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They used to be neighbors. Bernie was in his late fifties, bald, sporting a small beer belly. He was living alone in the apartment beside hers. He always shoveled the snow from their common balcony. Sometimes she would get to her car and he had dug it out of the snow bank.

Angie was in her mid twenties, long brown hair, small firm breast and a nice ass on top of long legs. She was a quiet person with a soft voice and a tremendous smile. At long last she had finally met the one. They had bought a house in the suburbs and she moved out leaving her apartment to her younger brother.

She was working close by and she would have lunch in her old apartment using Bernie’s wireless internet connection. She had discovered his scat stories that he had submitted to . They were kind of exciting but she would not do anything like that to her boyfriend. She would need a willing neutral partner to try that.

She was unlocking the outside door downstairs preparing to enter:

”Hello Angie, it has been a long time.” Bernie called to her.

He had a big smile like if he was happy to see her.

”Hi Bernie. Yes it has been a long time. How are you?” Angie asked smiling back.

”I am fine. There is not much to say no big change only the same old routine. Still unemployed nobody wants to hire me because I am too experienced officially. No one daring to tell me that I am too old. And you how are you?” Bernie answered.

” I am fine. Love living in the suburbs. It is a lot quieter than this neighborhood.” She said opening the door.

”I am glad to hear that everything is fine.”

Bernie said following her inside the stairwell.

She was suffering from constipation and was wondering if he could be that neutral partner when she farted. She Bycasino blushed and apologized to Bernie.

”Do not worry about that. I did worse than that helping an old girlfriend that had a lazy colon.” He said smiling at her.

She had stopped in the middle of the stairway surprised. The opportunity was there. She decided to tempt her faith.

”I have been constipated for a few days. Can you help me with that?” Angie asked.

”Maybe I can. It almost always worked with her. I am not sure that you will agree to what we would need to do together.” He answered.

”What did you do to help your old girlfriend?” She asked him.

He was getting a hard on at the possibility that he might kiss her gorgeous ass. But he was embarrassed to tell the truth. He was the one blushing now. He managed to mumble:

”She would sit on my face and I would put my tongue in her asshole as deep as I could until it triggered her bowel movement. Then she would rush to the toilet.” He said looking at the stairs.

”Oh! That sounds like fun. Would you help me like that?” She asked lifting his chin up.

She would never had kissed him or dreamed of sleeping with him but she would like to have his male tongue up her butt.

”Yes I would like to try to help you.” He said.

”It did not worked every time?”

She asked climbing the stairs. Letting him stared at her ass.

”Well some nights it would take fifteen to twenty minutes, some other nights it could be close to an hour before she rushed to the toilet.” He answered in a low voice.

”I have to be back at the office in fifty minutes. I can take longer than that if I need but I would like to be back in time.” Angie said as she was unlocking the door to the apartment.

He Bycasino giriş was so excited, her ass had always excited him and now he was going to lick it for real.

She was closing the door when she said:

”How do you want to do this? I have never sat on a face before.” She asked smiling at him.

She felt her excitement increase. Her lover was too conservative to even think about going down on her, so kissing her ass must be as far away as the next galaxy to him. She would enjoy this.

”I will lie on my back. You will take off your pants and panties; straddle my head looking toward my feet and sit down on me. Then you will let me put my face in your ass and try to put your asshole on my mouth. I will stick my tongue out to help you.” He said sitting down on the floor.

”Will you be able to cope? I am a little bit afraid.” She lied to him.

”First, let me say that I am the one in the risky position because being under you I will not be able to lift you off my face and your weight on my chin will prevent my mouth from closing so if you have an accident I am on the receiving end. Second, try to relax as much as you can, otherwise your asshole will be closed tight and my tongue will not go in. Finally I will be able to cope, it has been a long time but it should be pleasurable for the both of us.” He said putting a cushion under his head.

She was already naked from the waist down. She turned around and lowered her ass on his face. He was moving his head from left to right to position his nose so that he could breathe through her crack.

She looked at his pants and saw his erection. She was excited thinking about what she was going to do to him.

He started by kissing her asshole, then licking Bycasino güncel giriş it to lubricate it, then he stuck his tongue out go in. She was tense; she took a deep breath and relaxed a little letting his tongue in.

”This is good, I like it a lot Bernie.”

She said thinking about the scat stories he had written and posted on the internet. It was very sensual to have his tongue caress her asshole like that.

She took her phone out lifted herself a little:

”I will have your photo now.”

She told him after taking a few shots quite recognizable of him with his tongue in her asshole.

He had thought that she was getting off him to use the toilet because he had felt a stool moving. To his surprise she sat back down on his mouth pressing harder on his chin.

”I have found out your secret identity Bernie and all those nasty scat stories you wrote so you will be my toilet.” She told him.

He was startled, she knew of his stories that were reflections of his deepest desires. He was caught under her with his tongue being pushed out by a stool. He had no choice.

”It worked as you can taste it. This is good I like it and I see that you like it too.”

She said unzipping his jeans, letting his erected penis out.

The taste was awful and when she lifted herself again to take photos of him eating her shit the smell hit him. He nearly puked but managed to keep it down.

”I love shitting in your mouth it is a grand feeling. We will do that a few times a week unless you prefer to have your photos on the internet and sent to everybody in your address book.”

She informed him as she was feeding him a third stool. She was feeling a lot better now.

”Lick me clean.” She ordered.

He was feeling queasy.

”Hey we did it in twenty minutes” She said as she was backing up on his face.

”Open up I need to pee.” She said.

He caught most of it and drank it. It washed down the awful taste of her shit that he would have to get used to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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