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Amy slipped out of bed early the next morning, as she had to get the turkey in the oven and make some other preparations. She was short on sleep but still didn’t mind as she was looking forward to having a house full of people to take care of for the whole day. She jumped in the shower to wake herself up before going downstairs.

Tom stirred a little as Amy got out of bed and he heard the shower start up. He rolled over and rearranged the covers over his naked body before falling back asleep. The previous few days of work and the vigorous fucks of the last two nights left him plenty tired and he easily fell back into a deep sleep.

Amy finished her shower and got dressed before sneaking out of the bedroom without waking Tom. She shut the bedroom door behind her and went downstairs. From the lack of any other noise in the house she guessed that she was the only person awake.

Amy busied herself in the kitchen and fussed over the dining room table for a while before she heard stirring upstairs. She heard the water running in the shower and then footsteps coming toward the kitchen. “Morning Leslie,” Amy said cheerfully as Leslie came into the kitchen wearing only her sleep shirt. “How did you sleep?” Amy asked.

“Like a baby,” Leslie answered before letting her mind wander back to how the night had started for her and Katie.

Leslie pitched in and helped Amy get things ready until everything that could be done at this point was done. They then sat down together over breakfast and read the paper until a freshly showered Katie happily joined them. “Morning mom,” Katie said giving Amy a quick kiss on the cheek. Katie joined them over breakfast and all three sat eating, reading, and chatting. Finally Leslie got up and said she was headed up to the shower only to return a few moments later.

“What happened?” Amy asked.

“Megan beat me to it,” Leslie said. “Just as I got to the top of the stairs she went into the bathroom.”

“You know what?” Amy said suddenly. “When I left Tom was dead to the world, so I am sure he wouldn’t even notice if you went in there and took a shower in the master bath.”

Amy insisted and Leslie soon agreed. Amy told her where to go once inside the room and told her where to find towels. Leslie went upstairs and gathered her shampoo and conditioner from her bag. She moved over to the master bedroom door and quietly turned the handled and stepped inside. She shut the door behind her and turned around to face the bed.

She inhaled in surprise at what she saw before her. True to Amy’s guess Tom was still fast asleep. However, what Amy hadn’t counted on was that Tom had tossed the covers off so they only covered him from about mid-thigh downwards. He now lay on his back so Leslie had a perfect view of his cock and naked body. “He must be having good dreams,” Leslie giggled to herself as she observed that his cock was semi-erect.

Part of her said she should just turn around and leave but she remained still staring at the naked man before her. It had been such a long time since she had felt a big cock inside her that she was unable to look away from Tom’s partially excited cock.

She had been pretty promiscuous in high school although she had been careful enough to avoid being labeled a “slut” by her classmates. She found that she was so busy with studying and other activities in college that she just hadn’t had the time to find a boyfriend. She wasn’t the type to just fuck any guy she met. She much preferred to find a good man to become her boyfriend and then fuck his brains out over and over. Because of this she hadn’t seen any action yet at college.

Tom stirred in his sleep and Leslie froze in fear that she was going to get caught spying. Instead Tom rustled briefly and brought his hand to his cock before settling back down. He now slept with his fingers lying at the base of his cock and Leslie could feel her pussy getting wet. “What the hell is wrong with me?” she wondered. “This guy is old enough to be my dad.” Still she had to admit that he looked damn good for an old guy and had to force herself to move past his naked body and into the shower.

As she showered her mind kept wandering back to Tom’s body. She let herself fantasize briefly about going over to his naked body and sucking his dick until it was rock hard. She would then mount him and be fucking him when he awoke. He would be too excited to stop her and they would wildly fuck until she came twice. In her fantasies Tom was an amazing lover due to the many varied experiences he must surely have had over the other guys she had previously been with.

Tom stirred again in his sleep and became aware of the shower running. “Just like her,” Tom thought to himself. “She always did enjoy a good long shower.”

Tom quietly got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom planning on surprising Amy and joining her in the shower. His cock quickly hardened as he anticipated fucking her under the warm water and yenibosna escort he didn’t even notice the clock as he walked under it that showed that Amy had been out of the room for nearly two hours.

He quietly opened the door and stepped into the steamy bathroom before shutting the door again behind him. “Don’t want the others to hear,” he thought to himself. He could see the blurred vision her naked body through the glass on the shower door as he reached for the handle and said, “Hey, baby. Mind some company?”

He pushed the shower door open and stood paralyzed as he came face to face with Leslie and not his wife Amy. They stared dumbly into each other’s faces for a brief moment before Tom couldn’t resist the urge to let his eyes scan down her naked body. He drank in the sight of her big tits as the soap and water cascaded down them. He had fantasized about them so many times that now that he was actually seeing them, even by mistake like this, he didn’t know what to do. He continued his quick scan down to her pussy before moving his line of sight back to her tits before finally looking back into her eyes again.

As they made eye contact Tom noticed that Leslie’s eyes had been focused on his cock and she too was just looking up when their eyes met. “Uhh, sorry,” Tom offered meekly as he pushed the shower door closed again and quickly excited the bathroom. He stood on the outside of the door with his heart pounding in his chest from embarrassment but with his cock throbbing between his legs from lust at seeing Leslie naked. He was also intrigued that she had taken the time to obviously look at his erect cock and that she didn’t seem nearly as upset or bothered as he might have expected. He dismissed such thoughts as an older man’s fantasy and quickly shoved his hard cock into a pair of boxers and sweats. He pulled a shirt over his head and went downstairs trying to think of the least sexy things he could to lessen the hard on tenting out the front of his pants. As embarrassing as it would be to be seen with the hard on downstairs he couldn’t stay in the bedroom and face Leslie when she came out of the shower.

Leslie stood still for several minutes after Tom left still not sure what had just happened. Her reaction surprised herself and she wasn’t sure what to make of it. If Tom hadn’t spoken before opening the shower she would have surely screamed, but since he spoke and she had already been thinking of him it somehow didn’t seem quite as much of a shock when the door came open.

She also knew she probably should have tried to cover herself but for some reason hadn’t. She forgot all about covering up when she caught sight of Tom’s hard cock pointing at her. As exciting as it had looked to her before while semi-erect it was no match for his fully hard cock standing in plain sight. She knew she had stared openly at him and should probably be embarrassed, but then again hadn’t he just done the same thing to her? She finished her shower and was somewhat relieved to find he wasn’t in the room when she left the bathroom wrapped only in a towel.

Leslie was the last person to join the group downstairs and as soon as she appeared Tom excused himself to go upstairs and shower. His shower was quick and he didn’t resist the urge to jerk off. He came as his mind replayed the earlier scene, except this time he had stepped into the shower and fucked Leslie until she begged for his cum.

“One hell of a way to start Thanksgiving,” he said to himself as he got dressed. He then headed downstairs and enjoyed the day. Initially he felt a little tension when he was around Leslie, but she made no mention of the incident and so Tom was able to put the event out of mind as much as possible.

The holiday passed just like out of a movie script. They had a wonderful meal surrounded by family and friends and enjoyed hanging out together after the meal was over. Tom watched football with Amy and Megan while the other three played cards in the other part of the living room. The day turned to night as one by one they got up and fixed themselves pieces of pie or plates full of leftovers. As the evening wore on they all played cards together and had a good time.

They all stayed up pretty late but eventually they started to head off to bed. Finally only Tom, Amy, and Diana were left in the living room. Diana stood and said she was heading upstairs and Amy got up with her. Amy walked over to where Tom was sitting and leaned down close to his ear. She whispered, “Give me 10 minutes then come up to our room.” She gave him a sexy wink and turned and followed Diana upstairs.

Tom’s cock twitched and started to grow. Something had definitely gotten into Amy and he loved it. She had been wild in bed the last two nights and something about her voice suggested he was in store for more of the same tonight. He watched the clock closely and the 10 minutes seemed more like 30 before they finally zeytinburnu escort passed.

He went quietly upstairs and saw the lights were off in the other two bedrooms. He opened the door to the master bedroom and found Amy lying on the bed in a silk nightgown. He shut the door behind him and gave Amy a big grin. The room was lit up with only a few candles that were scattered around so it was still quite dark. Tom moved to the edge of the bed as Amy sat still and watched him with an odd smile on her face.

“Stop,” she instructed when he reached the bed and was about to climb in. “Strip off your clothes.” Tom did as instructed and slowly revealed himself to his horny wife. He stood before her with his already hard cock pointing straight out in front of him. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” Amy said mischievously.

“What is it?” Tom asked eagerly.

“Wait there and you’ll see,” she replied as she moved to the edge of the bed and gracefully stood up. She disappeared from view and went into the bathroom. All sorts of X-rated visions danced through Tom’s mind as he waited for her to return. “Close your eyes,” Amy said from behind the bathroom door.

Tom shut his eyes and said, “OK.” He heard Amy walk back into the room and stop in front of him. “Open your eyes,” she said. Tom opened his eyes and found Amy standing before him looking exactly the same as before. He raised his eyebrows inquisitively and looked at her. Before he could ask anything she turned to the bathroom and said, “OK.” The bathroom door opened and Diana walked naked into the room.

Tom’s jaw dropped open at the sight of Diana. She made no effort to hide her staring at his cock and Tom felt a tingle of excitement down his spine and into his cock. He watched her tits bob and sway as she walked over to them and then looked back at Amy with an expression that asked, “What is going on?”

Diana moved behind Amy and brought her hands up to the two thin straps that passed over Amy’s shoulders and held her nightgown on. Diana took the straps and slowly pushed them off Amy’s shoulders as the nightgown fell into a crumpled pile on the floor at Amy’s feet.

Diana moved in close behind Amy and wrapped her arms around the older woman. Diana’s hands first came to rest on Amy’s stomach and she began to massage her older lover. Diana’s hands soon moved upward and she caressed Amy’s tits as Amy let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Tom too let out a moan of pure lust as he watched another woman fondle his wife’s tits. He stood completely still and stared at Amy as she looked tenderly back at him and let the younger woman’s hands fondle and caress her. Diana played with Amy’s tits for a long time and she started to concentrate on Amy’s nipples. Amy’s nipples were almost immediately drawn to hard points at Diana’s touch but Diana continued to tease them over and over. She ran her fingers in circles around them before softly pinching and rolling them between her fingers. Nearly every time Diana changed her position Amy responded with a smile or a sigh and it was obvious to Tom through the look in Amy’s eye that she was extremely excited by her female lover’s touch.

Suddenly Amy spun around and she and Diana embraced in a wildly passionate kiss. Tom watched with growing lust as their tongues played back and forth with each other and their hands massaged and explored each other’s back and ass. Tom thought he might cum just from the build up of watching Amy and Diana together. He still wasn’t sure what Amy’s plan was for the night. Was he to participate or was he just a spectator?

Amy and Diana parted their hungry kiss and Amy turned back to Tom. She held out her hand to him and pulled him toward her. They immediately embraced in a wanton kiss as Tom’s tongue wildly wrestled with Amy’s. His hard cock pressed firmly into her stomach and he was afraid he might actually cum just from that sweet friction. Before anything else could happen Amy parted their kiss and immediately sat down on the edge of the bed. She turned toward Tom and put her hands on his hips to pull him over directly in front of her. He now stood with his cock pointing directly at her face and Amy wasted no time in opening her mouth and taking him inside.

She teased him briefly with her tongue before she wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to slide her mouth back and forth. Tom groaned loudly and began thrusting his hips so that he was essentially fucking her mouth.

Diana moved over and sat down right next to Amy. She watched Amy suck Tom briefly before she began to again caress and explore Amy’s tits with her hands. Amy groaned at Diana’s touch and her groan caused a slight vibration around Tom’s shaft.

The vibration combined with the amazing blowjob and the sight of Diana fondling Amy’s tits pushed Tom beyond the edge of control. He grunted and his cum absolutely erupted out of his cock. Amy pulled her mouth acıbadem escort away when he grunted and started to wildly jerk his cock off in her hand. He came with a force and volume that surprised even Amy. She jerked load after load of cum out of him and it seemed to spray everywhere.

Amy kept stroking him until she was sure he had finally spent his entire load. When she finally released his cock she looked down at herself and saw that she had his cum on her tits, stomach, and arms. In addition, Diana’s hands and arms had continued to fondle her as he came and were also now dotted with drops of his cum. She also could feel his cum on her face and was sure that some of it had landed in her hair.

Amy lay flat on her back as Diana remained sitting next to her and Tom stood in front of them eagerly watching their every move. Diana’s hands continued massaging and fondling Amy’s tits and she now began to rub Tom’s cum into Amy’s soft skin.

Tom groaned as she watched Diana work more and more of his cum into his wife’s skin. Amy wasn’t much for playing with cum, but she didn’t seem to have any issues with Diana’s playing with it now.

Tom had hoped he would see Diana rub all of his cum into her but what happened next was even better. Diana leaned over Amy and began to lick and suck his cum off her stomach. Tom sat down on the end of the bed for a better view as Diana dragged her tongue over and over Amy’s stomach collecting all of the cum. Tom noticed that she drank in some of his cum and that she used her tongue to massage some of it into Amy just as she had been doing with her hands previously.

Amy moaned passionately and was running her fingers through Diana’s black hair and up and down her back. When Diana had taken care of nearly all the cum on Amy’s stomach she let her tongue slide up to Amy’s tits and she softly licked and sucked at her tits for several more minutes. Finally she sat back up and then both women moved to the center of the bed.

Amy lay on her back and Diana knelt over her briefly as the two women held hands and stared lustfully at each other. Diana turned around and straddled Amy’s face between her thighs before bringing her pussy down onto Amy’s mouth. Diana then brought her own mouth down between Amy’s spread thighs to her pussy.

Tom watched in awe as both women eagerly began licking and sucking at the other’s pussy. Their hands also roamed freely across each other as they continued teasing and exploring each other’s pussy. The room was filled with the wet sounds of their lips and tongues working and soon the women’s muffled moans of pleasure joined in.

Tom couldn’t believe what he saw and he started to stroke his cock in his own growing excitement. Even though he had practically just finished cumming his cock responded quickly to his touch and he was hard again in no time. He slowly stroked himself as he watched Diana and Amy sucking each other.

Amy was the first to lose her control and she started to cum under Diana’s tongue. She let out a long moan that fortunately was muffled by Diana’s legs and pussy over her mouth otherwise the whole house surely would have heard. Amy’s body swayed and rocked under Diana as she climaxed and then began to regain herself. Diana kept teasing her pussy until long after Amy’s orgasm was finished.

Diana raised her head slightly from between Amy’s legs and she looked over at Tom. Her face was covered in his wife’s pussy juices and Tom moaned with lust at the sight. Diana leaned her face against one of Amy’s thighs and began rubbing her cheek up and down as she enjoyed Amy’s teasing of her own pussy.

Tom wanted to move so he could actually see Amy licking and sucking Diana’s pussy, but something about watching Diana’s face as his wife licked and sucked her to orgasm excited him greatly so he stayed still. He watched the expression on Diana’s face change from pleasure to building lust to total release as she started her orgasm. Diana bit her lip and closed her eyes tightly as she came on Amy’s face. Tom could see she was grinding her hips back and forth and couldn’t wait to see his wife’s face emerge drenched in Diana’s juices.

He didn’t have to wait long as Diana rolled off of Amy when she finished cumming. Diana spun around and lay down next to Amy. Diana lifted her head and looked over at Tom before saying, “I could use some help getting cleaned up.” Even in the soft, dim candlelight of the room Tom could see the wetness glistening all over Amy’s face. He eagerly moved over next to her and lay down beside her.

By the time he got settled Diana had already started kissing and licking the side of Amy’s face, so he lowered his head and joined right in. The taste of another woman on his wife’s face was something he truly never thought he would experience, so he took his time and savored every moment.

Tom and Diana took turns moving up to Amy’s mouth and exchanging passionate tongue kisses with her. Tom lingered a little longer than usual at Amy’s mouth during one particular kiss and was surprised when he felt Diana’s mouth moving up next to his. He pulled back slightly and felt Diana’s tongue sliding against his and Amy’s almost simultaneously. He lifted his head up again and this time Diana moved with him until they were embraced in their own deep kiss just a few inches over Amy’s face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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