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I could hardly believe my ears when my neighbour asked me to keep an eye on the house.

They were leaving their young son of 20 behind and didn’t want any parties while they were gone. He is such a stud.

One of my pastimes was fingering myself as I watched him working in the garden. His muscles were perfectly chiselled, but I was only interested in the one between his legs! It was such a delicious muscle to chew on…

It was a while ago when Randy and I shared a tasty super and a wonderful desert together.

Randy gobble down dinner like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. I was very happy to watch him enjoying his dinner, cos I was going to have him for dessert.

I seen the way he looked at me when I had coffee with his mom. He would blush like crazy when I winked at him when I caught him staring at my tits.

After dinner I gave him a beer and poured myself a glass of red wine .We chatted a bit gave him another beer while I slipped into a very sexy sundress. It was my favourite cos it showed off my cleavage. When I returned randy was sitting on the couch channel surfing. He turned to look at me .I thought his eyes were going to bulge out of his eyes. Judging by the bulge in his pants I knew my dessert was ready!!

I walked over to him, straddled his legs, and said

“I seen the way you look at these and it makes me wet thinking of you sucking on them so escort bayan adıyaman go ahead hun … I know you want to and I want you to”

Randy slowly took down the straps of my dress as if he wanted to remember every step. Randy’s hand were shaking as he cupped my tits together and licked each tits .He seemed timid at first then took each nipple and sucked on them as if he were a baby gobbling for milk. My cunt was wet with anticipation of the bulge I was sitting on. When he was finished, his cheeks were red and my nipples were glistening with his saliva. He was lost in my eyes as he grabbed my ass and ground his hard cock back and forth thru his shorts. The tip of his cock was sticking it and I could feel the per-cum that dripped from it on my legs. I ran my fingers down the shaft of that huge cock .As I did so it caused a tent and Randy to groan .I slipped off his lap and tugged on his shorts. Randy lifted his ass to accommodate me.

The size of his cock thrilled me .I was at least 9 inches long and the head was the size of a golf ball. I couldn’t wait to get that piece of meat on my mouth .He gasped as I took the head of his cock in my wet mouth. I was looking in his eyes as I sucked his cock. I licked the tips and circled it with my tongue. His pre-cum was sweet. I kept my eyes on his as I licked the whole shaft up and down. escort baya nakkent Randy was groaning and thrusting his hip forward at me. I held his long cock straight up and stroked it as I took each ball into my mouth and twirled it with my tongue. Randy started to thrust his hips harder. I stopped, not wanting him to come yet.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I growled at him, “I want this fucking cock in my cunt!!”

Randy nodded eagerly. I led him to my bedroom by his rigid cock.

I laid on the bed and spread my legs wide revealing a bald wet cunt.

Randy was all to eager to devour my slit. He pulled my lips open and licked my clit like a dog . He stuck two fingers in my wet cunt and stroked me faster and faster as he licked my clit. Randy got the surprise of his life when I gushed all over his face…Stream after stream as he licked. I pulled his face harder to my clit as I moaned out-loud and came.

”Fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. yessssssssssssssssss!! Lick me Fuck my cunt with your fingersss ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss!!!!”

“Holy Fuck Woman… I had never seen that before … I love it …. Do it again!!! I want more in my mouth!! Randy said with excitement.

“Not yet hun … I want that cock..!”

I flipped him over on his back and straddled his cock. I grabbed his cock escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan and eased my wet juicy cunt on to it. Once the head of his cock was in, I slid all the way down to his balls .I rocked back and forth on this young stud cock, loving how it stretched my cunt. I slid my slippery cunt up and down his hard shaft as He groped for my nipples. He Pinched, twisted and sucked them as I rode him faster and faster, grinding my cunt into his balls. His cock got harder and his balls tighter as he moaned and groaned fucking me like a wild man. The harder he fucked me, the wetter I got, until my pussy spasmed wildly.

“ Oh Gwaddddddddddddd that feels soooooooooooo good” He moaned loudly. He could feel the walls of my cunt grab his cock as it spewed all over his cock Randy grabbed my hips and ass and pumped wildly. …

”I’m gonna cummmmmmm.”

Randy pumped his cum out of his cock and splattered my insides.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned as I felt his hot juices fill me.

We fucked up a storm many times that summer. When his Parents returned of course, we had to play it cool. However, that didn’t stop us from finding way to meet tow or three times a week. The shopping mall, the theatre, but the one I like is on my kitchen table while his folks are outside my window. Randy lays me on the table and fucks me slowly at first but when his parents come closer to the window he watches them and pumps me hard, pulls out grabbing his cock and squirts all over my tits and face!!

I think they should thank me, heheheh. Who knows what mischief he would be getting into if he wasn’t fucking me!

“MMMMMMMMM” he’s right here pinching my tits as I type… I’ll let you know what fun we will have in another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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