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It happened again! Ron walked right past Tina to the new stupid intern at their job and started flirting with her. Yes, Ron was completely hot and totally out of her league. But not even a, “Hey, have a great weekend!” from the guy? Tina decided that this would be the last time she got looked over for some other “sexier” woman. She was tired of men passing by her where ever she went and not giving her a second thought. It happened at work, on the street, and even at a party.

Tina was pretty, just boring. If she did something with herself then maybe there would be a fighting chance. “No more!” Tina said to herself. She had just spent a fortune at a local gym and had a tight curvy body to show for it. The problem was that Tina still had the same drab oversized wardrobe. Everyone could see she had lost weight. But nobody knew what wonderful treasures she hid underneath.

When Tina got home from work that Friday, she sat down at her computer to see where she could go get a makeover. “And maybe I’ll go shopping and get a tattoo afterwards”, she thought to herself. She found a site for a full service spa and salon. Hoping it wasn’t too late, Tina called the listed number. Miraculously they were able to get her in the next morning. She set an appointment to get a haircut and a wax. Excited she hung up the phone and started surfing the web for entertainment. “Maybe after this overhaul, I’ll have a man to entertain me instead of clothing websites.” She thought sullenly. As she searched she started thinking about searching for some lingerie as well. “I might as well be pretty underneath.” She found a very erotic website that had several kinds of lingerie. From bondage costumes to everyday sexy. One of the models reminded her a little of herself. She was wearing a cup less corset and garter with thigh highs. Her breasts were standing up proudly with hard nipples. Her exposed pussy was completely bald and she had a tiny butterfly tattoo right above her clit. Just looking at the sexy woman made Tina want to examine her body. She stripped down completely and went to stand in front of her full length mirror. Her breasts were full and ripe, with the tiniest bit of sag to them. She had big nipples that excited extremely easily. Her tummy was tight and her legs were smooth and muscular. She ran her hands over her sexy body liking what she saw. “There is no need for me to hide this anymore.” As she admired herself she started running her hands over her body. The more she touched, the more excited she became. Her aching, wet pussy was starting to need relief. She lay back on her bed and started to slowly finger herself. Tina’s palm started grinding into her clit as her fingers flew in and out of her dripping hole. She lifted a hard nipple to her mouth and moaned as she sucked hard on it. Tina bit lightly on the sensitive bud and sent herself over the edge. She happily rolled onto her side with her long legs pressed together and fell asleep. “Tomorrow cannot come soon enough”, she smiled to herself.

Tina woke up Saturday morning very excited to get started with her transformation. She decided to wear a flowing sun dress and sandals. Getting her hair cut was absolutely wonderful. The hairdresser spoiled her and made her look like a movie esat escort star. The cut complimented her full sexy lips and dark eyes perfectly. After he was done he sent her into the spa area to get her wax. Tina barley trimmed down her pussy. So she was a little nervous about the pain and how she would look bald. The lady was also great. It was not without a lot of pain. But at least it lasted for less than a half hour. She had Tina look at herself in the mirror. Tina could not believe how sexy it made her look and feel. She lay back down on the table so the woman could apply the oils. She poured it over her bare pussy and started to work it in. Tina could feel herself start to get wet from the nearness. Every time the lady came near her lips, they opened like a pink flower. She was embarrassed but loved the attention. Finally it was time to leave the spa. But not before making a follow up appointment.

It was still early afternoon and Tina decided she had plenty of time to go shopping for her sexy lingerie and a new wardrobe. On her way to the mall she saw a small tattoo shop and immediately thought of the sexy vixen from the website. “Why not?” she thought. She walked in shyly and started thinking about how to tell a stranger you want a tattoo on your pussy. The receptionist was super friendly and helped her pick out the exact tattoo that she wanted. Tina sat down and waited for the next available artist. After a few nervous minutes a man walks out and asks for Tina to come on back. She looks up from her lap and sees Ron standing in front of her. Ron’s jaw drops as he takes in the new sexy Tina. She doesn’t think she can make her legs move but finally smiles, gets up and walks towards him.

“Hi Ron. I had no idea you had another job.” Still trying to recover from this new, noticeably beautiful creature, he just nods his head. “Ummm…If you’re uncomfortable, I can wait for someone else.

Finally finding his tongue he says, “No, no! You just look great and I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.”

Tina smiles and follows him back to his booth. “So I have the stencil of the butterfly you want. Where are we putting it on you?”

“Seriously!” thought Tina. “She could not have told him that one little part for me?” She takes a deep breath and says, “I would like it on my pussy, right above my clit.”

Ron cleared his throat and smiled with his full lips. “Well this should be nice.” “Go ahead and take off your panties for me. I need to see the canvas.”

Tina blushed and did as she was told. Ron watched Tina reach under her dress and pull her panties down her long legs. Why had he never noticed how sexy her legs were? Tina laid back and raised her dress above her hips, revealing her freshly waxed pussy.

“Wow you are beautiful”, Ron said under his breath. Tina just smiled and closed her eyes. “Thanks Ron. That means a lot coming from you.”

Ron laid the stencil on her exposed pussy. He spent a little more time than necessary smoothing it out. “Ok Tina. Are you ready?” “Sure.” She laughed nervously. Ron placed his fingers on both sides of Tina’s smooth pussy and started the butterfly. As he worked, he stretched and twisted the skin to create etimesgut escort the effect he wanted. He enjoyed being the close to Tina’s love box as he worked.

Tina was excited to have Ron’s face inches from her pussy. Even though the tattoo had an unpleasant burning sensation, she enjoyed feeling his breath and fingers on her. All too soon, she was being told to go look in the mirror. She stood with her dress still to her tiny waist and admired his work. “I love it.” She told him.

“Come on back over here and I will put the solution and bandage on for you.” Watching Tina stand there with her beautiful legs, ass, and pussy showing had an erotic effect on Ron. He could not help but get hard looking at this gorgeous woman that he had just marked with his artwork.

Tina lay back down on the table and Ron started slowly working the solution over her mound. Tina noticed that his touch was extra gentle. She loved the feel of his fingers on her bare skin. He was getting more and more turned on.

Tina started to get wet wishing that he could just fuck her. Ron’s fingers started drifting lower and lower. Tina unconsciously spread her thighs to allow him access. Ron could smell her sweet scent as she started to get wetter and wetter. She moaned as his fingers found her glistening pussy lips. He slowly raised his other hand to rub circles on her protruding clit. Tina sighed happily. She could not believe that her sensible coworker that never paid her attention was fingering her. And in a tattoo parlor of all places!

She looked down and noticed him watching her face expectantly. She just smiled into his eyes to let him know that what he was doing was ok with her. As she felt that familiar fire building between her legs, Ron suddenly lowered his head to her clit. Tina tensed for several seconds, feeling like she was about to explode. He gently bit down while pumping his fingers in and out of her dripping box. Tina had to clamp her hands over her mouth as Ron pushed her over the edge. Her hips bucked off of the table as she rode out her orgasm. Ron held on as Tina came down. He had never tasted a woman quite so sweet.

“I have wanted you to do that for so long.” Tina admitted.

Ron told her that it was definitely a pleasure. “The shop closes early on Saturdays if you don’t mind waiting. I would love to take you out. Or we could stay in.” He suggested. Tina laughed and told him that she would love that. She waited as he cleaned his booth and got his things together.

“Ok, where too?”

“How about my place? I might let you out of bed long enough to get dinner.” Tina smiled.

They took separate cars to her house and nearly ran in the door. Ron grabbed her dress and ripped it from her body. Tina had never put her panties back on, so he happily dug in again to feast on her. She gripped his hair as he took her back to nirvana for the second time that day. She grabbed him by his shirt and led the way to her bedroom. She told him to lie back on the bed and that it was her turn. Tina unbuttoned his shirt while kissing every inch of his exposed skin. She then started unbuckling his pants. As she pulled them down with his underwear, his etlik escort cock sprang out. It was thick and veiny. She took the head into her mouth and slowly twirled her tongue around. Ron gripped her hair and pushed her down further. She pulled her head off and smiled into his eyes. Then she surprised him by taking his whole 9 inches down her throat. He moaned low and deep in his chest. She started bobbing her head back and forth on his hard cock, making her nose touch his stomach each time. Every third stroke she would run her tongue along the bottom vein.

Ron gripped her head again to stop her and said, “If you keep that up I’m going to come and soon. I have been hard for you all afternoon and can’t wait to get inside that beautiful pussy. He stood up and pushed her back onto the bed. She was already soaking wet. He smiled and placed his cock at her dripping entrance.

Ron bent his head to her hard nipples and alternated between sucking and licking on each one. She was squirming and panting for him to push his huge cock into her. He kissed her full lips and rammed his penis in to the hilt. Tina screamed out in pleasure. Ron just held his thick cock in her tight hole and enjoyed the sensation for a while. Tina was no virgin but she had not been fucked in a while. Her hole felt like a velvet glove. He slowly drew back out and pushed in again. As he built a steady rhythm, Tina started lifting her hips to meet every thrust.

As Ron looked down on this woman making agonized faces of pleasure, something snapped in him. He wanted this woman for himself. He wanted to mark this woman as his own and have her forever. Ron suddenly pulled out of Tina, flipped her over, and rammed his cock back in to her tight hole. Tina tried to look back over her shoulder at Ron to see his face. He pushed her face back into the bed.

“I am going to fuck you until you want no other man. I am going to cum into your bare pussy again and again.” Ron told her. Tina was not sure what came over him, but she loved it. She had had a secret crush on him for the years they had worked together. She would love to keep this sexy man to herself. Ron was pumping in and out of her so fast. His balls smacked against her clit with every thrust. Soon Tina was screaming out that she was Cumming. Her pussy muscles rippled around his rock hard cock. The combination of her tightness and the extra juices flowing around his cock from Tina’s orgasm pushed Ron over the edge. He buried his cock into her pussy as he emptied his heavy balls into her waiting womb.

Spent they lay in bed together with his cock still buried in her. Tina was smiling but Ron looked somewhat ashamed.

“I don’t know what happened just now.” Ron told Tina. “I just could not think of not having you to myself. I mean are you even on birth control?”

Tina shook her head no.

Ron looked alarmed and ready to apologize. Tina interrupted him and said that nothing would make her happier than having his baby. She loved the idea of her big breasts swelling even more with milk.

Ron smiled and started to stiffen again thinking about her flat tummy swelling full and round with his seed. He made love to Tina gently and deposited his sperm into her several times that weekend.

Two weeks later, Tina was glad that she had never made it to the shopping trip. Her clothes would not be fitting in a few short months. Ron could not have been happier with the news. They decide to go ahead and get married before she started showing. Tina gave birth to a beautiful boy nine months later that looked just like Ron.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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