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Copyright Oggbashan August 2020

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Josie is a bit of a prude. She takes her responsibility for her younger sister too seriously. She is an active member of her church and its youth group. I was surprised when she decided to come with us on our youth group’s first long camping weekend for this summer.

We are very different from her church youth group. Our usual age range is eighteen years to twenty-five with a few slightly older leaders like me. Our weekends away tended to be an extended pub-crawl with sexual activities. I was needed this weekend because, since I was over twenty-five with a full clean driving licence and four years no-claim bonus, I, and only I, could hire the minibus and be the only driver.

I suspected that Josie had only agreed to come to watch over her younger sister Diana. Diana is very different. She drinks a lot but is rarely drunk, and she flirts with any available man. We all know Diana is on the pill and carried a stash of condoms in her purse — just in case. None of us could imagine Josie doing that — or anything remotely sexual.

Diana is always dressed lightly. For this trip she was wearing a summer dress with a white cardigan. But Josie was wearing a padded jacket and one of her sensible heavyweight ankle length skirts.

Josie treats Diana as if she was very young. Diana isn’t. She is twenty-one to Josie’s twenty-three.

I was sharing a tent with Alan. Josie and Diana were in another tent. Their tent and ours were erected before anyone else’s. For Alan and I it was because we were so experienced. For Josie and Diana it was because almost all the men wanted to help Diana. Every man had a hug and kiss from Diana and a spoken ‘thank you’ from Josie.

While the other tents were being erected the four of us decided to go to the nearby beach. We had to go down fifty steps to the beach. It was low tide and had exposed many interesting rock pools. I was wearing my almost empty rucksack. I suppose it was because I had the group’s first aid kit in it and I took that everywhere.

Josie was holding her skirt up as she stepped on a seaweed covered rock and slipped. She fell forward, twisting her ankle and gashing a knee. I was about ten feet away when she did it. I reached her in seconds and picked her up. Silent tears were running down her face. I took her above the high tide line, took my rucksack off, got out the first aid kit and then wetted some cotton wool in a small stream tumbling down the cliff.

I had to push Josie’s skirt up to get at her knee. As usual, she was wearing a heavyweight ankle length skirt. She protested slightly as I lifted her skirt. I saw a brief flash of her sensible blue cotton panties. Diana told Josie to shut up and let me work.

“But Nicolas…” (Josie calls me Nicholas — everyone else calls me Nick) …can see all my legs.” Josie objected.

“And very nice legs they are too,” I said.

Josie pretended to hit me.

“”He can’t sort out your knee without seeing your legs, Josie,” Diana said. “Just relax and let him finish.”

The cut was small but quite deep and bleeding. When I had cleaned around it I applied a large square plaster, pressing hard around the edges to stop the bleeding. I looked at Josie’s ankle. Although there was some swelling it wasn’t serious. She wouldn’t be able to walk on it for some hours and certainly couldn’t manage the fifty steps Escort Bayan Gaziantep up to the campsite.

I took the bag off my rucksack frame and padded it with towels. Diana and Alan lifted Josie on to it. She held me around the neck, her head beside mine with her hair against my cheek. I carried her up the steps and after opening the side door of the minibus the three of us helped to put her on a seat. Diana went to their tent to prepare it for Josie.

Alan and I carried Josie into the tent and put her down on a sleeping back with her back propped against a pile of rucksacks. Alan left to help others erect their tents.

“You need to thank Nick,” Diana said. “What do you know he likes?”

“Breasts,” Josie whispered.

“Yes, and you’ve got breasts, Josie,” Diana said. “Use them.”

“I couldn’t.” Josie said. “I don’t want Nicolas to see.”

“Then ask him to keep his eyes shut. He would, wouldn’t you, Nick?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Or — you could hide his head under your clothes, Josie. Then he couldn’t see.” Diana continued.

Josie took some more prompting from Diana but soon I was resting between Josie’s legs with my head resting against her padded jacket. Josie unzipped her jacket and eased the sides away. Now I was against her T-shirt, very aware that there were some warm substantial breasts underneath a single layer of cotton.

Josie sighed.

“You like Nick, don’t you, Josie?” Diana asked.

“Yes.” I barely heard that answer.

But I was aware of Josie’s actions. She fastened her jacket behind my head, shrouding me in darkness. Her hands reached up inside the jacket and pushed her T-shirt upwards. My head was against her bra-covered breasts with my nose buried in her cleavage. I was slightly worried that Diana was asking too much from Josie. I was relieved when Josie pulled her T-shirt down over my head, forcing my nose deeper and then her arms crossed behind my head and hugged me into her cleavage. Apparently Josie wanted to do this.

Suddenly her body moved forwards. Since Josie arms were still wrapped around my head it couldn’t have been her action. Diana had moved Josie so she could unfasten the bra’s back and push the bra cups up and above my head. Now I was between two naked breasts.

Josie signed sensuously. I moved my mouth to find an erect nipple. I licked, nibbled and finally sucked. I was still unsure whether I was going too far. Josie’s arms tightened, forcing her breast deeper into my mouth. She started groaning above me. Even just sucking her breasts was getting her close to an orgasm. I sucked harder and was aware that Josie’s body was getting warmer and her scent was stronger inside her clothing. Soon Josie was wriggling and squealing. I had brought her to a climax followed by many more.

A few minutes later after Josie had relaxed she loosened her grip around my head before pushing it out from inside her T-shirt and jacket.

“Nick’s good, isn’t he?” I heard Diana say.

“Yes,” Josie said, “that was fantastic.”

“But Nick is even better at something else.” Diana leant across me and whispered in Josie’s ear.

“You’re sure. You think I could?” Josie said.

“Yes,” Diana replied. “I know what he can do.”

I didn’t understand at first what Diana meant. Soon she left me in no doubt. She pulled her sister and me around until Josie was straddling my chest; her skirt rucked up so I could just see her panties. Diana helped Josie upwards so the panties could be shed. Jose wriggled herself forwards, lifting the hem of her skirt until my mouth was opposite her warm sex. She pulled the skirt over my head plunging me into darkness under the heavyweight material and lining. I extended my tongue. Josie flinched at the first contact but slowly pushed back until my mouth was covered,

Now I knew what Diana meant. I had aroused her in the past by an extensive session of pussy-licking. Now she wanted me to demonstrate my skill on her sister Josie. It wasn’t long before Josie was aroused again. I was struggling to breathe as she pushed down with her hands on my head. I was being stifled under her skirt until Diana hissed:

“Let him breathe, Josie!”

Josie’s hands relaxed and I could breathe her perfume, from her skirt and from between her legs. My hands reached up blindly and eased under her jacket, T-shirt and bra to find her breasts. I was surprised when she stripped her upper half and I was handling naked breasts. That produced an ecstatic reaction from Josie. I was being buffeted by her sex as she reached orgasm after orgasm. As I was holding her breasts and trying to avoid suffocation Diana pulled my trousers and boxers down, fitted a condom, and impaled herself on my erection.

Diana was as devastating as she always is. She spread the skirt of her summer dress across me. She wasn’t wearing panties. I think Diana goes commando all summer. She always wants to be ready just in case there is a willing man.

I couldn’t resist two sisters and I soon came into Diana. Diana kept hold of my diminished erection for about a quarter of an hour before she climbed off. She removed the condom and fitted a new one.

“There you are, Josie,” Diana said. “You have been on the pill for three months now. In a while Nick will be ready for you and you can use that.”

“I can’t. I don’t want him to see my naked breasts,” Josie whispered.

“I don’t see why not. You’ve got great breasts, even larger than mine. You should be proud of them. But — Nick can’t see them now, can he?”

“No, Diana. Nicolas is blindfolded by my skirt.”

“Then the solution is simple. You just leave your skirt where it is. He won’t be able to see but you will have a perfectly acceptable erection — soon — to use for your first time. You’ll enjoy it. Since you’re on top you can ease yourself on to him as much or as little as you want. You’re in control and can do to Nick whatever you want.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course I am. Nick is a friend. He is willing – aren’t you Nick?”

“Yes,” I said through Josie’s muffling skirt.

“And you can trust him to let you do what you want and no more. What better way to have a first time? Riding a friend?”

Josie sighed.

“OK, Diana. How long should I wait before…”

“About half an hour. Until then, I’m sure Nick will pussy-lick you some more. He’s good at that, isn’t he?”

Josie wriggled across my mouth.

“Yes. I’d never known what it would be like. It is much better than arousing myself.”

“And fucking Nick will be great too. I’m off. Alan needs my thanks too. See you tomorrow morning. I’ll leave you half a dozen condoms just in case.”

“Half a dozen!” Josie squeaked.

“Not just for tonight but for the whole weekend, Josie. When you’ve done it once, you’ll want more. Bye.”

I heard Diana leave the tent. As Diana had suggested I started using my tongue to arouse Josie again. After about twenty minutes I felt my erection returning. Josie must have seen it. She unfastened the waistband of her skirt and slid herself up and out of it, leaving it covering my face. She moved down to straddle my hips before slowly rubbing herself against my growing prick.

She grabbed hold of the lower hem of her skirt and dragged it down around my body. My arms were clamped to my sides with my hands waggling uselessly inside the skirt which still covered my face from my forehead downwards.

“Gently, Josie,” I said. “It is your first time. It might hurt.”

“OK Nicolas, but I want to…”

“Then go for it, Josie.”

I felt her rub her cleft across my erection before her fingers started to spread her lips. She eased the tip of my erection inside her. I could feel her wince as she pushed further down. Gradually, frustratingly gradually for me, she took more and more inside her. Finally she had absorbed all of it. I was surprised because I have a larger than average size but Josie wanted it all. She just held it before she started clamping her muscles around it rhythmically.

Josie started squealing above me and her hands reached out to press her skirt firmly across my face, transferring her weight as she began to move up and down. On each down stroke she was almost suffocating me inside her lined skirt but as she moved upwards I could pant for breath. Her movements became more frantic and her squeals were louder, so loud that I thought everyone on the camp site must know what Josie was doing. The prudish Josie seemed to have vanished, replaced by someone who wanted sex and was enjoying it. As she reached several orgasms she clamped my erection very firmly. During each erection I was blindfolded, gagged and unable to breathe until the paroxysm had passed. Finally she slumped over my body and pulled the waistband of her skirt down so my mouth and nose were in the open ar. I could breathe as she put her head on my skirt-shrouded shoulder.

“That was great, Nicolas, and you were right. It did hurt at first, but afterwards? Wow! I want to do it again.”

“We can, Josie,” I said, “but I will need to recover. We ought to have an evening meal, and then tonight, you can do it as often as you like.”

“Tonight, Nicolas? Where? What about Alan?”

“I’m sure if you ask Alan and Diana, they will leave us this tent for tonight while…”

“They spend the night together?”

“Yes, Josie, I’m sure they want to.”

“So do I Nicolas, so do I. I think Diana has left me enough condoms for the whole weekend.”

“And if she hasn’t, I have some as well. So has Alan. None of us are going to run out.”

“OK. That was fantastic for a first time, Nicolas, but now we ought to eat…”

Josie wriggled off me. She moved to take the condom of my prick.

“It’s got streaks of blood on it!” She exclaimed.

“Of course it has, Josie. You were a virgin. Now you’re not and I am honoured and grateful that you lost it with me. The next time will be easier.”

“And now I am no longer a virgin and on the pill, I can do it as often as I want to, Nicolas, thank you.”

“As often as I have the capacity, Josie. Aby woman can wear out a man but I’ll do my best for you.”

Josie threw herself on me and kissed me passionately. I’d liked to have hugged her but my arms were still trapped inside her skirt and the weight of her body was making it impossible for me to wriggle free. Josie felt my ineffectual movements.

“Next time, Nicolas, I won’t hide you inside my skirt. Now I have done it once, I’m not ashamed, and I will want to see what I am doing with and to you. My skirt helped but I don’t need to be afraid of you anymore.”

Josie climbed off me, heaved her skirt off my body, and dressed herself.

“Now I’ll make a meal, tell Diana to grab Alan, and when we have eaten, I’m grabbing you again, but skirt less this time.

She did, and does. By the end of the weekend I was shattered but I knew that under her sensible skirt Josie was wearing no panties, ready to jump on me again. Her skirt may have made her first time possible. Now she doesn’t need it.

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