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I really didn’t like oral sex, never even saw the point of it.  The whole process seemed unclean to me, and the few times I had it were unsatisfying and not particularly interesting, not until that is I met Marcus and he introduced me to that remarkable tongue of his.  We were on a dinner date and he took me to the beach, it was after dark, and he laid me on the sand with his head between my thighs and his dessert was me in the shadows of the palm trees and the beach cabanas.    

I remember that night as a monumental moment in my life when I learned what real sexual pleasure was.  Up to then I hardly knew any of it.  He introduced me to screaming orgasms that had me calling out to God and the spirits of carnal fulfillment and joy.  He sent my pussy to a place it had not been, to a depth of satisfaction and happiness I had never experienced before.   He sucked and licked and borrowed his tongue so deep in me that I thought I could feel it in my stomach, and he taught me how to tense my pussy muscles so tight I could snap a twig.  

We were in Cabo and went for a walk along the wet sand, then he stretched me out on my back and open my legs to a universe of shrieking pleasure and sensations that had me oblivious to whatever was around me and whoever could hear.    I didn’t care who heard while his tongue was at my door, lapping and loving my lips and sucking my clit.  He was a virtuoso pussy eater and could hold his breath for what seemed like hours, munching and licking and eating without a break until the sun came up or my energy evaporated like steam on a warm night.  I held my legs up for him devotedly, infatuated with his mouth and tongue and lips.  

The first orgasm I ever got from Marcus’s wonderful mouth came with a scream that I tried to suppress with a hand over my own mouth as I stretched out on my back on the cool sand.   I was on chilly sand in the dark with my panties in my hand and a man’s face between my thighs.  My pulse went through the roof and my body was tense, my hands in fists, and my top teeth over my bottom lip.  I put a hand on his head, to hold him in place, and I pulled his face toward my pussy lips that splayed and yawned and hungered for his tongue.   

Never mind that I hadn’t cared for it before, I loved it at that moment, and I didn’t want it to stop.  A growl started in my throat and came up steadily and blasted out of me like a fire alarm.   I lifted my knees for him, pushed my pelvis forward, and opened my thighs.  I clawed at his hair, pulled his face to my pussy, and tried to push out my insides through my vagina.

“You like this?” he asked with a low, gravely voice.

“I love this,” I said through clenched teeth.  “I fucking love this.”   

“You can have it anytime you want,” he cooed.

“Then I want it constantly, often and soon,” I said in more of a shout than I intended.   “Oh yes, eat me please, please don’t stop.”  He chuckled and burrowed his face in my pussy, wagging his face back and forth and making sounds I did not recognize.    

“I istanbul travesti love how you taste,” he growled.

“You can taste me anytime you want,” I cried, my legs wrapped around his head.   “No one has ever done that so good.”

“That is because I love doing it so much,” he confessed.

“I don’t care how many others you have eaten, just eat mine as much as you like,” I called out.  “Put your tongue in there so deep I can feel it in my throat.  Lick me until I come like a gusher.”  He put his tongue on my anus.  “Oh god yes, there.  Do me there,” I cried.   He held me open with long fingers and I pushed against his weight until I could feel his tongue reach far into me, lapping, curving, swabbing my depths with soft and attentive tongue work.

When he turned me over and went to work in earnest on my anus, probing and licking and circling my pinhole I exploded in rapture, cooing and crying, and pleading for him to go deeper, harder, and quicker in my back door. I pushed my bottom up towards his tongue and I opened my cheeks to give him room to ream me wide and firm and deep.   I opened my mouth to breathe and my breath came in gaps, and my voice was unfamiliar and distant.  I heard myself plead and I recognized my own insistence and desperate need and sexual hunger he had unleashed.  

My love for head now fully enlisted and let loose and I reached for his cock to swallow and devour like I had never wanted to before, to reciprocate for the pleasure he had unlocked in me I wanted to take him to the back of my throat and drink his ejaculate like a beverage.  I wanted to feel it in my mouth and on my tongue, to taste his semen and suck until he supplied me with cups of come to drink and swallow in gulps that would slid down my throat and into my gullet.  I wanted to give him some of the pleasure he had given me.

I once told a girlfriend, in a moment of personal reflection, that I didn’t much care for oral sex, surprising her with my vilification of what she loved, almost lived for, but I dismissed her rebuke with a casual, “It’s highly over rated.”  But if she could see me now with my legs open and my face contorted into a ghastly grin she would think I lied.   She would think I had straight out perjured myself to avoid the lustful truth.  

She would be wrong, but she would know now how much I love it, especially at Marcus’s wonderful tongue and lips and mouth.   She could see on my face the agony of total pleasure and sexual craving I now have for my pussy being sucked and eaten and licked by the man who taught me to love pussy eating.

When I came the first time that night it lasted over a minute with me crying and convulsing on the sand like a fish on the beach, gasping for air and writhing with convulsions of pure self-indulgent joy.   My pussy was my center and I only wanted it made love to, which he did with gusto.

When Marcus and I had both come, him in my mouth and me in his, we cuddled and came down like a blanket thrown on the beach.  I was istanbul travestileri wasted but wonderfully spent and happy, glad to have found the pleasure that had eluded me for so long, relaxing with a satisfaction I didn’t recall before, invigorated with sexual energy that renewed my spirit and brought me to a height I had never seen.

A man had eaten my pussy like it was meant to be eaten, and I put my hand on his cheek to thank him for taking me there.   We kissed, and I could taste myself on his lips and it reheated me, causing me to lick my lips as I did after he ejaculated on my tongue, giving me a taste of him I will never forget, and completing in me the genital project he had started and I had finished.  Tasting myself made it real and finished the event he had started.    Oral sex was the crest of the mountain I had refused to climb and had avoided too long.  

When his penis was limp and tired, I watched it shrink and kissed its flaccid length, taking it into my mouth and willing it back to full-size, running my tongue around its softness like a floppy rag, unable to stand on its own.  I took the flaccid mast into my mouth again and moved it around on my tongue, sucking it softly like a limp sausage  and smiling at the wonderful sensation and flavor of his dick in my mouth.   When he began to stir and lengthen, I kissed it’s top again and took the whole new length between my lips and on my tongue. It grew in my mouth and it inflated on my tongue.  

His fingers reached for my moist pussy lips and explored its depths, searching for my G-spot, looking for the quarter-sized roughness, finding it and caressing my spot with tender loving care, bringing my squirting ability to the surface, causing me to wet the mattress and he bent to catch the fluid in his open mouth.  

When I was finished he grinned, then wiped his face with his arm.  “You taste good,” he said.   I simply smiled and kissed him, again tasting some of myself on his lips. 

Our first oral sex was not our last, and he has pleasured me with his mouth many times now, although he always tells me when he has tasted someone else.  I don’t mind that he savors the taste of pussy.  I am beginning to like it myself.   I think many times now about tasting a pussy other than my own. Yes, it is something I would consider, and he urges me to try it, saying it is a flavor you get addicted to.  I think I just may try it, and it may well be the young woman friend I once told I did not like oral sex.


I know she likes to have her pussy eaten, and I think I have learned enough from the lectern of Marcus that I could give her a delightful flight into heavenly adventure of oral wonderland.  I on occasion think about eating her to multiple orgasms and cries of pleasure.  I had not preached the subject with her, but we met in a Starbucks and I bought her a mocha.   I wanted to show her I have learned to not only like it but to give it as well.

I told her she was right.  She looked confused and I said, travesti istanbul “About oral sex.  It is incredible.”

“Sounds like you had a good teacher,” she said.   I said I had and then told her I had learned to broaden my horizons.  “You mean with other people?” she asked.

“And other genders,” I said. 

“You going to try a woman?” she asked.

“I have been thinking about it.  You ever been eaten by a woman?” I asked.  She smiled, said she hadn’t, and I asked her if she would consider that.  She nodded and smiled coquettishly.  

“If the right offer came along,” she said with another nod of her head.

“I am offering,” I said, “my place tonight at seven?”

“Okay,” she said with the coquettish smile back in place.  “Seven.”

When she came in she looked delicious.  She wore a miniskirt with enough leg showing to get me salivating.  “You look delicious,” I said, coming right to the point.

“I feel delicious,” she said with a sexy grin.  Without wasting time I began removing her clothes and she let me. When she was nude she started on me, removing my dress, my bra, my panties, and then she began feeling me all over, taking my bottom in her hands and letting her fingers venture to my warm anus, parting my cheeks and probing deep into my bottom.   

I realized she was not new to bisexuality, and my heart responded with alacrity.  We sank down slowly, going to the bed without pause, and she kissed like a seasoned pro, her lips soft and sweet.  Without further delay I moved to between her thighs, and like Marcus I opened her legs with my forearms and placed my lips against her wet labia, kissing softly as l licked the length of her slit, probing her with my outstretched tongue.  I pushed it deeper and curled the tip under her clit, searching for her G-spot, hoping to make her squirt and gush on the bed like I had for Marcus.  

I began to move my head around as I held her clit between my lips, making her moan and coo like a dove.  I shot my tongue out quickly, teasing her pussy with the tip, making her shake and quiver as I worked on her clitoris, on her pussy lips, on her soft, supple insides.  I licked each of inner thighs, tasting the musky flavor of her sex, yearning for more of the flavor of her emissions, her pussy sauce, her sweet juice that was running out of her and dripping on the bed.  

After she came in a rousing eruption of sexual energy and passion, I kissed her pussy, lingering for a minute with my lips on her pliable outer lips and mushing my mouth against her sex.  She held me away because her pussy was super sensitive, so I pulled away and licked quickly across her soft, pink puffy cunt.  I climbed up next to her and we began to kiss, tenderly and with a passion that surprised me.   I put my arm around her.  

“You were right, oral sex is special.  I have found I love the taste of pussy.  Yours is sweet and delicious.  I would like to make this a habit,” I said.

“Would Marcus mind?” she asked.

“What do you know about Marcus?” I asked.  

“Who do you think he does when he is not with you?” she asked.   I guess I know, I thought.  As good as she tastes, I guess I don’t blame him.    Marcus has been with me every night this week.  Which means he hasn’t been with her even once.  I must taste pretty good, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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