There, Jessa, make your father happy,” she said as Jessa began moving in my lap putting me farther in with each move until I was firmly, solidly inside her and she was fucking me up and down.

You won’t be surprised that my hands were on her boobs, her wonderful, firm boobs, tweaking her hard nipples as she moved up and down on me.

“Mmm, you feel good, Daddy. Is your little Jessa making you feel good?” she purred. I knew she was on the pill so at least that didn’t concern me.

“Baby, you’re making your Daddy feel real good. Oh, real good,” I moaned as she rocked up and down on me.

“You like doing Jessa?” Ivy asked. I knew I should be a little diplomatic with my answer.

“Well, she’s sexy like her mom.”

“She’s on the pill, remember, so it’s okay to cum. She wants your cum, Greg.”

Now that made me wonder just how much this was maybe planned out by the two of them. Could that really be? But I decided to just hold the thought back and let Jessa do her thing. Well, she was doing my thing, really and it was so good.

“Yeah, Daddy, I want my daddy’s cum. Put it in your baby girl’s pussy, Daddy, come on, fill me up with your hot, daddy-cum,” she said as she rocked up and down on me.

I looked over at Ivy and she was stretched back, her robe thrown open and her hands working between her legs. One hand had two fingers inside, the other was rubbing her clit while she watched her daughter fuck her husband.

“You two look so fucking hot. Make him cum, Jessa, make him fill up that tight, little pussy of yours,” she said.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, so close, oh, Daddy, omigod, oh, I’m going off, yes, yes, OH, OH, UUH, UUH,” she cried out as she went faster and faster on me which put me over the top as well and my head flew back as I thrust my hips up feeling my cock pulse and throb deep inside her pumping my cum up into her so wonderfully.

As soon as I ejaculated, she became slipperier inside and she just kept fucking me on and on and on until she had another orgasm.

“Oh, Daddy, omigod, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had and it was my very own daddy, just what Mom had told me, it was incredible,” she panted as she turned in my lap, the tip of my happy cock still seemed to be inside her a bit and she began kissing me.

Her legs were straddling around me and as she kissed me, she was also wiggling around which put me inside her about halfway. Jessa moved over me, still kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth, while I felt myself re-harden sufficiently that she had enough inside now to begin fucking me again.

She went up and down and scooted around and around until I finally ejaculated once more though it wasn’t nearly as wonderful as the first one.

Ivy came over behind me, sliding her hands down over my chest, leaning over to kiss our daughter, then whisper in my ear, “So, Greg, how was it filling our daughter?”

I dropped my head back and told her, “I think it was the most intense feelings I’ve ever had.”

“Me, too, Daddy. It was wonderful. Mom told me she thought you’d go along once I started.”

“Somebody needs to tell me what’s going on here, okay?” I asked.

Chapter 2

Then Ivy said, “I had an idea it would be that good, after all, it was so wonderful the first time my daddy filled my pussy.”

I karabağlar escort just looked back at her as Jessa told me, “Mom told me the other day about when she first had sex with her Dad and how good it was. She’d asked me if I was trying to tease you and I told her that I guessed I was. Then she told me about what she and her daddy did and asked me if I wanted that with you.”

“She said she did and this is how we set it up. I hope you’re not upset about it. It looked pretty good from where I was sitting,” Ivy added.

“It was wonderful but what’s this about your father?”

“Well, I’d been seeing Jessa play around, teasing you, so I told her about when I was doing that same thing with my dad, her grandpa.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it, she told me all about it. How she used to sit on his lap and rub her butt around on him getting him hard, rubbing and rubbing. She did it until her mother, my grandma, just said, ‘Ivy, why don’t you just take your pjs and panties off and do it properly.'”

Ivy continued, “I’d been on the pill only a couple of months and when mom said that, well, I just stood up and got naked and sat back down. Well, now his hands were all over my boobs as I was scooting my pussy all over him. He told me to get up a minute and he pulled his pants and briefs down and that’s when I saw it. At least the first time I’d seen it hard.”

“And you did it right there with your mom watching?” I asked.

“Just like Jessa did with me watching, yes.”

“I never knew that, you never told me that, I’m sure.”

“No, it really never seemed of any particular importance really so I guess I didn’t. Then Jessa started doing the same thing so I told her about my experience and asked her if she wanted to go through with it.”

“I couldn’t believe it when Mom talked to me about my teasing you with my body. I didn’t think she noticed but she did, oh, did she ever. She wasn’t mad or anything, in fact, she told me I was being just like she was when she was my age. So I asked her to tell me about what happened with her, did she get in trouble?”

“Well, I told her. Far from getting in trouble, my mom thought I should go right ahead and do what my body and all those crazy hormones were telling it to do. And, like I did with Jessa, my mom helped it happen, too.”

“So, Daddy, Mom and I think you and I should do this like she and you do it, regularly. I could do it again, Daddy. Right now. I’m a horny girl, you know. I’ll bet you’ll like that,” she said as she kissed me again.

She lifted up off my lap, now facing me, reached under holding me steady and pushed back onto me driving my cock deep into her. She sat there on my lap, intimately connected and began twisting her hips back and forth as her hands held my shoulders.

“Mmm, Mom, you had such a good idea, Daddy is sure fun to have around,” she giggled.

“Oh, sweetheart, Daddy is very nice to have around. You’re finding that out right now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, mmm, now I see why you two do this, it feels so good. He’s nice and big. Can I take Daddy to bed tonight? For my own?”

I laughed at this but Ivy said she thought it would be lovely for a father and daughter to spend their first night together like this and while she’d be a bit lonely, she’d know we were happy.

And with that, Ivy got up and went upstairs to bed.

“I’ve got my daddy all night. We’re gonna have lots of fun and not so much sleep, Daddy, I hope you’re okay with that. Your Jessa is a horny girl, come on,” she said as she pulled me up and led me upstairs to her room.

Once inside, she turned to me and our arms wrapped around one another as our naked bodies came together. Her head was tipped up as I began kissing her, our tongues intertwined while our hands explored.

“Come, Daddy, I want you in my bed. Ever since Mom and I talked about this I’ve been so excited. I get my daddy for the whole night long. I know what I want to do first,” she said as she got into bed.

I got in next to her asking what it was she wanted.

“This,” she said as she got up on her hands and knees and held my cock to begin tracing her tongue around the tip.

I lay there as her soft, wet tongue lapped across the head of my cock, sending waves of pleasure across my body. She was kneeling there next to me so I reached around and slid my finger along the moist crevice between her legs.

Her lips were holding the head of my cock as she sweetly sucked and slid them back and forth across the crown giving me such exquisite pleasure. I pressed my finger into kemalpaşa escort the wetness between her legs, moving it up inside her as I began finger-fucking her while I rubbed under her with my thumb over her clit.

She began to moan softly as she slowly sucked on me while she ran her tongue around my cock tip; it was so good that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

And then it hit, she just had the tip in her mouth as I began cumming, some was drooling out the sides of her lips as I spurted my load. She sucked a little longer, then lifted up to turn around as I pulled my finger out.

She bent down over me pressing her boobs against me and tongued my mouth hotly as she rubbed her tight, lithe body against me so sexily as she moved up on top of me.

Jessa was rubbing her body around on me as she whispered, “I love you, Daddy, did I suck you off nice?”

“Oh, baby, you were wonderful. You must have talked to Mom about how I like it.”

“Yeah she said work on the tip, she said that’s where you like it best. She had me practice on one of her dildos. So I did good, huh?” she said, grinning.

“Jessa, you did perfect. Give me a little more time and I’ll be ready to give you a sweet fucking in that nice tight pussy of yours.”

“Would it help if I sucked it a little?”

I told her it likely would and she got down and got me up.

Then she got down on her back, spreading open for me, her arms open welcoming me to her body.

“Come, Daddy, fuck me, I want you to do it this time. I’ve been wanting this.”

I got up between her knees and held my cock, pressing it to her damp slit and began pushing into my daughter.

“Mmm, nice, Daddy, this is what I want. My Daddy loving me, just like he does with my Mommy,” she said sweetly as she pulled my head down for a kiss.

“Oh, I love the feel of you inside me, Daddy. Am I nice, you like having me, too?”

“Honey, you feel so tight and good inside, you’re so good, you remind me of your mother when we first met.”

“Oh, I bet you two fucked like crazy. You still do, I hear you going at it all the time. Now I want my Daddy, too. You’re gonna be one tired guy,” she snickered.

“That’s just fine with me, honey. I’ve got the two sexiest women in the world. I think I’ll keep you both naked all the time, would you like that? Then you can tease your Daddy with that hot body of yours.”

“Like naked all the time, during the day, when we’re all together, no clothes? That would be so sexy. I love my Daddy seeing me naked. I just love showing him my body just like he loves looking at it, right?”

“You are so right, Jessa. You’re a beautiful girl and sexy to the max,” I told her as I drew back and forth in and out of her.

“Mom and I’ll keep your dick hard all the time. Then we’ll have to figure out some ways to make it relax and get softer. I’ll bet we can think of some fun ways to do that, Daddy.”

“I’m sure you can, honey. You and your mother are gonna keep me busy but how could I ever mind that?” I laughed.

She’d put her ankles up on my shoulders as I thrust straight down into her over and over as she moaned and groaned in pleasure.

“Mmm, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me. I’m gonna cum, oh, yes, like right now,” she cried. “Oh, OH, UH, OH, OH, more, Daddy, more.”

I felt her tighten over and over in spasms as she orgasmed and it brought me off as I cummed deeply into her while she pulled my hips into her.

“Oh, cum, Daddy, cum in me, I want it so bad. Cum, Daddy, cum.”

I bent down and we kissed while I kept moving. The feelings were so good, I just didn’t want to stop.

Moments later she got her wish as my cock happily throbbed my cum deep inside her as she dropped her legs around my back and pulled me tightly into her.

“Mmm, I made my Daddy happy. Just the way I’ve wanted to.”

I can tell you that Jessa didn’t let me get much sleep that night as she practiced her sexual skills.

Ivy came in the next morning and stood there looking at us, then invited us down the hall to our bedroom and the larger king-sized bed where we had more fun before breakfast.

Then we adjourned, now famished and temporarily sated from our more carnal desires, and went and did up a big breakfast. That morning began our wonderful and fun naked meals together.

This also began Jessa sleeping with us a good part of the time and our all having sex whenever one of us wanted it.

She also soon after acquired a boyfriend that she’s now having sex with, we allow him to spend the night with her, and she told us she wants to ask him if he wants to join in when the three of us have sex.

So far, Ivy and I have agreed, Jessa’s just waiting for the opportune moment to suggest it.

But that’s in the days to come and the days to ‘cum’ for the three of us. Right now, Jessa and I are carrying on just the way Ivy and her father did before us.

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