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Getting images of humiliated girls on TV covered in my cum was beginning to get old. I still had the rush to do it, but I needed to be more creative.

What I needed to find, in essence, was the largest college gathering where there would be that one girl who needed to let something out, and by meeting me that would mean an orgasm.

There also was a new problem. My ID had been broken, well, at least my fake ID. One of my past conquests got word of this site and found the story I wrote about her. Then she discovered who I was from my contact, who at least had the brains to just give up my fake ID.

So, I had to come up with a new fake ID. I called my guy and within minutes I was good as gold. The name, ah, I better not use it here, was common enough not to draw suspicion. And I stopped making it seem like I set the girls up, even though that’s what it was about.

Big universities often have large pep rallies before a big football game. And from what I’ve seen, a certain college in Southern California has the best collegiate cheerleaders. I booked a commercial flight to LA and arrived on Thursday night, giving me enough time to find out which of the girls would be my next DVD entry.

Looking through a sports annual, I spotted the three girls I would attempt conquer. I bought myself an alumni polo shirt at the school book store. Using my fake press pass allowed me to get as close to the girls as I needed. Just watching their rehearsal I got the attention of a few girls who were looking my way. Not to pass up a possible group deal I thought it might be worth a try. During a break, I walked up to them and introduced myself, saying I was in town from a out of state TV station that was interested in doing a story on them. My cameraman had yet to arrive, so after they eagerly agreed, I set-up to meet them for a drink after their practice.

This gave me some time to think. With three girls, I could possibly count on at least one to fuck. But if all three agreed to party, that would be the ultimate. I found a cologne bahçeşehir escort sampler in the gift shop and spritzed myself before the clerk could ask me if I was interested in buying the overpriced bottle behind the glass counter.

“No Ingles,” I said walking out the store, which puzzled the clerk being that I’m not Hispanic.

The girls were right on time. There was Mary, a blonde hottie, Cheryl, with dark auburn hair and long legs, and Connie, who said she was part Asian, part African-American. She also was a hot piece of ass.

We walked over to a nearby bar. I ordered a pitcher of beer and we sat at a round table. I thought it would be best to come clean for once.

I took the high road, saying my name and that I was truly an alumni of the university (well, I couldn’t tell the whole truth), but really just wanted to get to know the hottest girls on campus.

The girls giggled and looked at each other, then back at me. Connie did the talking.

“We know who you are Jeff (Not my real name, I can’t use that here.). You’re that guy who fucked Molly a few weeks ago.

Molly? Who was Molly? Oh, that girl from the football game. How’d they know that?

“We saw the film. Someone from campus knew her and told us about this guy who she hooked up with during the game. We knew who you were when we saw you at practice. Now we just want to see if you’re all that she said you were.”

I was flattered. No, I was honored, deeply honored that Molly, who was a great lay, was talking about me. I thought she got my fake name, but it sounds like my contact outed me for real. I’d get with him later. Now it looked like I was in for a good time.

We downed a couple more pitchers (Did I say it was Miller High Life? It was. This was the time for the High Life.) and talked about life, politics, their majors, and finally about sex.

“Well, you girls sure have been adorable tonight. Who’s it going to be?”

The High Life had given me a sense of superior boldness.

“What?” bakırköy escort they said in unison.

“I thought one of you wanted to fuck me to compare notes with Molly?”

“How about we make it a foursome?” Cheryl said. “Connie, you don’t mind, do you?” “I don’t mind one bit. What about you Mary?” “That’s what I thought we were going to do.”

“Jeff, is that OK with you.,” Cheryl said.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to say yes any faster so I just blurted it out. We all hopped into my rent-a-car and drove to their apartment near campus.

Once inside, Cheryl quickly took off her tank top and revealed her full, supple breasts. She shimmed out of her shorts and left her thong on for now.

Mary also got undressed, stripping out of her shorts and bikini panties showing of her waxed pussy. She removed her top, allowing her 36C breasts to spread a little bit on her chest. Connie also removed her clothes. She took off her scoop neckline top off, revealing her breasts with dark areolas and nipples, and she took off her shorts revealing her pussy with its pink inner labia already poking out. Connie wasn’t wearing underwear.

They kicked off their shoes and kissed each other and their hands grobed their breasts while I watched in awe. Then Connie looked my way and used her index finger to tell me to come join the party. I didn’t have to be asked twice.

I got off the couch and walked toward the naked trio of coeds. Connie released herself from Mary and Cheryl and started kissing me. I kissed her back, our lips caressing against each other, our mouths opening and our tongues touching. It was getting hot. Connie pulled my shirt up over my head and I took off my pants, standing there in my boxers and black crocs.

My cock got harder as soon as Connie reached down and griped her left hand around the shaft just below the head. I kissed her harder and she pulled me into the other two girls who started placing their hands on my chest and ass as I started fondling başakşehir escort Connie’s breasts, using my fingers to pinch her nipples.

Mary laid down on the floor and Cheryl straddled her face, positioning her pussy over Mary’s mouth. Mary was licking and sucking Cheryl as she rocked and ground her pussy into Mary’s face. Connie put my cock in front of Cheryl’s lips which opened and accepted it. Cheryl stroked me with her hands as she sucked the first couple inches in an out at a firm and steady rhythm. Connie was still kissing me and we grabbed each other’s asses. Connie’s ass was soft and firm and hot.

I was about to cum when Cheryl sensed it and began massaging my balls. I held back for a couple minutes and then let go with a big spurt of cum in Cheryl’s mouth. She pulled my cock out just as I spurt another load on her forehead and another to the side of her mouth. Cheryl was moaning loudly as she came in Mary’s mouth. Mary fingered herself to an orgasm as she lapped up Cheryl’s cum. Connie grabbed my cock again and started pumping it back to life. She led me to the couch and laid down. I grabbed a condom from my wallet and slipped it over my cock which was still leaking cum. Generally I go by the “rhythm method,” but only the first time.

I rubbed my glove-covered cock against the outer lips of Connie’s pussy and then gently pushed it all the way in. Her pussy was hot and wet and accepted all of it. We continued kissing each other as I was pumping my ass up and down, stroking her pussy with my hard cock. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. I looked over and saw Mary sitting on Cheryl’s face who was returning the favor.

I looked in Connie’s eyes as she had a big orgasm, rocking her body in conversations. I held her against me and planted kisses around her neck. I began pumping furiously and was about to cum when she asked me to cum on her stomach. I whipped my cock out and striped off the condom just before a stream of cum shot from my balls through my cock onto her taut stomach. I pumped a couple more loads before I was done. I laid back on top of Connie and we kissed some more before we heard moaning coming from the floor. Mary was cuming on Cheryl’s face and Mary was fingering Cheryl’s pussy to orgasm.

I got off of Connie and we got onto the floor, all four of us laying together in a sweaty heap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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