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I should not be sharing this story. I’m married, a mom, and most importantly, a Christian. But I wasn’t always those things. Once upon a time, I was a recent divorcee who had just moved to a new town. I thought I was a Christian then, but didn’t go to Church, so who was I kidding? But I’m Christian now and I shouldn’t be thinking of the past, but I do. When I’m with my husband, whom I love, sometimes I’m thinking of Russ or even worse, Rayna. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m hoping writing this out will get it out of me and I can move on. But even as I write that, I know I’m lying to myself. I’ll end up touching myself while I write this. I shouldn’t. But I know I will. At least I can be that honest if I try.

Russ and I worked together in a situation that involved a lot of physical interaction and trust. We both like to joke around and hit it off very quickly. Everyone joked around to be fair, this was 20 years before “Me Too” culture made people aware that not everyone liked to joke that way, but I like to think that our small group all enjoyed it. Consensual was a word I was familiar with from the scene I was in before my first marriage, but it wasn’t used for flirting and dirty jokes back then. We all participated, that’s for sure. There were seven of us in the department and the other two women and I were all up for a laugh. But if I’m being honest, I always took it the furthest. I’m built for sin and I played into it. Think a more voluptuous Marilyn Monroe. Before my marriage broke up (which is what happens when you find out your husband is gay), I had posed for some boudoir photos to turn my husband on (surprise, it failed). I felt so safe at work that I showed the pictures to everyone. The guys all had a little lust in their eyes, the girls complimented how cute I looked. But I guess Russ saw more than I realized. He saw what I needed, I think.

His flirting when up a level after I shared my pictures. He’d stare intently at me and I’d melt. He very quickly noticed my reactions. He found it entertaining. He really enjoyed watching me try to hide my reactions from those around us. He would run ice up my leg while “tying his shoe” or pull my wrist tight behind my back, just to watch me catch my breath. I don’t now how he read me so easily, but he hit on my desire to be dominated. He’d grab my wrists and hold both at the same time with one hand and I’d feel myself getting wet. And when I get wet, I really get wet. I never wear panties, even now, because I get too wet and don’t want an infection from walking around with damp panties.

The turning point was the time that we were all headed out for drinks after work and we were the last ones leaving the office and he stopped and turned to me. I jokingly went to push him and pressed both hands against his solid chest. In a flash he grabbed me by my wrists, spun me around (with no resistance, so it wasn’t hard) but then lifted my wrists as far above my head as he could, moved me across the room and spun me again, pinning me to the wall. I gasped and bit my lower lip. He just stared into my eyes and then pulled my wrists higher, forcing me up on tip toes. He moved his mouth against my ears and whispered, “Oops, your nipples are hard.” Then let go and walked out. I couldn’t move for a few seconds. When I could, I locked the door behind him and hiked up my dress and started to masturbate. I was just picturing his eyes while sliding my fingers down over my clit furiously. I don’t know if it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes, but I could feel my pussy dripping down my thighs and as I got to the edge of the cliff I slipped three fingers into myself and came hard. When I finally came down from my high I realized I was sitting in his chair. I still don’t remember sitting down.

I washed up in the restroom and headed to the bar to meet everyone. Russ had left an empty seat near him. I sat with him and we all chatted like normal, joked like normal, but nothing was normal. Russ was married. I’d met his wife in passing, but didn’t really know her. But maybe if I did, I wouldn’t be thinking of jumping on her husband. So I brought her up in conversation. Got him talking about her. Then Andy starting talking about his wife. It became a very wholesome conversation, until Gary started complaining about his wife. He had a little more to drink than he should have and started oversharing. Alice jumped up and grabbed his hand and suggested pool. Lisa and Andy joined them, leaving Jon, Russ, and me at the table. I don’t remember what we talked içerenköy escort about, but eventually Jon went to watch the game.

I took a long drink and whispered, almost to myself but loud enough for Russ to hear me, “I probably left cum stains on your chair.”

“Tell me about it,” he growled. That’s not what I expected. I thought I’d get an upper hand, but he just took in stride like he expected me to say it. And like that, I was lost. I thought I was in charge for a second, but he was, I was his, I was wet, and I had to do what he said.

“When you held my wrists, I got so wet. Then when you talked about my nipples, I knew I had to cum. So I touched myself. I sat in your chair and I touched myself.”

“Did you play with those perfect tits? Did you pinch your nipples so you could feel them throb? Did you pretend I was doing it?”

“No, I didn’t. My nipples aren’t that sensitive,” I took another drink and tried to regain control. “Are you hard now? Will you touch yourself?”

“Yes and no,” he said, taking a sip of his beer like he had all the time in the world, “I’m going to go home and make love with my wife.”

“Will you think of me?” I asked, trying to give him the most innocent but not innocent look I could.

“I’m going to tell Rayna what I did to you. What you did. She likes when I tell her stories. I’m going to tell her the story, but I’ll have to change you a bit.” I’m sure I looked confused, I felt it. “She’s turned on by the thought of a mousy brunette. Whenever we fantasize about a threesome or her watching me, it’s with a mousy brunette, it’s what she likes.”

I don’t know what else happened that night. I was like a cat on a screen door the next few weeks though. We’d flirt and I’d just know he was never going to fuck me. He’d never cheat on his wife, he wanted to find that mystery girl, that mousy brunette unicorn his wife fantasized about. But that wasn’t blonde, DD, curvy me. Not by a long shot. I had to do something. I returned to getting to know Rayna. I’m no homewrecker. If I got to know her, then maybe my stupid pussy would get the clue that Russ was off limits.

I suggested to Andy that we should do a weekend picnic with spouses because I wanted to meet Deb, his wife. So he organized a big get together for everyone by the lake. A bunch of couples hanging out, and Alice and me solo. I hung out with her a bit, but then moved from couple to couple as a third wheel, just getting to know them all. But really it was so it wouldn’t look weird when I got to Rayna. I joined them after lunch. Rayna had a great laugh. Russ is really funny, so I shouldn’t be surprised she was a laugher. He had us both laughing, which is a blessing and a curse, because being funny is a turn on for me, all my celebrity crushes are comedians. We had a quiet moment as Alice came by with a platter of cupcake and we all took one. I found myself watching Rayna. She was South American, actually born in Peru I found out later, but had been in America since she was little, so she didn’t have an accent or anything. She had the most amazing brown skin and as I watched her tongue dart out of her mouth to lick at the cupcake frosting, I wondered how her skin would taste under my tongue. Oh my god, what was I thinking? I was supposed to be getting over Russ and instead all I could think of was why couldn’t I be that mousy brunette she was fantasizing about?

Things went along pretty much the same. Work, flirting, and masturbating like crazy. Then the party happened. Russ and Rayna had a big party, not just the work people, but also a bunch of other friends of theirs were invited. One was a girl I had met a few times when she’d come to meet Russ for lunch. She’d stare at me like she wanted to devour me. Russ told me she was bisexual and was very into me. I’m not into casual sex and until I started thinking about a threesome with Russ and Rayna I never seriously considered being with a woman. But maybe this was my way out. I brought an overnight bag to the party with my favorite lingerie, a change of clothes, and a cat-o-nine-tails I hadn’t used since before my marriage to Mr. Never Interested and Now I Know Why. If I hooked up with Jamie, I could get Russ and Rayna off my mind. Russ had already complained that Rayna wasn’t interested in her, “too blond and too booby,” like me.

So, of course, I’m horny as Hell and Jamie didn’t show up to the party. The initial party was wonderful though. We were kadıköy escort all just hanging out. And I guess Rayna and I both had a little more wine than we planned. As the party was thinning out, it was the two of us laughing together and eventually I was feeding her strawberries dipped in red wine. We enjoyed being the center of attention. Men and women were watching us. It was very arousing for me and I was pretty sure for her too. At one point, I used my finger to capture some wine that was dripping from the side of her mouth and then sucked my finger into my mouth. She inhaled sharply and then sort of moved away, across the room. Maybe I went too far for her, but every time I looked at her, she looked away as if she had been staring. There was no way I was leaving this party until I knew if something could happen. I had been on edge all day wondering if my first lesbian experience was going to happen with Jamie and now I wanted Rayna.

It got down to the three of us at the party. She was sitting on the stairs, about halfway up, and I was a few steps below her, standing, facing her. I put one leg on the next step up and moved my dress so that it was above my knee. Her eyes didn’t leave my leg. I heard Russ saying goodbye to the last guests and shut the door behind them. He came up behind me.

“So what’s next?” he asked, so close he was almost touching me. Her eyes hadn’t moved. I moved my dress further up, so that my thigh was visible. She inhaled. Russ moved to press up against me. I shuddered. They were killing me. He put his hand on my thigh and her eyes were locked on it. He slowly moved it up my thigh and I melted against him. He got to the point where he had to feel the heat from my pussy, another half inch and he’d be pressed against it. I looked at Rayna and her eyes shifted from her hand just a little further over. She was looking right at my pussy, but hadn’t said anything yet. She had her legs tightly shut.

Suddenly I realized that she is submissive too, maybe more so than I. That’s why Russ was so good at knowing what I needed. She needed it too. I knew that she was interested in taking the next step, but couldn’t voice her desires. I took control. I told her to go upstairs, take a shower, and wait for me. She turned and scrambled up the stairs. I turned to Russ, “Are we really doing this?” He just smiled, reached up to take a handful of my hair, and slowly pulled on it, until I was looking at the ceiling.

“We’re really doing this,” he growled into my ear. I swear I almost came right there. I told him I need to get something from my car. My legs hardly held me as I went out to get my bag. I expected to see him waiting with the door open, making sure I wasn’t leaving, but when I turned the door was shut. I filled with fear, thinking he had changed his mind and had to force myself to walk, not run, back to the front door. I tried it, unlocked. I went in and he was just sitting in a chair, watching me. He had a beer in his hand and nodded towards the stairs. I locked the door and started up. He followed.

“Is there somewhere I can change, I asked as I reached the landing?” He showed me into the guest bedroom adjacent to theirs and told me to come join them when I was ready and he shut the door. I changed out of my clothes and into my lingerie. I ran a finger through my slit and I was drenched. I tasted it. I was hopeful but terrified that soon I’d be tasting Rayna and maybe she’d be tasting me. I shook. I took my overnight bag with my favorite toys and some massage oils and went to join them.

I knocked at the door and she told me to come in. She was sitting on the bed in a shiny red teddy, the tips of hair wet from her shower. I didn’t realize it from how she dressed normally, but her breasts were as large as mine. Somehow I hadn’t thought of that before. Suddenly I was realizing that I really didn’t know how this would go. I had counted on Jamie showing me the ropes. I wasn’t used to being in charge. Russ was nowhere to be seen. Then I processed that the shower was running in their bathroom. He was getting ready and we were alone.

I laid her on the bed facedown, pulled her legs and arms taught and told her not to move. I gave her simple safe words, so that I knew that she was not being dragged along. She never had to say “no”, a word not in the submissive dictionary. She could say “red” and everything would come to an immediate halt. I could smell the soap on her from her shower kartal escort and I practically drooled.

I massaged her back with oil for a few minutes and brushed her hair off her face, and blindfolded her. She had been looking at the bathroom door. I reminded her that she wasn’t allowed to move. I heard the door opening as she stiffened. I got off the bed and took Russ by the hand and led him back through I door I came through, into the hall. I wanted to build anticipation for her. Russ and I kissed in the hallway, but that was it. I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything more without his wife’s direct permission and he didn’t try to. He grabbed my wrists in that way that I had come to crave, lifted my arms above my head, and kissed me hard, his tongue everywhere in my mouth at once. I couldn’t breath and just as I started to involuntarily panic, he stopped and let me go. I composed myself and we went back to the bedroom.

When we went back in, I noticed that she had adjusted her hips. I said, “You moved.” She denied it. I knew better and whipped her. You have to really work to make this whip even sting, which is great to not go too far. I started gentle, just to let her know what was coming, but built up to a couple of fairly hard shots to build her, and my, excitement. I mostly tickled her and ran the leather along her skin. I had her roll over and I slipped her teddy off and touched her pussy. She was very wet and I think ready to cum. I have never really touched a woman, so I was a little nervous at this point. But, I wanted her to enjoy this experience. I tried to get her off, but I didn’t know what she needed. She was enjoying me touching her, but I was afraid to do more.

I asked Russ to give her what she needed. He approached us for the first time. He was in boxers and I could see how hard he was. He slipped two fingers into her and she was so wet they just slid in. He leaned over her, kissing her roughly and pinching her nipple with one hand while furiously fingering her with the other. It didn’t take more than a few seconds, but she clearly started to cum. I mentioned that she hadn’t asked permission and rolled her over and whipped her again. At some point I guess I accidentally touched Russ with the whip and he took charge of me.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch me!” he growled. He dragged me into the hallway, leaving Rayna alone on the bed again. He pinned me to the wall and kissed me. He made me touch myself. I was already wet from the atmosphere of the bedroom and I started to cum instantly.

When we went back in, we took turns touching and kissing Rayna until she asked permission to cum. I said yes. Russ spread her legs and locked his lips on her clit. She squirmed and when he added a few fingers, she practically convulsed. I was beside myself. When she came down, she turned over and kissed me. Then they both touched and stroked me. I had their mouths on my breasts and their fingers on my clit. Most guys I’ve been with have been rough with my breasts, somehow big means be rough to them, and not in a dominant way, just rough. But for the first time, having both of their mouths sucking at my nipples while their hands explored my body, I realized how good they could feel. It was like they were connected to my pussy and soon my whole body was electric. I begged to be allowed to cum. Russ told Rayna to tell me to cum. She pressed her lips against my ear as his fingers sawed in and out of me.

“Cum. Cum for me, cum for us” she said. And I did. I came so hard I lost a sense of where I was. I don’t if I passed out or just zoned out, but when I could think again I was almost surprised to be in their bed.

Rayna then climbed onto Russ and rode her husband. Trying to repay him for what he had done, I guess. She played with her breasts, finally lifting one to her mouth and sucking on her own nipple. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. I started playing with myself, but I don’t think either of them even noticed me. He started to cum, shaking the whole bed and almost throwing her off him with his thrusts. She started to scream as she came too. They were just finishing when my last orgasm of the night hit me. Rayna basically collapsed from exhaustion next to me. I held her and soon we were giggling. I don’t know why, but maybe it was just being so joyful at the moment. But we couldn’t stop giggling.

Russ didn’t actually make love to me that night. It took a few more “dates” before we built up to that. But I was happy. Very happy.


Okay, got it off my chest. And I am so horny now. I managed to not touch myself…okay, not make myself cum. My husband is in the other room, working from home. I’m fucking him at lunch. That’ll be a perk of this stay at home situation we haven’t taken advantage of yet.

There’s more to the story. If I feel like I need to get it out too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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