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Denise and I had been dating for over a year. During that time we had a lot of wild experiences. She fucked me with a strap-on many times; I fucked her gay friend Luiz with her watching; another gay friend of hers fucked me while she was watching; she went down on a female co-worker of hers with me watching; and, of course, we did plenty of fucking just between the two of us. Our encounter with her Brazilian friend Luiz got me really horny and wanting some one-on-one time with him. Denise was traveling on business for a couple weeks and I was particularly horny so I decided to call up Luiz and see if he was up for some action.

“Yo Luiz—it’s Denise’s boyfriend. Remember me?”

“How could I forget, stud? That night was so fucking hot I still think about it.”

“Yeah; me too. You’re a damn sexy guy and I wouldn’t mind getting together again. What are you up to tonight?”

“Not much. I was gonna go out with some of the girls from work but I think I’d rather check out what you have planned.”

“Cool. Be here at seven. I’ll be waiting.”

“OK. See you then.”

My mind raced with all the sexy ideas I had for Luiz. I was so horny I wanted to jerk off right away just thinking about his tanned, beautiful round ass and my cock sinking in between those beautiful, round globes and his sphincter clinging to my cock with every stroke out. I somehow managed to keep my hands away from myself until he arrived.

Promptly at 7 o’clock there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see my Brazilian Adonis standing there in a black leather jacket, tight white t-shirt, and jeans so tight I could see the outline of his semi-hard cock. I pulled him in, closed the door behind him, and pulled him in for a sensual kiss. Luiz is quite a bit shorter than I am so I had to pull him up to me but the moment our lips met our tongues darted into each others’ mouths and started swirling around desperately trying to express how horny each of us was.

“God, Luiz, I didn’t realize how horny I was for you until right now. I swear, I could cum right now just kissing you.”

“Don’t waste any of that man milk just yet. I want my fair share.”

With that line, he shot me a knowing grin and I took him by the hand and let him to the bedroom. Neither of us needed another word said. We instantly started stripping down and tossing our clothes in a heap in the corner. It was a shame to watch him peel off that Demetevler Escort skin-tight shirt and those pants because he looked absolutely delicious wrapped up tight like that. At the same time, I had so much anticipation for his body that I was almost shaking. I hadn’t been so horny since—well, since the last time Luiz and I had fucked with Denise there. Sex with a man is always so intense and primal that I just can’t get enough of it.

Once all our clothes were off we collapsed onto the bed writhing together in one pile of unbridled homoeroticism. Everything passed by me in a blur as I licked, kissed, sucked, and nibbled on every part of Luiz’s body that came close to my wanton mouth. At one point he wheeled around and laid down on top of me with his dick pointing straight at my mouth.

“What’s this, a suggestion?” I asked coyly.

“Suck it if you dare; I’m super horny and could cum at any minute.”

“I like those odds. Besides, maybe a little blow job will calm you down so I can fuck you good later.”

I took hold of his cock with my hand and guided it into my wet mouth. It felt amazing to have a dick in my mouth again. There’s nothing like the firm but yielding feeling of another man’s erect cock in my mouth. I was able to slow down and calm myself down a bit by concentrating on sucking his dick. I luxuriated each time I slid his cock into my mouth. I held it there for just a moment and flexed my mouth and throat around his member to give him a little thrill. That seemed to be just what he needed to calm down a little himself. He took my dick in his mouth in return, although he didn’t suck on it right away. He held it there and just let me feel the warmth of his mouth on my dick. It was amazing. While he did that, I continued to lazily lick and suck on his dick.

“Oh God, Luiz; this is incredible. I could fuck you twice a day easily and three times on Sunday. You’re so fucking sexy!”

He pulled my dick out of his mouth and said, “Is that a promise?”

“We have to get together and fuck more. You’re amazing. I can’t wait to get my dick deep into you.”

“Mmmm… I can’t wait for that either, baby,” and then he took my dick back in his mouth again and started gently sucking on it. I had also gone back to sucking on his velvety, warm dick. I loved the feel of that delicate skin sliding over my slick lips.

After Otele gelen escort a few more strokes, though, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and said, “This is awesome, but I want to fuck you. Are you ready?”

“You know it, babe. How do you want me?”

“Lay on your side in front of me. I want to hold you while we fuck.”

With that, Luiz pulled off my dick and let it flop over onto my belly. He crawled off me and reached over the side of the bed for a condom and some lube.

“I brought just what we need, and maybe a little extra to keep here for the future.”

“I like the way you think, Luiz. Now put the condom on my dick so we can get started.”

He opened the package with the condom and started rolling it over the head of my penis. It jerked with excitement and anticipation. He made a ring of his thumb and finger and gently rolled the condom down over my shaft. Every single touch of his hand felt amazing and I was getting closer to cumming than I wanted to be.

“Now, baby, get that ass of yours over here and let me lube it up.”

He came over to me with the lube and handed it to me. When he turned around I rolled over on my side and poured out a little lube on my finger. I started pressing one finger into his ass and felt it slip in easily. I smoothly worked the lube around in his hole and then pulled my finger out to get more lube. I poured out a more generous amount of lube and started sloppily working it into his hole. He started moaning and whimpering from the pleasure of having another man prepare him for sex. Once I had him good and lubed up, I wiped the remaining lube from my hand onto my rubber-sheathed dick for good measure.

“Now be a good boy and come here, baby. I’m gonna fuck you real good.”

I shifted around on my right side and Luiz slid into position in front of me. I guided my dick into his ass slowly but firmly. It easily found its way in and I could tell that Luiz was more than ready for me. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, “Now I’m gonna make you feel REALLY good.” I wrapped my arms around his lower torso tight and started thrusting into his ass. He started writhing around slowly as I worked my dick further up his ass. The feeling of tightness and heat coming into my dick from his ass was amazing. My cock fit snugly into Luiz’s ass like he had been waiting Balgat Escort for it his whole life.

I tightened my embrace of his chest as I quickened my pace of fucking. I started out going slowly but then I began biting and licking on his earlobe which sent him into a whole new world of frenzy. As he started moving around more I started fucking him harder and faster. Pretty soon I was pounding him good.

“Ugh… Luiz… baby… I can’t… hold out much… longer. I’m…”

With that, my dick grew super hard and my whole body spasmed and I erupted a torrent of cum deep in Luiz’s ass. The condom kept it all contained around my dick where it felt warm and slippery and wonderful. I slowed my pace of fucking him and pretty soon stopped and my dick slipped out of his wet hole.

I rolled over on my back, spent from the vigorous fucking I had given the gorgeous Brazilian next to me.

“Oh… wow. That was incredible,” was all I was able to say at that moment.

Luiz rolled over and looked me straight in the eye and said, “That was amazing. Fucking amazing… but I’m still hard and horny. What do you want to do?”

“What do you want to do, Luiz? How would you like to cum? I would love for you to straddle my chest and beat off for me until you spurt all over my chest. I think that would be super fucking hot.”

“Anything for you, baby.”

I straightened up on the bed while Luiz climbed up and straddled my chest. I laid back with a relaxed, satisfied look on my face and watched as this beautiful, lithe, tanned Brazilian hottie stroked his gorgeous cock right on top of me. His pace quickened and then, all at once, his head jerked back and his cock jumped up and started spurting hot, sticky cum all over my chest. It clung to the hairs on my chest and made a sticky, gooey, wonderful mess. After his massive orgasm, Luiz collapsed on top of me and started kissing me again.

“Oh baby, that was amazing! I love cumming for you!”

“And I love watching you cum for me. You’re the most beautiful man in the world and watching you in ecstasy is amazing.”

Luiz stroked my cheek passionately and then went back to kissing me again, although this time it was far more tender and passionate and much less emphatic and horny.

“You know, if you get cleaned up in time, you could still go out with the girls from work. I’m sure there’s plenty of eye candy at the club to get you horny all over again. And if you don’t leave with one of those studs, you could always make a return trip by here afterward—and the girls are invited.”

“I may just take you up on that. Who knows? There may even be more than just me and the girls.”

After that last line, he gave me a playful but sinister wink and I knew exactly what he had in mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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