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Being a young man growing up on a farm gave me lots of long hard days of work. It also gave me almost unlimited freedom. Days of being by myself with nothing around me but land. Visited only by my dad or our hired hand David.

David was a 40-ish slender man. Short thinning hair and skin that looked like leather caused by years of rough work in all kinds of weather. He had never married that I knew of and kind of kept to himself. He had lived and worked on our place as long as I could remember but I hardly knew anything about him.

Dad told me one day to head down a stretch of fence and told David to head down the other. He told us once we met up on the other side we could quit for the day. The work would take most of the day but we would be done and home before dinner time at least.

David was bigger, stronger and more skilled at fixing fence so he usually ended up getting around the backside before I did. He usually kept working till he met me somewhere on my part of fence line.

This particular day I was nearing the back corner and still hadn’t seen David. I kept watching for him but hadn’t seen anything. Working a little further I saw his atv and trailer on the edge of a hill just above our dam. He must have gotten done for the day and stopped to take a quick swim. I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to help me out with my share of the fence. It was a hot day and a swim sounded pretty good to me too.

I drove up and parked and saw David lazily floating on his back in the middle of the pond. I walked down and stripped off my clothes and walked waist deep into the water before falling forward and letting myself disappear under the water.

Working on the farm with no one around it was perfectly normal to swim naked. We were the only family around for miles and there was no point in wasting time with swimming suits.

I stood back up spitting water out like a fountain. David opened one eye and asked if I got finished. “Yep” was my response before falling back into the water. David said something but I couldn’t hear him under the water. He was probably busting my balls for taking so long. David was always teasing me for something.

I surfaced and started swimming out to where David was floating. I asked him if he was finished and he told me not to worry about his work.

I spit a mouthful of water at him and then swam away. David flipped over and swam after me catching me by my heel. His arms like iron grabbed ahold of me and pulled me back to him. I squirmed and fought and swam and was able to slither away due to being naked and slick with water and sweat.

I swam away as fast as I could hoping just to get back to where I could touch. I stopped and looked back and saw that David hadn’t pursued me like I expected. He was following but at a lazy pace.

David swam to where Antep Escort Bayan I was standing and looked like he was going to say something till I reached out and shoved his head under. I jumped to the side and swam away quickly as his arms reached out blindly.

I narrowly avoided getting grabbed and his arm slid down across my chest and down over my cock. I swam hard over to a half submerged log.

I pulled myself up in the log and out of the water as David stood up and cleared off his face. He smiled and said “Oh that’s how it is.”

David waded towards me in waist deep water. I had never noticed how much muscle he had before. As he waded toward me I could see every muscle and line in his chest and arms.

David got closer and I jumped over him hoping to make a splash and get away. David was very quick and grabbed my leg as I jumped over. He pulled me down into the water shoving my head under. I grabbed his arms and tried to get away. His grip was like iron and he grabbed me and pulled me into him in strong bear hug. I could feel his hairy chest pressed into my back as we struggled naked in the water with arms and legs slipping and sliding in the cold water. David lifted me up and threw me through the air and deeper into the water. Before I could surface he had closed the distance and grabbed my arm. I was able to swim to the side and grab him in a loose bear hug. David let go of my arm and started spinning. I did my best to hold on tight but he was to slick with water.

As we sat there wrestling and spinning and grabbing I grabbed him from behind. I realized my cock was starting to harden. We were having fun and I wasn’t gay. I had no idea why my cock would be springing to life. I quickly let David go not wanting him to feel me get a hard on. What would he think? What would he tell my dad?

I turned him loose and tried to swim away half in a panic. David thought we were still playing and grabbed me from behind. I felt his arms close around me and slide over my cock! Oh my god! Did he feel it? Did he know? I was in full panic and struggled out of his arms swimming as fast as possible to the bank.

The stimulation of the water and the wrestling and his arms sliding over my cock had made the situation worse. I was getting harder by the second. I just got to the sunken log and was about to head up the bank when I paused realizing I couldn’t walk out sporting wood. My pause was all David needed to sneak up and grab me again from behind. His arm once again around my waist clamping my fully erect cock to my stomach! The first time I was half soft and he might not have noticed. This time I was rock hard and there was no hiding it!

I didn’t have time to panic as David lifted me and threw me again. In half a second he grabbed me again by the arm pulling me into the water. I frantically pushed him away. As I was pushing and wrestling and trying to slip away my hand slid across his cock! He was half hard also! What the hell!

David spun around me and locked his arms around my chest. I could feel his cock pressing into the small of my back! I was so freaked out I was almost frozen in place. I tried walking forward but David held me tight. I could feel his cock hardening against me. His arms loosened but didn’t let me go. His arms dropped down till they touched the head of my cock. I stood there frozen in place overtaken by panic and fear. He unlocked his hands and I felt him slide to the side till his cock was pressed into my hip. His hands moved around. One rested on my back and the other slid around my cock. I stood there still frozen, not knowing what to do. He took a step back while maintaining his gentle grip on my cock. For having arms and hands like steel his grip was suddenly soft but still unyielding. He stepped by while gripping my cock. I turned towards him with my mind still locked in panic. He kept walking backwards with his hand around my cock gently leading me forward. I followed like a mindless zombie. I didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it. I didn’t really want to stop it. As foreign as the situation was to me I was a young man with a hard cock and his hand and the water felt amazing.

He led me a few more steps. His eyes looking into my eyes. No emotion on his face. Watching and waiting for my reaction. I could see the head of his cock peeking just above the water line. His arm reaching out gently holding my cock.

David stopped and pulled to the side. Led by my cock I followed. He pulled me around till my back was up against the half sunk log. His hand slowly started squeezing and pulling on my cock over and over. My knees were weak and shaky and almost gave out on me. I stood there looking at him not knowing what to do as he slowly jerked me off. His facial expression hadn’t changed and neither had mine.

I slowly started coming out of my shocked mental state. I realized he hadn’t freaked out. He hadn’t gotten mad. He had grabbed it and started playing with it. Never would I have guessed that would be the outcome.

I started wondering, what do I do now? We stood there face to face cock to cock waist deep in water with gentle waves between us as he worked my cock. I had no idea where this was going or if I even wanted it to happen. I knew it felt good though and I wanted it to keep feeling good.

I looked down and saw his cock peeking out from the water like a turtle head. I slowly reached out and took ahold of his cock like he had ahold of mine. His cock was longer than mine but thinner. I could wrap my whole hand around it. I didn’t know what to do exactly but I had jerked myself off and I knew what he was doing so I followed suit. Slowly squeezing and pulling and squeezing and pulling. He finely broke the stare down and closed his eyes. He picked up the pace on my cock and I picked up the pace on his. We kept increasing the pace till the water between us was constant waves and gentle splashing.

David suddenly tipped his head back and let out a groan. A large white arc spewed out of the tip of his cock narrowly missing me and disappearing into the water.

Having jerked off since I was 11 I knew what was going on. I was to terrified to let myself slip into orgasm but David apparently didn’t have that problem.

I squeezed a little harder but slowed down pulling on it. His cock swelled and twitched spewing out stream after stream of jizz. His second and third shot spewed out and hit me on the arm and side. I was suddenly frozen again. I was ok with what was happening but getting jizzed on was unexpected. He opened his eyes and realized why I had stopped.

David splashed water on me washing off his load. He cupped some more water and used it across my chest. He cupped some more and washed off my arms and shoulders. I was cleaned off but he kept cupping water and washing my chest and shoulders while his other hand continued jerking me off slowly.

David suddenly stopped and put a hand on my shoulder as he pulled up on my cock. This wasn’t him jerking me off this was like he was trying to pull it up towards him.

I leaned back against the log as he pulled my hips up to the surface of the water. I looked at him in confusion as my cock glided towards the sky.

David stepped to the side as my hips broke the surface. He placed one hand under my ass and pulled my cock downward with the other hand till it pointed to the sky.

David leaned his head in as i started to panic again. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth! I was young and still a virgin and suddenly my cock was going from cold pond water to a tight warm mouth. He started with just the tip. It slowly went lower and lower inch by inch. My head was back and my back was arched. This was the greatest feeling my young body had ever felt. I wasn’t even thinking anymore. Panic was gone. I wasn’t sure what was happening right now but I wanted it to continue. I wanted more. I didn’t even know what more was but I wanted it.

David’s mouth went lower and I could feel his tongue wrap around my cock. As he continued lower the head of my cock finally hit the back of his throat. That’s all it took. My cock finally exploded with a fury and a feeling I’d never experienced. My body went through convulsions as it stretched against the log.

As my mind started coming back out of the haze of orgasm I could feel David lowering me back into the water. My mind was starting to think again. I wondered, what do we do now? As I collected myself and got my legs back underneath me I looked up to see David walking slowly out of the water. He gathered up his clothes and continued walking up the hill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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