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Author’s Note

For those of you who have read my original Chiara series this is a re-write in a third-person narrative format. I have tried to remain true to the original stories as much as possible. For the most part this has been easy to do. I have added some scenes, and made some changes to further expand on the character development of all of the characters from the original series, and to make the story flow better. I hope that it meets your high expectations. The Chiara series is my earliest and favourite stories I’ve ever written and I’d like to think that my skills have improved since then, but as always I am open to criticism.



Chapter One – A girl named Chiara

Chiara cursed her luck for the third time as she stumbled up the dorm stairs again. With her acoustic guitar in its bag over her shoulders and a bag in each hand she was pretty heavily weighed down. Considering her small stature, Chiara was actually making good headway up the crowded stairs. Her father Dan and mom Kristen were right behind her, trying to avoid being knocked over by the other rushing students and their overwhelmed parents.

Dan was thanking God that his daughter had decided not to bring her electric guitar and amp as well. He also had a bag in each hand as he waded his way up the stairs behind his young daughter. Chiara’s mom chuckled silently to herself as she followed along, only having to carry a foldable guitar stand up the stairs. She loved her daughter’s independent streak, it was at least a mile wide and she’d inherited it from her father. Besides, who was she to argue with her husband and daughter as to whom would carry what?

‘Annie Montgomery,’ Chiara thought to herself with some trepidation as she thought of the girl with whom she’d be bunking. When she’d arrived at the dorm, Chiara had found out that there were too many freshmen and not enough rooms for them all, so she’d have to bump up and share with a sophomore instead. The look the girl gave her when she told her who she was rooming with gave Chiara something to think about. She had even apologized to her about her room arrangements.

Chiara’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard someone snicker and say something about the college opening up a day care. She shook her head and just continued up the stairs, resigning herself to the fact that this was just another place where people would just assume that she was a kid. Chiara thought of it as her personal curse for being evil in a past life onur something. A lot of people thought she was younger than she really was, Chiara was a very petite girl, barely reaching five feet tall and one hundred pounds. With her elfin looks, short red hair and turquoise green eyes she thought she was too ‘cute’ for her own good.

They finally reached her home away from home and Chiara pushed open the door with her foot. When she got into her room she squeaked with surprise when she saw her new roommate. ‘Annie’ turned and towered over her with a broad grin. She looked like a Greek goddess or an Amazon or something. She had long straight black hair, flashing black eyes and a figure that Chiara could only fantasize about having.

Annie hadn’t been at all happy when the dorm admins had told her that she was going to have to share her room with a freshman. Somehow she thought that this was a form of punishment for her pranks from the previous year. The girl who she was going to be rooming with was called ‘Chiara’, so Annie figured that she was a foreign exchange student and was probably going to be way too uptight to have a fun year with anyway. Then the door opened and in walked the prettiest little thing she’d ever laid eyes on.

“Hi! You must be Chiara, I’m Annie.” Annie said as she grabbed one of Chiara’s bags, then stuck her hand out.

Chiara shook her hand and introduced herself and her parents. “Hi Annie, these are my folks Dan and Kristen Lanceri.”

Annie shook their hands and greeted them warmly, her eyes straying back to Chiara every few seconds. She chatted with Chiara and her parents for a bit then Dan and Kristen said their goodbyes.

Before they left Chiara’s dad handed her a Visa card. “This is for supplies and emergencies honey. Have fun and call us anytime okay?”

Chiara hugged her parents and gave them each a kiss. “Bye mom, bye daddy, safe trip home. I’ll miss you!”

“Nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Lanceri. Don’t worry about Chiara, I’ll take good care of her and make sure she stays fed.” Annie said. She cringed inside when she realized how possessive she had just sounded and hoped Chiara’s folks hadn’t noticed.

Annie helped Chiara get settled into their room, showing her where her closet and dresser were, and helping her unpack. She also showed her the one small luxury of their room, their own bathroom. Throughout the whole process she kept stealing small glances at her roommate. This wasn’t the first time she’d been so attracted to another girl, just the first time almanbahis in over a year after she and her friend Nicole had split before going off to different colleges. It wasn’t like she was short of male admirers, of which she had many, she just found something tantalizing about being with another girl.

Once Chiara was all unpacked the girls sat on their beds across from each other and started to chat more about their lives, boys and school.

“So, uh, how old are you Chiara?”

Chiara had expected that question and frowned slightly, “I’m eighteen.”

“No fucking way!” Annie laughed.

“I turned eighteen on May twenty-ninth, wanna see my driver’s license as proof?” Chiara asked, a bit miffed.

“No! No I believe you, it’s just well…you look…” Annie giggled as she enjoyed Chiara’s reaction.

“Fourteen?” Chiara asked with a sheepish grin, unable to stay mad at her new friend. “I guess when I’m thirty I won’t mind so much, but guys kinda look at me and automatically think I’m a kid.”

“Yeah I guess that could be a bitch when it comes to dating.”

“You have no idea,” Chiara replied.

“How long have you been playing guitar?” Annie asked, changing the subject.

Chiara laughed and grinned, “Since I was four, I started with acoustic, then went classical then electric and bass. I wanted to try drums but my dad drew the line there. He said I was already noisy enough. So where are you from Annie?”

“I’m from Bellford, we moved there about four years ago. Grade twelve kind of sucked because I didn’t really know anyone when I started at my new school. It was part-way through the year. What about you?”

“We live in Oakville.”

“That’s where we moved from!” Annie said with a laugh.

“No way! What school did you go to?” Chiara asked excitedly.

“O’Neill, what about you?”

“I was at Saint Mike’s, maybe we know some of the same people!”

“I dunno, I’m twenty-one, but you never know right?” Annie said.

“Any brothers or sisters?”

Annie frowned but nodded, “Yeah a younger brother but we don’t really get along. What about you?”

“Just me,” Chiara grinned. “I was a happy accident. My folks had me really young and between trying to finish university and raising me they didn’t have the time or energy for more. That’s their line anyway, personally I think they realized I was perfect and gave up.”

“Ha ha that’s hilarious! Your folks don’t look that old, how young were they?” Annie laughed.

“They were twenty when I was born, I don’t think they’ve ever regretted it though. My dad totally spoils me, and I’m my mom’s little fashion model. She’s always finding me new things to wear.”

Annie grinned and leaned forward, “Any boyfriends pining for you at home?”

Chiara blushed, “No, I had a few guy friends that I was close to but we had a gang we all hung out with. No one really paired off or anything, it would have made things weird I think. What about you?”

“Probably three or four,” Annie chuckled. “Now I keep my bat handy to keep the crowds away.” She said as she pointed to a baseball bat tucked in a corner.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Chiara replied with a smirk.

“Actually I’m on the baseball team here. I think the coach likes having a six foot tall pitcher with an 85 mile per hour fastball that intimidates the hell out of the other teams. I also bat .265 which is probably an asset too.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Chiara asked.

“Yep! Major cannon here,” Annie chuckled as she slapped her left bicep with her right hand.

After dropping Chiara off, her parents drove home in silence for a while, both pondering how they would handle not having her at home with them now.

Dan looked at his wife and chuckled, “Did you see the way Li’l Bit’s roommate was watching her?”

“Oh my God!” Kristen laughed, “I thought she was going to gobble her up Danny!”

“Think we need to worry?” he asked half seriously.

“Seriously? This coming from the guy who was fooling around with our swim coach and half the girls on campus before knocking me up?” Kris asked with a warm smile at her husband.

“Hey now! You weren’t so innocent either missy!”

“You know damn well you were my first, Dan Lanceri!” Kristen chuckled.

Dan reached out for her hand and squeezed it, “And you were mine sweetie. Still, she’s our little girl. It’s going to be hard not being there for her all the time.”

Kristen squeezed her husband’s hand as well, “Danny, Chiara’s eighteen now. She’s smart, and she’s got a level head. Yeah, I’ll admit she’s got that damn Irish-Italian temper sometimes, but she’ll be fine. Let her have some fun okay?”

“Yeah okay, you know I’ll always worry about her though honey.” Dan replied.

Kristen leaned over and kissed Dan’s cheek. “I know, I worry too but she’s going to grow up no matter what we do. But just think honey, we have the house to ourselves now!”

“Hmm, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Dan grinned almanbahis giriş as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Kristen laughed and kissed him again.

That night Annie lay in bed staring at the ceiling of her and Chiara’s room long after Chiara had fallen asleep. She couldn’t get the image of her small roommate out of her head. Annie had never met a girl so tiny and petite yet with such spirit before. She was a hell of a lot of fun and had one of the wickedest senses of humour of anyone Annie had ever known.

Chiara had been a bit shy when they’d gone to bed and had changed in their washroom, but when she came out in her pj tee and panties Annie’s breath caught in her throat. She may have been tiny, yet Chiara was perfectly proportioned for her size and Annie thought she was going to drool she looked so delicious.

Annie looked over at Chiara’s bed and could just make her out, curled up into a little ball in the middle of her bed, buried under the covers. She could also hear her snoring ever so slightly. Annie sighed, realizing she would never get to sleep without some relief from her pent up feelings about her roommate.

She slowly slipped her left hand into her panties and down to her slit, already feeling the heat from it before she touched it. Her fingers traced her outer lips and she could feel her moisture already beginning to pool. Annie moaned softly then held her breath, hoping that she hadn’t been loud enough to alert Chiara. Once she was sure she was safe to continue she eased a finger between her lips and found her clit, lightly brushing it with her middle finger then sliding her finger down to her honey hole and dipping it in. Annie continued fingering herself for several minutes, spreading her juices all across her neatly trimmed mons and moaning. She could feel her sensitive dime-sized nipples rubbing against her own tee and slipped her right hand up under it to play with them.

Annie’s breathing became shorter and more ragged the more aroused she became, the fingers of her left hand were dancing across her tender lips and into her slick tunnel as the thumb and index finger of her right hand tweaked her nipples almost painfully. She was close. So close. Annie began making low gutteral noises in the back of her throat and deep in her chest, totally oblivious of her roommate not ten feet away. Her orgasm hit her, her juices gushing out and soaking the crotch of her panties as Annie moaned loudly, shuddering and writhing under her bed sheets.

Annie lay gasping in her bed, her fingers still buried between her legs and her hand soaked. As her breathing slowly returned to normal she glanced nervously across the room at Chiara’s bed, hoping to God that she hadn’t woken her up with all of her noise. Chiara hadn’t moved and was still fast asleep. Annie drifted off, thankful that she wouldn’t have to explain what happened in the morning.

During next week Chiara and Annie became fast friends and it almost seemed as if they had been friends their entire lives. The only sticking point in their relationship was Annie’s cavalier attitude in that she began to call her ‘Kiki’. Chiara dreaded it and felt that it only added to her ‘cuteness factor’, which she felt would hinder her credibility.

Chiara was rooting through her underwear drawer looking for her favourite bra and panties set to wear when Annie came out of the shower one morning.

“Hey Annie have you seen my green bra and panties? I can’t find them,” Chiara said.

“You mean the cute, lacy ones?” Annie asked, knowing exactly which ones she was talking about, as she towelled her long hair dry.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I washed them the other day but they’re not in my drawer.”

“Well it’s not like I could borrow them. Have you checked everywhere?”

“Duh? I have one closet and eight drawers Annie. I think I’ve checked everywhere.” Chiara giggled.

“No seriously Kiki, have you checked ‘everywhere’?” Annie asked as she arched an eyebrow and tilted her head towards their bedroom window.

Chiara blanched and her face fell. “No. Please tell me you didn’t.” She said softly.

Annie’s laughter barked out as Chiara ran to the window and opened it. There, just outside the window and hanging from a string, was the bra and panties she was looking for. She blushed a deep crimson as she grabbed them and pulled them in. The few people who witnessed this laughed as they walked by below. Thus began Chiara’s Frosh Week, and her realization that Annie was the dorm prankster.

When she pulled her head in from the window Chiara stared daggers and her roommate but couldn’t help but laugh as well. “You are SO dead stretch.” She said as seriously as she could between giggles.

Annie smiled evilly and crossed her arms under her breasts, “Send me a memo on when I should be scared pipsqueak.”

Chiara stuck her tongue out at her friend, “Just you wait, when you least expect it I’m going to beat the hell out of your ankles.”

“Don’t forget almanbahis yeni giriş to bring a ladder.” Annie said with a chuckle.

The pranks continued once Annie knew that Chiara would take them with good humour. Chiara also managed to prank her back several times herself. Within a very short time the other girls on their floor started calling them ‘The Demonic Duo’ because of their hijinx, which included Chiara somehow managing to push Annie out of their room buck naked and locking her out for half an hour. One of the side-effects of all of the pranking was that Chiara refused to wear bras anymore as she thought it would be only half as embarrassing to just have her panties hanging out the window.

Over the next several days of Frosh Week the girls attended some of the parties that were going on around campus. Annie insisted on introducing Chiara around as Kiki wherever they went, which mortified Chiara and pleased Annie no end.

On Thursday Chiara begged off going out again with Annie, claiming that she was tired and just wanted to rest. Annie laughed and decided to go out anyway, in search of another willing victim of her charms. Once she was gone Chiara waited a few minutes then locked the door to their room. She then went to her dresser, opened the bottom drawer and reached to the back of it, pulling out a large sex toy that no one in their right mind would think that a girl her size would even own.

Chiara had managed to sneak it into one of her bags, and she’d also managed to slip it past Annie when she’d had her back turned. Chiara giggled to herself, remembering how badly she’d blushed when her best friends, Jules, Allie and Mardi, had given it to her for her eighteenth birthday. They had jokingly told her it was to prepare herself for all the studs she’d meet while she was away. It had sat in the bottom of her closet for three weeks before she’d gotten up the courage to pull it out and take it out of its packaging. After that first time she was hooked, just using her fingers wasn’t enough anymore and she used her ‘boyfriend’ at least once a week now.

After almost two weeks into college without a visit with him it was driving her nuts. Chiara had been too shy to even try doing anything to herself in their room before, but now she was desperate. She quickly stripped down and laid on her bed, eager to get down to business. Her fingers lightly rubbed her sensitive little pussy until she was aroused and wet from their manipulation. With the fingers of one hand she spread the pink petals of her sex as she slowly inserted her monstrous friend into herself and sighed with pleasure.

“Ohh, I’ve missed you so much Bob!” She giggled to herself as she began moving the dildo in and out of her cunny. Before long she was wriggling and twitching on her bed as she came closer to orgasm, moaning and cursing loudly as the large rod of silicone impaled her tiny body. She continued this for about fifteen minutes as she came closer and closer to her peak. As Chiara came she began screaming loudly and thrashing about on her bed, pulling her sheets completely into disarray and almost falling off the bed with the force of her orgasm.

She lay on her bed gasping and shivering with aftershocks, a satisfied smile on her lips and a sheen of sweat glistening on her pert little breasts and brow when there was a knock on her door.

“Hey Kiki, are you okay in there?” A girl’s voice called from the other side of it.

Chiara gulped in a lungful of air and sat up quickly, “Um, yeah everything’s okay Ashley. I’m fine now.”

She heard a snicker then Ashley responded, “Okay, you just scared the hell outta me. I heard you in the TV room!”

Chiara flopped back down on her bed and started to giggle hysterically. That orgasm had been a huge relief, but she now realized that she’d have to be a lot more quiet when she put old Bob to good use from then on. Once she settled down she got up, cleaned Bob up and put him away, straightened up her bed and got dressed, then headed to the TV room herself.

When Chiara got to the TV room Ashley and several other girls were sitting around with knowing grins on their faces, but none of them acknowledged what she had been doing in her room. Chiara blushed at least seven shades of red but put on a brave face when one of the girls finally broke down and chuckled, asking her if she felt better.

After a few weeks Annie’s nightly masturbation sessions were beginning to drive her crazy. Just knowing that ‘her’ cute little Kiki as she began to think of her, was only a few feet away every night, yet unattainable was maddening. She knew she would have to do something, but was afraid that she’d scare Kiki away.

It was an absolutely horrible, rainy Saturday morning and she lay in bed listening to Chiara singing while she showered. She had to admit the kid had amazing pipes. Annie didn’t recognize the song but from what she could hear it sounded beautiful. She closed her eyes and an image of Chiara, slick with warm, soapy water and singing like an angel popped into her head. That’s what finally broke her resolve, she had to at least try and see what happened with Chiara. For better or worse she needed to let her know how she felt about her.

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