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Chapter 6: Friday Fun

One of the great things about Fridays is finishing school at lunchtime. Me being me, this gives me a whole afternoon and evening to get up to mischief.

On this particular Friday, the fun started with Scot. Scot was 19 and a student at one of the Universities in Edinburgh. He is also someone I met through the adult contact site I’m a member of.

As it turned out, his flat was only about 15 minutes walk from school, which was very convenient. He met me at our arranged place, the Starbucks just outside Haymarket Station and, no more than 10 minutes after we’d finished our coffees, we were in his flat; him sitting on the edge of his bed and me kneeling in front of him with his cock in my mouth. We hadn’t even stopped to get undressed we were in so much of a hurry to get started.

As I worked my lips up and down his shaft, Scot reached forward to unbutton my blouse and play with my tits. I could feel my pussy getting wet as he squeezed and caressed them. The whole situation felt so dirty and wanton; it was a huge turn on which caused me to suck harder. Scot gripped my head and pulled it towards him, fucking my mouth, using me like a slut and telling me what he was going to do to me once he’d finished with my mouth.

He described in great detail how he was going to eat my pussy, how hard he was going to fuck me, first in my pussy and then in my arse. All the time, he was playing with my tits and teasing my nipples, making them stiff and sore.

After a few minutes of that I began to taste pre-cum on my tongue and I got ready to take his load in my mouth.

Scot had other ideas though and before I knew it he had me on my back with my skirt up round my waist and his face buried in my pussy.

I was so turned on that I came the moment his tongue touched my clit. My back arched off the bed and my body shook violently as waves of pleasure washed over me.

As I came, I screamed at him not to stop and Scot was more than happy to oblige. His tongue lashed my pussy relentlessly and I came twice before, pausing only to roll a condom on to his dick, he climbed aboard and started to give me a seriously hard and satisfying fuck.

It felt so good having Scot inside me. As his cock hammered in and trabzon escort out, I clenched the walls of my pussy around him, gripping him tight inside me. I moaned loudly as he fucked me, urging him on, demanding that he fuck me harder and harder.

Unfortunately, it seemed I’d done too good a job with my mouth earlier and it didn’t take long before Scot reached the point where he couldn’t take any more. As his climax approached, I told him to pull out. Scot did so with a confused look on his face. I smiled up at him then pulled the condom from his cock and took him into my mouth once more.

I sucked hard and, in almost no time at all, I felt Scot’s cock stiffen and swell in my mouth. With a long, low moan, he erupted, shooting his load into me, filling my mouth with his hot, sticky cum.

I swallowed hard, again and again, drinking his cum as it flooded into my mouth.

Finally, his eruption subsided to a trickle and then, at last, stopped. Once I’d sucked the last drops from him, I had a cigarette, then let him undress me before we got on with the rest of the afternoon.

We spent about an hour exploring each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths and then Scot was ready to go again.

It was slower this time, more leisurely, but no less satisfying for all that. We started off with Scot on top, his cock stretching me as it slowly stroked in and out. I dug my fingernails into his arse cheeks as he screwed me, pulling my legs back to let him in deeper as he pinned me to the bed. I came hard beneath him as he impaled me over and over, filling me, stretching me, making me feel so, so good.

As my climax subsided, we rolled over and I rode his cock while Scot caressed, squeezes, licked and sucked on my tits. I love having my tits played with when I’m riding a cock and Scot’s attentions soon had the desired effect.

I came again, smiling dreamily as I slid my hips up and down, savouring every inch of his cock as I worked myself up and down its thick length. Rising up, I’d hold myself with just the very tip of him inside me before slamming myself back down and filling my pussy with his thick, delicious cock.

I slowly let my orgasm melt away and then I dismounted. I positioned myself on all fours trabzon escort bayan and Scot took me from behind and fucked me doggy while I fingered my clit. He gripped my hips and really gave me a solid pounding. His thighs slapped against me with every thrust as I pushed my hips back to meet him. Frantically rubbing my clit as he pounded me from behind, I came again, twice, before he was ready to explode again. As before, not wanting him to waste his cum, I used my mouth to finish him off again.

After that, we lounged about for a while, chatting, smoking, drinking coffee until we decided we might try again.

Took me a while to get him hard enough with my mouth but it was worth the wait. A great 69 had us in the mood for some more fucking and, this time, after pounding my pussy for what seemed like an age, Scot cheekily told me he was going to need something ‘a bit tighter’ if he was going to cum again.

Being the charitable soul that I am, I offered him the services of my arsehole and, not surprisingly, he accepted. God that was good!! When I’m REALLY turned on, I love anal. By the time he got to fucking my arse, I was REALLY, REALLY turned on. His cock stretched my tight rear hole as he fucked it hard and, being the proper little slut that I am, I was enjoying every second of it

With his cock in my arse, he reached forward to play with my tits. I fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit, cumming several more times before Scot shot his load for a third time.

We weren’t quite finished. I did manage to squeeze on last, load out of him about an hour and a half later before I left to go home. It was slightly frustrating for both of us as he kept going soft (poor thing) and, eventually, I took pity on him and used my tits and mouth to finish him off (almost literally I think).

I had a shower and a coffee before I left but we made plans to do it again.

The fun didn’t stop there though, not by a long way.

A couple of hours later, I was out in town with a couple of friends, having a few drinks and a boogie. At some point in the evening, this group of guys starts hitting on us (it happens and I just have to live with it {sigh}).

Anyway, my admirer was called Alex. He bought me a couple escort trabzon of drinks, we had a few dances and, it was blatantly obvious what he wanted.

Now, you would have thought that, what with my escapades with Scot earlier in the day, I’d have had my fill but, oh no, Julie wanted some more cock; wanted it badly and Alex seemed pretty keen to provide it.

One snag, he lives in Bathgate. Now, I’m not opposed to being a dirty stop-out on occasion but I usually like to have a cover story just to keep my mum happy (although I’m not entirely sure if she believes them or not). One thing is certain though, hot as Alex was, I wasn’t going all the way to Bathgate.

Dilemma? no, not really. We came to a compromise. A few minutes later we were in Rose Street Lane and Alex was in me. There was no tenderness, no foreplay, just a plain old-fashioned, knee trembling quickie.

It felt deliciously slutty to have Alex fucking me, out in the open while, just yards away, people were walking along the street, making their way from one pub to another and, at any time, someone could have walked around the corner and found us there.

He pounded my pussy hard and fast. I clung on to him for support as I wrapped one leg around his waist, clutching at his arse to force him in as deep as he would go.

It was over pretty quickly but the thrill of the ‘danger’ of being caught, combined with the need for me to keep my usually vocal expression of how much I’m enjoying it down to an absolute minimum and the fact that Alex was giving my pussy a bloody good pounding were enough to have me cumming pretty quickly. I didn’t even mind the fact that the roughcast on the wall I was resting against was leaving me with some rather difficult to explain scratch marks on my arse.

When it was clear Alex couldn’t last much longer, I got down on my knees, put his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he let loose in my mouth. His cum tasted richer and was thicker than Scot’s had been but I was still just as eager to swallow it down, feeling it trickle warmly down my throat, reminding me of what a dirty little slut I am.

Once we were done, I tucked him away, straightened my dress and we made our way back inside where he bought me another drink.

I got a few enquiring glances from my friends when I returned, but I didn’t say anything; I suspect they could probably guess knowing me as well as they do. Anyway, Katie and Hannah both got their pulls before the end of the night so I didn’t feel too guilty about it.

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