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Jennifer woke me when she squirmed out from under my slack body. We were glued together with dried sweat and semen, and Jennifer giggled as our skins peeled apart. “What a mess I am!” she said, looking at her come-encrusted body in the overhead mirror. “If anyone were to see me they would think that I had just been fucked!” She touched her little pussy tentatively. “Ooh. A little sore there. I feel like I have been too.”

“You almost were,” I said, rising up on an elbow to watch her. “If it weren’t for my iron willpower…”

“Pooh,” she said, putting out her tongue at me. “Technically we did the deed. You were inside me. And I could have had all of you if I’d put my mind to it.”

“Technically, we didn’t do the deed. If you would care to check, you will find that the seal of your virginity is still in place. And since you were practically out of your mind, you weren’t about to put it to anything.”

“Pooh again.” She pushed me onto my back and mounted me, kneeling astride my hips and taking my quickly hardening dick in her two hands. She rubbed the head of it across her still-juicy furrow, using it to stimulate her tiny clitty until I was throbbingly erect. She lined up the tip of my cock with her tight entryway and lowered herself slightly. “I could have all of this right now if I wanted it, and there’s nothing you could do to stop me.” She sank a little lower, wriggled her slim hips, and the crown of my cock slipped past the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to her sweet snatch. She was very wet.

I held my breath, willing myself not to move to impale her. My willpower was nearly exhausted, however, and I knew that if she was determined to have me she would.

“Ow-eee!” she yelped. “Maybe not right now. I really am sore there.”

“Maybe I should kiss it and make it better,” I suggested.

“I need to wash first.”

“No you don’t.” I seized her about the waist and pulled her up to my face.

“Jack! I’m all sweaty! And…sticky!”

“You’re all delicious,” I mumbled, slipping my tongue into her tight snatch, running the flat of it between her swollen lips, and flicking at her clit. “But maybe you’re right. I think we both need a shower.” I looked up at her, grinning evilly.

“Jack!” she gasped. “You wretch! You can’t just leave me hanging like this!”

“Oh, but I can.” I kissed her cute little clitty, sucked it gently, and rolled Jennifer off my chest onto the bed. “I don’t want to wear you completely out…because later tonight…”

“Brat.” She rolled to face away from me. “I didn’t really want it anyway. I was just pretending, trying to make you happy. So don’t assume anything about tonight. I probably won’t be in the mood.”

“That’s the spirit, Miss Congeniality.” I swatted her rounded bum playfully. “Shall I draw a nice bath for us?”

“I’ll take a shower. Alone.”

“Better make it a cold one, then,” I chuckled. “Oh, wait! What am I thinking? You probably can’t even walk after what I stuffed into your tiny little pussy. I’m so inconsiderate sometimes…”

“I barely felt that little thing. You need to get over yourself, Ja—Eeek!”

I scooped her into my arms and slid off the bed. She struggled, trying not to giggle as I carried her to the bathroom and nudged the door aside with my toe. “Now you just sit right here while I—uh oh.”

I froze, still holding naked Jennifer in my arms, and my eyes widened as I took in a charming scene: Tommy and Mary Lou were in the bubble-lathered bathtub, reclining at opposite ends with blissful smiles on their faces. Tommy opened his eyes and looked at me. “Be nice if people knocked before they came in here, Dude.” Mary Louise squeaked and started to try to cover her breasts with her hands but caught herself and merely splashed bubbles onto them instead. She looked up at Jennifer and me impishly.

“Be nice if people would lock the damn door when they want privacy,” I retorted. “But sorry. As long as we’re already in here, would you mind if we used the shower?”

“Go for it, Dude. But try to keep the noise down. Me and Little Red are meditating.”

“I’m sure,” I said sarcastically. “I bet I know what you’re meditating about, too.”

“You know you do, Chief.” Tommy leaned his head back again and closed his eyes.

I set Jennifer down, opened the shower door and tugged her in with me. When the stinging jets of water reached the perfect temperature I took her into my arms, feeling her wet naked body mold to mine. I kissed her searchingly. “I love you, you know,” I murmured into her hair

“Oh, Jacky! I love you too! Sooooo much!” She laid her head against my chest. “I’m sorry about being bitchy earlier…I didn’t mean that about…not feeling anything. It was the best feeling in the world.”

“Not a problem, Sweetie. I understand. You get mean when you get horny. I’ll just have to remember that.”

“Ass!” she slapped at my chest. “I do not! At least, not if you give me what I want.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Now turn around so I can wash your hair.” I lathered her scalp gently with a wonderfully-scented shampoo, and combed tuzla escort the soap through the length of her blond mane with my fingers, rinsed her, and applied a silky conditioner. When I finished with her hair, I knelt so that she could wash mine. The feeling of her slender fingers massaging my scalp was heavenly.

“Did you dream this afternoon?” I asked as she rinsed my hair with the hand-held nozzle.

“Yes. The Green Corn ceremonies….”

“Are you really planning to lend my magnificent body to your new friend Ka-li-na?” She squirted water into my face and I sputtered.

“I’m not a fortune-teller, Jack. I have no way of knowing what will happen in future dreams. But let me ask you this: If I do decide to let her have you, would you go along with it?”

I considered my answer carefully. This pathway was truly studded with land-mines. “Somehow, in the dream-world, it doesn’t seem all that peculiar to me. But in this world I can’t imagine that you would suggest it or that I would go through with it,” I added hastily. Unless the woman were your mother, I thought to myself. “In that world, it seems like a perfectly natural thing to do, on occasion. And practically speaking, it serves to promote diversity in the gene pool. But here, what the gene pool needs is to be drained down about 98%, so there wouldn’t be any point.”

“Seems to make sense in an odd way.” She applied conditioner to my hair and massaged it in. “I noticed the same thing. For a second I thought I should be horrified when Ka-li-na hinted that…but then I realized that I was just being stupidly jealous for no good reason.” She combed her fingers through my hair, working in the conditioner. “She said something to me that I thought was just a joke, but now I wonder. Something like, ‘Everyone knows who your mother is, but your father? Only by rumor.'”

I laughed. “That’s a common Cherokee saying from a long time ago. One of the cleverest things they did was form a matrilineal society. We all trace our lineage through our mothers, and the, uh, rumored father is relatively unimportant. What a lot of mess the Europeans could have prevented if they hadn’t gone the other way.”

“Patriarchal societies really are incredibly stupid. But that’s probably because the rules were made by men.” Jennifer gave me a final rinse and I stood up after giving her pussy an affectionate kiss.

We washed each other’s bodies slowly and lovingly until our fingertips began to wrinkle like prunes. When we came out of the shower Tommy and Mary Louise had vacated the Roman bathtub and we had the place to ourselves. Jennifer and I dried each other and I combed out her long hair.

We dressed in shorts and tee shirts and went out into the living room to find Tommy and Mary Louise, similarly attired, reclining on the couch in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily.

“Maybe you ought to consider getting a room, Dude,” I said.

“Got one,” Tommy replied. “It got too hot in there.”

Mary Louise giggled and pinched his cheek. “You got cold during our little nap and had to pull up the blankets. So don’t brag.”

“Did you dream?” I asked.

They both nodded. “About the Green Corn Ceremonies?” they said in unison.

Jennifer and I looked at each other. “Yeah. We were all there again.”

Mary Louise sat up and clapped her hands. “Oooh! And I can’t wait to go back! I almost wish it were time to go to sleep right now—”

“Because you know what you’re going to get after the last dance,” Tommy said, reaching up and squeezing one of her plump breasts. “And you better plan on getting it more than once.”

“Tommy! I was thinking about the final ceremonies! It’s all so exciting, like we’re slowly building up to this tremendous—”

“Orgasm?” Tommy smirked.

“Horn-dog. No…more like…well, kind of. If you have to be so crude about it. I was thinking Christmas morning, but if you’re more than about five years old that is usually sort of disappointing afterwards. And I know this won’t be! We’ll be starting a whole new year, all fresh and clean, and we know there’s going to be plenty of food for the winter, so nothing to worry about…I love that world. I wish it were real.”

“What makes you think it’s not?” I asked quietly. No one answered.

The telephone rang and I snatched it up. “Mr. Jack? Carlo at the front desk here.”

“Oh, hi,” I said lamely.

“I’ve got a special delivery package for you here, along with a message from your attorney.”


“He wanted to make sure you and your friends were well, as he apparently tried to call several times and received no answer.”

“Uh, yeah, sure. We were probably…out. You can tell him everyone’s fine.”

“He also asked me to tell you that he will be calling on you tomorrow before noon, and asked if you would please plan to join him for brunch.”

“Ahhhh, well…not sure about that. Let me check.” I covered the phone with my hand and looked at the others. “Vholes wants to take us to brunch tomorrow. What should I say?”

“Say ‘yes,’ as long as he doesn’t plan to use göztepe escort the hotel restaurant,” Jennifer said, glaring at me. Tommy and Mary Louise nodded.

“Please tell him that we’d be pleased to join him for brunch at, uh…Shoney’s. It’s our favorite.”

“We have a very fine brunch buffet here in the hotel, Mr. Jack. And one can order from the menu as well.”

“Yeah, I know, but we’re starting to feel cooped up here and we’d like to go out.”

“Very well, then,” Carlo sighed. “And the package? Shall I send it up?”

“Yes, please,” I said.

Moments later there was a knock at the door and the bellman handed me a rather scuffed yellow DHL packet. I tipped him and closed the door, then turned to the others.

“What’s that, Dude?” Tommy asked. “You order something from Sex Toys R Us?”

“One-track mind,” Mary Louise said, poking him in the ribs, then kissing him to make up for it.

“Who is it from?” Jennifer peered at the package.

“Don’t know. There’s no return address or anything. Just ‘DHL Express.’ Looks like there was some kind of label but it’s been peeled off.” I shook the packet but heard nothing from


“Well open it then!”

“I don’t know, Dude,” Tommy said. “Seems kind of funky that you don’t know who sent it. Or where it came from. Isn’t DHL an international delivery company? Who do you know in a foreign country?”

“Could be a mistake, I guess. Oh, the hell with it.” I tore open the packet. Inside was a plastic baggy of dried herbal matter and a small piece of paper with writing on it. “I hope this finds you well and happy and head-over-heels in love. I am safe and sound and hope to see you both soon. Love, Mom. P.S.: Drink a cup of this tea every night before bed. It will calm your nerves,” I read aloud.

“Oh, Mom!” Jennifer beamed. “Now we know she’s all right! At least she was as of…”

I looked the package over again but there was no clue as to when it had been mailed. “I think they specialize in overnight delivery anywhere in the world. So unless she’s somewhere like Outer Slobovia, I would guess that she sent it yesterday.”

“But why didn’t she say where she is?” Jennifer pulled at a strand of her hair.

“I suppose she has a good reason…Hey, why don’t we take a walk? Get some exercise and work up an appetite for supper.”

“You think they’ll let us out, Dude?” Tommy patted Mary Louise’s plump thigh. “I’d just as soon stay here. Maybe take a nap.”

“We can walk inside the hotel,” I said. “We haven’t really had a good look around yet.”

“There are predators out there,” Jennifer frowned.

“We’ll stay together and avoid the lobby. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

We all went out into the corridor and walked to the end of it, then down the other corridor to the end and took the stairs up to the next floor. When we reached the roof Tommy looked out, and finding the pool area deserted we stood behind a parapet and looked down at the city for a while. Jennifer tugged at my hand. “This place makes me nervous, Jack. It would be fun to swim, but…I think we better go.”

We took the stairs down to the sixth floor and explored it. The corridors were silent, elegant but austere. We saw no other guests. “You notice anything strange about this place, Chief?” Tommy said. “I don’t think I’ve seen another person as long as I’ve been here. Except you two and Mary Louise. Saw a lot of all y’all in the bathroom a while ago.”

Mary Louise elbowed him. “Stop it, Tommy! Nobody wants to think about that right now.”

I glanced at Jennifer. “I can’t recall seeing anyone but hotel staff…but then we’ve been kind of preoccupied. I don’t see how they can keep this place open if it’s just us here. It’s not a really big hotel, but there must be 40 or 50 suites at least.”

“Maybe the other guests have plenty to do in their own rooms.” Jennifer squeezed my hand. “Maybe it’s a honeymoon hotel, and they’re so much in love they don’t want to get out of bed.”

“Seems like we’d at least see some “Do Not Disturb” signs.” Tommy knocked loudly on the nearest door. “Anybody home?” He jiggled the doorknob. It was locked.

“Tommy! What are you going to say if someone answers?”

“Sorry, wrong floor,” Tommy shrugged. He moved to the next door and knocked again. There was no response. Mary Louise stood with her hands on her hips as we all began knocking on doors. Either the rooms were empty or no one was willing to answer.

When we had covered that floor, finding nothing more interesting than a linen closet, we took the stairs down to the next and tried all the doors there. Nothing.

“Seems like we would at least see a chamber-maid around somewhere,” Tommy mused. “They ever come to clean your place, Chief?”

“Yes…they change the sheets and leave fresh towels and stuff…but I’ve never seen anyone do it. It just seems to get done whenever we’re out of the room.”

We continued searching each floor down to the one above the lobby. Nobody home in any of the rooms. “This is kind of creeping me out, Dude,” Tommy said. “What the üsküdar escort hell is going on here?”

“I guess we could go ask the manager. Want to go down to the lobby?”

“No!” Jennifer snapped. “You-know-who is probably lurking around there somewhere. If we’re the only customers, she certainly won’t be busy.”

We slowly climbed the stairs back to the seventh floor. Inside our suite, we noticed that someone had cleaned up while we were out. The trash had been removed, kitchen scrubbed, bed sheets changed and new towels hung in the bathrooms. “Huh,” Tommy said. “I wonder how they know when you’re out of the room.”

“The electronic lock?” I surmised. “They’re probably all computerized.”

“Maybe. But that would only tell them that someone went out, not that everyone went out.”

“I guess they just knock, and if nobody answers they figure nobody is home.” I looked around the room carefully. Another explanation was that there were hidden cameras in the rooms. And someone was watching everything we did. A chill ran down my spine, but I kept quiet, not wanting to alarm the others. I was pretty sure Tommy suspected the same thing I did, but he wasn’t talking either.

Tommy and I sat on the couch flipping through TV channels while Jennifer and Mary Louise worked in the kitchen putting together a meal. “I’m wondering if the smartest thing to do would be to get the hell out of here, Dude,” he confided in a low voice. “Something about this just ain’t right. Yeah, I know it seems nice, and it’s convenient as hell to have the girls here where we can’t be disturbed, anything we want a phone call away…but I still wonder if we ought to do like Mrs. C. and disappear for a while.”

I shrugged my shoulders and held out my hands. “And go where, Dude? What would we use for money? Jennifer and I have maybe three grand between us. It wouldn’t get us far. And if we took Mary Louise with us, the shit would really hit the fan. I think we really have to stay here at least until we talk to Vholes tomorrow.”

“How do you know you can trust him? I still think the muhfuh’ sleeps in a coffin.”

“Mrs. C. said we could trust him. And it looks like she knows what she’s doing.”

Tommy shrugged and sat back on the couch. “I just don’t know, Dude. My radar is alarming all over the place.”

We ate supper, the girls chattering to each other animatedly, while Tommy and I picked at our food and tried to act as if we weren’t worried. Afterwards we cleaned up the kitchen and watched a movie on cable. Or at least we pretended to watch it. Tommy and Mary Louise shared the love seat, his arms around her as she leaned against his chest, and Jennifer and I spooned on the couch. “I don’t know what the hell is going on here,” Tommy admitted half-way through the show. He squeezed Mary Louise’s plump breasts in his hands as he nuzzled her neck.

“Because you don’t pay attention!” Mary Louise scolded. “See, that girl, the brunette, is married to that old guy, but he never pays attention to her and so she’s falling in love with the chauffeur, who is the only person in that horrible house who… but he’s…stop, Tommy!”

Tommy had slipped a hand into her shorts and was cupping her mound with his fingers. “That’s for later, Tommy!” Mary Louise gasped. But I noticed that she did nothing to remove his hand. I had one hand under Jennifer’s tee shirt and the other in her panties as she ground her tight little ass against my throbbing cock.

“Do you know what this movie is about?” I whispered into her ear.

“What movie?” she moaned. “Is there a movie?” She yawned. “It feels like bedtime to me.”

“Me too,” said Tommy fervently.

“Maybe we should just have a cup of tea and turn in.” I pulled my hand out of Jennifer’s shorts and she whined softly.

“I was almost there, Jacky!” she pouted.

“I know. That’s why I stopped.” I rolled off the couch and stood up, putting my wet finger in my mouth as she watched. “Mmmm. I need more of that.”

“Don’t count on it,” she snipped, wrapping her arms around herself and looking at the TV screen.

I went to the kitchen and made four cups of tea with the herbs Anna had sent, added honey and brought it out to them. We drank the aromatic brew quickly. “OK,” Tommy set his cup down and hugged Mary Louise close to him. “Time for bed. This movie blows.”

“I hate not finishing something I’ve started,” Mary Louise fretted.

“So do I.” Tommy rubbed one thick finger along her damp furrow.

“I already figured it out,” I told them. “See, the old guy is a Mafia godfather, and the girl is actually the daughter of a rival gangster, and the old guy thinks she doesn’t know who he is, but she does, and she’s trying to figure out a way to betray him to her father, but the chauffeur who is pretending to be her friend is really reporting everything to the old guy, except the part about how he’s falling in love with her…”

“Jeez,” Tommy said, tweaking Mary Louise’s nipple. “No wonder I got lost.”

“So in the end the old dude catches his wife and the chauffeur in bed together and shoots them both while they’re in the act. Then the girl’s father gets his goons together and they fire-bomb the old guy’s house with him in it. Then the father blows his own brains out because he knows it’s his fault that his daughter is dead. Crime never pays. The End.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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