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Thank you to all who rated and/or commented! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Going back and rereading, I’m beating myself up for the grammatical errors and poor word choice. I suppose that’s just how it goes.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful autumn. It’s just starting to get cold where I’m at, and I’m loving it. Enjoy the chapter xx

— Leon


I woke up to the sound of a lawnmower. Or a chainsaw. Or, just kidding, it was Julian’s insanely loud snoring. I groaned and planted my face into my pillow, but it was clear that sleep would not be returning. I sat up and looked around for my phone, wanting to check the time, and realized that I had left it in the living room. I spotted Julian’s phone on his bedside table, so I rolled onto my side and reached over him to grab it. As my arm strained over his shoulder, I ended up with my dick pressed up against his ass. I sighed, fully enjoying the feeling but knowing that I had to pull away, when a muffled voice came from beneath me.

“If you wanted morning-after sex, you could’ve just asked.”

My face flushed and I fell back onto my side as Julian chuckled softly.

“I just wanted know the time, pervert,” I mumbled. He flipped over, grinning at my reddened face, and snuggled his head into my chest. He tangled his legs into mine, and I shivered as his icy feet brushed against me.

“Your feet are cold,” I complained.

“Warm me up, then.”

I looked down at Julian and found a teasing glint in his eyes. I took his chin in my hand and gently pulled him to my lips. He kissed back firmly, then took my bottom lip between his teeth and tugged. I shifted closer in response, and our naked bodies reunited. We moaned in unison and then laughed at our mirrored reaction. He crinkled his eyes as he smiled, and I had to kiss him again. He melted into me as I nudged my tongue between his lips, and I sighed happily as I took his weight into my embrace. He moved to straddle me and rolled his hips into mine, drawing a groan from deep in my throat. He grunted in response and began to grind against me with more purpose. I stretched my arm above me and fumbled blindly to find the lube on his nightstand. Finally, I sighed and pulled away so that I could locate it. He murmured something into my chest, placing tender kisses on my chest that quickly grew forceful, his teeth scraping against my skin as I squirmed beneath him, bottle of lube in hand. I dropped the bottle to claw at his back as he took my nipple between his unrelenting teeth and sucked it into his mouth. I gasped at the sensation and returned to the lube to squeeze a dollop into my hand. I grasped my cock together with his without warning and he cried out.

“Fuck, Matty,” he breathed, and his scorching mouth returned to mine, filling me with his lust which I then poured into my strokes. He thrust into my hand, our balls slapping together, until we both sensed orgasm approaching. He paused and his gaze burned into my eyes, drawing the breath from my lungs as it always seemed to do, and then he grinned and flipped me onto my stomach.

I stayed there in delicious torture as he straddled me and took his time unwrapping the condom. I wiggled beneath him, pushing my ass up in the air, and he laughed and playfully smacked it.

“Slut,” he joked. I froze. He clearly noticed my reaction as his body stiffened above me as well. He swung his leg off of me and lied close to me on his side. I kept still, my face turned from him, but he draped an arm across my waist and leaned in.


I shook my feelings away and faced him with a smile. “Sorry,” I said calmly. “Just spaced out for a moment.” He narrowed his eyes and raised a brow. I sighed. “Just… don’t call me that, okay? I don’t like it.” acıbadem escort His expression softened and he kissed my temple.

“Of course, babe,” he murmured. “Do you want to stop?”

“No!” I replied, instantly. I blushed as he laughed at my urgency. “No,” I repeated, and he nodded, still smiling.

Julian climbed on top of me and rolled the condom over his length. I felt the head of his dick at my ass, and I resisted my impulse to just grab it and shove it inside of me. I was already feeling very vulnerable. I shuddered as he ran his shaft along my crack and then in between my cheeks until, finally, he positioned himself at my hole and pushed into me.

He groaned as he entered me and pressed his entire body down onto me until we were chest-to-back. His hands found mine and our fingers intertwined as he began to thrust slowly. Now that we’d gotten our hard, fast fuck out of the way the night before, I was able to really experience him moving inside of me. I was so full, and every time he bottomed into me I let out a little moan. I felt his lips on my back, and then my shoulders, and then my neck, and I arched my back to give him better access. He paused, and then he pulled out of me. I gasped at the pain and the sudden loss, but before I knew it I was on my back and he was back inside of me.

“Sorry,” he said, with a smile on his lips that quickly evolved into an O-shape as he continued his strokes. “I wanted to be facing you.”

I tried not to let my heart swell at that and instead focused on the little noises he was making. I felt wildly out of control with this man, this strange young bartender I’d barely spent a night with who was making me feel all kinds of uncomfortably fuzzy feelings. I grabbed him and pulled him to me, attacking his skin with my teeth. I sucked hickies on his chest as I clenched my asshole around his cock, making him yell. His thrusts grew faster, but I could feel him holding back. I didn’t want this to last anymore. I didn’t understand what he was making me feel but I knew that I had no place for it in my life. I wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted him to see that that’s what we were meant to be doing. Fucking, and nothing more. I moved my bites to his collarbone, making his panting grow louder and more desperate. He mumbled something above me but I couldn’t make it out.

“Neck,” he repeated insistently, so I turned my lips’ attention to his neck. I hadn’t realized before how sensitive his neck was, but I definitely noticed it now, and I was going to use it to my advantage. He cried out and grabbed my hips as I nibbled my way from his shoulder to his jaw, where I sucked a big, red bruise.

“Fuck, Matty, I mean, fuck,” he groaned, and his hand grasped my dick.

I drew in a sharp breath and immediately forgot about my crusade for control– all that mattered now was getting this man to make me come. He spread the precum from my head down my shaft and pumped me in time with his strokes. Needy moans escaped my mouth every time he slammed my prostate. I clenched my fists around his bedsheets, trying to ground myself, but still I floated away at the sensations, my breathing building and hitching until I felt Julian’s lips on mine and I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my legs around him and we came together. He slammed into me and grabbed a fistful of my hair as I moaned his name into his mouth. Finally he drew away, panting, and I avoided his eyeline as he pulled out slowly. I winced as his thick head popped out of me, and I quickly felt his hand warm against my cheek.

“Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head quickly. “No, not at all. I mean, it’s anal sex, so…”

He laughed and nodded. “Good.”

I sat up and swung my legs off of the side of the bed as he cleaned up after us. I felt a little calmer after, for lack of a better term, getting off. atalar escort It had eased some of the desperation I was feeling before, which made me much more comfortable being around him. I felt strong arms slide around my waist and pull me close.


I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He gave me his weight again, and I stumbled back.

“You’re too big to do that,” I laughed, and he blushed. “I’ll let you be the little spoon next time, alright?” His eyes widened and a smile spread across his face. “What?” I asked, slightly disturbed by the change.

” I’m just glad there’s a next time,” he said cheerfully, and he smacked my ass on his way to the bathroom. “Come along!”

I chewed on my lip and reminded myself to be more careful with my words before following him.



I looked up from my computer to see flurry of long black braids running toward me. Arms flung around my neck and I squirmed in my chair to escape the headlock.

“Izzy– sweetheart, you’re– choking me!” I managed, and she giggled and pulled away.

“Matty, I got the job!” she cried, beaming.

Isabella was one of the Silver River kids that I’d grown to love dearly– though I suppose that didn’t narrow it down very much. But Izzy did have a special place in my heart, mostly because of her unrelenting obstinance. She was brash, headstrong, and unapologetic– much like I had been before the world chewed me up and spit me out. I took an immediate interest in her, much to her annoyance, and I always watched her a little closer and pushed her a little harder than the other kids. It always feels a bit funny to say “kids,” as they’re really only seven or so years younger than me, but, in terms of experience, they’re a lifetime away. And I wanted to keep them that way.

“Oh, Izzy, that’s great,” I replied, soaking in the joy emanating from her smile. I normally would’ve teased her and told her how beautiful her smile was, but I didn’t want to ruin this moment. “You worked so hard for this, Izzy. Don’t forget that.” She smiled even wider.

“You’re pretty awesome, Matty,” she said simply, and she hugged me tight once again. I can’t tell you what a compliment that was coming from her.


“Ooh, you’ve got a message from your new beau!”

I shot Phoebe a glare and snatched my phone from her hand. I was actually pretty annoyed with her. She’d spent the whole day in my office trying to get information about Julian out of me and making it impossible to get any work done. That being said, my stomach did do a little flip at the news of his text.

NEW MESSAGE (1): Petruchio (from the bar)

I sighed.


Much better.

NEW MESSAGE (1): Julian


Julian: What would you think about a movie night? Good idea?

I grinned and began typing.

You: I’d give it a 7/10.

Julian is typing…

Julian: Right. You’ve probably got a busy schedule. Getting drunk in my bar and whatnot.

You: So you’d rather I get drunk in your apartment?

Julian: Well, I thought that was a given.

You: See you at 8.


On the drive over, I reaffirmed the plan in my head. I was going to initiate no sexual contact, give off no sexual vibes, and see how he responded. I needed to know if he’d used a movie night as some sort of lame code for another quick fuck or if he was actually interested in spending time with me. A little voice in the back of my head kept screaming You’re 26 years old! Just ask him! but the other, meaner voice in my head screamed much, much louder. I parked beside the apartment building and examined it as I fed the meter dimes. It was damn nice for a student/bartender. Tall, dark, sleek– much like its most important resident. I smiled in spite of myself aydınlı escort and tried not to skip as I entered.

Once I was at Julian’s door, my excitement was once more overshadowed by nerves. Damn, I wish I hadn’t freaked out when he’d called me a slut. He was joking. I needed to get over it, I needed to grow–


Julian snapped me out of my self-abuse by pulling me into a tight hug. He enveloped me in that soft soapy scent of his, and my skin began to tingle.

“Hey, Juli,” I said, flashing a sweet smile at him. He stared at me and swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. Shit. No flirting. I coughed and said, “Thanks for having me over,” in my flattest voice before slipping by him.

With just a look, I could see that he’d tidied up since my last visit. I’d been pretty focused on other things at the time, but I had still registered the clothes, plates, and various junk strewn across the place. Now, the only sign of chaos that remained was a desk in the corner overflowing with books and papers. Julian followed my gaze.

“Oh, sorry.”

I watched as Julian scuttled over to the desk and began shoving things randomly into drawers.

“Julian,” I said, chuckling. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t care.”

He ignored me and continued to stow away his things. I stepped toward him and laid a hand on his lower back. He froze.

“It’s fine, dude,” I said plainly. He shot me a look over his shoulder.


I rolled my eyes. “You called me mate.”

He rolled his eyes back. “They’re different,” he replied matter-of-factly, turning to face me. He ran his hands along my sides, and I shuddered and braced myself on his shoulders. He slowly pulled me close, until our bodies were pressed against each other, and flicked his tongue over the base of my jaw. I instinctively arched my neck, craving more. He nibbled along my jaw lightly before moving to plant kisses behind my ear. He bit my earlobe, and I felt my knees wobble. This was not my plan.

“Can we watch the movie now?” I asked weakly. I resented how whimpery he’d rendered my voice. He drew away and paused, searching my face.

“Sure,” he said tentatively, and he gave me a peck on the cheek before taking my waist in his arm and leading me to the couch. We settled into the forgiving cushions, their sag rolling us closer together. I didn’t want to be a total asshole, so I stayed put, my legs folded beneath me as always, Julian’s arm snug around my shoulder. I allowed myself to nuzzle into him for a moment before sitting up properly.

“I hope you like classic ’90s chick flicks,” Julian said with a grin. I raised my eyebrows and he just shrugged and grabbed the remote gleefully. He’d already queued up the movie, so he simply pressed play and sat back, pulling me a little closer. I looked up at him, just wanting a quick glance at his chiseled jaw, his dark waves, his pouty bottom lip, but he caught my gaze almost immediately, and I couldn’t look away. He stared at me with his signature look: a little amused and sarcastic, but unwaveringly kind and caring. He smiled slightly and laid his lips on mine. I touched my tongue to his lips, and they parted so that his own tongue could come and explore mine. I ran a hand through his devastatingly soft hair as we kissed tenderly, and then I nearly jumped out of my skin as Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” blasted from the TV.

Julian doubled over laughing as I clutched my thumping heart. I smacked him on the arm as he continued to cackle and turned my attention to the screen.

“Is this… oh my God, Julian.”

I faced him to see a shit-eating grin.

“Proud of yourself?” I asked, laughing, and he nodded. “Damn. 10 Things I Hate About You.”

“Starring Heath Ledger, the second sexiest Petruchio there ever was,” Julian declared. I cocked my head.

“Who’s first?”

He looked at me like I was stupid. “Me, obviously.”

Before I could reply he began tickling me and kissing my neck. I kicked and shoved to get him away, and we ended up out of breath laughing and rolling around, fighting for dominance.

It was pretty damn great.

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