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I made out wildly last night at a Spanish party with one of my students Alex. Cheated on my boyfriend. The funny thing is: I wanted it! I saw it coming for weeks and did nothing to stop it, in fact I probably encouraged it. I really liked him since he first joined my language class – very sexual and just strangely attractive. Something inside me wanted to see if it would happen and of course didn’t take anyone into consideration, least of all my boyfriend, hundreds of miles away in another country.

I knew he was going to be there but my heart still jumped when I saw him walk in. A few minutes later, he came to our table where I was drinking with my friends and Alex talked and joked with me. Lots of loitering eye contact left me in no doubt that I was in a dangerous situation here. After a few more drinks, my friends and got up and were dancing when I suddenly felt hands on my hips from behind — I looked round, my startled expression turning instinctively into a smile when I saw it was him.

He told me I looked beautiful and danced closely behind me – he was so confident and easygoing. He escalated things — lingering touches on my side, guiding me in the dance, suddenly we were face to face and the kiss came so easily. We kissed on the dance floor for several minutes, oblivious to my friends who must have been scandalised to see me passionately kissing my student — Alex must have noticed the attention as he led me to another, more secluded part of the bar.

I’m getting turned on as I write this. God, I really enjoyed it with Alex – it was really fun – very gentle and yet definitely wild – he can kiss really well. I did not want it to stop. After a while I was so turned on I could barely breathe. I loved the way he touched me. My ass, breasts.

Even this part of the bar wasn’t all that private — some of my friends looked at us shocked – they knew I wasn’t single – but I did not care. He slipped his hand inside my top and ran his fingers over my breasts, stroking my nipples through the thin fabric of my bra, making me moan into his ear and run my hands through his hair.

He looked around and, when no one was near, he slipped his hand between my thighs and stroked my pussy through my jeans. His dark eyes glinted in the dim light and he smiled as he tortured me, my hips involuntarily rising and falling as his hand drove me crazy with lust. His large hand enveloped mine and he moved it down to the straining bulge in his jeans. He moaned as I traced the outline of his erection with my fingers.

I really wanted to go to bed Beşevler Rus Escort with him but I was somehow able to control myself, thank God. My friends came to collect me and scolded me for cheating on my boyfriend, but I strangely felt no shame or regret.

Later that evening, alone in bed, I fantasied about the situation, I imagined that we had gone back to his room together. I felt his kisses on my skin, his hands on my breasts and hips – what it would be like to look into his eyes as I opened his pants and take him in my hand and mouth… I wanted so much to feel him deep inside me. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I just wanted him to take me, to fuck me.

My hand wandered down my stomach and into my panties — my pussy was soaking wet – and I quickly and urgently came hard, thinking of him. I fell asleep immediately and had a very sexual dream.

Two days later was our class. I wasn’t planning anything but I wore my hair down, my best jeans and an unnecessarily tight-fitting green top that highlighted my full breasts. I’d been half dreading it and half exploding inside to see him again. Anyway, I was very professional, but I felt him looking at my body when I wrote on the whiteboard. I had butterflies in my stomach.

After the lesson I tidied up quickly, paused a moment to contemplate the situation, then ran to catch up with him. I had been feeling conflicted about my boyfriend so I told him it was a mistake and I want us to remain platonic friends. We went to the Irish pub and had a coffee and it was very nice; I played it very cool but I got goosebumps every time our skin innocuously touched. I realised the initiative was entirely with him.

We walked back to my flat together and said goodbye but he didn’t walk away. Instead he suddenly shoved me against the wall and kissed me. I opened my mouth, sighed with delight and let his tongue inside as his strong arms wrapped around me; I parted my legs and he aggressively pushed his thigh between them; I was instantly wet.

We both knew what would happen now and I broke the kiss, smiled, shamelessly took his hand and led him up the two flights of stairs, him admiring my ass in my jeans on the way up. Less than a minute later we were in my room: me moaning as he kissed my neck and his fingers opened my jeans quick as lightning. His hand slipped into my panties as I opened my mouth and he kissed me greedily.

His fingers worked their way down through my soft pubic hair and he gently opened my swollen, Cebeci Rus Escort drenched vagina with one finger. He breathed heavily as he felt how wet I was for him and I kissed him wildly. I had never been so aroused in my life — he quickly found my clitoris and waves of electric, pulsing pleasure crashed through my body, I felt an orgasm approaching.

My knees were soft and I was swaying: I wanted him so much. I came hard against his hand, half falling into him. He laughed confidently as I rested my head against his chest, my blonde hair dishevelled, drawing my breath in long, shuddering gasps. I heard his heart pounding in his chest.

Before I had chance to recover he quickly and systematically undressed me and soon I was entirely naked, squinting in the bright sunlight that was strongly through the attic window, warming my skin.

He kissed me, his hands gently exploring me, cupping my breasts and stroking my exquisitely aroused nipples. He led me to my bed and told me to lie down and he removed his T-shirt as I obeyed him. I thought he would fuck me now but instead he parted my thighs, knelt at the foot of the bed and, to my surprise and delight, proceeded to go down on my soaking pussy.

My God. His fingers – his tongue! He knew exactly what he was doing and gave me a series of strong, violent orgasms within minutes, as quick and hard as ever – embarrassingly, at least one of my flatmates was at home and I’m sure I overheard everything.

He stood up — he had taken off the rest of his clothes in the meantime and stood naked in front of me, grinning and stroking his rather big and very hard penis in his hand, presumably admiring his pretty naked teacher who had just surrendered to him so completely. His thick, hard, veiny, uncircumcised cock was at once beautiful and threatening, jutting out from a patch of trimmed pubic hair. His body was toned and more athletic than I’d expected.

I looked into his dark eyes and the words “please fuck me” just fell out of my mouth. Without a word, he climbed onto the bed between my open thighs, above me, and in one movement pushed deep into me. I was on the pill but my boyfriend always wore a condom so it was Incredible to feel his warm, heavy — and considerably larger – penis ease inside me.

I felt so full I could only cry for joy and moan his name as he began to fuck me.

My fingers grabbed his well-trained butt and encouraged him to push deeper into me. I honestly didn’t know that sex can be so Kolej Rus Escort good. It was amazing. He looked me straight in the eye and even laughed as I came again almost immediately, almost sobbing. It felt so good to have him deep inside me. I kissed him long and deep and embraced him, wanting to feel his skin against my whole body.

He then took control and enjoyed me in numerous positions: against the wall, really hard from behind — this was almost too much, as he pounded deep into me with his hands gripping my hips. He told me to tell him in English to fuck me harder and found myself obliging, something I’d never really done before – telling him how good he felt inside me and how big he was.

He later said he found it best with me “on top”… of course, so did I…;) He loved looking at my body, he couldn’t keep his hands off my breasts and ass. I lost count of the number of times he made me come, we were both drenched in sweat.

At the end we had again very intimate sex in the missionary position. He kissed me and told me I was beautiful and then proceeded to fuck me hard and steady. It was so intense! – I’ve never been fucked so well – his stamina was so impressive. I had my biggest orgasm from this and really didn’t know if I could go on.

But he finally came soon afterwards. Thank God not in me, but he took his big, thick penis in his hand and sprayed his sperm over my stomach and my breasts! It was so surprising — ropes of it hit me again and again and I felt it all hot, slowly dripping down from my side across my side onto the bed. I was so finished. I suddenly felt so empty without him in me.

He came to me in the shower afterwards. We washed each other gently and I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it – he quickly became very hard again and I went to my knees and put the thick tip in my mouth. He moaned as I sucked him. He was surprisingly hard again – I knew he would have come soon, but I decided to prolong the moment… I looked him straight in the eye and licked my tongue slowly along his whole penis – I played with his perfect shaft and balls for a while, teasing him as revenge for dominating me so entirely earlier!

But as he moaned and played with my hair I got so turned on and just wanted to taste him. I settled down into the corner of the shower and grabbed his ass — he needed no encouragement and soon he was practically fucking my mouth.

This time he displayed none of the supreme control he showed earlier and he moaned loudly and grabbed my tousled hair as he came heavily in my mouth. I swallowed everything — something I never do.

We stayed in that position, him panting and standing over me, the water pouring over us, while I gathered myself, his semi hard penis resting against my flushed cheek and my hands idly stroking his firm ass and thighs. As my thoughts slowly returned to reality, I remembered my boyfriend is visiting next weekend…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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