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PART 2: The Centerfold


“How does it feel to fuck a Playmate?”

“Feels good,” I groaned, then pulled back and thrust forward slowly once again, savoring every little sensation as each ridge of my cock slid inside of Courtney’s welcoming tunnel. And yet each feeling was bittersweet. My mind was caught in this dichotomy between pleasure and pain.

I looked down into Courtney’s eyes, radiant in their individual beauty. And I also noticed the trickle of tears seeping out and down her cheek. I teetered on the edge of pleasure and sadness, feeling ever so unbalanced on this tightrope we were walking. “What are we doing?” I asked her softly.

She managed a hopeful smile, blinking past her own tears. And I knew she was experiencing the same confusion I was feeling. At last she answered, “We’re making love.”

And then there were no more words as I just rested my head on the pillow beside her, my hands gripping her hips to help me pump in and out of the wettest pussy I’d ever felt in my life.

Courtney moaned into my ear while she cradled my head in her hands, rolling her hips in time with my thrusting to achieve the maximum pleasure with the least amount of effort while we slowly absorbed each other’s body.

I felt cocooned in my blankets, still over my shoulders and bunched up around our sides. Courtney lay quiescent beneath me, her firm tits pressed up against my chest, her labored breathing loud in my ears. We tenderly thrust at each other, building up friction while her legs intertwined with mine to make us as close to one person as could possibly be.

And then, the pressure built and the pleasure crescendoed. And while our movements did not speed up that much, the sense of urgency and the force increased until we were pumping firmly, and at last the release came as Courtney bit down on my neck to stifle her orgasm while I spewed a torrent of cum into her willing body. It seemed to go on for forever and at the same time didn’t last nearly long enough.

It was the greatest sex of our lives. The kind you never recover from and carry in your memories for all eternity. Our souls had touched one another.

When it was over, I remained inside of her, clutching her body to me as if it was the last time I would ever have this chance. And Courtney hugged me back with a passion I had painfully yearned for.

“I missed you so much,” she whispered.

“I…” I shook my head. My heart hurt so much, and the pain carried up into my brain. “I…” I couldn’t say it. I needed to, wanted to tell Courtney ‘I love you’, but the words just caught in my throat. She seemed to sense what I was trying to tell her, simultaneously hoping for the phrase and frightened by it. After what we had just done, those words might actually make her stay with me. But could I do that to her? Was it fair? In the end, only the actual words could make them truly real.

My eyebrows bent into the frown I was fighting away from my mouth. Finally I said, “I… I’m happy for you. You deserve all the success you’re getting.”

“Thank you.”

Eventually, we got dressed. Courtney stopped at the front door, turned and gave me one of our trademark fully passionate kisses. A kiss I had gotten very used to. A kiss I knew I was going to miss.

And then she was gone. Perhaps for only a few months. But perhaps forever. I sincerely questioned if I would ever see her again. But right now, my only choice was to move on.



Summer vacation was over. The school year was back upon us, and I was unloading my car to furnish my first ever home away from home. The house my friends and I were renting wasn’t far from campus. But we would soon have to deal with feeding ourselves, cleaning up, and all the daily grind of a household. There were no more maids or dining halls. I was finally finding my own independence.

And yet nothing could be right in the world until she was here. I talked to her just yesterday, both of us terribly excited about our upcoming reunion. Months without physical contact and nothing but my digital photos (and Courtney’s Playboy page) to keep my company had wound me up into a little stress-ball of sexual tension.

“Hello there stranger,” Courtney’s voice was an angel’s aria to my ears. I literally dropped my box, letting it crash onto the floor the instant I heard that sound and no man has ever run faster across a room as I did that day.

And then Courtney was in my arms, and I was kissing her with abandon. **This is what heaven feels like…**

She took little pauses from my lips, trying to ask me something, but I couldn’t stay away long enough to let her finish the complete sentence without interruption.

“So… (smooch)… when (kiss)… can I see (tongue blocking her windpipe)… (giggle)… see this… (kiss)… room of yours?”

I backed away enough to whisper huskily, “How about right now?”

I’d like to say that the sex that day was a marathon of lust and passion and fervor. But really, ulus escort we were both so worked up that we didn’t even wait to get all our clothes off.

Courtney’s jeans ended up still attached to one of her legs, and mine were wrapped around my knees. But then we were fucking on the bed rather haphazardly. Inside of three minutes we both came. And I lay my head against my bedcover while we both panted together in a tangled mess of flesh and clothing.

It was a quickie in every sense of the word, and then we were rearranging our underwear and jeans. Courtney offered to help me unpack if I would swing by the girls’ place afterward to help her unpack. So we both emerged from my bedroom five minutes after we went in, arriving just in time for a chorus of clapping from Brian and one of our other roommates.

“Wow, dude,” Brian commented. “That must have been what, thirty seconds? You’ve lost your edge.”

Courtney and I just blushed and did our best to ignore them, moving immediately to my boxes. I did at least mutter, “Fuck off, man.”

Twenty minutes later, Christine called to tell Brian she’d arrived at her apartment. He flew out the door so fast he forgot his car keys. When he came back, I handed his keys over to him with some wise words of my own. “Try to last longer than thirty seconds, okay?”


Things more or less settled into our normal college routine. The only difference was that as second year students we had a bit more experience and a bit more respect around campus. Plus, we all had our own single bedrooms, which meant a MUCH easier time finding spots to have sex. I had gotten used to Courtney’s exhibitionist behavior, but I relaxed much more in the privacy of my own room.

Courtney was still my nymphomaniac and we got right back into our routine of getting off at least once every single day. I felt like I’d been stuck eating bread and water for the past three months and now I’d been set loose in an All-You- Can-Eat Steak-and-Lobster buffet.

Christine and Brian had also resumed their relationship, and our gang of five made the girls’ apartment our de facto headquarters. The girls gave keys to both Brian and me. During all the gaps between my classes, I would spend all of my time there to watch TV or hang out and talk to whoever was also around. Anna turned out to be quite good with a PlayStation controller and my competitive instincts refused to let me be beat by a girl (although I will admit that she whupped my ass on more than one occasion). And even in the evenings, both Brian and I would find ourselves hanging out with the girls’ until the wee hours of the morning. Hey, they could cook much better than we could. And their three course meals sure beat out my stash of ramen.

One school night, just after dinner, the five of us hung around unwinding with a game of Uno. Yes, you remember Uno don’t you?

My competitive fire was raging once again. “Draw four.”

“Dammit!” Anna complained, punching me in the shoulder from her position next to me on the couch. “Can’t you let me win once?”

“Do you really want me to LET you win?”

“Well, no. If you’ve got the card, play it. I want to savor my victory over you and know that I really earned it.”

“Smart girl.” And then my warm smile at Anna turned into a fierce grin as I prepared to win yet another hand.

Two minutes later, Anna threw down her last card and hopped up and down, giggling like a carefree girl with her victory. She reached over and hugged me, saying “Ha-ha! Gotcha!”

I hugged her back, and then Courtney was slyly commenting, “Hey, get a room you two,” while she tossed down her seven cards.

That remark seemed to wake something up in Anna, and then she pulled away from me quickly as if self-conscious over the hug she’d offered. It wasn’t our first, but then Anna wasn’t a very touchy-feely kind of girl and her uncharacteristic joy was quickly smothered behind a controlled demeanor.

So Anna picked up the scattered cards and began to re-shuffle. “Another hand?”

I didn’t think much of the encounter until Courtney told me later that night. “She likes you, you know.”

“What? Who?”

“Anna. Every time you come by her eyes light up.”

“But we see each other every day. I never noticed anything.”

“Well, that’s because you’re a boy. You didn’t even realize I was coming on to you until I shoved my pussy in your face.” I could hear the grin in Courtney’s voice. “Christine and I have been giving her beauty tips ever since the beginning of the year. Posture, makeup, hairstyle, everything.”

To be honest, I had noticed Anna becoming more and more a feminine creature instead of the shy genderless librarian she’d been for most of last year. I’d chalked it up to basic growing up and maturing.

Courtney leaned in conspiratorially. “Last week the three of us went to the mall while you guys were playing basketball. She’d picked out a cute blouse and was modeling it in the mirror when yenimahalle escort she asked, ‘Do you think he’d like this?’ Immediately, I asked, ‘Who’s “he”?’ Anna freaked out as if she’d gotten caught and then clammed up. But I know she was asking whether YOU would like it.”

**A cute girl likes me. Is that really so bad?** But I put that train of thought away. My ego liked the idea of more girls having attractions to me. I just shouldn’t be entertaining the thought while standing in front of my girlfriend. “Well, is she going to be an issue?”

“Anna? No, no. It’s a harmless crush. She’d never do anything about it. But she IS happier when you’re around.” Then Courtney slipped her hand into mine. “Come on; walk me back to my apartment? At least you can play some video game with her tonight.”


So Brian and I practically lived at the girls’ apartment. But despite the homey feeling, we used it only for socializing and almost never for sex. For that, each couple would typically pair off and return to a boy’s room for the privacy factor. The apartment walls were paper thin and we all felt a little weird screwing within audible range of Anna. She never commented directly, but I think she appreciated us taking our physical thing elsewhere.

The four of us (Courtney, Christine, Brian, and I) got together on occasion for some fun orgies. Usually, we’d fuck our girlfriends until we both got off. And then the girls would play with each other until we were recharged for round two. But each and every four-way would strictly take place at our boys’ house, with one near-exception.

It was a Friday night; the five of us had all been drinking and partying together at the girls’ apartment. Even Anna had a few beers. We started getting frisky with our girlfriends, and everyone could feel the sexual tension in the air.

Mentally, I’d never seriously considered sleeping with another girl. Cheating on a bonafide babe like Courtney just seemed ludicrous. The only girl I’d ever had minor sexual contact with was Christine during our four-ways, but with her I’d always known there was a line you don’t cross (c’mon she’s my best friend’s girl).

Now maybe it was the alcohol in both of us and maybe not. But Anna had her dark hair up in a casual ponytail, her bangs pulled back to show off her pretty face lightly framed by her glasses. And this late in the evening she’d changed out of her frumpy attire and into a very cute pajama set (no bra); an outfit that for once didn’t hide the fact that she had a very slender body with some nice natural curves. She was smiling and giggling like the other girls, and for a brief time she seemed just as open and sensual as her two hot blonde roommates.

**When did Anna go and become hot?**

I was staring at her as a sexy girl for the first time ever, and I wasn’t the only one to notice. Courtney even whispered in my ear, “You look like you’re trying to eat her up with your eyes.” She even teased me, “Anna doesn’t seem to mind, though.”

I did my best to avert my eyes, first seeing the slight upcurl of a smile tugging at Anna’s lips and then noticing that Brian was looking at Anna as a beautiful woman as well. I felt a brief surge of jealousy into my mind at that thought, and then stamped it out. Who am I to say that Brian can’t look at Anna?

But then Courtney had my attention once again and we forgot about our usual boundaries to not get totally sexual in front of Anna. The next thing I knew I was Frenching my girlfriend passionately and reaching my hand into her shirt to find a naked and swollen nipple excited for my touch. Brian and Christine were also taking those first steps into our usual orgy.

Now it was Anna squealing, “Hey, get a room! Both of you guys.”

Now in his defense, Brian WAS rather drunk at the time. He turned back to Anna and then made his huge mistake. “Well, why don’t you join us Anna? I’d love to get a piece of you, too.”

**Did he just say what I think he said?**

I saw Christine immediately freeze, showing more outright surprise than jealousy. Courtney and I both were glancing back and forth, over and again, between the shocked look on Anna’s face and Brian’s smug, drunk expression.

I suppose it’s just as well that Brian walked away with nothing but a bright red imprint of Anna’s palm across his cheek.

All four of us apologized to Anna, but she just shrugged a “whatever” and after ten minutes we all got back into our social conversation. But the horniness did not go away. So by 1am, our sex group of four left Anna to go to sleep while we made a short drive over to our guys’ house.

Pent-up arousal was steaming off each of us, and Brian directed everyone into MY room (no wet spots on his bed that way).

I just got the door closed before I heard Brian’s “Holy shit!” exclamation. We guys were the last two into the room and our girlfriends had decided not to wait for us.

The girls locked their lips together and were rolling around my queen-sized bed while they desperately stripped clothes off of each other. And soon Courtney had her face buried in between Christine’s naked cleavage, her tongue and lips suckling at swollen nipples and caressing each sensitive nerve in between.

Brian and I got ourselves naked as well, then hung back to watch the Sapphic scene unfold before us and wait for our cue. I watched Courtney’s face run the gamut of emotions from desperate desire to ecstatic pleasure to rapturous bliss as Christine’s nimble fingers brought her to a quick and intense climax.

And then Courtney was tumbling their two bodies around until they settled into a sixty-nine position, Christine on the bottom with her hands clamped onto Courtney’s ass while she licked away with abandon. Courtney, for her part, spread Christine’s legs wide, spreading open Christine’s wet gash with her fingers and showing it off for Brian’s and my visual approval.

Courtney winked at me, and I knew then that she had a surprise planned in her devious mind. And then her blonde head descended and her tongue began to pave the way for Brian’s cock’s arrival soon afterwards.

Brian and I sat back, idly stroking ourselves for hardness but mostly just enjoying the view. We knew we’d get our chances once the girls both got off to their starter orgasms. So I circled the bed to fully absorb all the visual stimulation before me.

Courtney’s full tits hung down and swung around a bit as she moved. And once I got a better side view I could see Christine’s larger tits sagging slightly to the sides, and yet still firmly upright. And finally getting to the other side I saw my girlfriend’s juicing pussy and her asshole, wet and shiny from Christine’s saliva, just part of the perfect ass I had in my sights.

Our signal came when Christine just pulled Courtney’s hips down and trapped against her own chest so she had room enough to breathe and then cry out her climax into the early morning air.

And when Christine finally let go of her, my Courtney got up on all fours and then Christine spread Courtney’s pussy lips for me and beckoned me over. My cock was an iron bar at this point, so I moved to kneel on the bed just behind my girlfriend while Brian took his place at the far end as well.

I felt the cool touch of Christine’s hand as she jacked my shaft briefly, and then hand-guided me into Courtney’s sloshing wet box.

I sighed happily as I felt myself descend deeper into my girlfriend’s depths until my hips were pressed tightly into Courtney’s asscheeks. I stayed there for a moment, savoring the experience until I felt a tickle as Christine took my ball sac into her mouth and ran her tongue around the sensitive skin.

I laughed a little at the pleasantly ticklish sensation, and then Christine pulled off me to moan as Brian must have entered her from the other side. I could only imagine if Courtney could similarly reach out and tease his cock as it entered into his own girlfriend’s pussy.

The two of us guys then set up a slow, but rhythmic pumping motion. We fucked together as these tight pussies contracted around us like a giant Chinese finger trap. Whenever we pulled back it was as if the girls were desperately trying to suck us in deeper at the same time.

Courtney had lifted her head up, moaning, “Lick me, Christine! Oh, it’s so good feeling your tongue on me while my man shoves his meat all the way in! Oh, baby! Thank you!”

Christine’s muffled voice then came back with her short, laughing rebuke. “Fuck thanking me! Get your own face down there and lick me too!”

The four of us rocked back and forth on the bed, both girls crying out their next orgasms almost simultaneously as they enjoyed both male and female instruments of pleasure stimulating their bodies.

So far, everything had been fairly typical of our four-way encounters. It wasn’t until both Brian and I started accelerating towards our own first climaxes did Courtney and Christine’s surprising plan make itself known.

I felt myself reach the edge of my control. The involuntary acceleration of my hips and the steady pressure was about to go slack. Per usual, I announced “I’m cumming” to warn Courtney of my impending explosion. But the instant I said that she leaned forward as far as she could until my cock slipped out of her, the cold air an unexpected shock to my system.

But the cold was soon gone as Christine reached up and seized my twitching member in her hands and quickly stuffed the head of my dick into her mouth. From her position flat on her back, her head craned to me upside-down, she began jacking my shaft and I was completely helpless as my balls squeezed and then I was spewing a huge load of cum into the back of Christine’s welcoming mouth.

“Aw, fuck!” I managed to croak, half in pleasure and half in surprise.

Christine’s hand kept jacking me while I watched her brilliant green eyes dancing and her throat contracting as she tried in vain to swallow everything I was giving her. But towards the end little droplets of cum began to seep out from the corners of her mouth. The thrill of exploding into Christine’s mouth felt like it added at least two more potent bursts from my testicles and I felt my head get dizzy from the absolute force of my orgasm.

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