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Mark laid, watching the tape running on the television set at the foot of her bed. Anna, his 40 year old sister, as usual, was working on her computer at her work desk a few feet away at the side of the room. It was a weekly routine for Mark to drop by his sister’s house on his trip to the city. It was his port of call, to rest after dropping off his wife for her visit to her mother. Mark was not inclined to stay at his in-laws. In the late evening, he would pick up Linda and they would head back home.

Anna was living alone with her 20 year old son, John. She was a single mum; her husband was killed in an auto accident 1998. Although her late husband had left her with a comfortable financial package, to keep herself occupied, Anna worked from home, writing articles for the local newspaper.

Mark had a deep longing for his sister all these years but never shown his desire. He was 5 years older than Anna. It all started when Anna was 14. They were walking along the lane leading to their parent’s house when they saw their pet dog mounting a bitch. Mark knew what the animals were doing but Anna asked him to stop. She watched in fascination while Mark felt uncomfortable. When the animals had completed they remained stuck to each other.

Anna turned to her brother and said in awe, “What are they doing and why are they joined together?”

The young man pretended ignorance and told Anna that the dogs were just having fun, knowing that his sister was too young to know about sex. At the same time, he felt his penis stiffening.

The world changed for Mark that day. That night, thinking back to the episode, Mark masturbated. He did so occasionally, as most boys do. But in his mind, for the first time, it was Anna he was thinking of. He saw his sister in a different light. He started stealing glances whenever she was around him in her skimpy shorts and cut offs.

Mark started to pee into keyhole of the bathroom whenever Anna was inside. The first time he spied Anna naked, it took his breath away. It was on a morning when their parents were out shopping. She was sitting on the toilet, nude. His sister’s nubile body was flawless. Her budding apple sized breasts were topped with pointy pink nipples. They were unusually puffy and stood out. When she stood up, he suppressed a gasp when he saw her patch of furry pubic hair.

It became a daily ritual for him to peek at her nakedness and he finished off by masturbating with her in mind. As she grew older and her body filled out, and he had instant hard on whenever she hugged or kissed his cheeks.

When he had sexual contacts with his girlfriends he imagined them to be Anna.

Mark married Linda, his office mate. They had no children.

When Anna’s husband died, he was the rock in her life, caring for her and John. There were times when Linda voiced her disapproval about him spending more time with Anna than her. If only his wife knew the reason her husband was always in Anna’s house, it would be catastrophic.

Mark had resumed his suppressed desire to spy on Anna’s naked form. Esenyurt Escort Bayan He dropped by knowing that John was away at school. And as in his young days, he peeped into the keyhole of her bathroom whenever she was inside. At 40, Anna was a beauty and her matured body had curves in the right places.

Gradually Linda accepted the fact that he really cared for his widowed sister, and as long as Mark was not having extra marital affairs, the issue of his closeness with Anna was laid to rest.

“Gosh, I almost forgot I had a meeting with the editor this morning,” Anna said in exasperation, as she switched off her computer. “Please answer the phone while I take a shower,” she told Mark.

“Uhh, oh, ok,” Mark replied.

Anna walked to end of the bed. Mark’s eyes moved slightly to look at her. Anna quickly shed off her housecoat and stood in her bra and panties. As far as she was concerned, the man lying on her bed was her brother and there was no need for modesty. She approached the bed to pick up her towel. As she bent forward, Mark could see from the corner his eyes the top bulge of her breasts. He pretended to concentrate on the television. It gave him goose bumps just to see her parts of her uncovered flesh. She looked so good and he felt like reaching out and holding her in his arms.

He heard the shower turned on and he imagined her naked in the bath. At his age, Mark still masturbated, sometimes imagining holding Anna under the showers as he fucked her from behind.

Anna came out, clad in a large towel and sat at the dressing table. She put on her make up and the smell of her perfume made him turn to look her way.

As she combed her hair, Mark took that final step which had haunted him throughout his adult life.

He stood behind her and took the comb from her hand. Anna looked into the mirror, taken aback by his action as he slowly combed her hair. She let her head fall back and looked up at him. He was so gentle and she smiled.

“Emm, that’s nice,” she said.

After awhile, he put the comb on the table and began to massage her shoulders.

Anna was pleasantly relaxed by her brother’s touch. It was so soothing. She was tired sitting at the computer all morning and his gentle massage of her shoulder felt really good. She rested her head back against his body as she closed her eyes.

Mark knew he was about to do what he had dreamed and fantasized all those gone by years. He felt his hands trembled ever so slightly as he kneaded the softness of her flesh. The freshness of her showered body smelt like spring. He massaged her lower arms and slowly rubbed the upper part of her body below her neck.

Anna drifted off dreamily but opened her eyes when Mark released the clasp of her towel. It shocked her but she did not stop him. He sensed her confusion as he slowly spread open her towel and removed it. She felt his hands on the side of her midriff as he kneaded her flesh. Anna wanted to stop him but she was transfixed by the exquisite sensation that course through her. She saw Avcılar Escort Bayan her naked reflection in the mirror.

No man had touched her intimately ever since her husband died and here was her own brother kneading her flesh and looking at her exposed breasts. Anna knew something was terribly wrong. As she opened her mouth to tell him to stop, Mark held her head back and his lips were on hers. At the same moment he cupped her breasts and she gasped into his mouth.

As he kissed her, his fingers and thumbs tweaked her nipples, which grew out and hardened, making her weak with unadulterated desire.

Time stood still as he kissed her deeply. He entered her mouth. Anna’s arms circled her brother’s neck and brought him tightly towards her.

When they separated, Mark helped her to her feet. Dazed and unsteady on her feet, she saw her brother’s eyes as he looked longingly at her. Mark took off his clothes. Anna stared at the firm penis that stood out between his legs, amidst a small forest of dark pubic hair, tinged with grey. He took her hand and placed it on the warm turgid flesh. In a trance, she touched his phallus and encircled the hardness. Mark clasped his arms around her and she felt his firmness probing the softness of her stomach.

He spread her towel and lay her down upon the thick rug on the floor. Mark’s finger touched her clit and Anna’s body jerked as the sensation made her humped her buttocks off the floor, seeking his hand. She spread her legs for him. He caressed the tiny bud while his thumb played on her vaginal lips. She was so wet and when he pushed, his thumb penetrated and lodged inside her body. Breathing heavily, Mark felt her muscles gripped his thumb tightly. He sucked her nipples, lusting for her breasts that he had yearned for so long. As his tongue rasped against her hardened points, Anna could not hold back her orgasm as she moaned and cried out in ecstasy, squirting out her love juice, wetting the towel beneath.

Mark was wild with carnal desire for his sister. He pulled out his thumb, his mouth closed onto her mound, taking in the fluid that spurted out of her body. Her legs entwined around his neck, holding his head in her grasp as he sucked her.

Her trembling slowed and her grip slackened, she let out a groan and her legs released her hold on his head. Mark licked her vaginal lips tenderly, intoxicated by the odor and taste of her love juice. He sat up while she lay limp beside him.

“I love you Anna,” he said, looking at her tenderly.

“I love you too,” she replied softly, looking up at his face.

“I want to…….,” he tried to say.

“Do you have any protection…..condom,,,” she blushed.

“No….but I will pull out before…..,” he stammered.

He was kneeling beside her and she saw the maleness of him, hard and firm. Her hand reached out and encircled his shaft, as his precum seeped out.

Ten years was a long time since she took a man in her mouth. It was not something she enjoyed but had done it only once with her late husband. He had begged her to perform it and she had done so, reluctantly. It turned her off when he came suddenly, as he held her head firmly, flooding her mouth. She had ran to the toilet, and vomited.

“No….don’t,” she said, looking into his eyes. “You could make me pregnant.”

It seemed so natural. In the throes of their incestuous love, she pulled him to her and her lips enclosed onto her brother’s turgid head. She tasted his precum as Mark moved up to straddle her head between his legs. Her head was lying flat on her rug and he slowly fucked into her mouth while she sucked him.

She felt his hardness but also the softness of his penis as he fucked her mouth gently, making sure not to hurt her.

He could not hold back and said, “I’m coming.”

He tried to move away from her mouth but she held him in her hand. He came in her mouth. The first spurt wet her tongue and the subsequent ejaculations came in gobs of thick sperm, taking her by surprise. She could not hold the flow as it seeped out, wetting her lips and dripping down her cheeks.

He felt her lips tightening around his head and the sucking sensation. He heard her cough.

When she released his hold on his penis he crawled away from her face, his penis trailing a path of cum along her nose and hair.

He turned around and saw Anna opened and closed her mouth and a movement of her larynx. His penis gave a jerk and his heart missed a beat knowing that his sister had swallowed his sperm into her stomach.

Feeling a oneness of complete love for her, his lips fell onto hers, tasting himself on her mouth, thanking her in his heart for the love she had shown him.

The held each other, lying on the rug, sated in their love making.

“I have to leave now,” she said, as she sat up, kissed him and walked to the bathroom.

When she came out, he was sitting at the edge of her bed, covered in her towel. She had taken a fresh one and when she took it off, she was already wearing a new pair of bra and panties.

Silently, she made up her face; blow dried and combed her hair, put on her clothes.

The phone rang and he got up to answer it.

“It’s ok, I’ll take it,” she said.

He sat back on the bed.

“Yes, yes, sorry, I’ll be there in 20 minutes, something came up,” she answered the caller.

“I got to run,” she said, not looking directly at him. “Lock the door before you leave, and John should be home in an hour,” she told him as she grabbed her briefcase and walk to the door.

Anna turned around and said softly, “I love you.”

And she was gone.

Mark’s mind was in turmoil. He had made love with his sister, something he yearned and dreamt of. She had accepted him, she did not hate him. He realized the gravity of what they had done. She was the woman of his life and the image of her lying naked on the rug made him tremble with immense wanting for her. He closed his eyes and almost in self denial, pondered the fact that they had not gone all the way. His semen was in her body but not in her vagina.

The thought of picking up his wife brought him back to reality and he walked into the bathroom to clean himself.

Mark started up the car and drove off, wondering what the future held. He only knew that he wanted Anna again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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