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Amber filled the exam room with fear and tangerine body spray, she couldn’t believe she had waited nineteen years before scheduling her first gynecologist’s appointment. She had recently finished high school, which is where her fears had been stirred. The other girls had chatted about “pussy jacks” that crank you open and allow your pussy to view the world. Then there were the pounds of petroleum jelly used to explore your rectum.

Amber undressed slowly trying to avoid the horrid imagery that the girls’ locker room had implanted in her genitals.

Amber was easy on the eyes, she had medium breasts with dark nipples, curved hips, and legs that led to a patch of hair that formed an arrowhead slightly above her pubic lips. The arrow laid softly against her skin awaiting someone to follow directions. She slipped on the paper robe and slide herself onto the exam table. The cold steel seeped between her legs as she wiggled to reposition herself on the paper. There was a faint hum of music sneaking under the door from the lobby, Amber allowed herself to recline and think about the event that had brought her here.

Two days before, Amber had her first sexual encounter with her high school sweetheart, Bobby. He had always bragged about his conquests before her; his first time with her begged to differ. She thought about Bobby’s beer coated breath staining the memory of her first time. He closed his eyes and poked her inner thighs with his clumsy cock. She had dreamt of surrendering her virginity on a bear skinned rug in front of a fire place or on a beach with her toes curled around the sand.

Her reality was the back seat of an old Chevy station wagon with a missing bumper and broken passenger door. She had nearly bit through the seatbelt that dangled against her chin in order to mask her pussy’s disappointment in Bobby’s awkward attempts to make her moan. He grunted as his sloppy member found its way into her core. His belt buckle dug into her knee as the heel of his left boot continuously scraped her ankle.

Bobby whispered into her ear but she drowned him out by replaying different fantasies in her mind. The speed of his unrhythmic thrusts increased as her ass wiggled beneath him trying to relieve itself of the artificial leather back seat. In return, Bobby pounded her with force, grunting and growling while fumbling with the buttons on her shirt.

The harder he thrust, the more limp her body became. He slid his cock out to the tip and slammed back into her yawning hole. He repeated twice before driving his chin into her collar bone and letting out the cry of an injured boy. Amber felt an unwanted void that she hoped would disappear once her body was filled with cum and romance. His inexperience disgusted every erogenous zone on her body as she vowed to replace this memory with a satisfying one…

Dr. Lawrence walked in and asked her to sit up. He was near 6’1 with dark hair that was sprinkled with silver highlights. His facial features were strong and the stubble Antep Bayan Escort around his mouth made him appear ruggedly sexy. His hands were large and Amber could faintly see the dark hair that sprout from his knuckles. He asked her to lay back and place her feet in the stirrups, she giggled at the thought that her pussy had looked two people in the eyes within two days. She obeyed.

She leaned her head to the side and peeked around the paper blanket that draped over her knees. The doctor reached for a utensil, she also thought it resembled a miniature car jack, and he placed it at her opening and began to crank. Amber felt a sigh of relief from her sex patch when it was given a chance to breath but it was brief and the doctor was already removing the cold tool from inside her. Before she knew it, she had thrown one leg over his shoulder and the other dropped where she could feel his manhood growing against the heel of her foot.

She wrapped her slender fingers around the side of the table as she worked her hips up and down pressing her pussy against his lips that now revealed a tongue. He licked the lips that lay dormant on each side of her clit, she felt a fire as her tender nodule began to swell. He stabbed her with his tongue and traced a circle inside her vaginal walls causing Amber to release her first moan. She bit down on her bottom lip as she lowered her hips hoping to deepen his stabs. He used force as he sucked her ever swelling tenderness, taking turns sucking and stabbing with his tongue.

She could feel every thought, memory, sound, and taste being redirected to her clit as she filled the doctors mouth with the juices of her past. He lapped at her loveliness with his eager tongue, she felt the fleshless muscle probing her, opening her with its desire to taste more. She rocked her hips thrusting her pubic lips against the stubble around his mouth, the doctor dug his tongue deeper as he reached his left hand and found a hardened nipple with his finger tips. He pinched and twisted it as he continued to suck roughly on her clit. Her explosions came one after another, Dr. Lawrence reveled in her splendor as she withered beneath him.

The tip of her nose became numb, her limbs tingled as her vaginal muscles contracted violently around his tongue. Amber let out a scream that pushed all of her worldly fluids into the back of the doctor’s throat. Her excitement exploded and left the doctor swallowing warm gushes of sweet liquid. With each swallow, his cock rose until his skin was outstretched and his insides screamed to be release.

In one swift motion he slid her out of position and on to her stomach, he slid her down so that her feet hit the floor. The cold metal pressed against her nipples causing her to raise her hips and spread her legs for him. Amber was eager to see the mountain of flesh that taunted her from underneath the silky exterior of his trousers. As she turned to peek, he pushed her face against the coldness of the table. Her eagerness invited him to introduce his hardness to her mouth.

Still holding her head against the table, the doctor approached the side she was facing, removed the hair from her eyes and mouth and tightened his other hand in the dark curls that fell around her shoulders. He revealed his cock with his free hand exposing it to her closed mouth and mesmerized expression. His hardness yearned to part her fruit glossed lips and stab repeatedly at the back of her throat. He ran the head of his dick against her cheek and outlined the curves of her lips. With his thumb and index finger, he clenched the head and broke her sweet sealed mouth.

Her tongue was soft and his cock slid easily through a pocket of saliva near the rear of her throat. He rested his cock against her teeth before yanking her curls with his other hand causing her mouth to extend over the entirety of his manliness. He slowly began to fuck her face increasing the speed with each thrust. She looked up at him out of the corner of her emerald green eyes and was pleased to see his face contort with the rapid strokes in her mouth. She pleaded with her eyes for him to stick it in her cunt and his body language replied.

Dr. Lawrence ripped his dick out of her perfectly formed mouth and ran it down her side until he was positioned directly behind her. He rubbed her ass with the head of his aching loins while watching her vagina breath. Her lips parted and closed as her muscles clenched the empty air in hopes of being filled. He rammed her unexpectedly and she let out a pleasure filled cry. Her pussy was tight and fought his cock with each push, she tightened around his engorged rod as he dug his nails into the meat of her ass.

Both of her hands had released their tightened grip from the side of the table and were dangling in the sex filled air. The doctor grabbed both of her wrists and held them behind her back with one hand. He used her hands to guide his motions which were long hard strokes. Her ass rippled against his stomach with each forceful blow of his cock. She bit at the sweat filled air praying for this moment to be endless. The juices continued to flow as the growth of his penis filled every crevice of her soft vaginal pallet. Amber worked her ass in imaginary rings around his dick exploring the different angles that made her soul moan.

She freed her right hand and he hesitated with his next thrust until he saw her reach for the crank. She fumbled to hand it to him as he pounded away at her plump pussy. The doctor took a second to figure out what she wanted but then he noticed that her puckered anus craved attention. He slowed his strokes in order to place the flat cold steel in her ass. He spit down her crack as he slid the metal deeper inside. He cranked her open until he felt the pressure on his penis through her vaginal wall. Her tight slippery pussy had been dreamlike but this newly created tightness was heaven.

He left her completely cranked open and vulnerable as he resumed pounding away at her pussy. This time he used quick rough jagged strokes as he spanked and squeezed her ass. He laid his chest against her back pressing the open crank deeper into her rectum. His short hard jabs had her clenching her ass muscles and biting unnoticeably onto her own wrist. Her stomach tightened trying to prolong another orgasm but her pussy’s will defied her.

She felt herself open again flooding his anxious cock with a rapid flow of sex sap. He smelt honeysuckles as her pussy juice became his aphrodisiac. In fear of exploding, the doctor pulled out and sunk to his knees wanting to swallow more of her sugary nectar. While lapping up the puddles of cum dripping down her inner thigh, he shoved three fingers through the tunnel of the crank. He wrapped his entire mouth around her pussy while flexing his three fingers in and out of her ass. He depleted all of her natural juice and his tongue slowed with the clam of her vaginal convulsions.

Amber breathlessly spoke for the first time, “I want to watch you fuck me. I want to see you cum. I want to be treated like a naughty slut.”

Dr. Lawrence showed no hesitation as he flipped her on her back and wrapped his strong fingers around her neck. He taunted her pussy with the tip of his cock while he bit and sucked at her erect nipples. She arched her back attempting to guide his dick back through her flesh but he tortured her by pulling back. He tightened the hand around her throat and with his free hand, slapped and pinched her breasts. She had a hidden smile as she gasped for air and at the same moment he released his hand from her slender neck, he ripped his cock into her hot wet flesh.

He took both of her tits in each of his hands as he plunged roughly in and out of her pussy. He yanked at her tits so hard that she came off the table and then he slammed her back down against the cold steel. The imprints of his hands glowed on the skin around her nipples and his cock refused to probe anymore.

He pulled his throbbing cock out of her swollen mouth and climbed on top of her chest. He smacked her face with his huge hard dick, he lifted his ass and sunk his balls into her mouth. She moved her tongue around them playfully as he vigorously stroked his cock. He shoved his hand roughly up and down his desperately tight flesh. His toes cracked and his muscles became tense as he backed up and busted his salty load all over her sweat glistened face.

His fluids continued to pump out over her reddened tits as Amber wiggled her pussy in the open air, her muscles clenched and her juices flowed once more. He shoved his cock to the back of her throat causing her to choke and released his final drop of the beast within. His body trembled after her soft young mouth drained the last of his animalistic thrusts.

Amber felt the pins and needles shoot through her body as she swallowed his salty expectations and her own body quivered from the replacement of her first time. Her body finally went limp when he removed his cock from her smiling lips; this was a welcomed limpness because the memory of Bobby disappeared with that last swallow of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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