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I awoke!

It must have been around midday it felt quite hot and there was a weight upon my chest.

Sally had crawled on top of me; one of her legs had forced its way between my legs she was sort of lying on my right leg I raised my leg up a little I could feel her as she rubbed the lips of her cunt against my leg.

Backwards and forward, backwards and forwards she moved pushing down against my leg…I could feel her moisture seeping against my leg…..

Her cunt was so hot I could feel the warmth emanating from it together with more and more of her cuntal juices.

She was making my leg wet. I mean really, really wet!

Her nipples were hard, squashed against my chest her arms supporting her on the bed not touching me.

Her eyes were closed…she was concentrating on her physical feelings, pushing harder against my leg letting the tension off and pushing down again!

She was breathing faster….shoving her body harder and hard against me, my leg beneath her cunt was drenched with her juices the smell of sex was all around us…

Her nose twitched. Her mouth opened sucking in air……. She moaned and pushed ever so hard against my leg. Her body tensed then shudder and she collapsed down upon me…….

“Fuck,” she whispered “That was really good.”

I reached up and clasped her ass with both hands pulling her cheeks apart and moving her up so I could kiss her lips.

Her mouth was dry; we ground our lips together our tongues intertwining caressing.

Sucking our breath away.

It felt a little uncomfortable having her there lying on top of me but felt good too.

She mecidiyeköy escort was not a heavy girl; quite slim really if she had a little less fat on her she would be really thin.

I figure she must be one of those fortunate people who seem to be able to eat what they like when they like and never put on weight

I was holding her against me while we were kissing one hand around her shoulder the other on her buttock.

Sally whispered,” Let me up, I need to pee.”

“I don’t want you to move, I love the feel of your body on mine.” I said.

“I really have to.”

“I am not letting you up!”

Sally just stared down looking into my eyes. I was holding her not hard but quite firmly not letting her move at all.

I could feel my cock getting hard.

It had not so much as twitched while she was masturbating against my leg.

She smiled at me, her eyes sparkling; she has the cutest smile with just the slightest hint of naughtiness!

I felt warm liquid (just a small spurt) upon my stomach.

Sally was staring at me intently probably waiting for a reaction from me.

I just grinned up at her.

The little spurt quickly turned into a torrent as she pissed on me with great force….piss gushed every where!

All over my stomach, I could feel it running down around my hard cock which was squashed between our bodies drenching my balls and running down between the cheeks of my ass forming a pool of liquid around my bottom on the sheets.

Sally propped her body up pissing on my chest covering my merter escort torso with her piss she aimed a little higher and pissed in my mouth…soon filling it with her warm salty fluid.

I swallowed it and she kept pissing, I let her fill my mouth and squirted it back in her sexy face!

This somewhat surprised her; she moved her body a little higher pissed on my head, saturating my hair…my face some even went in my ear!

I must have looked like a drowned rat!!!!

How women can pee so much so hard so quickly always astounds me.

By now she had just about exhausted her supply of golden pee; she moved her body down wards reaching down and positioning my throbbing erection in place and lowered her burning cunt down on it

She was absolutely saturated down there and my cock slid ever so easily into her making a loud squelching sound!

Moisture spurted out of her cunt around my cock…Gee, she was wet I had no idea a cunt could get this wet and so lubricated.

She raised her ass and shoved it down again on my cock; her arms on my shoulders so as to get more purchase raised hips up, up again and thrust down with force.

I just lay there letting her do the work letting my mind just feel the thrill and sensations as her cunt rose up and squished down on me caressing my cock ever so violently, making my penis pulsate with a burning desire to cum!

I tried to keep from cumming…..her cunt was really hot pulsating…the smell of sex and piss was overwhelming,

I could not resist the uncontrolled desire to reach orgasm, my cock mutlukent escort shuddered and sperm shot deep into her.

She screamed out, (and I do mean screamed out at the top of her voice) “FUCK…FUCK…FUCHHHHKKK!!!!”

Fortunately in the bush the nearest neighbours are miles away and there was only me and the animals to hear her.

Her body was shuddering uncontrollably pressing down upon my penis; her cunt was contracting squashing my penis as she was lying there quivering, shuddering, shivering.

I could feel more pee squirting from her as she came, I was already so covered in piss and female lubricant, it mattered not really!

I just held her I had never had a woman have such an orgasm as she did then ever before.

She must have lain there on top of me for a minute or so her body contracting squeezing her breath coming in quick gasps……

Slowly her body relaxed, ever so slowly…..Her panting stopped and she ever so slowly started to breathe normally.

I just held her squeezing her ass gently; looking at her face….so sexy, so exhausted she looked sweat everywhere.

Totally FUCKED; to be exact!

The warm fluid was gradually becoming cooler and uncomfortable as it had puddle around my body where it pressed into to mattress….thank goodness I had a mattress protector on or the whole bed would have had to be taken out side and aired and dried in the hot Queensland sun.

Sally had now recovered and rolled off me, she got up on her knees and looked down at me!

Looking; very pleased with herself.

I smiled back at her. We got up from the bed and I rolled up the sheets and I carried them out to the laundry put them in the washer and set it going.

Sally pulled the protector from the bed and put it out side to dry.

She looked at me my body was still covered with dampness.

She came up to me and we embraced…….”Fuck, you smell of me!”

“Of my piss” she added (quite unnecessarily I thought).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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