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Readers, beware, this is a story of incest, BDSM, interracial love, and lesbianism.

Mrs Harton was sat at her desk marking some papers, she was oblivious to her class for the moment, though her students were well aware of the radar she seemed to have when anything went awry.

She was the most popular teacher in college, and that also had something to do with the fact that she was hot! The hottest teacher anyone in the college could remember. She was a very knowledgeable teacher, there never seemed to be any question she couldn’t answer, and if there was, she would have it at hand the next lesson.

Her math lessons were fun, not only did the pupils learn easily from her, her classes were always full; she was even approached for extra lessons, which she always gratefully refused. She was the most comprehensive and honest teacher in school.

She was only 25 years old, and married, her husband was Tom, for 2 years now, she thought that she was as happy as a person could be, if they had a problem, they would work it out, they were like most married couples, they weren’t deliriously happy all the time, but satisfaction had replaced the earlier passion, and they were now settled into a way of life.

If they had any problems it was the fact that during the week Monday to Friday, they had to live apart. Tom worked in the city, and commuting had been given the elbow, doing 9 or 10 hour days, then a 2 hour each way trip to and from home each day was too tortuous, so he had taken a small apartment, and travelled Mon to Fri, arriving home by about 8pm.

There sex life had actually got better, due to the fact that they spent 4 nights and 5 days apart. The weekends, apart from avid sex, were spent quietly, but Chris was always hornier than Tom, which was why she had a vibrator that he didn’t know of. But all her adult life, there had been a niggle at the back of her mind, a niggle she couldn’t define. She spent weekends researching and swotting for college, he researching law books for the following week. But all in all, their life was working out okay.

They didn’t have any children, neither wanted any, it had never been an issue, she was on the pill. And financially they were heading on the upwardly mobile track. They now had a big house, a big affordable mortgage, both has nice cars, foreign holidays, life was quite good.

Chris, (Mrs Harton) was what can only be described as a ‘looker,’ in fact she was better than a ‘looker,’ she was gorgeous, and she was just so hot! But in an unpretentious way, she had no airs or graces, never tried to outdo other women, never gave anything away, in the way of signs to other men, or even women either.

She was 5ft 2″ tall, had soft, sleek, beautiful auburn hair, that in certain light, had a red look too, it was down past her shoulders, and often wore it up on her beautiful head, a pony tail, or down and loose. Which ever way she had it, it looked good.

Her face was a natural complexion, flawless, creamy and smooth, her eyes were large, wide and dark brown, thick sharp eye brows, her nose was symmetrical to her face, and her lips were of the kind that men would stop and do a double take, they were lips, which demanded kissing. Her bottom pouty lip was a straight line above her chin, and tipping downwards at the corners, her upper matching lip sat above it, it was the most sensuous of mouths.

A long slender neck that was graceful in movement, her shoulders supported her neck and head in swan like lithesome sways. Her breasts were full and large, nipples that could support, when aroused, a hat on one, and a coat on the other!

Her waist was flat, muscled, because of her fitness regime, and narrow, all above hips that were in line with her shoulders.

But it was her legs that were the pinnacle, if that is the right explanation, they seemed to go on for ever, smooth and gliding from top to toe, her skin was smooth, there were no lumps, bumps, or knobbly bits anywhere. They were, in a word, perfection.

Many men had tried to woo her before and during her marriage, some very tempting offers were often put her way, from many directions, wealthy student parents, friends of her husbands, and friends of her fathers. Even from students themselves.

Chris for her part had a wondering mind, a mind, which would even shock her at times; it was adventuress to say the least. She would often ponder, when looking at a man or young man. If he, or him would be good in bed, if he or him, had a big cock, was he or him muscled under his shirt, was he hairy, all sorts of sexual innuendo, and sometimes she would get herself quite excited. But only to her, never ever out in the open.

That was why she had been taken aback, and more than intrigued by a note left for her, in a sealed envelope. It had been folded in half, in her desk drawer. She was used to being approached by all manner of men, and boys, some direct, some quietly. But she always knew who they were. And if she was honest with herself, she was always more than flattered.

She had bursa escort no idea when it had been placed there; it had been yesterday, when she had used it last. She had opened it, and it had read.

‘Mrs Harton, (a pupil?) Chris (fellow teacher?) You have enamoured me for sometime now, I am too unsure really, to approach you face to face, but I have to tell you, that you are the most wondrous of women, I look at you and I am in awe. Please, do not be afraid of me, or this note, I will never mean you any harm in any way. Yours in rapture, J.’

She didn’t know why the note captured her imagination; it was quite unusual. She couldn’t remember ever being approached in this way. She thought the use of the word ‘rapture’ had caught her; her natural curiosity got the better of her supple mind. She couldn’t help wondering who it was, and felt a small urge to know who her unknown admirer was.

‘J,’ she said to herself, ‘who can J be?’

She went through all the ‘Js’ in her mind, there were 5 pupils, but she eliminated 3 of them, the other 2 were possibilities. They were 3 teachers or colleagues, but she eliminated 2 of them, that left 3 possibilities.

Of her husbands friends there were 2, but how would they get that note into her desk, they were eliminated. So were friends of her fathers, and Tom’s father’s friends too.Along with pupil parents.

But what if ‘J’ was just a letter used for this purpose?

She was nonplussed, she couldn’t reply, so she took the note, memorized it, and then destroyed it.

Then 2 days later, another one was in her desk.

‘Chris, hi there, I hope you were at least a little pleased, to have a secret admirer? I look at you and wonder what is inside you, your wide eyed innocence, the person inside that beautiful exterior. Are you the woman I see? Or maybe you are the latent, secret inwardly sensuous person, trying to get out, the one I see in my mind, you may very well be? ‘J.’

Chris sat there stunned, did he know her? He had hit her right on, she was the person he mentioned, but how could he say that, if he didn’t know her? She quickly lifted her head and glanced around the room, she was trying to catch someone looking at her as she read the note. There was no one, and least of all, John Griffin, or Jack Downs. Both of the ‘J’s.

Both of the 19 year old boys, were studiously head in their books, both were very good looking, both knew their way around the girls, they were both, in her book, good possibilities!

‘Who is it!’ she demanded in her mind.

She went back to work, deliberately devoiding her wandering mind of the incidents.

Chris tried to concentrate, but her mind got the better of her, she began deciding that the ‘J’ was Jack Downs, it had to be, he had sidled up to her a week ago and accidently brushed her body with his. He had apologised profusely, but he had done it on purpose, she knew he had. But Chris had put it to one side, and forgotten about it until now.

Her active and fertile mind began to think if he was the one, then why? The answer was obvious; she knew the effect she had on the male species and even some of the female ones too.

She giggled to herself at that thought, and then her pussy moistened.

The following day, there was another note in a sealed envelope.

‘Hi Chris, that was a beautiful smile on your beautiful face yesterday, it lit the sky, such was the radiance, how that smile would make me feel, were I to be the receiver of it. J.’ x x x x

She felt her heart flutter when she read it, who is he? She was beside herself, what was going on, why was this getting to her like it was? That night, she fingered herself to an orgasm, with Jack Downs in her mind, she fucked him, and he fucked her, with an abandon she never knew she had.

The note in her drawer the next day turned her insides out!

‘Hey Chris, I was in your mind last night, and you were in mine. I was with you all the way; you are the most beautiful creature on God’s earth, not only to look at, but on the inside too. I know I shouldn’t Chris, but I worship the very ground you walk on, my sweet lady, J’

She stood up on legs that were like jelly, and made her way slowly into her stockroom. Her mind was on the previous night’s terrific, mind blowing orgasm. In there she sat down, her pussy was wet through, why was she like this, never in her life had she been in a situation such as this, she had always been in control of her emotions. No one, no one, no one, had ever captured her imagination like this. And now her mind was in turmoil.

She had to find out, find out somehow, who it was, who it was that was turning her mind, and now her body upside down. But what could she do? She couldn’t ask Jack Downs. That was impossible, he had given no indication it was him. She couldn’t take the chance of challenging him, could she?

The weekend came, and Chris attacked her husband as soon as he walked through the door, he was in bed and being screwed before bursa escort bayan he could draw breath! But it wasn’t her husband she was screwing, it was Jack Downs, she hated herself for even thinking it, but her orgasm, sent her crashing into the ceiling.

It was Tuesday before the next note, she had gone straight into her drawer the previous day, and she was thoroughly disappointed not to find one. That night she had dreamed of being in bed with a man, of being thrashingly banged by him, but she couldn’t see his face, it was just a blur? But she knew with an unerring certainty, that it hadn’t been her husband, no, she was certain, it had been Jack. And she had orgasmed as she woke up; her pussy was a soaking pulsing fury, a throbbing body of supine flesh.

When she got into her class, she went to her drawer. She opened the note, it read.

‘Chris, you are ruling my mind, what am I to do? Are you truly out of reach, to be reached only in my dreams, and only in your dreams too? Your soft sublime charm so enamours me, J’

For the first time in her life, Chris wanted to be unfaithful; her pussy was reaching across the room to Jack Downs, sat in the centre of her classroom. She had never ever even cheated on a boyfriend, and certainly not on her husband, but she needed this person, whether he was a man or a boy, the boy, she knew in her mind, the one she had dreamed about.

But what could she do, she began devising this plan, that plan, and then another plan, all she cast aside in defeat. She looked at him as often as she could, he looked blankly back.

‘God he is good looking isn’t he?’ She said to herself, wishing she could play with her wanton pussy!

When he glanced up, and caught her eye, she smiled at him, it was a personal smile, one that said, and she found herself hoping, ‘Hi Jack, I’m here? I know it’s you, it is you, isn’t it?’

Then she hit on the idea of leaving him a note. So writing on a sheet of A4 in large letters, she wrote.

‘J’ [email protected] and she taped it face up to the bottom of her drawer. He, whoever he was, had to see it. She was taking a chance she knew, but she had to know if it was him. But no one would suspect her meaning of the note, no one but J.

The next weekend intervened, again she attacked her husband, but she gave no thought to him, only to her own stupendous gratification at the hands of Jack Downs. She had many orgasms over the next 2 days, Tom asked her if she was okay, was she on happy pills, he had laughed at that remark.

The note on the Monday was a little ambiguous.

‘Chris, I want you to wear your hair in a pony tail for me, all this day, and even when you arrive home. Then I will know. J’?

‘Know, know what?’ she pondered, but walked into her stockroom, and put her hair up as asked.

She walked back into her classroom, and was looking directly at Jack as she did; he never showed the least interest! She was furious. ‘How dare he ignore me like that!’ she raged to herself.

Her pussy was on fire, she was working herself up to boiling point. Her nipples were red hot bolts of flesh, hard as iron, and so supersensitive they itched on the inside of her blouse, an itch that had to be scratched, and scratched as soon as possible!

She could still not understand why she was behaving the way she was, what was it, that he had uncovered in her. What was there about her, that she had succumbed, and so easily, to a pretty woeful attempt at seduction? He had succeeded in playing her emotions to the point of no return, with a simplicity that shattered her mind. Where all others had failed miserably, he had produced a winning formula, which she had gobbled up, hook line and sinker!

It had to be due to the fact that, her husband was away all week, and she needed, nay, craved, sex, love and attention. The sensation of being under, or on top of a beautiful man, was becoming unbearable. Her defences were crashing down around her; she was vulnerable, and he had broken into her vulnerability, subversive to this attack on her morals, and her sense of honour.

She was 25 years old and fantasising about a 19 year old boy in her class, a boy who had seduced her mind, and then her body. If he was the one, then he would be ripping away her fidelity, her woman morals, desperation to be his lover, to feel him inside her

That evening at home, and all alone, she had gone straight upstairs, got out her trusty vibrator, and fucked herself furiously, and half to death, with Jack Downs face above hers.

As she recovered from her monumental orgasm, she hurried as fast as her rubbery legs, and twitching fingers would allow her to, she logged on to her PC.

There on messenger was an invitation to add him, whoever he was? But her mind, heart, body and definitely her pussy, was wishing and hoping, it would be Jack Downs, to her list; it was from ‘J’

She had his body in her minds eye, as she looked at the invitation. She knew how escort bursa big he was, how he walked, talked, acted, and behaved. She could only imagine, and she had done, the size of his prick, the girth of his balls, the power of his strong young and very fit body. The kiss of his lips as they had devoured her, his tongue driving at her, in her agile, fertile, and very imaginative mind, was overriding any pretentions now, that she didn’t want this.

She replied to his invitation, he was on line she could see it.

‘Hi J’

‘Hey Chris, glad you have replied to me, I was hoping you would, you will never know until I show you, how much I was hoping’

‘Who are you J, I have to know?’

‘Not yet, I have to be sure about you first’

‘But you know so much about me? It’s not fair?’ It read like a plea from a little girl.

‘Send me a photo of you Chris; I need to be able to look at you’

‘Only if I get one from you then?’ she replied a little haughtily.

‘Do it Okay, I’m waiting,’ he replied.

She read the order in the words, she shivered.

Chris went into her photo file and sent him a really good one of her stood outside of the college; she reckoned that this was a safe bet.

Her PC beeped, it was a file from him, now for it, and she happily opened it.

It was a photo of a man with his head blanked out. She could not see his face, but he was naked, his body tight and muscular, reclining on a couch, his body was just as she had imagined it. It stunned her, she had never expected this.

But it was his cock which stopped her breathing, it was half hard, and it was glorious. If there had been anything to stop her from going forward, the very sight of his prick, had blasted it out of the water.

Her heart seemed to stop, what was he doing to her, how was he controlling her very being? She wanted to jump into the photo and get hold of it, kiss it, lick it, suck it, and more, she wanted to be fucked by it!

‘That isn’t fair J, you are playing with me,’ she seemed to bleat. Her curiosity thundered her onwards.

Now he applied the pressure.

‘Do you like my cock Chris, does my cock excite you Mrs Harton, you are feeling sexy, aren’t you?’

She sat and stared at the appendage in front of her; she drooled at the sight of it, her pussy clamped and unclamped, it spasmed, and juddered her to another shot from earth!

He went on.

‘Its waiting for you Chris, to sample your hot dripping teachers pussy, the one you finger over me on a night, needing it, you do, don’t you Chris, hmmmm?’

‘Its big Chris, just made to fit into you, it was made by God, so it fitted you like a finger in a silk glove, would you like a photo of it Chris, Mrs Harton? Hmmmm.

Her PC beeped once more, another photo, now in a complete daze, she clicked on it, and it opened in full colour. It was magnificent, it showed him from the waist down, and stopped mid thigh, but taking centre stage was his beautiful young prick, and it was fully hard. It stood high and proud, thick and long, the bulbous head seemed to taunt her. His balls tight below it. Her pussy fell inwards, she orgasmed right in front of her desk again. Her nipples blew apart, the need to be fucked, make love, have sex, was overwhelming her.

She wrote her address down and sent it.

‘Please J, I want you to come right over, right now, please?’ she added.

‘Be upstairs in bed, and waiting, dressed appropriately, and ready for me, leave your door unlocked so I can enter, I will lock it’

She stared at the screen, and before she could reply.

‘Chris, don’t disappoint me, okay?’

‘I will be there in 15 minutes.’ Then the panel closed, he had gone.

‘My God, what am I doing, how can I be doing this?’ she said aloud to herself, as she hurried upstairs.

‘Dressed appropriately,’ he had said.

She showered in record time, got out the brand new underwear she had bought and not yet worn. Light pastel blue in colour, lacy bra, skimpy panties, stockings and suspenders, she brushed her hair, applied a little make up, and got on the bed.

Her pussy and nipples were in unison, one dripping white hot, her 2 nipples ready to shatter like granite. They were literally talking to each other, both now deliriously excited about the upcoming meet.

Chris heard the door open, close, and then the lock securing it, he was here, no going back! Light footsteps on the stairs, he didn’t enter her room. Chris was reclining in what she hoped was a very very seductive pose, on her side, shapely knee slightly bent.

The light from the room spread out of the half open door, she saw his shadow in the gap. Was he peering through it?

‘Face down Mrs Harton,’ his voice came.

‘What? Why?’ she asked, not understanding him.

‘I said; face down Mrs Harton, now, or I leave!’

She did as he instructed, why am I obeying his commands like this? She thought, but she knew the answer, his prick, the photo of it was branded searingly into her mind.

He saw her do it, he pulled down the ski mask he had on, it only had eye holes, a mouth hole, and he was dressed in all black, he was a fearsome sight.

He stepped silently to her, ‘My God’ he said to himself, ‘she is the most beautiful woman on this earth, and I’ve got her, she’s mine. His prick jumped and lurched in his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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