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This is madness! Claire told herself, as she pulled up outside the bar. At first glance, it looked a nice place; huge glass windows, a slightly scary looking bouncer at the door. ‘At least he’ll look after me if something doesn’t go to plan!’ Claire looked down to survey her chosen outfit; she knew that the short denim skirt showed off her long, well-muscled legs perfectly, and that the form-fitting pink jumper accentuated her two greatest assets. She smiled to herself, yes, she was certainly dressed to impress. But despite knowing that she looked good; she was still very nervous. She was here to meet Ryan. Claire had known Ryan for just over three years, yet they had never met face-to-face. She’d met him one evening while she was chatting in an AOL chatroom. They had clicked immediately, and not a week had passed since then in which they hadn’t chatted at least once. Of course, the subject of their meeting in person had come up several times, but they’d never actually decided to do something about it. Until now. With a deep breath, Claire walked into the bar, smiling slightly at the bouncer as his eyes swept slowly over her body. Running a hand through her long hair, Claire’s eyes searched the slightly crowded bar. They finally rested on a familiar face – Ryan. She smiled and gave him a small, nervous wave. He looked even more handsome in the flesh; his dark, slightly wavy hair was cropped short, and his deep dark eyes seemed to smoulder against his lightly tanned face. His body looked good too, clad in dark denim jeans and a light blue shirt that hugged his broad shoulders. With a nervous bite on her bottom lip, she began to walk over to where he was sat.

Ryan had been just as nervous as Claire. They’d been chatting for so long, and knew practically everything about each other – it only seemed right that they meet. Despite this, he’d spent the whole day worrying about how the evening would go. What if they didn’t get along in person? What if she found him boring, or vice versa? It would be a shame for them to finally meet, and then not get along at all. But, the moment he’d spotted her walk through the doors of the bar, smiling shyly at the butch doorman, he’d forgotten all about his doubts. The photographs that she had sent him of herself really did her no justice. Her long dark hair shone in a way that no photograph would have been able to show, and her blue eyes sparkled against her porcelain white skin. The smile that had lit up her face when she had spotted him was a familiar one, the perfect teeth white against the pink gloss of her full lips. And her body … well, her body was more amazing than he could have imagined. Her legs, despite her shortness, were long and slender, her waist narrow and her neck long and graceful. Her breast were also something else; they looked full and firm beneath her tight top, bouncing only slightly as she walked over quickly to greet him.

“Hi, Ryan,” she said, in her familiar sweet voice. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, having to stand on her the tips of her toes to do so. She pushed her hair back behind her ears, her eyes roaming over his every feature, seemingly drinking in every detail of him.

“Claire, it’s great to finally see you!”

“It is.” Another smile, warmer this time. Smoothing down her skirt, Claire sat down, patting the seat beside her, indicating that she wanted him to sit too. “This feels so strange! But I must say, it’s not a scary as I thought it would be.”

Ryan laughed. “You were nervous too, huh? I must admit, I’ve been shitting myself since this morning!”

“You’re just as crude in reality then?” Claire joked, her lips curving up into a smile. She crossed her legs, her skirt sliding up a few inches to reveal an expanse of creamy white thigh. Ryan swallowed, dragging his eyes from her legs back to her eyes.

“You know me, always crude, Claire. Can I get you something to drink?”

Claire nodded. “Gin and bitter lemon please, I can’t have too many as I’m driving.”

Claire watched as he strode over to the bar, leaning against it, waiting to be served. ‘So far, so good,’ she muttered to herself. ‘God, I can’t believe I’m actually here, sat in a bar with him. He looks really, really good.’ She was definitely attracted to him; she always had been in a way. Even from only seeing a couple of photographs, Claire had known that Ryan was her type. Something about the way that he had been looking at her told her that Ryan found her attractive, too. That sent a little ripple of excitement through her. She hadn’t come here expecting anything more than conversation, but now that they had set eyes on one another, Claire couldn’t help but anticipate that something else was brewing between them.

“Here,” Ryan set a glass down in front of her. “Sorry I was so long, they take ages in this place.”

“Thank you,” Claire smiled as he sat beside her, a little closer than last time. So close in fact, that his thigh was touching hers. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I was just thinking czech couples porno about what you said,” Ryan said, sipping his lager, trying his hardest not to look down at Claire’s breasts. He had noticed that her nipples had become significantly more pronounced since her arrival; probably due to the air conditioning. “About driving home? I have a spare room at my place, only if you wanted to stay over that is. I mean, it’s a shame for you to drive all this way and then we only spend an hour or two together.”

“Would you mind me staying over?” Claire sipped her drink delicately, her eyes never leaving his. “I mean, I don’t want to put you out or anything.”

“I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t sure. Drink your drink, and we’ll get a take-away and some alcohol, there’s a Bargain Booze beneath my flat. We’ll be able to talk more back at my place.”


After a Chinese take-away and several bottles of beer, both Claire and Ryan were feeling more than slightly tipsy. They had been talking for hours, chatting as if they’d known each other for years; which, in a way, they had. Gone was any awkwardness between them, all that mattered was that they were together and getting along perfectly fine.

“How many have we had, Ryan?” Claire asked, her eyes scanning the mass of empty beer bottles that littered the carpet of Ryan’s lounge.

“Umm, about nine?” Ryan laughed, tweaking several strands of her silken hair playfully. “Why are you drunk? Lightweight.”

Claire gasped, in mock outrage. “Lightweight? Me? I’ll have you know that with alcohol aside from beer, I could probably drink you under the table!”

Ryan laughed, his dark eyes focussing on her pretty face. She really was beautiful, especially in the dim light, with the beam from his lamp highlighting her delicate cheekbones and the straightness of her narrow nose.

“Do you mind if I change?” Claire asked, standing up suddenly. “This skirt is starting to get really uncomfortable!”

“Sure, there’s a robe hanging on the back of the guest room.”

Ryan watched as she walked into the other room, her shoes dangling from her fingertips. She was really something else, and he knew that there was definitely some sexual chemistry between them. Of course, he would never push anything tonight, since it was their first time meeting each other properly. But still, he knew something was there – for both of them.

Claire emerged from the bedroom giggling. Ryan’s robe was much too long for her, and was dragging along the floor. Ryan, who had slipped into his own robe, laughed too. They both sat down on the couch, silently listening to the music coming from Ryan’s CD player.

“I’ve had fun today,” Claire said faintly, turning to face him, her fingers twisting a section of her hair absently.

“Me too, I’m glad that we finally met.” Ryan smiled, and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. His fingertips lightly grazed her cheek, his hand moving beneath her chin to tilt her head up at him. Her blue eyes searched his, as if daring him to kiss her. Moving his face down to meet hers, Ryan kissed her softly, touching his lips against hers only for a moment. As he moved away, he saw that her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted.

“Kiss me again,” Claire breathed, opening her eyes to look at him. She smiled as his arm snaked its way behind her back, pulling her against his body.

He leaned over and kissed her again, pressing his mouth against her soft lips. Ryan felt her body go limp against him as their kiss deepened, his hand moving up from her cheek to stroke her dark hair. He moved his lips from hers along her jawbone, teasing her skin with soft, lingering kisses. Claire closed her eyes and tightened her grip on Ryan’s shoulders, letting out a little moan as his lips found their way to her neck.

“I can’t believe I’m kissing you,” Ryan muttered, burying his face in Claire’s long hair. He breathed in her scent, his hands moving down her back, forcing her body tighter against his. ‘I’ve wanted this for so long, you wouldn’t believe.’

“Shut up and kiss me then,” Claire pulled Ryan down to her level and pressed her lips firmly against his, her tongue prising open his mouth. She pushed herself against him, his growing erection pressing against her stomach. Without breaking their kiss, she slowly pulled open Ryan’s robe, sliding her hands inside and running them over the soft hairs that covered his chest. Pulling slightly away from him, she looked up and smiled, sliding the robe from his broad shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Slowly, Claire sank to her knees on the soft carpet, leaving a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach. Ryan reached out to stroke her hair softly as she her hand ran up and down his thigh. She bit her lip lightly, and then reached out to gently stroke his now hard cock through his boxer shorts.

“You don’t have to do this,” Ryan whispered as he watched his boxers slide czech estrogenolit porno down to his ankles, silently praying that she wouldn’t stop.

“I know,” Claire replied, taking him in her small hand, stroking softly. “I want to.” Her eyes never leaving his, she dipped her head and engulfed his swollen cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue slowly around the tip. She tightened her grip around his thick shaft and began flicking the head with her the tip of her tongue, teasing him as her hand moved up and down, making Ryan groan.

“Oh, God,” Ryan moved his hand to the back of Claire’s neck, pushing her head down onto his cock. She winked up at him and took him all the way to the back of her throat, her fingers gently stroking his heavy balls. She rubbed gently, moving her mouth up and down his rock hard dick.

Ryan looked down at Claire, watching his cock disappear between her full pink lips. She really was beautiful; she looked up and he smiled; his hand moving back to stroke her silky hair. He groaned as she gripped him tightly in her hand again, her thumb rubbing back and forth the engorged head of his cock; he knew he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate. Cupping her face in his hand, Ryan urged her to stand, once again kissing her soft lips. His fingers found the tie of her robe and he pulled at it slowly, letting it fall to the floor. He stepped back, his eyes drinking in every inch of her body. Her legs were long and slim, her stomach flat; the small diamond in her bellybutton gleamed against her tanned skin. Her breasts looked even fuller and firmer encased in just her bra. Claire smiled and shook out her long hair, it cascaded over her shoulders as she looked at him, and she seemed, not for the first time that day, shy.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Claire reached behind her back and unhooked her lacy black bra, letting it fall from her shoulders, her breasts finally exposed to Ryan, who had been waiting for this moment for as long as he could remember. Her breasts were perfectly formed; full, firm and tanned, tipped with small dark pink nipples. Ryan was shocked to see a small silver hoop through the nipple of her left breast; if possible, it made her look even sexier.

“You’re amazing,” He kissed her again, massaging her tongue with his, and then took Claire in his arms, carrying her across the flat, through his bedroom door and over to his bed. Carefully placing her on her back, he positioned himself above her, his lips softly brushing against her neck. Ryan traced his tongue along her collarbone, then down between her tits, which he then cupped in his strong hands.

Claire moaned as Ryan stroked her nipples with his thumbs, making them harden under his touch. She closed her eyes as he took her nipple between his lips, his tongue moving her piercing from side to side. He gently squeezed her other nipple between his thumb and index fingers, making them even more erect. Claire opened her eyes and reached out to stroke Ryan’s thick dark hair. She twirled a loose curl around her finger, another moan escaping from her lips as he gently bit into her breast.

Ryan circled her nipple with his tongue, then sliding it along to the other, which he took between his lips, sucking gently. He loved hearing her moan, and, teasingly, moved his hand down between her long legs. With his middle finger he rubbed her pussy lips slowly through the material of her thong. Ryan could feel the heat radiating from her already, a damp patch seeping through the lace. He wanted to taste her so badly, wanted to push his tongue deep inside her, drinking her juices.

“Can I?” He asked, looking up at her flushed face.

Claire nodded furiously. “Yes … please!” She was biting her bottom lip, her eyebrows drawn together in frustrated concentration.

Ryan smiled, and made his way down her slender body, his tongue tracing a line over her stomach, down over her thong, stopping at her inner thigh. He kissed the silky skin, wanting to tease her for as long as he could. He kissed up her thigh, stopping at the lacy edge of her thong, and then moving over to the other leg. Ryan hooked his thumbs inside the top of her panties, and then slowly pulled them down. Claire bent her legs at the knees, and raised them, allowing him to slip them all the way off. Ryan paused for a moment, staring at her exposed pussy. Her pubic hair was neatly groomed, waxed into a narrow strip of dark blonde hair; her pussy small and perfectly formed like the rest of her body. He could see her outer lips, which were swollen and pink from her arousal, glistening with moisture. With his thumbs, he gently opened her up, and then slid a single finger slowly inside her wet hole, moving it in and out, spreading her juices all over her pussy. He leaned forward, breathing in her musky scent, and slowly ran his tongue up and down over her pussy lips, smiling to himself as he heard Claire gasp. Her legs parted, allowing him a better look; her clit czech first video porno was swollen, begging for attention, but he wasn’t ready to venture there yet. Slowly, teasingly, Ryan extended his tongue and pushed it deep inside her, moving it in slow circles, lapping up her sweet juices.

Claire cried out softly, pushing herself down onto Ryan’s tongue. She closed her eyes, her hands gripping the sheet tightly as he replaced his tongue with two long fingers. They moved slowly in and out of her pussy, slightly bent, rubbing lightly over her g-spot. Ryan fucked her with his fingers for a moment, then, with a wicked grin, bent his head and took her hard, aching clit between his lips. With his mouth firmly in place, he swirled his tongue around the erect little nub, making Claire cry out, her hips bucking against his face and driving his fingers deeper into her now sopping pussy.

“Oh my God, Ryan, I’m coming!” she cried out, her hand on the back of his dark head, holding his mouth in place. Ryan quickly moved his mouth down to her opening, his tongue lapping up her pussy juice as she exploded with a powerful orgasm. He looked up at her, smiling at her flushed face and frantic eyes. Using his arms to support him, he slid up and kissed her, pressing his lips hard against Claire’s, sharing with her the taste of the delights that he had found between her legs.

“Enjoy that?” Ryan asked, gently biting her bottom lip.

Claire smiled. “I’d be lying if I said no” She reached down between their bodies and lightly gripped Ryan’s cock, moving her hand up and down the shaft in slow, firm strokes. She parted her legs and rubbed his cock against her clit, closing her eyes and moaning. Ryan grunted and positioned himself over her, leaning down to kiss her again, before sliding himself inside her. He paused; his entire length now engulfed in her warm wetness, and looked into her beautiful blue eyes, before sliding himself slowly out of her pussy; only the very tip of his cock left inside.

“Please don’t tease me, Ryan” Claire breathed, her hands now on his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his skin. “Just fuck me, please!”

“Don’t worry, I plan to!” Ryan thrust deep inside Claire, harder this time, making her cry out and tighten her grip of his broad shoulders. Claire raised her hips to meet his every thrust; her pelvic bone grinding against his, his cock as deep inside her pussy as it could possibly go. Ryan could hardly believe that he was fucking her; he’d wanted it for so long, and now that it was happening it barely seemed real. Claire was so much more amazing then he had ever imagined. He leant down, and took one of her swollen nipples between his lips, sucking it hard between them. Her breasts were perfect, and so was her pussy … oh God, was her pussy perfect!

“Ride me, Claire.” Ryan demanded suddenly, his strong hands gripping her waist as he rolled onto his back, his cock never breaking contact with her pussy as she got into position above him.

Claire, supporting herself by placing her hands on Ryan’s chest, moved slowly up and down on his cock. Savouring every movement. She felt his hands move to her hips as she sped up, rocking herself on top of him, riding him hard and fast. She moaned as Ryan’s hands moved up to her tits, rubbing them, kneading them, pulling lightly on her nipples, his fingers giving her breasts almost as much pleasure as his cock was giving her pussy.

“Mmm, that feels so good, Claire.” Ryan knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer; in fact, he was amazed that he had held out for this long. In order to speed things along, he reached out between her legs, and with two fingers began rubbing her clit. Claire cried out, bucking faster on Ryan’s cock, feeling an orgasm quickly building up inside her. Ryan felt her pussy tightening around him, so quickly threw her down onto her back, and thrust his cock hard inside her dripping cunt. He pounded deep into her, holding tight onto her hips, as he fucked her.

“Oh God, I’m coming!” Claire arched her back as she shouted out, pushing herself down onto his cock as she could. A powerful orgasm surged throughout her entire body, her pussy practically aching as it pulsated, gripping Ryan’s cock.

Ryan closed his eyes as Claire’s pussy pulsated around his throbbing cock; he knew he was almost there … just a couple more thrusts. Her pussy was milking him, squeezing him, and with one last deep thrust, Ryan exploded, pumping Claire’s cunt full of his warm, creamy come. He stayed for a moment, positioned above her, his still semi-hard cock inside her, and looked down at her. She looked beautiful to him; her face flushed, her breasts rising and falling as she panted, trying to catch her breath.

Claire smiled as Ryan collapsed down beside her, his dark eyes closed, and his muscular chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath. She leant over and pressed her lips lightly against his.

“That was amazing,” she whispered, resting her head against his chest. Ryan smiled and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer to him.

“It was,” He looked down at her as she sighed and closed her eyes. He still couldn’t believe that she was here, in his bed, and in his arms. It had taken three years to get her there, and there was no way that he was letting her go just yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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