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A is for Amber

Amber is happily married to a businessman, a silver fox who fell for her innocent charm and bubbly personality. She admits to blonde moments but aware of its advantages. Worried about business absences causing personal issues, her husband accepted his personal assistant’s suggestion and got her to make appointments for Amber with Doctor Love.

Big thank you to Maddi for helping me write the story and the Doc for the wonderful treatment – Amber 🙂

I gazed wide-eyed out the limo window at the row of buildings as we made our way to my appointment. There must be hundreds of them! I was amazed how old they were and that they all looked almost the same. They must be owned by the same person or maybe they decided to build them all the same. They’re just like big dolly houses. The driver pulled up outside one of the prettiest doll’s house. There was a fancy steel fence and matching pretty veranda poles with lovely patterned things. The building was freshly painted white and the porch had colourful tiles set out in a lovely pattern. It looked gorgeous.

The driver turned towards me in the back seat. ‘Would you like me to stay until you’re ready to leave?’

‘But I don’t know how long I’ll be, silly, I breathed with an innocent voice and a slightly frowning tone. I’ll call you when I’m ready,’ I added with a girly smile that I knew would comfort his bruised manly pride.

I’ve always had a tone of voice that seemed to tease and excite men. It’s a sensual, soft and sexy purr that attracts their interest. It’s a talent that I often enjoy using when it suits me. It goes well with my other assets, an attractive slender figure with long blonde curly hair and a bubbly personality. I know I have my blonde moments but I don’t think I’m a dumb blonde. I’m smart enough to know how useful it is when I want something.

I left the limo and walked through the steel gate admiring the double-story building. It looked like somebody’s old home. I mean, it was really ancient. There was a polished sign with ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’ and the address. It had to be the place. But it didn’t look like a women’s clinic.

I didn’t know anything about the Practice. My husband’s personal assistant, Brianna, made the booking for me. I don’t know what we’d do without her. She’s only worked for Richard for a short time but been such a help to us. Richard calls her his B girl and I’m his A girl. My name’s Amber and she’s Brianna. Don’t you think that’s cute?

I pushed the button on the big old door and it soon opened. ‘Hello, you must be Amber. I’m Maddisyn,’ she greeted with a large smile.

‘Nice to meet you,’ I chuckled excitedly and stepped into a large entry hall.

The height of the ceiling surprised me and there wasn’t any carpet on the floor, just polished floorboards. I thought an expensive place like this would have had carpet or at least tiles. Our high-heels made a loud striking sound and the noise echoed as we walked. There were wooden stairs up to the next floor and a long passageway to the back of the building. I noticed a lot of fancy plaster around the walls and ceiling and a lovely chandelier.

For an old building, it looked so new and classy. It was just so pretty. I could see a fancy living room with lovely old style furniture through a decorative archway. It wasn’t what I expected, more like a fancy old house than a clinic.

‘Do you live here?’ I gasped with a soft sound of amazement.

‘Doctor Love lives upstairs and the Practice is on this floor,’ she replied taking me into the fancy room.

‘Gee, he must be very rich,’ I purred with wide sparkling eyes taking in the elegant and expensive furniture and things.

Maddisyn gave a small smile. ‘I’m the Practice Manager and this is the Sitting Room where Guests relaxed before seeing Doctor Love.’

‘Why is it called Practice? I quizzed with a puzzled look as we moved through to the fancy room.

‘It probably makes Guests more at ease than calling it a medical practice,’ Maddisyn replied with a gently smile.

‘Ooooh, that’s clever.’ I softly laughed.

‘I’ll give you a tour,’ she kindly offered.

The fancy room did look nice but nothing like our modern luxury high-rise apartment. There were a couple of couches in front of a fire and pretty paintings on the walls. The curtains looked lovely and at least it did have some carpet. It’s the prettiest waiting room I’ve even seen.

‘Through here is the Guest Lounge where you can freshen up,’ she mentioned opening a door to a lovely bright room which looked like a large ensuite.

‘Ooooh a spa! I shrieked excitedly. I loooove a spa. We have one in our apartment. Can I have one here?’

‘Yes of course. Some of the women do and I can even give a massage,’ she continued smiling at my reaction.

‘Ooh goodness, look at all the cosmetics,’ I gasped looking at a dressing table with a large mirror and a chair.

‘They’re all available for the Guests to use, Maddisyn explained. We have a Guest who works at a cosmetics company and she supplies ataşehir escort bayan them.’

‘Desire Cosmetics. They’re my faaaavourite brand, wonderful!’ I cried out gleefully.

Maddisyn showed me a separate room for massaging and mentioned she was a massage therapist. The room had a massage table and shower and washing facilities and looked lovely. We moved back into the fancy room.

‘If you’d like to sit, I need to get some information from you as we’ve only been dealing with Brianna,’ Maddisyn mentioned as we moved towards the couches.

‘Brianna is my husband’s personal assistant. Richard asked her to find me a sex therapist and here I am,’ I posed grinning like a mischievous little girl.

‘Would you like something to drink while you do the survey, some tea, coffee or a wine?’ Maddisyn offered.

‘Do you have champagne? I loooove the bubbles,’ I giggled, enthusiastically smiling.

‘Yes. I keep one for special occasions, so let’s open it,’ she grinned.

‘I like being special,’ I continued to giggle.

I sat down on a couch and Maddisyn went to a small kitchen type thing behind a desk at the other end of the fancy room.

Maddisyn was a bit younger than me and I was surprised that she was the manager of the place. I found her friendly and helpful and she had a lovely little smile. She was pretty and tall with a good figure. Maddisyn had a plain but nice outfit on. She was a bit quiet but I liked her.

Maddisyn soon returned, smiling as she looked at me. ‘I thought you might like some strawberries and brie with the champagne.’

‘Thank you. It looks lovely!’ I exclaimed, enjoying being special.

Maddisyn placed the silver tray on the coffee table. ‘Some of the survey questions are multi-choice. You’ll need to enter the information for others,’ she added, handing me one of those electronic things.

I fended it away with my hand, feigning distress. ‘Would you be able to help me? I pleaded like a little girl. I’m not use to those things.’

‘We can do it together,’ she offered with a smile, keeping the thing and sitting beside me.

The questions were easy. Maddisyn asked them and entered my answers as I enjoyed the champagne and brie. She typed my name and age, 29, blonde and 175 cm tall, married, no children, part-time modelling, no health issues and so on. The survey was pretty boring but things got more interesting when she asked me about sex.

‘On average, how many times do you have sex a week?’ She asked.

‘Whenever Richard wants it,’ I giggled and then sipped some more champagne.

‘The survey needs a number,’ she laughed.

‘Gee . . . I don’t know. Sometimes every day, even twice but he’s been away a lot with work lately.’

‘How about once a day, say . . . seven?’ She suggested, sharing my wicked grin.

I nodded, smiled and sucked on a strawberry as we continued with the survey. I had to describe my reaction to things like my first romantic kiss and the first time I had sex. We both ended up having fun doing the survey, sharing laughs and giggles.

Maddisyn seemed a little embarrassed about one question and asked me to read it to myself. It described some guy parting his girlfriend’s legs to have sex or something and it was pretty hot. I had to describe my reaction. It made me feel a little horny so I asked Maddisyn to type that in.

The last question was why I was attending the Practice. ‘Richard’s been away for the last week of the month on business lately and I miss having sex. It’s driving me crazy,’ I moaned with a childish pout.

Maddisyn thought for a moment. ‘Are you happy for me to put you’re sexually frustrated while my husband is away for an extended period.’

‘Yes. That’s it! Gee, you’re good with words,’ I smiled and took the last sip of champagne.

‘I don’t think Doctor Love will see the results before you see him unfortunately,’ she explained turning the electronic thing off.

‘Tell me what’s the Doc like? Is he young, old, good-looking?’ I asked excitedly searching her face for her reaction.

‘Doctor Love’s in his late 50’s and is always well dressed. He’s a gentleman. He has a lovely smile, warm eyes and a gentle nature. He’s pretty cool, quite a charmer in fact. Well . . . that’s what the other Guests say,’ she described a little dreamily.

‘Sounds like a real catch,’ I grinned, rolling my eyes.

‘Oh . . . I’m not sure about that,’ she replied a little surprised.

‘Relax Maddi, I’ve got my silver fox,’ I smiled noticing her blushing.

Doctor Love sounded perfect and I like older men. I told Maddisyn that Richard was almost 25 years older than me and a rich businessman who I met when I did some advertising work for his company. He was handsome for an old guy and I loved the way he treated me. We married almost 12 months ago and live in a city apartment his business owns. I mentioned that I missed him terribly when he’s away on business interstate. Brianna has been wonderful, helping us out by going on the trips with him.

‘I was surprised when Brianna made six escort kadıköy appointments for the last Wednesday of the month,’ Maddisyn mentioned.

‘She’s such a darling. Richard knew how I felt about him being away and he got her to find this place for me,’ I continued to explain.

‘I’ll take you through and introduce you to Doctor Love if you’ve finished,’ she offered.

I followed Maddisyn down the passageway that lead from the entrance hall towards the back of the building. I must admit, I felt a little aroused thinking about the description of Doctor Love. When we got to the room he was sitting at an old desk. Everything in the building looked old actually, even the suite.

‘Doctor Love, I’d like you to meet Amber, introduced Maddisyn. We just completed the survey but she has an appointment for the last Wednesday for the next five months.’

‘It’s a pleasure,’ he greeted me taking my hand and I noticed his sweet smile and lovely soft eyes Maddisyn told me about.

Doctor Love’s hand was warmth and soft. It made my eyes sparkle. I noticed his long fingers and smooth well looked after hands. I suppose sex therapist have to have good hands. There was just something about his touch that I liked. I’d never been touched by a sex therapist before!

Maddisyn’s description was perfect. Not bad for an old guy. He was handsome and good-looking even with his grey hair and looked nice in a three-piece suit. He reminds me of Richard in many ways. I started to think the session would turn out better than I had hoped.

I just had to return his gorgeous smile. ‘Thank you. Maddi’s been telling me about you, I replied looking around for her. Oh, she’s gone,’ I giggled.

Doctor Love softly laughed. ‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered pointing to a couch.

The suite had a couple of old couches in front of a fireplace just like the fancy room and Doctor Love sat opposite me. It was quite comfortable really for a doctor’s suite. I couldn’t believe there was another pretty chandelier. I don’t think I’d seen so many in one building!

‘How have you found the Practice Amber?’ He asked.

‘Ooh Doc, I didn’t. I purred. My husband got his personal assistant, Brianna, to find the Practice and make the appointments,’ I continued with an innocent smile.

‘Sorry, I meant how do you like the Practice?’ He laughed softly, almost to himself.

‘Silly me, I giggled and then smiled teasingly. Everything’s so old . . . but nice.’

‘We used furniture and furnishings that suited the old style of the building,’ Doctor Love explained with another sweet smile.

‘Ooh . . . I see. I wondered why it was so old,’ I answered gazing around the suite.

‘Do you know how Brianna knew about the Practice?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know. Maybe she found it on the internet or something. She’s good with computers,’ I replied smiling.

‘Why did she make so many appointments?’ Doctor Love asked.

‘My husband said I could come when he’s away at the end of each month on business,’ I started to explain.

I told him that Richard had a property management company and had taken over another business interstate about three months ago. He needed to go to the business for a week at the end of each month for at least another six months. I mentioned I missed him terribly when he is away and Richard thought I could use his services.

‘I’m sexually frustrated while my husband is away for an extended period,’ I finally sighed, remembering what Maddisyn had entered in the survey.

‘What can I do for you then?’ He asked.

I gave him a sexy smile and stood up, turning my back to Doctor Love. ‘You can unzip my dress for me please.’

‘Umm. What for?’ He calmly replied but with a surprised look.

‘To have sex, silly,’ I smiled back at him over my shoulder.

‘Please Amber, could you sit so we could discuss things?’ He asked, making me wonder what was going on.

Maybe he wanted to get to know me better first, I thought.

‘Why do you want to have sex?’ He continued.

I thought it was a weird question. ‘Doesn’t everybody? It just feels so good,’ I replied, confused.

Doctor Love grinned. ‘I’m sorry. I meant why do you want to have sex with me here and now?’

‘Ooh, aren’t I silly, I chuckled. I’m just so horny when Richard’s away. We have sex all the time and a week’s just too long to wait,’ I continued, looking sad.

‘Tell me about Richard and yourself,’ he asked.

I explained that I met Richard while doing modelling for some advertising work for his business and we married six months later. He’d recently lost his wife to cancer, at only 53. I was so sad when he told me. He was lonely and enjoyed the company of a young pretty woman. It was exciting dating a rich older man, almost a little naughty snaring a silver fox.

‘He’s almost twice my age but the sex is wild,’ I smiled, rolling my eyes before continuing.

Richard treats me very well and I can have anything I want. I don’t have to work unless I want some part-time modelling. I even have a woman in three bostancı escort times a week to do the housework and Brianna has been amazing. Life’s pretty good being with Richard.

‘Do you think he’s more interested in the sex?’ Doctor Love asked.

‘Ooh no Doc, I don’t mind. Really, I don’t. I love sex and can’t get enough of it. I think I’ve turned into a nymphomagnet!’ I exclaimed with a distressed look.

Doctor Love looked puzzled. ‘Nymphomagnet?’

‘Yes, you know. Seriously attracted to sex,’ I explained, amazed he hadn’t heard of it.

‘I think you mean nymphomaniac,’ he replied with a gentle smile.

‘Oh no, that’s even worse if I’m a sex maniac!’ I cried, putting my hands to my face in shock.

‘I don’t believe that you’re a nymphomaniac Amber,’ he comforted me with a soft reassuring laugh.

‘But I still want sex while he’s away. I thought sex therapists provided that type of service. Massage therapists give massages,’ I almost begged with sad eyes.

‘I provide sexual therapy and I’m sure it’s what you came for,’ Doctor Love offered with a knowing smile.

My smile was inviting enough. Doctor Love stood up, extending his hand as he approached me and took mine in his. I stood up and he led me to another room hand in hand. It was such a nice thing to do. I love that in older men. Richard’s the same.

I find older men exciting in a different way than younger guys. I think pleasing the woman is almost as good as the sex to them. Richard’s very good at that. They’re more experienced in what a woman wants and what’s exciting. Even though we had just met, I could imagine how good Doctor Love might be at pleasing me. I mean, he is a sex therapist!

I loved the warm and wet feeling between my legs as we entered another room off the suite. ‘Gee, a bedroom!’ I shrieked excitedly while my mind ran wild with sexy thoughts.

There was a king-sized bed with matching side tables and even another fireplace! A couple of old blue velvet chairs were either side of the bed and the window had matching velvet drapes with white lace. More old stuff but better than the couch for sex, I thought.

‘There’s an ensuite through there, Doctor Love prompted pointing to an open door. You’ll find fresh towels and everything you may need so use it anytime you like.’

I glanced at Doctor Love over my shoulder. ‘Can you unzip my dress for me now please?’ I teased.

Doctor Love smiled and positioned himself close behind me. An arm wrapped around my waist and the other felt nice on my hip. I could feel the heat of his body and smelt his lovely aftershave. I moved back and my backside nestled into his groin and I could feel his erection through the fabric of my dress.

‘Gee Doc, you’re a horny devil,’ I giggled.

Doctor Love held me close as he kissed a cheek with delicate, soft and warm lips. His kisses continued across my cheek and down my neck causing sighs to escape my lips. His hand softly slid over the dress and up my back searching for the zipper as his delicate kisses glided across my shoulders to behind my neck. Doctor Love’s lips sucking lightly on my skin caused a tingling sensation as they trailed the zipper that was slowly drawn down my back. It was agonising slow but I didn’t want it to end.

His lips found the middle of my lower back. ‘Ooh . . . ooh. . . that tickles,’ I softly moaned as he sucked and caressed more passionately.

I lifted the straps of my sleeveless white short dress off my shoulders and shimmied it over my hips allowing it to fall to the floor. I turned to face Doctor Love only in my matching white lace panties and bra with white high-heels.

‘Wow. I’ve never been unzipped like that before,’ I softly giggled, smiling lustfully at Doctor Love as he ran his eye over my sun-worshiped body.

‘If you’d like to use the ensuite I’ll get things ready,’ he kindly offered.

It was as if he knew exactly what I wanted, needing to pee. It was a lovely white room with an old bath and another chandelier! I liked the white dressing table and a large mirror for applying makeup and grooming. The same cosmetics that were in the Guest Lounge were neatly on display.

I checked myself out in the mirror and smiled at how sexy I looked in my lacy underwear, my nipples pushing through my bra searching to be fondled and sucked and soaked panties clinging to my pussy. I was so horny I could die. I had a pee and joined Doctor Love in the bedroom to get my sex.

‘I hear you like champagne?’ Doctor Love announced as I joined him.

‘Ooh, yes please, I smiled, noticing two flutes on a silver tray. The bubbles tickle my nose,’ giggling like a little girl.

Doctor Love’s eyes drifted over me and I felt a tingle all the way down my back when a large smile formed on his face. I smiled back, holding his eyes as he handed me a flute.

I sat on the edge of the bed and sipped as he started to undress. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together but it did little to settle my pussy. He had already removed his jacket and sat on the chair, removing his shoes and socks. Standing and turning towards me with a smile, his eyes once more met mine. He removed his vest and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing a defined chest with a light covering of grey hair and a toned lean stomach. I was right, pretty good shape for an old guy.

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